Strategy for the Vanguard

I think we should talk strategy.
We have many "tactical" threads, discussing issues, news such as China, Cockshott/planning etc.
But we have an issue: a lack of "direction".
Look at the Alt-Right: they went from a fringe tiny movement with the exposure and public relations of a group like NAMBLA or theistic satanists, and emerged with major "thinkers" popularizing cultural-marxism in different words with Jordan Peterson, converting liberals to conservatism and conservatives to fascism. Now it would be poor analysis to imply this was due 100% to "brilliant strategy work", however it played a crucial role.

They analyzed tasks for popularizing their ideas, by hiding their true ideals and masking fascist ideas as "rational" or "natural" approaches that seemed outwardly revolutionary to our previously boring political sphere.
They demonized antifa and cherrypicked rallies to make antifa appear like skinny soy retards, making popular anti-fascism very unfashionable. They took advantage of dissatisfaction regarding 2008's crisis, 2012 Obama, the imperialist war in Syria, the refugee crisis stemming from there, and the obvious democrat-republican establishment bullshit in 2016. However they are currently dwindling, their ideas becoming less popular on 4chan due mostly to a left wing pipeline that stems from our very board. At least 50% of us are pol converts, maybe more.

The Vanguard approach
We must influence the common cultural and political sphere with our ideas. I'll outlay some ideas of my own, feel free to contribute.

Popularizing the Socialist alternative
We need to defeat the idea that Marxism is "dead" and that an alternative with actual results that aren't muh 10 billion breadline gulags, we must make popular the positive socialist record, and put an image in popular consciousness that a concrete Socialist future is possible, dispelling spooks that you won't be able to keep your macbook and you will have to work in a grubby steel mill. This also includes popularizing Cockshotts work, and making the question-provoking claim: "Socialism was not technologically practical or possible until the 90s" (i.e computer FLOPS cost, the internet, mass data, mass internet banking etc.) perhaps we should make an open source planning software organization, and point to it.

Heterodox economics
Like before, we should put major emphasis on "reviving Marxism", i.e popularizing and making infographics on the LTV, exploitation etc proposing our theories of interest, credit. We should dispel the idea that intellectual institutional economics is dominated by Marxists, that economics/commerce/business degrees aren't Owning-Class propaganda at it's finest. We must shill Wolff, Shaikh, etc.

Public relations
Communists are intentionally unseen in popular discourse. Morning news shows host conservative pseuds all the time, and left wingers are relegated to radio shows, trending twitter posts etc. We must make high production value, well-done videos, infographs etc which can be widely and cheaply spread that not only dispel the popular right-wing mythos, but reinforce our world-view. We must clarify our definitions, such as Working Class "lawyer, carpenter, retail worker, doctor, engineer" v Owning Class "shareholder, business-owner, billionaires", Socialism "East Germany" v Social democracy "Venezuela", etc. We should also of course repair the relations of "economy-slowing" unions or "bin-kicking" anti-fascists, or "caviar rations naive student" vanguard, to the public at large.

Anti-War and Anti-Imperialism
Taking back the anti-war narrative from the right-wingers who ironically worship assad, and "abhor" the war in iraq, when they would happily teleport themselves in to a Waffen SS unit if they could, "Crusading" against Communism.
We should pull back the curtains on Iran, on the South China sea, on Afghanistan, Iraq, Central africa, deployments in South America and the expansion of Nato borders up to Ukraine. This should be done in a widespread "horizontal" way and we can easily control this, look at the protests in the UK for Iraq for example.

Keeping up the momentum, and dual power
The right achieved rapid growth and success, we should be wary of falling in to the same bubble that they have. While of course we want to seize rapid power it should also be long lasting, enough so that the growth will become dual power, dual power will become revolution, and revolution will become DotP. We should therefore analyze their fall from 2016 zenith (mostly Charlottesville and their reactionary edge blunt from Trumps victory, and loss-of-faith from Trumps incomptence).

With a recession coming, a war coming it is our time. Effort posters and revolutionaries can make a real and lasting difference, we just need the funds, the skilled free time etc.

