Noncompete: intersectionality is dialectical, BRO

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Yep, was duped into assuming his argument was correct.

Is this your blog?

IDPOL is unique in that it tells certain groups of people that their tribalism is good, just, and that they are good people for indulging in it. This is a precedent we really don’t want to set.

It is a very misguided doctrine which teaches some people to feel free to engage in their worst, most uncultured and base instincts – to celebrate their ingroup (and by proxy, themselves) with an unthinking demos and to attempt to find a (in my opinion, very lazy) shortcut to self-actualization and a sense of community through membership in said group.

Identity movements often function as a pretense to supreme narcissism and pseudo-revolutionary navel-gazing and introspection. One gets the sinking suspicion that these identity activists’ real complaint is that they don’t get to live in a culture that allows them to pat themselves on the back as hard as white people do – which isn’t even remotely the point.

For the sake of the humanity, we must all strive to erase the concept of race, so that future generations of humans will no longer ‘see’ race in the same way we don’t see a blond or brown haired person as being of a different race based on that alone. When the identitarian dismisses ‘post-race’, they have a double meaning: not just that we can’t pretend race doesn’t exist or have effects in the present, but that they don’t want it to stop existing in the future, particularly if they gain a sense of cultural continuity and community from it now. They don’t like the post-race position because they don’t want humanity to advance beyond race, but merely for humanity to advance beyond specifically white tribalism (white supremacy/nationalism). Humanity can never advance into the age of the future while we continue to dwell on these petty differences.

Really liked the ending. Good blog post.

Idpol, especially of "media representation" variety is brainlet liberal bullshit BUT
I believe being openly against idpol in the first world is bad tactics. You've got plenty of idpozzed college kids with revolutionary potential getting turned away back to liberal orgs by your stubbornness, when you can take them in and work to get them class conscious.
If nazis can convince zoomers that Nazi masturbation fantasy is the only way to save anime titties from feminists you can convince the remaining ones that class war will bring forth more trans lesbian POC movies or whatever the fuck else they want.

Does the working class really want or need more POC trans Hollywood films though? I don't know why we are assuming petty bourgoise campus libroid "leftists" are even remotely representative of the working class. The actual working class is too busy struggling to support a family on minimum wage to give a single shit about any of this. I don't think we need these spoiled college brats in any movement at all, they aren't useful.

Once those kids are out of college they'll be in debt working shitty jobs, and since you already spooked them off for not being working class enough they're gonna turn to liberal ngos to treat the symptoms. Way to build a mass movement, instead of educating potential comrades just wait until ideologically pure people with just right amount of struggle in their daily lives come to you.

Most people don't even go to college in the first place. Maybe we should get them first. even among college graduates those into idpol are those who end up among the richer of them.

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As someone who is actually working class and around people who are working class literally all day I know that, at least from what I've seen, the proletariat care more about shit like sports than there being enough trans representation on television, or gender neutral bathrooms. If a particularly whiny, small subset of the working class insists on bringing these issues to the forefront then at the very least they ought to be ignored. I'm just speaking practically here, if you focus on idiotic time wasting pursuits like making the national anthem gender neutral you are simply alienating the vast majority of the working class that maybe don't care to see trans men in a women's bathroom, all for trying (usually in vain) to win over a small minority of the working class, if they are even working class at all (they often aren't). Seems like a bad trade. Real working class issues like wages, hours and benefits appeal to the entire working class and must be prioritized if we are going to have even a minute chance of success in building a socialist movement.

What is wrong, exactly, when you say that class oppression isn't the only kind of oppression that exists in our society?

The implication being we should focus on those oppressions over class.

That you will go to gulag because we know what you liberal wrecker are trying to do.

The problem with intersectionality is not, that it observes things classical Marxism doesn't, the problem is it subsumes all forms of social hierarchies under the big umbrella of "oppression", without even investigating which of these oppression are historical or transhistorical.

