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UK slavery network 'had 400 victims'
Police believe more than 400 victims were put to work in the West Midlands by the organised crime gang.They tricked vulnerable people from Poland into England with the promise of work and a better life.But their victims were made to live in rat-infested houses and work menial jobs, it can now be reported after reporting restrictions were lifted.

Colombia: Revered Social Leader and Activist Killed in Colombia
Tatiana Posso joins the other 727 activists killed in Colombia since the country's peace agreement was signed in 2016.

Brazil: calls grow for Bolsonaro ally to quit after 'devastating' report on leaks
Brazil’s justice minister Sérgio Moro is facing renewed pressure to resign after the country’s leading conservative magazine waded into a snowballing scandal over his role in a mammoth anti-corruption investigation that helped reshape South America’s political landscape.

Sudanese Rejoice As Opposition, Military Agree To Power-Sharing Deal
Sudan's ruling military council and leaders of its civilian opposition movement announced a preliminary power-sharing deal Friday, marking an end to a months-long stalemate and raising hopes that deadly unrest since former President Omar al-Bashir's ouster could culminate in democratic rule.

Tommy Robinson guilty over Facebook broadcast
Ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been found in contempt of court for his Facebook Live broadcast of defendants in a criminal trial.

‘Many happy tax returns’: Corbyn sends Amazon’s Jeff Bezos a 25th birthday card to remember
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has ‘thoughtfully’ sent Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a card wishing his company a “happy birthday,” before telling him that he owes the “British people millions in taxes that pay for the public services.”

Russian Workers Rap Against Sanctions, Protest at U.S. Envoy’s Residence
Factory workers from U.S. sanctions-hit van maker GAZ performed an anti-sanctions rap song and staged a picket outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow during its July Fourth celebration.

‘Unjust and not acceptable’: Water taken from Indian villages ‘sold to malls’ amid Chennai drought
People living on the outskirts of Chennai, India are protesting the government ‘stealing’ their groundwater, amid a water crisis, which they say is being sold at malls for profit.

Greek election: Voters crave return to mainstream politics
Greek voters appear set to defy a surge of support populist parties across Europe in a general election Sunday, with the pro-EU center-right opposition firmly in the lead.

==Greta Thunberg thanks Opec chief for complaints about climate change activists
Climate change activist Greta Thunberg has welcomed criticism from a fossil fuel industry chief that environment campaigners pose “perhaps the greatest threat” to the oil sector.

Iranians say US sanctions hurt people, not government
While opinions differ across Tehran’s Grand Bazaar about the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Iran over its unraveling nuclear deal, there’s one thing those in the beating heart of Iran’s capital city agree on: American sanctions hurt the average person, not those in charge.

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Another revolution bites the dust.

If the military does another coup it's back to square one, which is probably what's gonna happen

This is basically what happened in Egypt down to the letter, it's inevitable.

Over 20 percent of homeless residents in Chicago are employed, with many holding a college degree
The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) annual study released in July found that an astonishing number of homeless people in Chicago are employed and many have a college education. Using the most current census data, the CCH found that 86,324 Chicago residents were homeless in 2017. Of this number, 13,929 or 21 percent of homeless adults over 18 have a job, and 28 percent hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Alaska: temperatures rival Miami amid 'unprecedented' heatwave
On Thursday afternoon, Anchorage’s official weather station recorded a temperature of 90F, breaking the previous record high of 85F, and rivaling temperatures in Miami.

Coal billionaire Christopher Cline is among 7 dead in a helicopter crash off the Bahamas
Coal tycoon and self-made billionaire Christopher Cline, 61, was among seven people who died in a helicopter crash on Thursday in the Bahamas, the Register-Herald of West Virginia reported, citing friends of Cline.

The US labor market rebounds in June, adding far more jobs than expected
In the latest snapshot of the US economy, government data out Friday showed that hiring rebounded in June but that wage growth accelerated at a slower rate than expected.

UK's dire productivity growth costing workers £5,000 in lost earnings
Britain’s dismal track record at increasing labour productivity following the financial crisis a decade ago has cost workers as much as £5,000 in missing income, according to official estimates.