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This is truly what we need. The left wing is really unpopular in Europe, there are more fascists in the European Parlament than left wingers. We need better organization and this are some pretty good ideas

Bump. Another subject area is left unity
Doctrine, opinion etc. Absorbing microparties and allowing in-party discussion/democracy could be key to that. You don't want to be stereotyped as the "stalinist party" but more like the "leninist party", that's broader and includes mautists, tankies and ice picks. "bookclubism" is the same problem. We need printing presses and graphics people with art tools, we need funding, and programmers, and law people etc. We should look at funding as well more heavily. We definitely shouldn't 1% cpu bitcoin mine a network of Computers… But we should sell the alt-right their stupid black sun mugs and t-shirts, and open patreons, donating when we can. Bit by bit.

Idea: adapting old communist anti-capitalist propaganda to nowadays, changing the people in them

And we should contact other platforms like reddit (r/communism). We could do a FBI for discussing our activities

I just wrote FBI and it changed to FBI wait what

Guess that word is banned

You worded it perfectly, I couldn't have said it better myself.
But, what is the actual likeliness of any of this happening?

Thank you based BO.
Also suggest filtering reddit into a Intel agency too.


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I think one of the most important things for a future communist movement is to completely abandon idpol, because as it stands now the bourgeoisie have completely cornered us into meaningless culture wars that at the end of the day only benefit the ruling class.
HOWEVER, this doesn't mean that we should replace the current popular idpol ideology with another one, instead it should be complete rejection of any kind of politics that don't relate to class struggle from either side of the cultural spectrum.

I don't think this is true. In Portland it is very popular.

Today OP was not a faggot, one minor point of fact tho, Zig Forums has always been cntrl-left-alt-right-del
The assad worship is not ironic, the pictures of trump and kim are because nothing is beyond our reach
Victory day parades are always cool and stalin topping hitler pr0n upsets cancer

we need memes too. I truly believe we need a "communist" aesthetics, something that is both dystopian and utopian; dystopian about the present, utopian about the future. the Wagecuck meme is a humorous example of dystopian meme. a good utopian meme is the "fully automated luxury communism" meme.
the whole russian cosmism thing is an incredible source of ideas tbh both serious and absurd:

Great Post OP
I think utube is important for spreading our politics especially among zoomer(everyone actually , the modern prole doesn’t have the time needed for many theoretical books)
So what videos should leftists produce?
Debunking videos would be very important
Not only as our answers to right wing slander, but as entry points to our radicalizing rabbit hole , while showing to everyone that we do not fear debate
They also tend to be very entertaining
Jimmy Oliver style investigative journalism (I know he take it from newspapers and he is a liberal, but he is the only English-speaking example I know) is the critical second step
While libs agree with our strong anti-reactionary tactics, they have yet to see the corruption and suffering inherent in the capitalist system
By highlighting the ‘exploits’ of the hardworking entrepreneurs
The ‘integrity’ of our media and politicians
The heroic deeds of the armed forces
Lies and slander against the international workers movement dominates the web as history is rewritten by cold war propagandist
Enjoyable and educational history videos would restore historical truth and help give even more influence to us
We need good production value though
Podcast and other entatainment videos that “preach to the choir’’ we need some fun as well

Now for all this shit to work we need antisectarian spirit and support from major leftist parties and orgs not just radical youths
And most IMPORTANLY real life politics

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Except no-one managed to make a proper one. Since most people conciser Comedy Central as the main source for the left.

Can't Zig Forums come up with a youtube channel? I though about starting one since there aren't many good left wing ones, but neither do I have the voice (Imagine an emotionless -as in autisic emotiononless- slav speaking) or ideas on what to cover. Obviously the counter-propaganda would be the easiest thing to do, but that's only good for getting rid of the faith one has to a certain ideology. What we would need is videos explaining topics from Marxist, or even just leftist, perspective. Just see how good the alt right managed to blame the refuge crisis on the "juice" or "cultural Marxism". There's also the fear mongering about the "downfall of western civilization", which I agree it's happening, but not for the reasons they do. If someone wants to do something but needs help with research, feel free to reply. I don't have enough time to be a library monkey, but I propably can manage to spend an hour a day on looking things up or generally helping around.

When it comes to existing youtubers, what in my opinion are actions which result in simply shooting yourself in the foot are:

bad image
Sorry to tell you this, but no one is going to take your channel seriously if you have huge face of Lenin or Stalin on your profile picture. The most subtle use I found of this was Hakim, who just has a golden outline of Lenin on red background. We shouldn't just paint everything with soviet aesthetics. It's a very, very, bad look. Then come people like Contrapoints, Philosophytube and Peter Coffin, who should fucking stop acting like bourgouise clowns.
Lying about USSR
I think lots of tankies like to cherry pick their statistics and/or images, and when someone mildly knowledgeable comes, boy are you going to get butt-fucked. You should say good things the USSR and former socialist countries did, but if you go saying USSR was a democracy compared to, let's say totalitarian Sweden, you are going to get laughed at and hard. The point also isn't to convince people towards a "return to USSR". It should be left in the past. Rather what you should do is get rid of the moronic belief of "holodomor" and "421 billion death" that circulates around.
Just no.