Let's take a landlord for example who discriminates by not giving black tenants an apartment. For the intersectionalist, this black person now suffers an oppression both as a tenant and as a black person, whereas a white person who doesn't get the apartment only faces an oppression as a tenant. But what's the consequence? Is the historical condition of this form of oppression - the ownership of land and buildings - questioned? Another example, what if a manager is a dick to a worker. What is questioned here, the historical conditions of the generation of surplus-value, or the mere fact of a hierachy between a manager and a subordinate?

Intersectionalism is when you read too much French bullshit. Suddenly everything is about "discourse" and you succumb to analysing everything under the lines of "it looks like XYZ" - Focault thinks hospitals "look like" prisons, because you can't leave, but is that a materialist analysis? Is a hospital, in a socialist society, that falsely pathologises otherwise healthy patients, fulfilling the same historical function as a prison? This stems from a false consciousness, mudies the waters instead of providing a clear frame of work, obsfucates and - and this is the pragmatical aspect of opposing intersectionality - has been turned into the entry point for porky to enter the left. NonCompete, of course, is another grifter who doesn't read, and if he defends intersectionality so much: Is he - from an intersectional analysis - aware that he is a white middle-class male who travels to Vietnam to hook up with a South Asian chick therefore reproducing colonial and patriarchal oppression? Check your fucking privilege, you utter cunt.

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Every other kind of oppression is rooted in class oppression.

Because those issues only exist because of the class struggle

Go to the gender and sexuality thread, giga-cunt

No, not really. I have to educate liberal idpolers all the time that I don't ignore other forms of oppression, but that they cannot be solved withing capitalism as they are a building block of capitalism.

The goal is to abolish class which has a pretty clear definition not some vague notion of "oppresion".

The personalization of politics is something that gets addressed in this article

Because it's a non-sequitur. And unless you are properly defining for me, what you mean by "oppression", I'm assuming you are making a strawman.

Fucking hilarious, the intellectual exchange between literal prison chapters is more high-brow than what I usually read from the mainstream "left".

Also, NonCompete has a pretty funny line on "left unity", he says MLs are cool as long as they don't:

lists a dozen things about what MLs believe in, including IdPol nonsense

This is the problem I have with these "left unity, but…!!" types like NonCompete or also Bat'ko. They only want left unity if you completely compromise your positions, completely pander to them and their friends, support them on every fucking pet issue, only THEN can you be their ally. Compared to that, what is usually called "sectarian and isolated MLs" are often extremely less pure unity, they don't reject workers who don't share their social values outright, for example.

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The way race is set up in the U.S., most black people feel misrepresented if there are only white people on television, and white people feel misrepresented if there are only black people on television. But usually everywhere else people don't give a crap, it's an American movie so it's normal if it has black people in it, once these issues are politicised though it becomes really weird for us Yuropoors.

how is this related to the post you replied to?

Yeah I forgot the USA is racially fucked beyond belief, it is hard to remember that as a Canadian where race is mostly irrelevant to most people, aside from indigenous rights issues.

I don't care much for dialectical fetichism but if you're not intersectional you're a tool.

The absolute state of reading comprehension on this site.
The user was saying that intersectionality personalizes stuff to the extent of ignoring the fact that a white person can (and often does) just end up as fuck in the end.

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I wasn't making a point, just making fun of people ITT.

How am I'm a tool when I'm not joining an ideology that a good 50% of the ruling class adheres too while the same ruling class smears everybody else as brocialists? Somehow you got it upside down bro.

The only person you made fun of was yourself you dumb enby.

i suffer from a learning disability, please forgive my questions. would you please quote from the article the parts you found relevant?

Aight so since its another Idpol thread i just want to ask something. Ive seen 'leftists' online who are so insane that actually nothing surprises me anymore. Do 'de-colonialists' actually want to ethnically cleanse all settler-colonial countries of white people? Im European and if so i am strongly against it because i absolutely do not want those hordes of stinking amerimutt flooding back into the old world. No thank you.

Left unity is a meme. Embrace sectarianism.

