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South Korean public sector workers strike over irregular employment status
Tens of thousands irregular public sector workers struck in South Korea yesterday, demanding an increase in pay, an end to wage discrimination, and conversion to regular worker status. Those participating included school cafeteria and administrative staff, custodians at local government offices, and highway toll collectors.

Mexican police revolt against plans to join National Guard
Hundreds of federal police blocked highways in and around Mexico’s capital Wednesday in open revolt against plans to absorb the officers into the newly formed National Guard, a move that the police fear could upend their jobs.

UK shouldn’t be ripping off the people of Libya by spending Gaddafi’s billions – Prof. Richard Wolff
The British government wants to start spending the money earned in taxes from frozen assets of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Professor Richard Wolff insists it’s the Libyan people who should get their money back.

Tehran fumes as Britain seizes Iranian oil tanker over Syria sanctions
British Royal Marines seized a giant Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar on Thursday for trying to take oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions, a dramatic step that drew Tehran’s fury and could escalate its confrontation with the West.

Brazilian Army Pays Tribute to a Former Nazi Commander
According to the Army, Major Otto Maximilian von Westernhagen (1923-1968) was honored as he was a student at the Command and General Staff School of the Brazilian Army.

US Senate Approves Expanded Military Aid to Ukraine
The U.S. Senate's version of the annual authorization for American armed forces earmarks $300 million in military aid to Ukraine, $50 million more than the amount allocated for 2019.

S.Africa's Court Rejects Bid To Abandon Apartheid Anti-Riot Law
The law allowed the government to ban public gatherings, or prevent any individuals from taking part in them and gave the police the power to disperse prohibited meetings by force.

'I Want To Get The Hell Out Of Here': Thousands Of Palestinians Are Leaving Gaza
Egypt suddenly opened its border with Gaza in May 2018, and, facing increasingly unbearable living conditions, tens of thousands of Gazans are believed to have crossed that border and scattered across the world, in the latest chapter in a mass exodus of migrants out of the troubled Middle East.

‘This is not democracy’: European parliament unites to condemn selection of new EU Commission president behind closed doors
EU leaders chose Ursula von der Leyen as their pick to replace Jean-Claude Juncker as the leader of the European Union’s executive branch despite the fact she was not on the ballot paper as a candidate and has no manifesto.

Tom Watson urges Labour members to sign remain declaration
Tom Watson is urging grassroots members to sign up to a public declaration calling for Labour to be “the party of remain”, as pressure mounts on Jeremy Corbyn to embrace an anti-Brexit position.

Wolf of Wall Street producer arrested in Malaysia for money laundering
The Hollywood producer Riza Aziz, stepson of the former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, has been arrested on suspicion of money laundering.

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messed up the last article link.

This money wasn't his in the first place, the USA just proclaimed that the govt. assets "belonged to Gaddafi" and thus were legitimate for the USA to take somehow. Fuck Wolff.

July 4 protesters toss burning US flag at Secret Service officer, clash with pro-Trump demo (VIDEO)
Scuffles broke out in front of the White House after a small group of Revolutionary Communist Party activists, clad in black T-shirts with the “Revolution – Nothing Less” slogan inscribed on them, torched two American flags.

Trump's Independence Day in Washington DC – in pictures
Donald Trump is overseeing Fourth of July celebrations with a speech about patriotism and a show of military might that critics say is politicising an important holiday and wasting taxpayers’ money. The president has dismissed concerns about the event in front of the Lincoln Memorial that is featuring fireworks, a flyover by Air Force One and a display of tanks

In Rural Areas, Homeless People Are Harder To Find — And To Help
Homelessness is often considered an urban phenomenon. But those who work on homeless issues in Kentucky, say rural homelessness is a growing problem, too. That's true across the state and across the country.

Georgia accused of quizzing Puerto Ricans seeking driver's licenses
LatinoJustice PRLDEF helped Cabán bring his case to court after the national civil rights group learned that the Georgia agency had been seizing identity documents presented by Puerto Ricans who came into their offices to get state driver’s license.

Mysterious New Orleans "anti-crime" camera emblazoned with NOPD logos outside surveillance contractor's house is disavowed by NOPD
New Orleans is festooned with police cameras, the legacy of a secret partnership with the surveillance contractor Palantir, which used New Orleans as a covert laboratory for predictive policing products.

Africa’s largest economy is finally backing the continent’s plans for a single free trade market
Nigeria—the continent’s largest economy and most populous country—will finally sign the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement which aims to boost intra-Africa trade and create the world’s largest trading bloc.

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I hope next year they take bags of them and burn them periodically, just to show the flagcels how powerless they are.