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Yeah, guys like Hakim and Finbol are cool and all but openly praising papa Staling isn't gonna bring new converts, gotta be more subtle about it.

any serious vanguard should unironically have their activist wing be focused on cybernetic attacks and hacking tbh
they're great for faking the possession of power
fbi don't kill me

based cultural centrism

why ?
would it not be better to spend that effort on cybernetic base-building ?

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Genuinely good thread

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We have a couple. Too many tbh, we should kill redundant ones off and fill one channel with varied quality contentpeople who use green text in the youtube comments would be publicly executed

eboc hacker group ananymouse time

Link them

Zig Forums videos:

To what point should one defend 20th century attempts?
How should one go about doing so?

Why not both?


Have a salaried and highly centralized organizing department and shit will be fine.

CPUSA only had theirs in the 1930's and they exploded in popularity. look what happened after they disbanded the organizing dept

OP here again.
Let's just refer to this as our "five year plan" or something, kek.
Focus A - Popularizing Marxism and analysis, establishing Marxism as the sole or primary economic reality
Focus B - Popularizing Socialism as an alternative, correcting the "gazillion billion ukrainians" stories that are told
Focus C - Anti-Fascism, our own "intelligence agencies/groups", deconstructing the arguments/mythos of the Alt-Right etc.
Focus D - Public relations. Repairing our damaged image to the public at large


IMO we absolutely have to keep pointing out that Bernie Sanders and other socdems will not bring socialism and most importantly WON'T FULFILL THE DEMANDS THAT THEY PROMISE TO FULFILL. This will get peoples attention especially after it comes true.

Great OP.

Some thoughts.

We need to start putting serious thought into what Vanguard means in our 21st century environment in terms of strategy, and what sorts of scenarios we should prepare for. I'm probably very much a lone voice on this board, in that I believe that Europe at least is very much pregnant with revolution.

I think we find ourselves in a situation that resembles the end of feudalism and monarchy, but on steroids. Not only is the system nakedly obsolete, it's increasingly incapable of even sustaining - much less reproducing itself - and is actively poisoning us all. The superstructure is crumbling as the base slips from under its feet, unleashing all manner of mayhem and insanity. Capitalism has faced similar crisis before, but not to this extent and not all at once. Porky were able to save themselves first in WW1, but then the superstructure was very much intact and in some ways stronger and more legitimate than ever after. In WW2 there were honest to God monsters to kill. I hear talk of WW3, but total war on global scale needs massive public support to be possible and I just don't see that happening. These are massive pressures; Global warming, falling rates of profit, the stabilizing super power in rapid decline and an economic crash on the horizon. Yet, I don't see a way out. There's not a single move the porky can play that won't immediately cost them twice as much, all they can do circle tighter and tighter as the walls are closing in. This is how you get revolutions.

However, that revolution will not likely start as a socialist one. I think what we're going to see will in some ways resemble the big one - the French Revolution that started in in 1789. It will be fueled by general demands that the status quo is unable to meet - more democracy, more drastic climate action, better living conditions for workers etc. etc. but at least initially it won't be led by people who call themselves "Communists" or wave the Soviet flag. What unites the people will be these general demands that everyone is making, but the revolution itself will be a battle ground of different factions and organizations. There will be moderate social democrats, utopian anarchists, liberals trying to avoid Madam le Guilliotine. Hell, there'll probably even be many right wingers initially. Our challenge will be to win this battle, and win the support of the masses.

We have the advantage of being entirely devoted to over a century of proven theory on how to do just that. But our chances of success will also depend on our level organization. This is why I constantly tell people to join a party. I'm not saying there's currently a great opportunity to organize workers into Leninist parties with Stalin pictures on the wall. What I'm saying is, if the uprising begins to morrow do you know who to call? Do you know where to go? Are you in touch with any sort of Marxist revolutionary group?

