Not sure if there was a thread already but Jason just BTFOd the shit out of National ""Bolsheviks""" and Asserists

Not sure if there was a thread already but Jason just BTFOd the shit out of National ""Bolsheviks""" and Asserists

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That takes guts considering that's half his audience.

If there's one thing Jason has, it's guts, the fat fuck.

I like Jason and I think it’s good that he criticised Nazbol and Strasserite spastics. I just wish he actually read some of Dugin/Limonov or Strasser so he could of provided a more comprehensive debunking instead of just an angry rant.

Based, it's about time someone called them out. Most of these retards haven't even read their own theory, and they think people like Stalin, Hoxha and Kim Il Sung have something to do with Nazbol

"It is not enough, under the present conditions of the international proletarian revolution, to repudiate the preposterous absurdities of “National Bolshevism” (Laufenberg and others), which has gone to the length of advocating a bloc with the German bourgeoisie for a war against the Entente" - Lenin


This ki ke is whacked. I think that's a total self BTFO.

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Yeah it's about time somebody put a stop to the meme posters from two years ago.
Starting to find this filter amusing tbh

What filter?

Jesus christ

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For all the grievances I have with him, I gotta grant him this: Jason has never cared about what people or his audience want to hear. He's been consistent since, what, 10 years now?

I mean, that can't be said for other communist Youtubers like Muke (went full IdPol) or BadMouse (changes his ideology like his underwear).

I really dislike this line of thinking. People should be able to develop their ideologies. It's pretty normal for people to go from liberal to anarchist to communist.

Come on. Muke and Batko did it out of pressure from their audience.

I was specifically talking about Badmouse, but hasn't Muke been a "libetarian communist" since the beginning? And Batko is still an anarchist AFAIK.

not getting patreon bux and moxie pussy is not exactly pressure, they ae just careerist/opportunist petit-bourgs.

The correct terminology is libertarian Leninist, sweaty.

Right my bad!
There is nothing worse than communists calling themselves """libetarian""". Revolution is a fucking horrifying, and libs like Muke will be the first to abandon the struggle

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everyone is a libertarian until the counterrevolution starts.

libertarians become the counterrevolutionaries


Communists are libertarian.


Well done leftypol we memed nazbol so hard retards such as unroohoo thinks it’s a real thing.

Authoritarian/libertarian is a meme. There is no system without authority enforced by violence, the question is who is the violence enforced on behalf of

I completely agree, and that is why I despise the term "libetarian socialist/communist", as it indirectly calls other forms of socialism authoritarian.

The gateway drug for mud eaters

You're deliberately refusing to recognize that it has become an actual thing.
I told you all to meme responsibly. I warned you about memes. I warned you, dawgs.

This thread is a massive retarded circle jerk of people tripping over eachother rushing to say that "libertarians" stop being libertarian I suppose when they assert themselves or cant assert themselves in a rise up against the other class dominating them (because its anti libertarian??) but this makes zero fucking sense logically and historically. Libertarians haven't been this clueless since the Paris commune.

The most un-libertarian thing would be to allow the starkly non libertarian power disparity of a minority class to continue dominating the majority class. I'm not moralizing here I'm just pointing out the obvious. That no Left-Libertarians besides specifically "AnPacs" and early retarded prudhonists in the commune which are both totally irrelevant religious or marginalized sects have ever said or done anything opposed to… idk using force to liberate? Engaging in self defense against reaction? God yall are fucking vague it's hard to even pin down what you're saying you slippery fucks.

Which is EXACTLY the point of the "libertarian/authoritarian" meme, it is too vague to have meaning. All communism is libertarian, so calling yourself libertarian communist is just a way to please liberals by distancing yourself from the boogeymen of the 20th century communist movements.

No, this is the most unequal thing. It actually provides maximum liberty for those with the most freedom, i.e those at the top of the hierarchy.

Or Bavaria, or Makhnovtchina.

Freedom of one always comes at the expense of another and is better described as relative power anyway.

Ngl, but is the entire reason the breadtube left despise him because hes a Third Worldist and made transphobic comments in the past?

Because tbh if they cant articulate an actual critique and just have hurt feelings it shows how full of shit they are

That and he doesn't give a fuck about identity politics and is a generally "I'll say what I want, fuck you" whit guy.

"Anti-White Politics is anti-Revolutionary Nonsense"

Protip for newcomers from reddit: we don't actually like embarrassing Youtube attention whore clowns.

no im not. Show me the influence of Nazbol IRL, Nazbol groups etc doing damage that can be directly attributed. If anything its just soaked up a bunch of would be Nazi meme lords and divded them a little, at the same time as stopping dubious red fascsists from going full fash. Win win for the commieboiis (its all on the internet anyway)

Mate this is pretty much what I said Libertarian/Authoritarian is a meme. Communism is liberation, not in the liberal sense, but from the constrains of capitalism. Historically there is very little difference between the actions of say, Revolutionary Spain or the The Russian revolution. Yes they had differences, obvious ones, but essentially it was a revolution based on workers councils and unions, with a slightly heavier emphasis on the direct democracy, but in the end still not directly democratic due to war time constraints. There were degrees of planning, also degrees of self management. One managed to develop one didn't.

I support the historical legacy of them both

Also Leftypol:

Perhaps because Nazbols focus on race instead of class?

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Nazbols could give less of a shit about class, all they focus on is muh race with bolshevik characteristics.

Hurr durr? Hurr durr.

maybe we should introduce a measure Exploitatrianism

Seems pretty straight forward.

He also mocked them for supporting social democrats and trying to reform capitalism. That may have something to do with it.

God, I fucking hate breadtube

They're worse than anarkids tbh

Explaining that the rule exists doesn’t explain why it exists

All turd positionism is false synthesis, that will eventually break down and be asked to pick on side or the other, and those that push reaction, always choose to stay reactionary.