Cocaine, Proud Boys, & Fake News: On the Eve of the Demand Free Speech Rally
After a pathetic showing in San Francisco featuring the same line-up of who gives a fuck and sort-of well known liars like Jacob Wohl which didn’t even manage to produce a counter-protest and was besieged by infighting over the presence of Unite the Right speaker Baked Alaska, the organizers of the ‘Demand Free Speech‘ rally decided to take their demands to DC. Hoping to capitalize on the 4th of July celebrations and Trump’s dreams of a military parade, from the outset, it looked like the rally on July 6th would become the largest far-Right event since Unite the Right in Charlottesville in 2017.Numerous other Proud Boys, MAGA youtuber celebrities, and other luminaries who next year will probably have Patreons to fund their search for Bigfoot are also planned to speak, but needless to say the list is long, as probably half will never show up.

Socialism 2019: A Democratic Party operation
Democratic Party politics will be expressed in different forms throughout the weekend conference. Bhaskar Sunkara, the editor and publisher of Jacobin, will be featured at one panel to discuss his recently published book, A Socialist Manifesto. The specialty of Sunkara and of Jacobin is to rebrand “socialism” as a return to postwar social-democratic reformism, a utopian dream that poses no real threat to the right-wing, militarist politics of the Democratic Party.Sunkara’s role was recently summed up by New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, a supporter of Hillary Clinton. “The leaders of this nascent socialist movement are trying to channel people away from [radical politics],” she said after an interview with Sunkara. “People in the DSA, Bhaskar, they’re very responsible in not encouraging that sort of thing.”Sunday’s closing plenary is given over to Naomi Klein and Astra Taylor for their “Care and Repair: The Revolutionary, Democratic Power of a Global Green New Deal.” The “Green New Deal” has been taken up by large sections of the Democratic Party as a way of separating the fight against climate change from any opposition to the capitalist profit system.Foreign policy issues will be addressed by Ashley Smith, the former member of the ISO who has been a chief supporter of the US-backed regime change operation in Syria. Smith is scheduled to speak on “China and the US: Inter-Imperial Rivalry or Class Struggle and Solidarity?” Anand Gopal, a fellow in the International Security Program at the New America Foundation (NAF), a Washington, DC think tank with intimate state and business ties, will deliver “A Socialist View of the Arab Spring.”

Six of the best Antifa 'terrorists', what they did to cement their places in history
This post was written in response to a recent attack on a far-right provocateur, resulting in the spread of the '#AntifaTerrorists' hashtag. Fascists have always smeared militant anti-fascists: partisans were called 'bandits', the French resistance a 'crime army'. Below are other fine militants who fought fascism and were subsequently smeared by their enemies.

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Seems like the UK is just going to become a US lapdog.

Succdems get the wall

The UK has been obediently following its master for decades.


Imagine being this triggered by someone misspoke a minor detail

I fucking hate those cameras. They pop up randomly without warning. It's turning this city into a dystopia when it was truly one of the last "free" cities in the US

Mfw everyone sort of ignores the headline about Britain seizing an Iranian tanker

Anglo Iranian oil gang

Fucking Anglos, they took a ship from the DPRK too, where is there worship of private property rights?

So are we heading for war or not? My heart says no, but my brain can't imagine Bolton and gang letting the Retarded Empire be cucked by upstart Iran

I don't believe so. Iranian war would be a massive undertaking requiring a high level of public support, at least initially. Their first attempt at casus belli was a failure, and this seizing of an Iranian tanker will be seen as nothing but desperate provocation (aside from shitlibs). My guess is they're trying to get Iran to do something shocking enough to inflame the public mood, but I have a hard time seeing that happening. They've been itching to fight a war with Iran for so long and so openly, there's literally nothing they can do now but drop even the slightest pretense they have at being some sort of humanitarian democracy, and they're not ready to do that yet. One of the main reasons for the relative stability of the West is the self-congratulatory narrative of the Enlightened Democratic West (TM), and the whole "best of bad options". Once this narrative is shattered, the horizon of possibility will open in a completely new way not seen since the early 20th century. They want to strengthen their position before that happens.

Weren't those run by public companies ? would that not be consistent of them since it's stealing from the public.

Are Juggalos the new proletariat?

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Sometimes I love this timeline, holy shit.

idpol out

Fuckin facial recognition software, how does it work?

Quit trying to sneak your bullshit into everything. Juggalos are tolerantof all people, they don't care about your identity shit.

/shitpost flag

Yes, this pic is real. Yes, it was attached to an official IWW GDC-IWOC statement (General Defence Committee - Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee) .

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Honestly there's nothing wrong with saying that social identity effects perception of class.

that's not what intersectionality is though

Why were there Libyan money in western banks in the first place?