Pretty sure you have that reversed…

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The left should unite against the right temporarily. Only when we are in power can the real sectarian shitfights begin. If it doesn't involve party exclusions and tanks rolling over trots and anarkiddies, it doesn't do justice to our sectarian traditions


We always say the same thing but some differences are irreconcilable, like MLs vs Anarchists. Cooperation is not possible because the modes of organization are diametrically opposed to one another. That's not to say we can't fight the same enemy, but infighting is inevitable.

Forget these loser college lefties. Go talk to people in bars trying to relax after a shitty workday. Validate their grievances against the boss/company and drop some labor history on them. Tell them about co-ops, democratic centalism, mutual aid, or whatever version of socialism you like or figure is most appealing to them. Just keep it concrete and relevant. Tell them about unionizing amd hook them up if you have contacts.

Watch Black Red Guard's video on it. You can have tactical unity (dealing with specific conflicts) but not strategic unity (a unified political program).

how to get shot in a conservative US town: the post

what planet do you live on

Most don't. Most. De-colonialism is retarded though. It's primarily reactionary nationalism. Even though there are some traditions that might be worth preserving, these people fetishize the cultures that came before colonialism as if they were perfect and pristine and din du nuffin wrong. There's also a hilarious degree of wanting to purge anything "western" including science. If you want to see the logical extreme, there's always this classic video.

Sense when did Americans like getting buttfucked by their bosses so much? I thought it was the place of worshiping the rich, hating your boss, and wanting to shoot up your workplace 24/7.

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what the left should do is help people, give support to them, whatever it is. if you just talk to working people about your "ideas" you'll end up looking like a Mormon knoking on people's doors.
if you're lawyer, try to help the working/poor people who can't afford a expensive lawyer
if you're strong guy with skills, help a person fix something.
if you have any skill/knowlege, help people who need it and they'll trust you

there is probably some typos here, my english is not very good sorry

I'm listening to the ProlesPod episode on it (dear god), i think im still traumatized by people like bell_shakur.

Yes i agree. Serve the people, its the only way to win their trust.

Part of helping people is organizing and educating though. You can more effectively help if you have a group dedicated to it. The key is to not be an obnoxious evangelical about it. Don't wave a red flag and do Stalin apologetics. Just explain that people can work together to solve problems that are currently being neglected, and then help them do it.

This is amazing.

Damn he was right why the fuck did he cave in to that retardation? Peer pressure I assume


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Yeah, nobody - no fucking body - is that stupid. This guy has to be a fed.

Religious conservatism and science denial but woke. Notice how they all pivot from laughing uproariously toward being aggrieved.

Why is it always weather?

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Alright i just looked at both clips and never in my life have i been more convinced that idpol, Religion, anything other than rigorous scientific materialist education should be banished to hell.

I don't remember meteorology being an established discipline in Avatar.

They had fucking airships, I'm sure they knew about rain.

Holy shit that O'Reilly clip is perfect hahaha


According to atheist man, O'Reilly was pretending to be retarded on purpose and behind the scenes obviously knew better, which is why he's so shocked by the stupidity.

Sokka has an unusual amount of scientific knowledge for being from an isolated tribe, but there are frequent references to scientific knowledge. The episode with the engineer and his crippled son drives this home. There's a whole bit where they try to figure out how to monitor a colorless odorless gas for leaks, and they use the IRL method of a smelly additive.

It's a shame the guest he had on didn't know anything about tides either.

His face reads more as completely dumbfounded by the idiotic statement than him being legitimately stumped.
Reminds me of this lad off his head on mandy.

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Given the comments he made about going on the show I think O'Reilly misled him into thinking it would be a more civil discussion and he was totally surprised by what transpired. He got played, sort of. Instead of just Bill looking stupid both kind of do.

Yeah the facial expression is great, but go watch the clip.

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There's a difference between being against discrimination and bigotry, and demanding that an organization based on class struggle takes time away from that to focus on other things.