I also believe, as I've said elsewhere, that to popularize our message today we need to center more on concrete political goals than how many calories the average Soviet worker enjoyed daily. We mustn't hide what we are, but if we want people to get even interested, we must FIRST provide them with human sized goals and policies that they can actually picture in their day to day life. Remember, it's easy to vilify and attack an abstract ideology. No one will be bothered. It'll be much harder for the porky to vilify us when we're putting forth concrete goals that people want. The more modest on surface level, the better. More democracy, climate change policy that emphasizes the people who's livelyhoods are in danger, food self-sufficiency etc. Then they won't be able to vilify us without also revealing their own incapacity of providing the people with even the most basic necessities of life.

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yeah some guy started a forum raiding dis.cord and never followed through

Left or right anti-wage sentiment and, to some extent, ecological concerns lay the foundation for solidarity in political conscience online.

If the underaged, the cognitively challenged, and the outright hopeless of this board muster the effort to focus on these issues in a collective effort they might find more meaning in life than the handicapped screeds they shit out as threads about 'strategy'.

All of these are great ideas. But, how do we begin? We are all internet users dispersed in diverse geographical locations. We have the ideas, we need to actually do some real propaganda.

It seems like real life organization is kinda beyond our reach, or at least beyond the reach of Zig Forums. Should we do youtube channels, reddits, memes and do propaganda work on the internet?

Maybe something like a marxist PragerU. We cold reach simple ideas to the public, try to publicize it and see how far it goes.

Being a zoomer myself, I have more faith in young people who haven't been brainwashed with the USSR killed 6 gorillions bullshit. Should we reach to them by using new platforms?

It seems to me it is about time to discuss the platforms and the media, and not the ideas, which we all agree (they are written in the rules of this board).

The Marxist PragerU idea you have is great in my opinion, we should also do some work depending on our country of origin while were at it, stuff like opening communist meme accounts or youtube channels that promote the ideology, its simple stuff really since it requires no irl organization.

Thanks user.

I think that, for now, a channel centered around the problems of USA and Europe would be fine. Also, taking what user said, maybe we should begin by focusing on 3 central issues: anti-wage (see the popularity of the "wage-cuckin" meme videos in youtube) sentiment, i.e. wageslaving etc; climate change talk that explains it by alluding to capitalism and global economics, and maybe immigration, the other popular issue. We would approach to all of these subjects with a sound marxist theoretical base.

A certain division of labor would be necessary; some would do the scripting, some the video editing, some would film and etc. First, of course, we need to organize.

Nevertheless, I think it's great that we are having this conversation. After all, marxist theory is not a dogmatic set of "laws of history" that explain development of mankind in a fatalistic approach. It's living praxis, it's organization and class struggle, it's not a dead handbook that explains the inevitable laws of history. In this respect, it's crucial that we go begin to do something and stop circlejerking around the same issues everyday.

We could reach platforms like Instagram TV. A lot of videos about climate change really blew up in there. We should start proposing an alternative to capitalism first not going full on STALIN CAMRADE, because that's when a lot of people stop listening. Personally the first example of a communist society should be the Paris Commune. Is anyone here good at editing videos? Or knows anyone that is?

You can learn how to edit your own videos if you are passionate enough, if you dont want to spend time on that there are a metric fuckton of people willing to edit videos if you pay them a little bit of money, you can use fiverr or even make a twitter account and say you are looking for editors.

How do you plan to organize?

How on earth would people communicate where they weren't constantly being monitored?

I don't think response videos are that great. I know people like Shaun have had success with them but I think he's the exception because he came at a time when the left-tube thing was starting to mobilize. He's quite boring tbh and I only watch him for the information. I don't think anyone here will be willing to do it but early ContraPoints videos where she talked about morons like The Golden One were genuinely entertaining to watch.

The USSR point will be hard for people here to swallow but you have to keep in mind that we are on the complete fringes of the political spectrum. If you ever are going to bring them up only talk about certain aspects of countries like Cuba, which has incredibly high literacy rates and other stats that put them ahead of places like the US. Make it quick though and don't get bogged down in it. The comparison to other capitalist countries is crucial because it shows that things can be done in a better way. Again this should never be a whole topic of a video, just a point you can quickly make.

Focus A must be pushed HARD when the the recession hits. People start looking for explanations for why capitalism has failed yet again, and we need to be ready to answer. All of the meme "Marxist" economists need to have their explanations pushed on people. I know Michael Roberts and Wolf have predicted a recession, so maybe we should hold them up as proof that Marxism is based in reality (even though Wolff's solutions may not be exactly desirable).

