Remember back in 2017 when that person came around leftypol asking about the 'alt left' and claimed to be a journalist? Well I found what they ended up writing:


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I hope everyone here is using uBlock, right? Aside from that, this site runs at a loss. Either pig farmer just likes owning 8ch enough to lose money on it, or it's CIA money.
Also, reddit is equally disgusting and fascist but never gets this kind of rhetoric around it. Not that it'd be undeserved. Shut down 8ch, reddit, 4chan, twitter, facebook, etc. and the world will be a better place.

wow, was the board really still that bad in 2017?

It was the age of the leftcom, an age of terror

This is laughably false. Is he conflating 2D with 3D?

Lmao what? Because of the "aut-right" moniker?
Almost fell a tear tbh

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there were basically CP boards here for a while, but they were deleted.

How the fuck is anti-idpol "slightly homophobic" exactly?

It's pretty good.

i kekked

Probably from constantly throwing around the word faggot. Little does he realise we're all faggots here.

I mean I think this word would be bad if used against someone IRL, but this is a fucking anonymous imageboard and no one knows who's who here.

Even under Hotwheels actual CP was never tolerated. It was always deleted when globally reported. Pictures of clothed children were semi-tolerated for a while, but I'd hardly say that's an example of "absolute freedom". It was going up to the limits of US law and no further.

I think those were all gone by 2017 anyway.

If we actually wanted to talk about gay people we'd call them gayfags. Faggot serves the same grammatical role as an honorific here.

There's such a thing as porn with clothes in it. The pedoposters were clearly posting those pics intended as porn.

Pretty sure 2017 was peak Strasserism and Nazbol ‘wasn’t real socialism’. 2017 was the best year of the board tbh

To reiterate, I'd hardly say that's an example of "absolute freedom".
I can masturbate to a lot of things which I wouldn't label as porn.

Late 2016 to mid 2017 was definitely when the board was at its most entertaining

my favorite part was the great Cockshott war of 2017, where cockshottism BTFO bookchinism and leftcom forever and installed dickblast as our supreme cybernetic overlord

That comment about CP was probably in reference to that one fake board someone who hated this site made ages ago, during Gamergate.

Tbh, what really kill the reputation of leftcoms on this board was that one leftcom who decided to die on the hill of claiming that Marx did not argue for labour vouchers and that those who argued for such either did not read or were tankies. Really threw into the grave the whole "leftcoms read" meme.

i remember that thread, also the ones about commodity production and althusser

Is this the “woke” version of nationalism?

Yeah, now Cockshott needs to BTFO Dengists.

basically, i read that as a reference to native/black idpol and non white ethnic nationalism

“ethnocultural” sounds a lot like “ethno-natioanlist.”

that sound surprisingly accurate

Except for the part where it's not

>However, as is constantly pointed out, they’ll always have Rojava.
Thanks BO

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Listen. I get that saying faggot and shit isn't so popular with the current political-milieu since race relations are shit but a lot of imageboard culture is based in shock humor and contrarianism. If you come here, expect to be offended. These reasons is why I can't stand radlibs and left-liberals, they claim to be radical and revolutionary but are offended at the most mundane shit. Why are (first world) leftists such pussies when it comes to this shit. I've noticed even in the real world they don't call this shit out, they just give awkward stares and post "omg so problematic" on twitter. Just like when right-wingers get ass-blasted when someone says a legit criticism of whiteness, their egos just implode and they go into a shitfest with the radlibs who do le epic clapbacks. It's pathetic honestly.
Get over your internalized fragility you sensitive fucks.
Also if you speak imageboard rhetoric IRL you are a fag. Rules 1 and 2 is forgotten by the newer generation of users.

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He doesn't know about /trash/ huh?

The article is basically a journo-liberal on an internet safari, similar to what happens when there's some sort of mass shooting and Zig Forums is involved. You get misunderstandings and moronic takes galore on imageboard culture.

Hey I know this magazine, it's the student magazine at my uni. Pretty shit tbh. Very idpolly

Why is it that even with the MSM crawling all over this site periodically whenever there's some kind of heinous crime linked to 8ch, Zig Forums never even gets a mention?

because the far left in the west is basically dead. There is no equivalent of far right mass shooters,

In any case its not like Zig Forums even stans ANTIFA or similar organizations, since 95%+ of people here see them as LARPing radlibs.