Are all LeftTubers/BreadTubers shitlibs? Are there any good ones? It seems like they're all turning into succdems, or were all along.

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It's an easy way to get more subs/followers/views/burger bucks, so despite both of them being British they constantly pander to the Americans.

I TOLD you about opportunism bro

Yeah I used to think Contrapoints was okay but I'm sick of her community. Everyone is like " Yes I love your queer costumes and annoying editing" Wow so good! She has good points sometimes but I'm really not a fan of her outlandish costumes and stupid character voices and stuff. I feel like it falls into a certain kind of mindset like you see on social media and capitalist journalism and media. Where its cool to be as outlandish and crazy and colorful as possible, especially when you're queer. I think it can discourage actual thinking and discussion sometimes though.

Someone finish my thought for me

Philosophy Tube is the worst for this

You’re part of the problem

The problem is the radlibs, utopians, idealists, ideologues, swivel eyed troons and people like yourself being unnecessarily sectarian.

Every Youtuber is a shrill of the Establishment.

What's wrong with bite-sized philosophy rundowns? It's not like I can read every books

Too much pandering to Americans, Brits are taking a beating all the time and none of the British youtubers stick up for us. The entirety of the British movement is pretty much running on the backs of the average person, and it just rubs me the wrong way seeing people cash in their lefty credentials when they don't even give us the time of day.

Sure, Idpol wont fix shit. This dosent mean that we need to go out of our way to be assholes to others either

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Then fuck off with your idpol and stop playing into tranny delusions

Stop being sectarian.

Fuck off dick breath.

Shouldn't we be fighting for all workers, no matter who or what they are or choose to believe? I mean in order to have a sucessfull revolution you need as many people as possible (even if you disagree with their gender of all the things you could spend time on). You're making the same purity tests you claim they create.

Reddit: the insult

Idpol leftists favor sexual deviants and the mentally ill over the actual 99%.

It'll be interesting to see what the radlibs will do when the chips are down.

Trot tier, fucking castrate yourself on live leak.

The dirtbag left has too many fucking stealth fash but not for the stupid reasons Breadtubers believe. I maintain that the proliferation of sexual politics in the left is itself a fash entry point, but it is to be expected because the left can only really draw in rejects of a certain type as passionate members, these people being the only ones who really see a problem with the way society is structured. The ordinary so-called working class doesn't really see the problem with capitalism, or they accept it as in inevitability at least. They often don't want to change the system too radically, because that would mean sacrificing some of their own vanity and investment in particular notions like the value of education, intelligence, and so on.

I think we all now

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I shouldn’t even have to protest against this stuff here, this used to be a bastion for the anti-idpol left until Reddit took over and newfags flooded in. Go and organize in the mental hospitals and you’ll achieve exactly what you’re doing now by catering to sexual minorities – nothing. Zig Forums at least doesn’t tolerate this bourgeois decadence

I'm like 80% sure BadMouse is upset about this thread. the poster talks and argues like him and everything.

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It's not a bad argument, meritocracy is a big meme.
He's still a huge dumbass arguing with Americans over CPGB-ML though, the Brit thread spends a good amount of time dunking on them.


direct democracy is an even bigger one

Go dilate

CPGB-ML, I'm gonna knock you out one day, I swear. Why have you got to act like such a bunch of faggots? You claim everyone is engaging with idpol, but it's not even a hot topic in the UK and you try and inflame tensions over it constantly. Log the fuck off and go shit in the street or something.

have sex

based bookless retard

I’m not even a Brit, fag. CPGB-ML is living in your head rent-free

The early USSR decriminalized homosexuality, you retard. They only changed it back because Russian culture is extremely anti-gay (even more so than others) and it was killing their public appeal.

Based illiterate retard. The Soviet Union was NOT socially conservative obviously. Not accepting faggots and trannies was normal – it is a mental illness. Get the idpol parasite out of your mind

Even a socialist country got sick of faggots, really makes me think


What do you think of Cuba then? They're pretty accepting of LGBT people yet they haven't succumbed to bourgeois idpol.

I'm just gonna call you shit regardless of how you want me to call you.

So like every retard that has their tongue up their ass bar one British guy who is a meme.
The only ML occupied place in the UK, then.

Stop parroting their shitty divisive takes you LARPing retard.

breadtube summed up in one tweet

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Production values aren't inherently evil, yes they are often correlated with a lack of substance but not inherently.