Because it isn't part of the ideology? It is contradictory to it?

What's wrong with religious socialists? That's not idpol.

How did his brother Jim Profit react?

Religious institutions are historically reactionary, shit on the workers, and religion is anti-materialist.

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My Gott.

In the case of National Soycialism, they are also against abolishing private property, so they're just reactionary in all social regards and socdems in their economic platform.

You should stop calling NazBols racist or homophobic when the Party has directly opposed racism, systematic LGBT discrimination or biological determinism as a whole.
You may not realise it but Jews are horrible horrible people, neocon whiteys have no problem calling you antisemitic if you oppose zionism, they want the people to believe that antisemitism means antizionism.
I have nothing against ethnic Jews, I hate cultural Jews and the International Jewry, because even them are calling people like Noam Chomsky antisemitic just because he is an atheist that is against Israel's borugie government, funny thing is, Noam Chomsky is an ethnic Jew that knows what is going on.
The same fucking whiteys that cry about muh hoLOLhoax but want you to ignore what happened in 1948 in Palestine and want you to notice how Iran has nuclear development program and doesn't accept refugees, while conveniently ignoring the fact that Israel has nukes and doesn't accept refugees either.

It really makes you think that you agree so much with Boomer neocons, doesn't it? Huh, it's funny bruh.

The vast majority of communists are already anti-zionist and the Nazbol party in Russia is a tiny inconsiquential meme party that came into existence due to an art project and which no one who calls themselves a Nazbol is actually in. Jesus fucking Christ, stop getting information about politics and theory from memes and read a book.

Why do the Russian NazBols call themselves that if they are anti-racist? It's just a bit odd is all.

What I wanna know, is what did he bleep out?

Man I had a weird dream last night where Jim Profit was in it.
I was going to North Korea to fight against South Korea and I met Jim Profit and one of my old primary school class mates at the airport. I talked to them and they said they were going to fight against North Korea because living standards were better in South Korea.

it literally is, like read the comments bro lol, its fucking strasserists

Can't you ban people from commenting on a channel? I don't understand why he doesn't do that. Maybe he feels he can woo them over, which might be defensible.

But if anti-Semitism wasn't bad enough on its own, the people who get into it tend to be total whackjobs, like guys with sandwich boards standing on street corners holding a "Jews Own USA" sign. They are going to fill up the comment section and anybody else with any sense isn't going to want to post with them.

Jason is heavily anti-censoring in general. He thinks he can bring them over to his side by explaining things rationally. It's why he debated Richard Spencer.

Stop forcing this meme.

One minute he earns some respect and the next he post cringe. Can't get a bead on this guy.

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I could criticize Jason for a variety of things, but his willingness to confront disagreements and argue his case (even if he does so badly) is pretty commendable. It demonstrates a lot more character and integrity than 90% of people.



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Would it be acceptable in a communist nation to have a personal belief in spiritualism?

Communism entails direct democracy, and political empowerment of the people. All the reservations you had about opinions a political representative might or might not hold will apply to your fellow citizens. Short answer - no. You will be held accountable for your conscience.

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Sounds depressing, I think I’ll stick with liberalism if my thoughts will be constantly monitored by the likes of you.

None of this entails personal belief being unacceptable. It's very likely (extremely likely tbh) that most people simply won't care unless it impacts them in some material way directly. I have large doubts that someone who holds some tepid view on spirits will be perceived as a threat or issue by most people.

Understand who you're talking to, there's one extremely ahistorical tankie which posts edgy statements to make up for the substance of his posts. Most socialists countries allowed/allow religious people to exist, just not counter-revolutionary and reactionary mongering. Even the DPRK allows for there to be churches.



I don't really agree with everything Roo is saying here. I am not a Nazbol or a strasserist, however, he keeps saying such and such wasn't or isn't a "socialist" with ever giving a clear definition of what he means exactly by the term "Socialism."

Because if you hold the idea that socialism is: A society by which the means of production are held in common by the working class; then there is no reason to hold the belief that must by necessity include people from all races or ethnic backgrounds; religions, what have you.

There can be a socialist society in which all whites own the means of production and everyone else has been culled and I would still consider that a socialist society.

Terrible as it may be.

I do think Roo makes a good point when he says

I agree with that and I think consistent nazbols and strass are just Nazis.

All religious people are counter-revolutionary and reactionary.

Am I supposed to blindly imitate socialist countries, or am I allowed to recognize that they made mistakes?

Religion was a mistake. It's nothing but trash.

I have my doubts on this, to say all is an extremely broad claim. What would you say of those religious communists who supported and lived in communist countries? Not even talking specifically about religious institutions here, just religious people. This discussion wasn't even initially about the large institutions you brought up either, it was about people with tepid spiritual beliefs. Are we going to imprison every person who thinks a spirit or afterlife exists?

It depends on the time-table you have to establish a classless society. If you have time, you can set up the education system, and propaganda to combat idealism and religious thought, otherwise, idealists are a threat, and always seditious.

If we are talking about a short time-table, it actually seems incredibly impractical to try to hunt down every person with an idealist thought or interrogate people on inconsiquential minutia regarding their beliefs. Revolutions should be based on pragmitism and necessity, not wasting resources and time trying to make sure each individual person is some squeaky "clean" paragon of communism and materialism. If someone is committed to fighting for and defending communism and aren't actively trying to work against the socialist state, what practical material reason would I have for getting rid of them? My own personal feelings on them?

Jason is pretty much nazbol he just won't admit it

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Oh, "short time-table" means Earth is about to become completely uninhabitable and you have a means of travelling to another planet, and you need to decide who gets to make the trip. :^) *seating reserved for communists only*