Movies from Actually Existing Socialism

Please post socialist films from the USSR, PRC, Cuba, DPRK, and other actually existing socialist countries.

There are a lot available on videos on:

Which ones are the all around best/worth watching/best to start out with?

I'd commend a brave user for picking one at random and giving us comrades a good review to read!

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I don't watch a lot of movies, but I know Tarkovsky has made a fuckton, and comrades have recommended me his movies before.


Actually Existing Socialist KINO:
Capitalist "cinema":

People say Soviet movies are propaganda because they are oblivious to the propaganda of Hollywood movies, which they only perceive as background noise cause they have been properly indoctrinated.

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Love to start a Zig Forums movie channel for a weekly watch of some soviet movies.

God bless Andrei Rublev

Sounds great, I'd definitely participate

Kinocenter Mosfilm
This channel has LOADS of Soviet films (and even some modern ones) in HD, many with subtitles. Many classics!

Zig Forums movie night would be a lot of fun.


Just watched The First Teacher (1965). Pretty good. When the soviets make education mandatory for children a p. much autistic comdare is sent to a dirt poor and backwards Kyrgyz village to establish a school. He gets mocked and fucked with, the villagers are superstitious and Muslims, so they don't want their daughters to get an education at all (to prevent them from "smartening up").

What I really liked about it is the fallible teacher. They don't try to portray him as this soviet superhero. Even one of his pupils tells him "you are a shit teacher" to which he replies "I know, but there was nobody else for the job".

Bonus points go to the movie for:

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This is being unfair to Metropolis, which was a pretty good film produced under capitalism.

How does the entertainment industry work & survive under socialism?

What was the name of the movie from Mao-era China that opens with a guy riding down a river on a wooden raft? I think he then gets sent to a school or something to help with the Cultural Revolution

Come and See (1985)
Honestly one of my personal favorite movies.

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Breaking With Old Ideas

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what a gripping scene!

Mirrors was a terrible movie, an assault to the concept of narrative itself and I respect the Soviet Union for banning it.

Thank you for posting this, after watching it I can't believe I hadn't heard of this movie before.

Similar movies.

I had heard all space missions departing from russia watched The White Sun of the Desert the night before, so I watched it
Pretty good, kind of like a russian western, with a soldier of the red army which on his way home end up having to guard the harem of a bandit chased by some of his comrades.
It's funny cause he try to teach them to emancipate themselves, although they're literally harem slaves. And everytime they start giving him the hots, we have a scene where he write to his strong russian wife back home like a good family man
recommend it

Whenever someone says "actually existing socialism" I cringe because it gives me Dengist PTSD

The USSR never made any movies cause there was no incentive for it, you need job creators for that.

actually existing communism

Pulgasari (has subs)
Box hit movie with women's liberation themes. Has qts.

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Not for the faint-hearted: Nobody's Daughter is one of the most depressing movies ever made in cinema history, based on a true story. It shows with precise realism the rural and backwards life of Hungarian peasants post WW-1 living in ignorance, fear, and destitution. The fascist government at that time started giving out small benefits to people who would adopt orphaned children, so the poor peasants start flocking to orphanages. They are not motivated to raise the kids, they want cheap labor and the benefits. They don't school her, they don't clothe or feed her properly.

Csöre, the seven-year-old orphan, is maltreated by her poor peasant foster-parents. They punish her severely for every tiny mistake she makes. Csöre runs away and an other kulak family adopt her, nevertheless she is abused more than ever before.

Contains child nudity, traumatizing scenes, brutal realism (movie basically starts with the kid being raped).

Still, it is one of the great unjustly forgotten movies of the 20th century, not reaching foreign popularity for the obvious reason for not being too… accessible to the general public. Highly recommended to comrades with childhood traumas and shitty parents.

ENG sub:
FR sub:
CZ sub:
audio: HUN original, RUS dub

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kulak life

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It's one of the greatest war movies of all time.

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I love how polfags on half/tv/ managed to turn this into a question of race.