No just the obviously-not-commited-leftists.
Bad Badmouse was a shit anarchist who didnt ever read anything or know what he was talking about and he is going to be a shit Marxist who wont ever read anything or know what he's talking about.

The Finnish bolshevik

Reading Radical

Revolutionary Left Radio


Those are my faves and I hope they never let me down.

Dude you've been saying this on Chinese cartoon message boards for almost 10 years and you'll never leave the coma unless you need this message and start fighting the urge to repeat yourself.

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Lenin used to have orgies, you fuckless brainlet.

[nervous laughter]

Who's defending who? I don't see anybody defending BM, just arguing against the neurotically anti-trans user.

What's the problem? Something particular about them?
Tbh I don't follow their Twitter if that has something to do with it.
If you're assmad about her being a Tran or anarchist well.. idk die mad?
I'm open to changing my mind ofc.

Anarchopac gets a little into esoteric shit and seems like s/he has a few screws loose tbh.

What do you mean by esoteric?
Could I trouble you for an example?

And yeah they definitely are screwy. Self admitted autistic at the very least. But so am I tbh.

How's 60 active IPs feel?

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The Finnish Bolshevik is really great.

Just used to be a typical trust fund enby nuisance back in 2017, I've not really kept in the loop since then though.

He'd be alright if he didn't waste time on ridiculous sets, costumes, and acting.

He's male ContraPoints lol. Probably an unpopular opinion on here but I like both of them. The neon aesthetic gets tiresome though.

Brits hate pretty much everyone, Americans tend to pick and choose based on the aesthetics of their ideology.

There's a fair number.
List of decent YouTube channels:

Hbomb liked that tweet and it really disappointed me. I know he's a radlib but still.

Aside from and philosophy tube is also just plain bad at philosophy. In his video about trans people he straight up argues against the concept of epistemology on the basis that there are facts that trans activists disagree with and making people feel bad isn't nice.

It's your fault for having expectations of hbomerguy.

True, I just didn't expect him to endorse a statement that basically says libs and lefties are exactly the same.

The lad thinks we need capitalism which isn't prone to crisis.

Then you aren't aware of his politics, which are basically neoliberal with a pretend veneer of radicalism to trigger the alt right. Someone asked him straight out on his curiouscat and what he described was basically "the market will fix it but sometimes it needs a little help." His use of left-wing imagery is admittedly provocation and virtue signaling.

And if you want to compare Olly's "philosophy" to actual attempts at grappling with the same subject, here's a response video to that one.

wow yeah I didn't know that. that sucks.

cumtown is basically just fash with a left aesthetic

welcome to "the left" since like the 50s

Welcome to Earth, it's all fucked.

I'd sooner form a militia with cum boys than American leftists, you guys are universally unpopular outside of your bubble.

How is cumtown fash?

tbh that's just me basing it off of online interactions with their fanbase. They just seem very similar to MDE. Nick Mullen can be pretty funny though, him trolling Chelsea Clinton was hilarious.

r/cumtown is pretty fascist, given the MDEfugees migrated there. r/stupidpol is their real political wing, with it being the most popular podcast among users by over 50%

That was Adam, but I agree.

That is a bad idea. The whole thing with offensive jokes being bad is a huge mess, and has effectively surrendered the territory of offensiveness to the far right. People who are at least nominally not that making offensive jokes is a Good Thing because it takes back some of that territory. Offensiveness and provocation used to be important tools for radicals, but internalized liberal ideology has spooked too many radicals away from making even the most mildly offensive statements.

I don't agree with this guy. He makes some major mistakes, but he is actually engaging in a philosophical argument instead of trying to do a Monty Python sketch.

This borders on misrepresentation. His quote is,
>I'm a very far left socialist type with a reverence for the actual philosophers of the communist movement and their writings. While I'm often unsure what to label myself, what I want is a version of capitalism that actually works sustainably, and doesn't simply lurch from crisis to crisis while inflicting unethical labor on places that we don't think about as 'our problem' - working conditions rise in the west because we exported the dirtier, more shitty jobs elsewhere. Whether or not a 'version' of capitalism that doesn't have these aspects could even be called capitalism remains to be seen.
This sounds more like a left-socdem position than a neoliberal one. It also reminds me of the shtick Zizek used against Peterson, saying "I like capitalism a lot, but…" and then going on to explain why capitalism is inherently unworkable and we need something radically different.

