Any reason these critically acclaimed shows are going full red scare mode recently...

Any reason these critically acclaimed shows are going full red scare mode recently? Isn’t this country already the most classcucked place on earth?

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Stranger things? Or do you mean Netlix has been pumping anti-communist series recently?

Stranger Things and HBO

Don't know what your referring to but given the creative industry's love of liberalism it's probably TDS.

To clarify, HBO's series on Chernobyl was full of inaccuracies to make it look worse, and to make it seem like the fault of communism.

What the fuck happened with Stranger Things

They fight ebil commies

also it supposed to be in le epig 80's with all that cold war stuff

Explain what about actually happens

How? I dont watch HBO shows because im not retarded

They're afraid.

yeah right

I think the propaganda is getting "thrown" somehow, or is being whipped back and forth between HBO's attempts at realism and its ideological / propaganda message with the two being in tension. Like the show tries hard to blame "the system" for the disaster but the trial scene hammers home how it really was primarily Dyatlov's fault. He actively ignores dozens of warnings from the reactor control system and his subordinates. Better men did do the right thing as evidenced by the fact that this only happened once.

They also really tried to play up the KGB as evil and scary but it fell flat. The worst thing the KGB guy did was… fire Legasov for whistleblowing. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton suggested drone bombing Julian Assange. They also had all these scenes where Legasov was being lectured to imply the state was a panopticon doling out arbitrary justice, but this was in a state of tension with the objective historical reality that by 1985 the KGB was incredibly unlikely to shoot someone in the back of the head, or even abuse them in a meaningful way.

Or like how it depicts the nuclear engineers living in pretty much the same condition as other workers – oh no the horror of everyone's basic needs being provided for in the context of a highly egalitarian, cohesive and secure society… Basically what I'm saying is that Chernobyl was a great illustration of the superiority of the Soviet system in a popular phenomenological sense but American and British brains are so fucked up we just interpret any depiction of equality as an existential attack on us.

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Netflix made a show about the Tsars where they called the execution of that faggot Nicholas and his inbred family the "most barbaric act in history"

The Wire was good tho

And the Sopranos is borderline marxist

it was well made but it was still copaganda written by a libshit

Is it good? Heard mixed reviews

First season was okay. Entertaining enough to keep me occupied, but not a TV masterpiece like the critics raved. 2nd season went full retard and I stopped watching halfway through.

Oh come on. You can't possibly watch The Wire and interpret it as pro-cop propaganda.

Would you see this scene in 'The Bill'?

I absolutely have, and they are airing nasty and slanderous anti-Soviet shows at the same time on the same networks as these mega popular critically acclaimed shows. Also airing on Netflix (at the same time as Stranger Things anti-Soviet season)…

The Last Czars

Summary: The Romanovs are a loving and religious family who really want to do the best for Russia, but Nicholas Romanov is taken advantage of by his uncle Sergei and told to be a greedy autocratic emperor with no regard for the working class. Rasputin, a confused religious man, does his best to be a faith healer and gets carried away with the beautiful luxury of the Czars lifestyle is dreadfully smeared by the evil communists. History is unkind to Rasputin and the Romanovs as so many untruths spread by communists are unveiled throughout the show. The evil communists slaughter the Romanovs for no reason, and let’s never forget that their children were probably subjected to rape and torture.

Seriously, porky is on pumping cash into anti-Soviet anti-socialist propaganda right now. I think it’s scared.

It maybe because of the whole Russian collusion conspiracy theory libs are obsessed with.

Because the CIA started a big anti communism campaign in an effort to get rid of votes in this way to keep inequalities extremely high in the interest of the rich military industrial complex. Guess what is the most useful perspective of A.I.?Propaganda.

I think it's stupid, they are putting out unnecessarily brutal instruction manuals. Not everybody looks at information the same way, some people will focus on the "how it's done" and mostly ignore the rest as filler material.

That's nothing, on the centenary of the revolution Russian state TV aired a fictionalized series on Trotsky, portraying bolsheviks as complete maniacs.

Based. This is likely what's really happening. CIA are literal Nazi's and have been proven so throughout history.

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It's fun but season 2 wasn't as good as the first, though still good.

What happens there? Also If I do remember the whole Other World got released after Eleven was being used to spy on Soviet debriefs.

Season 3 was good. One of the main things about Stranger Things is that it uses tons of 80s tropes. The one they focused on in this season was the prominence of the Red Scare/Cold War propaganda in the 80s.

Also I haven't seen Chernobyl but I heard it mentions how some in the USSR were willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the whole. Is this true, or is it entirely anti-Soviet propaganda? I understand that the show is not historically accurate.

Also, you guys realize you're allowed to have fun, right? You don't have to consume theory or communist media 24/7. You can watch shows made by shitty capitalists. It's fine.

u wot m8


Since I am not knowledgeable on the topic, do you know of any resources which detail the inaccuracies of HBO's Chernobyl so that I can white-knight for the USSR when I hear people talking shit

there's a thread in the catalog

Never said it couldn't be, but if that's all you consume it probably does get pretty boring.

And yeah, capitalist media can be entertaining, because basically all media out there is capitalist. Sue me. I wish we lived under a better system but we don't (yet). I'm not going to become a hermit that only reads Marx and watches old USSR state television.

I still stand by my point that in S3, the ebil commies are just a statement on the paranoia in American society at the time.

The HBO show makes an anti-soviet mockery out of this. However the actual rescuers indeed stated that their sentiment of sacrifice to save people was the driving force.

We know, but frankly I don't find anything fun in HBOs Chernobyl. It;s well acted and has great camera and effects work, but the blatant ideology is nauseating. Stranger Things isn't bad because it's primarily an 80s nostalgia adventure.

Yep I was mainly referring to Stranger Things since I haven't watched Chernobyl. ST has never tried to be realistic.