I would be careful with the wage cuck stuff. Most people hate their current jobs, and we can offer to create shorter hours and meaningful work as soon as we take power. But we shouldn't fall into the trap of idealistic anti-work, especially when we have so much work to do. Perhaps we should look to people like Mark Fisher, who advocate that the left reintroduce the idea that depression is partly symptom of capitalism. He explains it better than I can here but books Capitalist Realism should be pushed onto social democrats and radlibs as well.

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Anti wage isn't anti work. Pushing a meaningless political program is ineffectual and serves to undermine the strength of whatever a radicalization program should achieve.

actually the marxist version of prageru still exists, it's called MEANSTV

That's a regional thing. This is an international struggle, why do you think the fascists are imported from other areas and usually aren't local to the areas they're demonstrating in?

start a co-op for creating content.

The channel that uploaded the original Nyan Cat video is a communist co-op now called Means TV.

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I think you've got the right idea about how this is gonna go.
It'll be like nothing we've seen in our lifetimes.
Things are coming to their logical conclusion soon. None of us are ready, we can only ever be more prepared for what's coming. No one person can stop it from arriving either.

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To clarify: explicitly advancing a political program with the intent to attract new members, and beginning the process of creating the conditions for a revolutionary consciousness begin as two divergent aims.

Anti-Wage, Wageslavery, whatever you choose to call the emerging idea, has the unique potential to cross individualized notions of political thought which by their nature strip apart, from the very beginning, the growth of solidarity among workers.

As an example, Fisher perpetuates Marx's metaphor of Capital as vampiric stating that misdirection, disunity, and defeatism characterize the arguments, attitudes, and by virtue of its realization the ideologies of present day Capitalist societies. To be Antiwage is to be opposed to the Capitalist system of realizing surplus value through the profit motive; the wage system and the extraction of surplus value go hand in hand.

This belief crosses a fundamental line; but it is now so widespread that it appears by recognition of lived experience. It no longer requires a working day to accept the premise; kids not only understand it, but experience it*.

Irrespective of supposed political beliefs the Antiwage premise has slipped into the realm of acceptable thought entirely without notice; the capacity to agitate along this line is phenomenal, as it offers a single point of unity irrespective of the nonsense this board produces.

With the Antiwage premise as a simple reference point, the idiots who populate this board have their work cut out for them when, as they go to spam their shitty little memes in the hope of convincing other idiots to join them in their never ending quest for eating mud, much to their benefit they discover the essential property of the 'apolitical' individual, the being sucked of all will to fight, has been radicalized by the seemingly common sense notion that they deserve more than a couple of bucks, while the scum of the Earth stride across the globe tearing down communities with one step, destroying forests and their future with it in the next.


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This thread is great. How do we materialize all of this ideas?

drop the idpol. stop being stupid. blackpill everyone

identify and remove neoliberal larps

A bit of an expansion on Focus C - Anti-Fascism, Anti-Government.
Remember Lulzsec? 7 people, Americans, Brits, an Irishman and others met online and used a mass botnet for DDOS, a SQL attack against Sony in a revenge stunt etc.
It lasted from May to June of the same year and it's most skilled hacker, a cyber security programmer cooperated with the FBI after useless attacks, and most if not all of it's members were charged with conspiracy.

So what are the ingredients for a good intelligence gathering, hacking group?
Meet in person in one building like in Mr Robot, not your parents house, preferably not your personal apartment or flat, unless physical access and ISP access is discrete. Every computer has the same water-tight uniform level of security. Attacks are decided democratically with 2/3 votes, and considered with extreme scrutiny.
Microwaves line the kitchens and desktops are rigged with data-scrambling shit/motherboard explosives so that everything can be destroyed in sub-one-minute IF the feds raid.
Programming skill has to be excellent and loyalty has to be absolutely ensured, people will fuck you around if they have 40,000 in debt and the feds offer you 200,000 to sell out your neckbeard comrades who are probably autistic or difficult to be around anyways.

Anti-Fascist counter intelligence: we need "spies". We need ex-fascists to spy on these groups, and leak counter intelligence to other agents in these groups, and act outwardly in all ways that an agency might, which will be eventually departmented and serve many roles. This will be likely impossible at this stage and will come about by the combination of amateur hacking groups in a revolution stage.
Tasks: defacing and trolling websites, mass dislike or disruption of services. Gathering on plans, illegal activities that they are planning/doing i.e using the state against them. IDing fascists and cataloging them, the same they do to us.

