Learn STEM for the revolution


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I'll be starting my EE major this fall, nice.

they will all "grow up" and become reactionary when they graduate and get a cushy job, like that batko

he majored in graphic design

Who would work on OGAS then, philosophy majors?


good job kid, make us proud
i believe in you


I'm starting community college in August.
I have a full ride essentially (despite being an-30yr old math illiterate) from the G.I. bill (120 credit hrs) and the state of Texas (covers an extra 150 crhrs for vets) (i was radicalized in the military)

Math was my worst subject in school. Although I have no doubt I could improve I'm already so far behind and I was always planning to do History and/or English as my major(s).

Basically though I just want the most revolutionary education I can squeeze out of a bourgeois institution so if a decent argument as to why its better to be an Econophysicist rather than a Historian I'm all ears.

if you're going to do history all the way at least become a based grover furr tier historian that is a leftist, not a bourgeois robert conquest type. Stay crypto until you get tenure then reveal your power level by going FULL FURR

STM can be a mixed bag, you might be all right. Engineering will drive you nuts though. The vast majority of engineers are right wing shitlords.

Not all engineers are right wing terrorists, but engineers are grossly over-represented among right wing terrorists.


you're literally meme'ing yourselves

It's the blog's name, not that horrible magazine.

ayo where my physics niggas at

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I'm studying electronic engineering at the moment, for the most part the other students just seem to be run of the mill liberals rather than outright reactionaries, but there's definitely a shortage of leftists. This isn't a reason to avoid it though, conceding such important ground to the right is insane: it's only going to become more relevant over time after all.

This is because their is no left in the west. A large chunk of people today who are far-right would be far-left if the left was doing better politically and had better optics.

Hope you have PTSD and kill yourself, troop.

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oh no, don't you dare mention STEM here, all of the retard philosophy students with their wheelchairs and gender studies diplomas will shit and piss themselves with rage and call you The Other, STEM is reactionary. Communism will run on good ideas and butterflies.

le student has arrived

Youre gonna need somebody to set up and trouble shoot your analytical instruments, unless you want to manufacture all shit products with no QA

Honours Degree in CompSci checking in. STEM is the future of leftism.

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It depends what you actually do with your knowledge. If you're going to be dealing with tax packages, insurance, etc. which is what most CS/IT graduates end up getting work in, you're not really doing anything for leftism, just making a pay check for yourself which you will inevitably spend on luxury goods and prostitutes.

this is how stupid you sound, btw:

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Leftist Mathematician here.
But I study Fluid Mechanics.

Eyyy I've got some fluid mechanics for you to study right here

Technology, Engineering: Reactionary
Mathematics, Science: Based

Also: my experience has been that accountants and statisticians are much more based then their career prospects and mindset structure would let on.

Another student of CompSci here.
Let's all pray to Cockshott.

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Marxist comp sci graduate working tech support while im trying to penetrate the dense wall that is the software engineering field.


Man haskell is interesting but it gives me a fucking headache.


So I want to study something that would make me useful for future cyber-socialism. I have been currently considering Data Analysis. Any thoughts on it? Is it good or should I study something else (if so, what would be your recommendations?)

"Cyber-socialism" is a first-worldist fantasy, start with more low-hanging fruit like FOSS, finding a more abundant alternative to lithium for batteries, developing AI that can analyze and predict future mutations of viruses to help develop specialised vaccines, etc.

Professional software engineer here.
In my work experience, most people were standard liberals to pink-liberals (ultra PC, mild sjw-ism, etc).
Left my job at top 10 tech company because fuck it. Currently living on my savings, freelancing, learning haskell, currently considering learning rust to try to make a game (since haskell is unfortunately not really suited for real games yet).
Feel free to ask any questions.

it's been a pain, but it's also been rewarding so far. read LYAH, then toy around with Elm. then go fuck around with haskell, preferably an easy project (ie. don't use servant). Don't try to understand monads, that's a mistake.
my review so far: it's such a shit language, shittily implemented (for historic reasons), yet many orders of magnitude better for commercial dev than dynamic languages, and several orders of magnitude better than commercial imperative languages. shitty ecosystem, even shittier build systems. the skill cap is practically unbounded, the type system is based on tablets discovered on a meteorite (probably from aliens), shit is still being discovered. final score: 10/10