Paid helicopter rides anyone? Oh and glory to news user!

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They did a pretty good job for a bunch of ordinary workers and engineers. The translation is a bit off but passes the message across. I like how they used Coolio's Gangasta's Paradise for the musical accompaniment. Be sure to watch and give our proletarian brothers and sisters views and support!

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Doubling Down: The Military, Big Bankers and Big Oil Are Not In Climate Denial, They Are in Control and Plan to Keep It That Way.
The ruling class may be an utter failure but that is not stopping them taking aggressive action on climate change. Their chief concern: maintaining power, control and profits at all costs.The plan is well underway and it sure ain’t the Green New Deal. Just imagine a more extreme version of the world that already exists: where healthcare is rationed; where wealth inequality strangles democracy; where austerity is a weapon of class warfare; where millions die prematurely from toxins in air and water; where war and incarceration is the solution of choice; where people are rounded up in concentration camps; where corporations rule unchallenged; where extreme weather wrecks havoc in an expanding circle of misery. The only new thing about their solution is the stench of fascism that grows ever stronger and more odious.The Bosses Want More of the

International Labour Organization report documents growing assault on wages
A report issued by the International Labour Organization (ILO) yesterday shows that workers’ share of global income has fallen “substantially” over the past two decades, with a systematic redistribution of wealth to both capital and the top income earners.Globally, the share of national income going to workers is declining, having fallen from 53.7 percent in 2004 to 51.4 percent in 2017, while the share going to capital rose from 46.3 percent to 48.6 percent. This is part of an ongoing trend, only temporarily interrupted by the 2008–09 global financial crisis.However, the overall redistribution of wealth from labour to capital is only part of the picture.

Ian Burrell: It has been a year of living dangerously for many in the media and the need for courage has rarely been more clear
While everyone looked to digital technology for the breakthrough that would transform news reporting in 2014, no one imagined that the key tools might be plastic gloves, face masks and a throwaway full-body bio-hazard suit.The Ebola crisis shows the risks we face in a globalised society and the reporters who braved the West African cities where the virus took hold played an essential role in both highlighting the issue and quantifying the dangers.Viewers must have been open-mouthed as fearless reporters, notably Alex Crawford of Sky News, suited up in stifling heat and followed body recovery teams through the worst-affected areas. The irrepressible Crawford explained that she wanted to "get under the skin" of "what must be the most dangerous job in the world right now".

We're so fucked. We don't even have much of a leftist movement to speak of, to be a counter to the efforts of capitalists to hang on to power at all costs, since capitalism seems unable to deal with the climate crisis. By the time the crises hit as the internal contradictions of capitalism become too great for the system to deal with, that's when the left will really gain traction. But I'm afraid it'll be too late. Even if everything goes perfectly and the left takes power without a hitch (which has never happened before), climate change will be so bad that it will have a runaway effect. As the permafrost melts, it creates a positive feedback loop where things get hotter so more permafrost melts. Permafrost not only stores CO2, but methane, one of the strongest greenhouse gasses - many times stronger than the greenhouse effect of CO2. Basically we not only need to get a socialist world government into power, fight off counterrevolution in a timely manner in order to be able to focus on climate change ASAP, and drastically decrease our global greenhouse gas output to sustainable levels; but after all that we still have to develop and implement technologies capable of mitigating and reversing the process of runaway climate change that will have been underway (and thus exponentially increasing in effect) for some time by that point. Essentially, everything has to go perfectly for humanity to survive, and Murphy's Law says that's not gonna happen.

That's not to say we should give up; I plan to go down fighting and so should all of you. But rationally I think humanity has a very low chance of surviving without going essentially back to the stone age. Climate change is the Great Filter, and humanity has been, or likely will be, filtered.

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You're forgetting the number one greenhouse gas, water vapour.