I'd put him in the "sympathetic but not active" camp, although he is doing good work in fighting the right.

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I'm not, the Cum boys are uncancellable Chads.

Not the quote I was referencing. That sounds more socdem, but I'm pretty sure he's working from "socialism is when the government does stuff" here. The one I recall he was talking about market solutions being best and his references to communism being for shits and giggles.

Olly is so bad that in the first minute or so of his sex work video, he fucks up the distinction between legalization and decriminalizaiton.

If you're into real dense theory yall should check out Txgen Meyer


She did a zero books episode that she kinda flopped on a bit but she had good responses when i talked to her about it so i think she was probably just nervous.
She is just barely and adult after all.

The dog whistle of twitter

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It’s the quickest way to spot idpol-peddlers and newfags

Too right Mao, I'll grab the sledgehammer.

It would shock me if he didn't know that "socialism is when the government does stuff" is a stupid take.
He refers to himself as a "very far-left socialist type," which to me means that he here thinks of socialism more as a vague disposition than a precise ideological objective. Socialists are the people he tends to agree with.

From what I'm seeing he doesn't have any developed viewpoint on this at all. He seems ideologically uneducated.

They say slurs.

Meh, they are all a bunch of radlibs with a red fetish who will become unironical neoliberals in ten years tops, so why should I care about them?

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Lenin was actually extremely reserved in regards to sexual interaction. Even when he had his affair, the whole thing for the most part amounted to incredibly sappily written love letters and poems. He was "gloomy ascetic" in his own words. I have no idea where you got the idea of him ever having orgies.

i recommend SWOLETARIAT
hes an gay (but anti IDPOL) left tuber who debated noncompete/EJ on idpol


Most of them are just people discussing trivial idpol shit or refuting absolute dumbasses like Sargon or Peterson for the millionth time. No actual leftist political discussion which they don't even like that as evidenced by pic related.

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hes implying learning theory cant be interesting or engaging. fucking libcucks

Haha, we're all going to die at the same time aren't we?


I hope Mexie's snatch was worth it, Badmouse.

Soviet Russia was a perfect meritocracy. By obtaining control of the party and killing your opposition you objectively prove your merit through cunning and intelligence

How about my feelings, faggot? Why should i be forced to address someone in a manner that repulses me probably as much as it “offends” the man?

Trans people can be proles, too you fucking moron. Just because brainwashed radlibs take it too far doesn't mean it's not important to have, you know, basic respect for your fellow worker.

Stop bitching and help destroy bourgeois culture like a man. It repulses you because you're probably a repressed faggot. No one is forcing you to do anything but its probably best if we actually take radlibs and convert them to the immortal science instead of them all flocking to internet anarchists like vaush.



Prove Shaun wrong. Go ahead.

Hitting Andy Ngo specifically was dumb. That's not a condemnation of antifa, it's just an objective fact. Like half the shit antifa people do is dumb.

Hitting Andy Ngo was not "dumb", because if you count anything that can be twisted by the media as dumb, then literally ANYTHING anyone could have done would be dumb. Instead of berating one another for having bad "optics" in bourgeois media, we should focus on building our own communist media.

There are loads of people (fortunately less than a few years ago, I think) even now who still think of Peterson and Sargon as great modern day philosophers, though. I agree that actually getting into political discussion is important, but there's also obviously a place for refuting popular (dumb) ideology because the shit is so prevalent that someone should probably counter it. Even Zizek bothered correcting some of Peterson's outright bullshit.

Optics don't matter, and it wasn't even really bad for optics - even among the public the people who cared were mostly the exact sort of people who would slam the left regardless. Hitting Andy Ngo was still dumb. Not cuz optics or whatever, but in the sense that it was a literal waste of physical exertion.

Shill bots or FBI trannies? Its funny that the literal only criticism is the ad hom and character assassination. My argument wasn't addressed at all because its an inconvenient truth that your imposing your twisted morality in everyone else.was everyone gay for the last 2000 years because homosexuality was institutionally persecuted in one way or another? Was Stalin gay for reversing Lenins policies on gays? Kys faggots

We're not saying everyone who's anti-gay is secretly gay. We're saying that YOU are secretly gay, and we're saying it because we can smell the arousal sweat leaking through each one of your posts.