Bad news from Venezuela

Venezuelan teen blinded by police rubber bullets at protest

Venezuela death squads kill young men, stage scenes, U.N. report says

Ex-Venezuela spy chief says Maduro ordered illegal arrests

Former minister of electric industry in Venezuela charged with money laundering

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Which side was that teen on laundering minister venezuela&lr=Spanish

They were protesting because they had no cooking gas.

I'm thinking of that kid… man.. poor guy, that's fucked up

Reminder that there's no such thing as a nonlethal weapon or a "less than lethal" weapon. Lethal weapons don't always kill, and the ones meant for crowd control can kill people too. Also, "nonlethal" doesn't mean "harmless." Such weapons often maim people.

Stuff like that happens time and again where rubber bullets or water cannons are used. You can also go blind from pepper spray.
(warning: gore)
That's from Germany 2010, guy protested against the train station project "Stuttgart 21" and got the water cannon in the face. Blind in one eye, the other eye is also damaged. Does this make Germany a dystopian police state? Point is: Arguing by anecdote is crap.

Desperate times desperate measures. I stand with maduro

Probability exists retard

Haven't you guys seen the gilets jaunes thread?

Venezuelan here. The policemen that did this are taken care by the justice system, they were arrested. They worked in PoliTáchira, which is a police corp directly managed by the Táchira state, border state with Colombia and that also has an opposition governor. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yes and they don't have cooking gas because of sanctions. Its a brutal world. But the perpetrators should certainly be punished.

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Sanctions are unrelated, this is one of the oldest problems that people have had with the Chávez/Maduro governments, along with power cuts and unstable electricity. If shit worked like it should under Chávez, nobody in any urban area would even need to know about gas cylinders.

El peo no es con este caso en específico, el peo es con que la gente sabe que esto no es un caso aislado. El gobierno nacional tiene mucho más peso que las gobernaciones para la policía. Esta vez fue un chamo de 16 años, en otras ocasiones han matado carajitos de 14 sin investigación alguna. A veces pienso que si a este lo hubieran matado nadie le habría parado bolas.

It's dumb too because gas is pretty easy to get in that sort of climate via bamboo to woodgas. Problem with a lot of states nowadays is they don't really think outside the box. North Korea is the only country I know of that does it.

Qué quieres decir con esto? Que es política de estado matar chamitos de oposición? Si es así estás pelando bolas. Son casos aislados que ocurren durante manifestaciones, si la ley no actúa a tiempo y activamente se tratan de encubrir los culpables de abusos eso demanda una explicación, de lo contrario es pura propaganda y lo sabes. De hecho ya están en manos de la justicia y la fiscalía está montada en este y varios casos, así como se establecieron muchas sentencias a agentes de policía y guardias durante las guarimbas del 2017, que pacíficas no eran.

"Sanctions" are around at least since 2014, also we were always subject to economic warfare from economic factors inside too. If things things weren't ideal during Chávez or Maduro, the economic contraction as a result of "sanctions" and the economic warfare from the private sector inside has made anything worst.

I'll give you this. They are all trapped inside the liberal economic framework.

The literal successor state of the Third Reich does a thing, so it's ok and should be celebrated.

The private sector anywhere only exists at the pleasure of the state.

Maduro engineered a system where blinding an innocent child is more acceptable than blinding a businessman. I'll grant that Maduro isn't as cruel as his Western supporters who want him to be a South American Pol Pot, but blaming the private sector only implicates the government even more.

Liberal-tier bullshit. Bourgeois States have to work for capital or they die.

The bourgeois state is a tool of the bourgeoisie, yes, but ultimately it is the state who gives the order to shoot people who infringe on private property.

Vaccum analysis. Context completely out the window.

Oh wow.

¿Y por qué coño crees que la policía trabaja con los colectivos para dispersar las protestas? El objetivo general es generar miedo para que la gente deje de salir a la calle, si le hubieran dado con metras en el estómago nadie del gobierno diría nada, pero como le quitaron los ojos ahí sí dicen algo. Nadie responde por los que quedan en cama por más de un mes a causa de las heridas que les hacen las fuerzas de seguridad.

The 2014 sanctions had a very low reach, the first sanctions which actually affected any government officials that mattered (and mostly stopped them from restructuring debt) were in 2017, the first sanctions which affected PDVSA's sales were in 2019. The shortages started in 2009. The unstable electricity and power cuts affect (and affected) some states more than others, but, for example, Falcón's electric system didn't grow as much as the population did.
One of Allup's family members got in on the "take advantage of how the government gives everyone money" train and fucked them over during the electric crisis which also started in 2009 and was blamed on the drought, yet it took years to recover.