He’s right. Intersectionality is essential. Notice how tankies so easily turn fascist. We need to embrace feminism, LGBTQ+ issues and the struggles of POC. Class is not the only form of oppression – only white people with privilege can believe that. Marxist-Leninists have done much more bad than good with their red fa.scism


as if we needed any more proof that they are feds


Class is not a form of "oppression." It's a form of exploitation. "Oppression" is a liberal buzzword.


idpol just turns college kids to woke capitalism, or worse, if they get a taste of the negative side of idpol, they bounce off and turn into full blown conservatives.
idpol is the bourgeoisie's way to absolve themselves and coopt leftist movements, it's pure poison that replaces proletariat class consciousness with useless ethnic and gender divisions, it's nothing but porky's tool to keep the proletariat divided and deluded.

Class is not the only form of oppression. There is also bigotry, racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia etc etc
It just so happens all these forms of oppression stem from class

Love to hear this explanation. Class-reductionism inbound

IMO it's more about dominating the "left" position to make people think left-wing politics are about inverted racism instead of class struggle. The left-libs doing this stuff are like a firewall keeping people away from the far/real left.

Class is material interests not an ideology. Reaction is what makes people hate trans people which results from alienation and internalized bigotry. Reaction is against progress

Orthodox church is the main reason Russia turned so shit after the union fell. They worked against communism all that time, kept the reaction bottled up for 70 years and once the lid fell it spilled out corrupted everything it touched.
Next time there's a revolution completely discrediting and weeding out the church should be top priority.

Congratulations, this is by far the worst take I've read on this board so far.

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How is transfaggotry progress, tho?


Now you are just being culturally reactionary user
We fight for the rights of all workers, including trans workers

Get fucked porky's pet. Where there is racism the solution is racial blindness, idpol does the opposite of that; where there is sexism the solution is sex blindness, idpol does the opposite of that.
idpol is a tool designed to destroy the left and turn it into a de facto reactionary movement.
It's no coincidence that idpol is aggressively promoted by corporations and the rich, it's a free pass for them to double down on their exploitation of the proletariat in the name of wokeness.
Class is a profound difference, gender, ethnicity and sexuality are superficial differences, porky wants you to focus on the superficial to render you ineffective, so that you won't touch his pocket.

Here we have 3 idiots.

A right-based framework isn't good enough. Not all problems (and not most these days) are a problem of rights, i.e. protecting people from harm by a powerful entity. Most trans issues have little to do with rights, if anything. They're more to do with basic amenities that should be made standard for life in society (not the same as rights). The one area where trans issues are a question of rights (not being discriminated against) it's not specific to trans people. Getting fired or evicted for bullshit reasons is something everyone should be protected against, and that's inclusive of trans people. When someone goes around saying "trans rights" they reveal they haven't thought much about how the issues they care so much about.

define "tankie"

After 2016 there was a brief opening for a critique of idpol from the perspective of the radical left, but much of the socialist movement now has been flooded with this bullshit. You have people unironically calling themselves 'witches' and its celebrated as female liberation. Superstition and surface-level distinctions are elevated, not fought.

Hes obviously being sarcastic.

Spooked. Trannies belong in asylum

Because we all know that MLs were always fascists, there have never been progressive MLs whatsoever.

God this bothers me so much. "Witch" is basically a slur against pagan wisewomen and medicine women. It would be like black people identifying as Jim Crows. That and wicca is an ahistorical modern invention that was created by a man who wanted to convince young women to go dance naked in the forest so he could watch. Not that dancing naked in the forest is bad, but most of them apparently don't know the origin.

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Can we not talk about this right now

We're going to need an advanced gulag for this take.

idpol and the mentally ill need rooted out

you cant hold that opinion because opinions are a spook.

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If not rights then what, basic human conditions, fair treatment? I get that bourgeois rights and laws are inherently fallacious and contradictory but then what should we as workers bargain for? I assume the answer is revolution and the abolition of bourgeois "rights" and the creation of proletariat-humanitarian rights for all. Communal rights and not property rights

The concept of a witch is a caricature of pagans invented by Christians as part of a campaign to convert Europe. That's the historical origin.

Then what is fascism?

WHAT!!! Source pls

The answer to modern witches isn't to accuse them of using slurs, it's to call them stupid bitches.