I've been meaning to start a discussion about left-liberal politics in software engineering spaces (open source, etc). For example, in some spaces you're discouraged to say "guys" and should instead say "folk" or "y'all". I was recently seeing a project and there was a post by one of the maintainers that included a lot of typical "sooome cis-het are bad", honestly the post wasn't so controversial, but it just seems weird to involve politics into software development. On the other hand, everything is political, so people should be encouraged to be political wherever, explicitly. but on the other-other-hand, sjw-ism is very much about censorship, gatekeeping, and purity testing, which inevitably disintegrates communities. and most non-humanities professionals's philosophical depth isn't very much above the default hivemind philosophy and at best (super rare) have read "sapiens".
tbh, i've been silenced many many times, and usually, these "politically woke" people are very unread, but very loud as well. grinds my gears to no end. I'd hate for that to infiltrate software development.

there's so much work that's just wasted. in general, most people feel their job is unnecessary, and very likely, it could be automated. but having someone click a button is less expensive than building a machine that knows when to click said button, so porky sees no need to invest.
meanwhile, software engineers are in a very large part, designing disposable, shit, single use, closed source, unnecessary software that isn't even unique. there are wonderful projects that beat commercial alternatives that are done by people on their free time.
just give people the chance to build, and they will happily do it, without the "business pressure" that makes software go to shit so quickly. people live shit lives under capitalism, just so they can study how to make a better lithium battery. this isn't even specific to software, given the opportunity (ie, aren't 100% consumed by work), people build wonderful shit, without expecting monetary return.

Be Happy STEMlings i need my tech developed, just please don't bully humanities folk ok. Or else you will be doomed to hear the tales of "how the 300's beat the arabs in ancient rome" i actually heard this the other day from a guy with an engineering degree

Well alright, but I still want to know if Data Science is worth it

you really shouldn't fight, both humanities and STEM are necessary.

What's useless shit is economics. I study economics and it's 100% useless and inapplicable ideology. Of course, marxist economics is maybe more important than anything else. But to learn it you don't need a fucking economics degree which teaches you nothing but neoclassical econ.

Seriously I don't even know why such a useless career exists. I suppose every econ graduate that doesn't do academics forgets everything he """learned""" when working in the real private sector.

so why didn't you study business instead? Isn't economics just multi-step circlejerk to appease whoever is holding on political power atm?

My parents thought it was a good choice (I don't live in burgerland so I don't have to pay college) and I was kinda like a classical liberal who thought that democracy and keynesian intervention could solve every problem that exists. I have also always been interested in useless theoretical reflections so I was between sociology and economics, ultimately I decided econ. because I thought at least I had more decent chances of getting a job in the future.

Kinda. More than anything is appeasing global finance institutions like the IMF, reciting the same old recipes 24/7: let the exchange rate float, use high interest rates to create unemployment, take it to it's """natural""" level
and control inflation (of course right now they are in trouble cause they can't explain why the ultralow interest rate haven't provoked a rise in inflation in the last decade), free trade ALWAYS produces the best results, and a long etc. of free market circlejerk.

Say "comrades" instead

if you really want to fuck them up, call them all gamers

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Bio major here, can’t wait to automate away the peti-bourg, paricites that are American doctors.

shouldn't the STEM clique drop the S and be renamed TEM if increased chance of private sector employment is a required condition?

everyone knows that more and more bio, chem and physics majors are ending up working as baristas or uber drivers, especially now that neoliberal governments like trump's, may's and trudeau's are cutting government funding of science, and the private sector is laying off more than creating new jobs

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I can attest that the history, political science and economics departments of my university were shockingly misinformed about Marxism and socialism, but that doesn't mean that the degree won't help you develop your politics. Openly espousing your views and writing essays challenging the precepts taught to you will give you more skills useful to the revolution than a vocational degree like accounting or electrical engineering will. The history department faculty were shockingly open to materialist historical concepts once I explained them, especially the wage-slave adjuncts, and while the econ faculty were incurable I was at least consulted to fix their faulty slides on Marxian economics.

That said, I'm beginning to regret taking a history degree myself as I look over my employment prospects. An accounting degree would have made me a lot more money, but if I'd majored in that it's unlikely I'd be a Marxist today. I also don't think it's a coincidence that STEM professions are statistically more right wing. If you find a way to donate porky's paychecks to leftist organizations instead of Porsches and graphics cards, more power to you, but there are structural factors at work here too.

