Left wing death squads work

Venezuelan security forces are sending death squads to murder young men and stage the scenes to make it look like the victims resisted arrest.

Maduro is doing it here. This is what the left needs.

human rights chief Michelle Bachelet, decried a "shockingly high" number of extrajudicial killings.

Families of 20 men described how masked men dressed in black from Venezuela's Special Action Forces (FAES) arrived in black pick-up trucks without licence plates.

If the left waits too long the right plans to use ww3 to take over. We recently saw how the right neoliberals wants the military to cover up crimes with it's recent exoneration of the US Navy medical patient murderer, Eddie Fagllagher, who also murdered girls and old men with his sniper rifle.

The left wing death squad is the only solution to neoliberal capitalists. Neoliberal democracies are already readjusting the courts to exonerate their paid government killers.

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Michelle Bachelet is a liberal and her opinion should be disregarded in all circumstances. Nicolás Maduro is an ardent supporter of capitalism, but it is entirely possible that he is not actively ordering every repressive action, but has to tolerate the people who do to stay in power.

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Venezuela's economy, which is capitalist, is supported on property rights that are enforced by the government headed by Nicolás Maduro. Maduro has expressed no criticism of this.

Western leftists simply believe capitalist propaganda that socialism is engineered famines and violent repression, as well as propaganda that Maduro is doing those things, except they go "this is good actually". That's the same illness of the mind that made Western leftists support Pol Pot. Maduro is no Pol Pot, but Western leftists like him because they think he is.

I thought this was a false quote, but my god, what a vile fucking hag.

I've never seen a leftist online who simultaneously believes that maduro is a despot, and that despotism is good. gtfo, Zig Forums

Also posting. Leftists are controlled mostly by neoliberals too.


Wherever there WASN'T a left wing death squad, neok ik e capitalists won by conspiracy and attrition, with the help of mi6 and cia neoliberals.

What did capitalist shill Maduro mean by this?

Of course no one believes that he is a "despot", but the rightful ruler.

Those aren't the exact words but its pretty close.

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Empty words. Bernard Sanders calls himself a socialist too. What has Maduro done to actually take power from capitalists? Why can his security forces get away with killing poor people but not business owners who wage an imagined economic warfare against the people?

You expect too much.


He can do no more with the saxon-ki ke (was filtered) alliance on his back. You expect way too much.

Presumably because he's in a situation of reformism and cannot simply do whatever he wants like a revolutionary. Seizing businesses without compensating the bourgs is a good way to draw sanctions and asset freezing.
The real redpill would be buying things out now the economy is in the shitter with whatever stash of dollars VZ has, but I imagine knowing them they splashed it all on gibs to stop rebellions.

What's the point of ruining the country's economy if he stops at the worst point and can't fulfil his supposed socialist plan?

If he was doing it for the well being of the people he would have said "ok this went wrong" and returned to social democracy. He and his party would still hold some power through bourgeois democracy and could try again in the future.

We can't know if Chávez would have managed it if he had lived longer, but Bolivia's Evo Morales espouses similar ideas yet managed to keep his people free and relatively healthy and well fed.

Brazil and Argentina have price control laws and have used them recently, as well as strategic food stockpiles. If the capitalists are hoarding food and medicine (rather than government policy having actually ruined food production), why doesn't Maduro enact price controls, and orders security forces to not protect the capitalists's secret food stashes.


Yet hunger persists and people would rather live in streets in Colombia and Brazil. How do you explain that?

Did I say Maduro was doing good? I'm saying he's a socialist, and I wish his government the best. It's not fair to expect them to thrive under this kind of international pressure.

Venezuela is already under US sanctions. If he is a socialist what stops him from nationalising all businesses? If he can't do that for whatever reason, why is it socialist to keep the country stuck in this limbo rather than rolling back to social-democracy.

Truth is, he is beholden to the Venezuelan bourgeoisie, that's why he doesn't take their stuff. That's why there are so many instances of policemen getting away with violence against poor people, but zero instances of policemen getting away with violence against business owners (lawful orders notwithstanding, of course).

He didn't ruin it on purpose they're just incompetent and were trying to sail on oil money forever.
Venezuela has price controls on food iirc. Hopefully these people getting blackbagged are the ones disrupting the food supply.

Well yes he's incompetent, I did say he is not the Pol Pot-esque figure Western leftists admire him as. But at this point, why not resign and let the country recover?

If they don't solve the problem that shows that the problem is in producing food, not capitalists conspiring.

They're not. If they were, he could give lawful orders and have them arrested and tried by regular uniformed police, not the secret police.

What will that solve? This will continue until an American proxy is in power.
They're both the problem.
So what, they can get a few years in prison? They aren't offing random people, there will be a reason for most of them.

Or someone more competent.

So you think most police killings in Venezuela are justified because you trust Maduro and you think Maduro personally oversees each?

See that's what I meant about Western leftists admiring Maduro for being more brutal than he actually is. You've decided that you trust him for being a socialist, so anything he does is justified in the name of socialism. It is impossible to question this belief because, if all actions are done in the name of socialism, they are good, so nothing he does can be bad.

That the actions happen to be the murder of poor Venezuelan people only adds to your fantasy. You want him to be a Pol Pot. You want blood in the name of socialism.

Chavez wasn't competent, Maduro isn't competent. I don't think they're full to the brim with competent politicians.
From organized killings by the secret police to "police killings" in one post.
All the people calling Maduro incompetent are actually enamoured with him.
Yes the secret police are just murdering random poor innocent people in a uniform way because that's doing the socialism.

What would they gain from doing that?

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