Alright comrades , its time to get /fit/. We have a duty to uplift the working classes of the world, but first we must train our minds and bodies.

Are you a fatty?

To lose fat, eat < 10 * (your bodyweight in lbs) / day.

So if your fat ass is at 240 pounds, eat less than 2400 kcal/day.

Are you a skelly?

To gain weight, eat > 16 * (your bodyweight) kcal / day.

That means if you're 100 lbs, you should eat more than 1600 kcal/day.

Look I know reading about economics, praxis and theory are important or whatever, but seriously guys, how do you expect to overthrow the bourgeoisie if you can't even lift weights bro? So get off your ass, stop reading books for two hours and go to your local gym, so you can achieve the full Leftist Aesthetic.
Also feel free to post the peak leftist aesthetic

see link for more info

*Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite! ~ Karl Marx*

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man shit, I'm still not used the the customizing format on Zig Forums yet, lol

I want to start waking up before sunrise and meditating / going for a run like I used to but I just cannot get out of bed until 9-10.
my main excuse is, 'well, waking up early is actually for suckers who are glued to factory schedules', and it's fun loafing, but I also know I need to drill myself if I ever want to manifest any of my ideals. what dou?

I'm not a fitness expert or anything, but I'd just suggest cutting your internet usage a whole lot. It's what I've done, screen time heavily affects sleeping, so it's best to make sure you're not staring at screens at least an hour before you sleep, and of course trying to set a new sleep schedule is difficult, but after a few days, maybe weeks you'll get used to it. Light reading before sleeping is very helpful too, it helps put the mind to sleep, not only light reading, but any habit at all, it'll help signal to your brain that it's time to go to sleep. Being productive throughout the day helps, it loses energy so you'll sleep better as well. Just make sure you get more than at least 7 hours of sleep, any less isn't very healthy at all.
I'm only speaking out of experience friend, but that's what I know. Also forget that whole 'waking up early is actually for suckers who are glued to factory schedules' thing.

Do you get strong fat if you work out but still drink beer even if you generally eat healthy in general otherwise?

No. More than likely you'd just fuck up your gains, if you're gonna go all the way and generally eat healthy, you should just quit drinking or not drink beer as much.


you can download programs that have auto amber shift on computers at night. after a while you just get used to it and the blue light is no longer there to keep you awake.

certain things like Iphone already have it standard

Not unless you're drinking every day or something, no. You just won't be as shredded.

I can't wake up early on a regular basis either. I run/exercise after work, before dinner.

Drink hard liquor instead.

Getting strong and getting fat are two different things and both can happen at once. If you are meeting your nutrient requirements and employing your muscles, you will get stronger. If you are eating more calories than you burn, you will get fatter. Mobile fat people are naturally stronger than skinny people because they have to move their bulk and usually eat sufficient protein if they are in the west where there is cheap access to relatively high-protein foods like red meat.

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I need a workout tailored to a poor vegetarian. So nothing too cardio based.

Gay and bluepilled
But seriously, I dont really know any workout plans besides using google or some shit like that. Hope this helps lmao

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If you've never lifted before start with some proven and effective beginner's program, like SL and SS

what kind of work out routine will give me a body like this? I don't want to have lots of muscles, I want to look PRETTY. I swear, I will use my body for revolutionary purposes

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Quit it if you're poor, vegetarianism right now is bourgie only.

Just do a lot of cardio. Walk outside for about an hour each day.

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literally what the other guy said, lots of cardio
Maybe try pic related

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There's a notes for vegetarians on this health guide

Ignore the gay ass anime shit, I don't know why it's there, /fit/ is just a weird place

Thank you. I read that whole thing. :)

Been in it almost two years now. Too late. I was really goof in the beginning when I live with my grandmother because she would help with money to buy protein powder and cook homemade healthy food but now that I don't have that I just try to survive however I can.

Cardio, light strength training (push ups, dumbells), CARDIO.

And Dieting. Just watch your calories snd when you eat snacks try to eat fruits and if you eat like ice cream only eat a little and every once in awhile. Give yourself cheat days.

no problem man

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I'm like a freak of nature, super skinny with kid like proportions. Will lifting help me? I eat a lot and I think my diet isn't that unhealthy, yet I'm still unhealthy. I hate looking like a freak.

sure bro, just remember to take your protein shakes

is that cgi?

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It's regular animation but interpolated

it just looks bad, reminds me of a program to turn animes into 60fps

You need to have a specific amount of calories. Like I said in the OP to gain weight you need to have 16* you bodyweight in kcal a day.
It explains it all perfectly in this fitness guide liamrosen.com/fitness.html#part3
and yes, lifting weights will help


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Why? the other redundant off topic thread was already at the top of the catalogue.