So what are you nofun niggerfaggots doing to celebrate the most important day of the year?

So what are you nofun niggerfaggots doing to celebrate the most important day of the year?

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Are you confused, friend? Dr. Bashar al-Assad's birthday is in September, and we are in July.

Did I miss something?

Assad's birthday may be important, but it comes nowhere close to the anniversary of a bunch of drunken smugglers telling the most powerful empire in the world to go fuck itself.

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New game, I will from now respond to all cat-user posts I see with uncensored gachi

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You already lost, m80.

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Silly anons, today is national caesar salad day!

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Delete the thread, not ban me if you don't want this mods

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You're not even trying at this point, my dude.

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I rolled up 4 big fat doobies and picked up a case of BUD LIGHT, gonna go to a party and get fucked up and end up babbling about communism probably

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Absolutely trash-tier. Although I would expect nothing better from a commie.

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As expected from someone with our board-tan as their waifu.

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I’m drinking in celebration of Tsar Nicholas’s death

Fuck off I'm gonna drink 12+ beers today, if I drank "GoOd BEer" I'd be very bloated and too drunk

You misspelled "rapebait" my dude.

That's an oxymoron m80.

No such thing. Although once again, I wouldn't expect a communist to know any better

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I'm also bringing a fifth of jim beam apple, how does that make you feel?

This is just going from bad to worse.

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Grilling in the back, fireworks etc

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I once got blackout drunk after drinking 6 shots of rum. The next morning i woke up completely naked, covered in vomit, and the entire day i had to stop myself from puking.

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The birthday of the mild-mannered ophtalmologist also coincides with the day when a bunch of folks told the most powerful empire in the world to go fuck itself, so there's that.

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I'm not entirely sure if you're being serious, but if so, that's about what I expected.

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Give your comrades the benefit of the doubt, it could have been 151 rum

Jesus christ, how horrifying.

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Oh you're the dickhead, I'm on mobile and my app doesnt show flags, I shoulda known anyway from the faggot cat girl tho

Silly user, alunya-waifuist user never uses flags. He doesn't know how to.

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Ladies love my Jim beam apple, I dont care if it's so sweet that it hurts my teeth

I have some bad news for you, commiecat user.

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This is a chan, not leddit

Okay McLovin. Some of us like actually enjoying getting drunk.

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Well yeah when I buy a bottle to take to the party to share. You think I sit around by the fireplace sipping a rocks glass of Jim beam apple? Lmao

It doesn't matter where you're going. If you choose alcohol for any other reason than "it's what I like," you're a niggerfaggot.

Given that you apparently consider six shots of rum to be "blackout drunk," I'd say you don't do much drinking in any situation.

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Nuh uh I said 6 shots of 151 could get you blackout drunk, that's equivalent to about 12 shots of regular rum


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You never mentioned 151 you lying nigger.

You commies are such killjoys.

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