My group of fellow comrades and academics plan on gathering all our resources together and building a commune/compound to survive in while the world goes to hell. A good deal of us are in the various research fields of transhumanist technology: genetics, neuroscience, mathematics, physics, engineering, etc. Our hope is that we can become self sufficient to the point where we can hopefully survive a radically changed earth by radically changing ourselves. Of course this is all coming from the lens of wide-eyed mid twenty year olds, so most likely it will never happen or it will be too few numbers. But we will try, survive, and evolve the new hellscape that has been wrought upon us.
Survive the ashes of the world as mutant techno-primitivist idealists, save what we can.

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Great praxis, "comrade."

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thanks news user

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Tunisia bans niqab face covering in public institutions

For those that don't know, Tunisia had the most people travel to Syria/Iraq to join ISIS per capita while the group was at it's height and it was a bit of a winding road to get there. Salafi terror groups from neighboring Algeria had used the mountains of the Algeria/Tunisia for refuge since the early 2000s. Attacks by these groups would gradually escalate culminating in emergence of ISIS in 2015 when they took credit for the attack on the Bardo National Museum. Anti-terrorism experts credit the Arab Spring in 2011 with the escalating levels of Islamic terrorism in Tunisia. A conservative Islamic political party quickly emerged at the most popular in the country. In 2013 they were linked with local al Qaeda franchise Ansar al Sharia as well as noted terrorist Abu Muqatil al Tunisi, who would be involved in to 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack, in the assassination of two key opposition leaders. Democratic reforms gave new freedom to Tunisia's citizens and allowed Salafi/Wahhabi preachers newfound rights to preach their gospel to the waiting masses and they drummed up support for the Islamic State by the thousands. It was another successful introduction of democracy to a Arab nation.

Head coverings like the Niqab were only popular with the Arabs until the recent surge of fundamentalism.

There has been a big push back against people "acting like Arabs", especially in places like Indonesia, Pakistan and North Africa.

Like I said, poor translation.

Fuck off defeatist

People in various countries thought the same things towards the end of the feudal system, there were apocalyptic famines, brutal warfare, etc. Then revolutions happened and the new mode of production allowed much greater output for meeting people's needs. Every mode of production has an absolute limit to accumulation and we are reaching the limit with capitalism

What he's talking about is no more escapism that the belief we'll all be saved by a global revolution. Face it, the majority of humanity is pretty much fucked at this point.

Expropriation Plebiscite: Quorum Reachedüllt.html
Berlin. The initiators of the Berlin plebiscite for the expropriation of real-estate companies overcame the first hurdle. As dpa (Deutsche Presse-Agentur, biggest German press agency) reported on Friday, it got information from circles of the citizen initiative that the inner administration declared valid three quarters of the 77,000 signatures, accordingly 58,307. To apply for the plebiscite, just 20,000 would have been necessary. For the next step, the senate's administration now will check whether the request of the citizen plebiscite is legally compliant. It aims for the socialization of companies with over 3,000 housing units. The senate is asked to create a corresponding law.


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unironically death for everyone is a preferable alternative to an aristocracy inheriting the earth through biological supremacy in an isolated biodome
either mutant techno-primitivist communism for everyone or get maraud'd by the local peace-keeping military drones from the nearest bougie bunker a few years before human extinction, but of course you won't take the former seriously.

if you consider what exactly 'the majority of humanity' means then the reasons why any serious communist should be opposed to such a project are obvious

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He's not talking about the bourgeoisie building underground bunkers to ride out the storm, he's talking about skilled workers taking action to save themselves, opposing such an action is hardly going to bring about world revolution. And for the record when I say the majority of humanity is fucked I include the deindustrialised west in that category. If anything countries like china are in a better position than us.

I'm so sick of this "we're fucked" moaning, as if everyone didn't already know the situation is bad. You don't like what you see on the Left? Then get off-line and go join an organization in real life, you fucking whimp. If we lose it won't be because capitalism is too powerful. It'll be because of defeatist pussies who never got off their ass, buying into Capitalist Realism hook, line and sinker. There's shit that can be done, and likely will be done even before we gain power. China is already looking into hardcore geo-engineering to slow down climate change while maintaining pretty impressive (by capitalist standards) efforts to go green.

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don't worry, that's not a viable system anyway also supremacy is idealist nonsense, it means something like the final being, there's never going to be a final anything.