Anti-Government: this will be an order of magnitude more difficult and will involve exposing crimes such as iraqi war crimes, wikileaks but can't be stressed so much that people move to anti-government instead of anti-capitalist government. If anyone has some better ones short of being charged for conspiracy, feel free to post there.

That should just be the start. The next step is the false flag post in their groups to spread division. Things like "are white Germans better than white French" shitposts. Introducing idpol to the right will hurt them, just like idpol in the left hurts us.

If you run out of troll content, just post boring shit. The more boring and useless their forums are, the less they will use them.

When they have their shitty rallies, plant agent provocateurs. Throw molotovs at the police or something and leg it.

CIA please

This is a good idea, I might add that you need to post something like "Are white French contaminated" or something like that, or post stuff on how the french resisted the nazis, something like "The french resistance terrorists killed countless innocent" and that's why you can't trust french people, or the same with polish, norwegians, Italians, british…
This is a double edge sword, tho, as we might be feeding to the most important side of the right by accident, we need to analyze what divisions there are in the right, and then exacerbate those, to put an example, Breitbart one time supported Jeremy Corbin, if I'm right, if we put stuff like "Why the Soviet Union was based", made by account A and later put "Why the soviet union was gay", in account B, or "Why white supremacism is flawed" with account C and "Why white supremacism is the way to go" in account D. We need to exacerbate these sides making it look like it's a more heated debate of what it really is.

Actually, I would add that you should post boomer shit, just to fuck up with them.

Actually no, because there's the possibility that we might get caught. We need to infiltrate the fascist lines in the net, and use antifa tactics against them in their rallies, we need to make them look paranoid, schizophrenic. If a paranoid guy said that the goverment implanted a chip in his skull you would call him an idiot, but if he actually has a chip in his skull he wouldn't have been paranoid, he would have been right.

Another thing that we could do is to plant drugs on their leaders. Sneak at night at their houses, and put cocaine inside their homes, then call the police on a public telephone or the like to make them do a raid. This might be a bad idea, but I don't really know

Boomer idpol is shilled to the left regularly. For example, "BOOMERS RUINED THE ECONOMY. THEY OWN ALL THE HOUSES, ALL THE CEOS ARE BOOMERS…" etc. Of course, that's garbage idpol. The purpose is to make us hate old people so that we won't resist the defunding of public pensions.

I think it can be flipped on its head to destabilize the right. We can say shit like "BOOMERS ARE THE ONES THAT LET THE MEXICANS IN." Make the alt right hate old people. The problem for them, is that old people are the right's voting base. Make the right alienate their voters by shitting on them.

Systems have become more secure and more complex this is why small groups of heroic servants don't cut it any-more.
The current technical conditions favour setting up forensic honey pots to harvest hacking tools from others hacking you. Which also has the advantage of being legal. The point of this is being able to start cyber base building.

Also it is a mistake to see governments as unified blob, you are better off looking at the highlevel clansociety attempting to instrumentalise government bureaucracies towards their ends. These clans usually are operating outside any legal framework and if sufficiently exposed (in the sense of how they harm other powerful interest groups, not a moral sense) would threaten the judicative powers of the state and will get crushed by a primary prerogative for coercive power: maintaining continuity. Keep in mind that this is legal as long as you succeed with kicking out a clan out of power.

In any case don't ever do something that harms the masses, that is just terrorism. And don't bother doing anything random where you can't know the consequences.

Lastly attempting to prevent secrete agents from infiltrating your operations is pointless, for once the level of paranoia necessary will complete gum up the workings of your org. And second it's more economical to manoeuvre infiltrators in the position where they do your bidding.

divide and conquer of the fascists only works on the level of loyalty-disloyalty for the ingroup, none of their words mean anything specific or definitive.

You seem very inconsistent, you think it's less likely to get caught with drugs ??? This is bad advice, they might even catch you attempting to frame somebody and then they also get the martyrdom-points.

i think you should make a threat with a summary list of divide and conquer tactics used against the left.

I agree with the tactics but I think the main point of failure of these kind of projects over the years has been the casting of a too-wide net. I'm not saying a video about how capitalist exploitation works isn't valuable. I'm saying there are many of them and that people in general know they're exploited and don't care too much over the details.