This is correct. Economics is 90% calc/stats, with some lame Krugmanite policy essays.

I'm starting a master's in machine learning in the fall and might do a PhD. I imagine that could potentially be useful for central planning.

I was also planning on getting some experience in econphysics. Is Yakovenko still tutoring?

Also drop the M unless you are counting high school teachers as part of private sector


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I’m doing EE but good god STEM schools are shit. The people here are such soulless robots. Seeing all my liberal arts friends from high school have fun partying on social media doesn’t help either.

Just do say stuff like this

Good STEM jobs don’t exist in the Private Sector with the exception of ComSci. Good STEM jobs are in Government, Universities, or The Military.

this is actually extremely good, liberal

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I've plans to go into research after getting a PhD, ideally in fields beneficial to a cyber economy, and if nothing else I'll have the education to be an authority on/write about them.

itll be worth it in the end, hang in there bud

Going to study civil engineering. How can the skills and knowledge I get in that career be useful to the revolution?

All kinds of infrastructure will need to be built and maintained both during and after the revolution.

be the change you want to see in the world

Design us some eco-commie blocks for the future of cybernetic ecosocialism

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Nah man, modular construction is where its at

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Chemistry has enormous practical revolutionary applications, I won't even mention them, they are literally endless

fucking bombs nigga

Why not both?

LMAO that's fucking hilarious

They said studying physics would be hard, don't do it. They said do engineering, it'll be much more worth it.
They lied.
There is no pleasure in life like the Einstein summation convention bringing together tensors of rank 10, no joy like rotating quantum states using the representations of the SU(2) group, no boner like that from calculating the entropy of a system and then deriving every fucking important quantity from simple first order derivatives, no pleasure like learning about a new special function, expanding it in infinite series, solving a differential equation with it, making it your new child, no glory like the moment you apply your first Lorentz transform, having understood that this is just geometry but with events instead of points, no euphoria like learning the math behind the physics you have been using so long and adding a completely new dimension of rigour and depth to your understanding, expanding twice, thrice your problem solving capability, no thrill like the moment a new concept finally consolidates itself in your mind, in that manner that it is truly unspeakable, no satisfaction like the flash of a solution to the problem that has been haunting you for weeks.
There is no satisfaction greater than creating a logical scheme of the world which surrounds you, and then making actually accurate predictions about the future, pausing from time to time to ponder - how can this miracle work? How can mathematics, this complete abstraction, become such an accurate tool in describing reality?

Truly, in this moment, I am euphoric.

physics is S-tier according to OP dude///

After the revolution we need a special gulag that teaches dweebs how to not embarrass the party

Don't go to college at all, it's designed to separate you from the masses and spaces that could be organized to oppose capitalist hegemony. There's more I could go into but my recommendation is if you want to learn something pirate those textbooks and learn on your own or have a small study group.

You're right that college (university especially, community colleges are pretty working class) is bourgeois as fuck, but a lot of people require a social environment for learning. Taking courses sets goals and paces you. It also introduces you to people who help you learn.

So not only does he have to avoid college now, but he has to find a group of people interested in the same topic who AREN'T studying at college.

ok pol pot, there is nothing wrong with education and it doesnt 'separate you from the masses' you anti intellectual, in the future of socialism all education will be free and 95%+ of the population will have post secondary degrees

absolutely not, this is propaganda, note it

schools and prisons must end in the same day

schooling is 100+ years outdated

the pseudoscience of 'computer science' was propped up by the gubba mint in the 1950's as a way to reinforce the dwindling societal role of patriarchal hierarchies (see: a file system). all the heavy lifting for computers was done by new-age-retro-hippies microdosing LSD in the 70's.

STEM needs The Science of Ethics applied to it or you get automated mass death

you brainSTEMs are only thinking with the thalamus. evolve.

ethics is literally liberal doctrine. it is 100% anti-marxist. go away libtard.

imagine being this much of a pseud that you think CS hierarchies are analogous to the 1950s patriarchal family.

Whats next the master-slave drives on computers perpetuate slavery? software architects design actual buildings?

Do you think darwin was an anti feminist because he the tree of life?


this, ethics is nowhere close to a science, the last philosopher to even try to make ethics scientific was spinoza with his geometrical system

no, my family is full of communists and half of them are mathematicians and engineers.