Mike Gravel

There's not much time left for Gravel to get onto the debate stage. The guy who's website tagline is "End the American Empire" and plans to advocate for nationalizing the entire US medical system. Apparently he's only 10,000 donors away from meeting the threshold.


Is he /ourguy/?

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No, he is a grifter with no policy whatsoever.

why is he a grifter

(plz no condemn to US general mods plz pretty plz)

As I said, he doesn't present any actual material, coherent policy, it's all just "muh gravel teeeeeeenz".
His campaign is just one huge shitpost, and a bad one at that.

think of how epic it would be for someone to go up on that stage and rant about american imperialism and nationalizing shit tho

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Sure, but I wouldn't personally pay money for that. Plus, it would probably be heavily watered down to not hurt the libs' feelings, so unless he goes up there and recites Lenin I don't really care.

Only costs 1 dollar user. They count donors, not donations.

IIRC He explicitly say that is what he is gonna do anyway and will quit when the major debate is over and support Bernie. And it is not as if what he is saying is wrong too

i know fuck all about the guy but this seems an idealist take user you can't just spout Lenin in America

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He's probably better than everyone except Tulsi, but his ideas are still pretty bad. Some picks from his Twitter:

Around May 1951, Gravel saw that he was about to be drafted and instead enlisted in the U.S. Army for a three-year term so that he could get into the Counterintelligence Corps.[16] After basic training and counterintelligence school at Fort Holabird in Maryland and in South Carolina, he went to Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia.[16] While he expected to be sent off to the Korean War when he graduated as a second lieutenant in early 1952, he was instead assigned to Stuttgart, West Germany, as a Special Adjutant in the Army's Communications Intelligence Service.[16] There he had an adventurous time moving around the country, conducting surveillance operations on civilians, and paying off spies.[16] After about a year he transferred to Orléans, France, where his French language abilities (if not his Quebecois accent) allowed him to infiltrate French communist rallies.[16] He worked as a Special Agent in the Counterintelligence Corps until 1954,[6] eventually becoming a first lieutenant.[17]

I support Mike Gravel. American electoral politics is such a sham that anyone who can interrupt the real-time manufacture of consent with truth, without fear of reprisal, will set off shockwaves. Donate to Mike Gravel to reveal representative electoral democracy for the sham it is.

his policy platform is all here in this google doc for you dipshit docs.google.com/document/d/1-z5dDCUEfZZaaaXsus19a8mF8DOkxm90mpbQWAqaI_Y/edit

Guys, it'll be good if he gets on, stop whining. He's not a socialist but he's an anti imperialist. He isn't an African nationalist but if he got on the stage he'd be cursing out Biden, Warren, Harris and Buttigieg for their right wing beliefs. It could ruin their entire campaigns. That alone would be enough to make it worth it.

Nah, look at how the DNC structured the debates. Only candidates who are either extremely forceful or get a decent amount of media/DNC approved questions receive adequate airtime. This guy's like 90 years old, I bet he'd be soft spoken like Yang was a few nights ago. Regardless I agree it'd be good to get him on stage. More airtime in front of a huge audience for such an anti imperialist message is better than less airtime.

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Nah the pervious election cycle he was in he straight up said pic related

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donated, why the hell not. if nothing else i'd love to see the other candidates get called out on their shit

oh no no no

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hahaha what the fuck

hunt afghan children for sport as a penance


amerikkka deserves a 9/11 every day

This guy is worthless vote stealer. He also has a name that is unlikeable.

He's there to stop the left winning.


You missed these

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not this fucker again

so long anti-imperialism!

the proles need peace!

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5000 donors away

throw a dollar at him to see him call Biden an imperialist hack on national television

etc etc and so on


because he's not running to win, he's running to stir shit up and bring anti-imperialist rhetoric out in front of a national captive audience. try not to be such a cynical fucking moron about everything that isnt a perfect scenario you smoothbrains

Holy shit, this is unbeliavably revolutionary in the context of american politics

(continued with the best parts)
>*Work with the United Nations to create a tribunal for climate crimes. *

exactly. and no one involved thinks its going anywhere in an actual campaign, the idea is just to promote these things to the national audience, an ideological bomb of sorts.

we know this means invading poor countries to deindustrialise them but it would be hilarious if the text of laws actually mattered and he accidentally sentenced the american people to death

Hes talking about a Nuremburg for 9/11 he wants to prosecute Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Exxon, Halliburton,

I want Gravel on the debate stage, but be aware that he although he is openly not running to win, although he is open about symbolically running against the Democrats, he is officially running with the Democratic Party. All the money donated to every Democratic candidate who doesn't get the nomination is given to the DNC after they drop out. Yes, it's just a dollar, but you are effectively donating to the DNC.

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All the money that hsn't been spent. He's said they're going to donate all of it. The teens polled twitter a while back about where to donate money, between Flint, RAICES, and some others.

This is a great balance between being radical and being stuff that won't terrify Americans.
holy shit can you imagine everyone else having to respond to this concept

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I know he is just a kid but he needs to cool it with these noblesse oblige sentiments, it is patronizing and humanize an inhuman system.

yeah, yeah, it would be cool, but when it comes to concrete proposals he's going to scapegoat weaker peoples and spare his fellow saxons

Kids younger than him are tortured by "kids" like him for fun.

If he's 17 and doesn't understand that murdering innocent people is wrong, he has no place in society.

It's been an idea since at least the '70s. Dennis Kucinich was the last one to make it a big issue.

Ayy GravelGang did it, now just to see what the dems do.

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