What has to be offered is a solid vision of where to go and a way to get there. "Unite the Left" is a bad way to think of things. It's more valuable to divide the left in the correct way. From how I see it, a big part of the problem is the left is already too united. Everyone is an anti-capitalist, but no one is offering solutions or visions beyond sloganeering, moralizing, or some vague things like "dual power".

What i've been thinking is to rather strike a real line of division between communists and the rest of the left again. To frame the differences in an engaging/provocative(without being edgy, the opposite actually) way that the enemies will be eager to spread that view as not theirs. THAT is how the alt-right even ended up getting called the alt-right when there is nothing alternative about it, its the same right that was always there.

these things are difficult because there's no way to see progress being made, to give you some motivation and keep people feeling like they're not wasting their time. Before starting a debate, you have to define your terms. Mark the terrain, what's inside and outside. That's something we can start doing here and now without having to bring in the idea of using an outside platform.

We're all from here so if we're ever going to form a political party outside of here, we should be able to form one in here first. As it stands, this place is ideologically laissez-faire, with the exception of anarchists(mostly) who supported imperialism. I'm not saying let's get more ideologies banned. I'm saying if we all clearly marked out our different beliefs, and struggled ourselves to some official board ideology, we'd be that one small step closer to doing it for the real.

Idea: debunk the fake history at it's core.

Know these cutesy pop history channels? From really "bad" ones like AlternateHistoryHub, WhatIfAltHist, to the more fashy ones like Monsieur Z, to the more "professional" ones like The Armchair Historian? They spread anticommunist ideas in quite subtle ways. They need some debunking or at least corrections. Through this kind of media you internalise the "communism = no food = gazillions dead" meme.

I think we can all agree that the United States (maybe aside from its oppressed minorities) will not stand beside the revived international worker's state, wherever it appears. Shit's fucked here guys. Every day I have this creepy ass thought, 'what must it have been like in Nazi Germany, for the average 'apolitical' citizen, before they realized they were the bad guys?' I have visions of the future where textbooks talk about this place and the slaves, segregation and the incarcerated population and how oppressed we were before being liberated. It's so easy to picture. This blue lives matter shit is getting out of hand, and I've noticed that the ONLY people with the bumper stickers and that fucking flag are thumb-looking cunts with $200,000 trucks living in mansions and shit in 'rural' areas. I'm scared as fuck every time I see police lights (which is all the damn time almost everywhere), because these assholes can and will ruin your ENTIRE LIFE basically on a whim. It is hilariously easy to arrest someone here. Public defenders stuck. Police can just lie or not have evidence or whatever, there's literally no risk to them at all if they get into a courtroom. You can maybe fight and win, but you'd be lucky to have a job to come back to and you'll have a record the rest of your fuckin life, even if they say you don't. These bastards have armored vehicles and automatic weapons. They're fucking gangs holding local governments hostage. And they are ALL (and I do mean ALL) self-characterized racists. The Republicans are somehow taking on an even uglier aspect and gerrymandering has reached kind of a fever-pitch in their favor.

Im living in a small town currently and it has never been more apparent to me who the ruling class is and what its motivations are. I can literally see these fat old white men in fresh laundered dockers polos and shades with their hideous crones to their side clutching Gucci bags. And I can see them fucking GLARE at me from across the street. And I can see them laughing with the cops. And I can see them driving around in their fucking brand new Fords that are 90% cab with two trump flags sticking obscenely off the back. And they run the goddamn grocery store, and the bar, and the gas station and they pretty much ARE the town council.

Tell me this: what's the endgame for the United States? How do we end this fucking nightmare?

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The endgame will probably end with green fascism. The conservatives in the US already want to go slaughter all the libs for their own idpol bullshit. I mean think of it this way, as soon as the global econ crash occurs (and it will) within the next 10 years, I can see the US going full fash. Its only a matter of time before things escalate.
Teach as many people about the upcoming crash as you can, instigate, agitate, do what ever it takes to bring as many people leftward as possible.


The fash tried to distance themselves from the Nazis, since there's also an internalised disgust for them. Since it's been shown that they have the same ideas, they've been in decline.

We need a rebranding, but not necessarily taking a new name or bullshit like that. Truth is on our side. We need to inverse out this anticommie internalization.

The only distancing the left can do is through anarchism. It can be played up the victim of tankies, and once they've become Anti-capitalistic you can tankie pill them if they're bootlickers.

Made a shitty infograph for newfags, can anyone correct mistakes if any?

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