Mfw I got decent analysis, anti-Idpol, Maoism, but the Breadtube left despises me

Tbh I’m fucking sick of the Reddit, Breadtube, basically radlib idpol obsessed left hating on this dude. I say this as a Black MLM, but I honestly think Unruhe is pretty fuckin good, genuinely, he’s principled and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of him, whether they be a rightoid, radlib, or Breadtuber, he’s staunchly anti-idpol, but he’s by no means a racist or a sexist.

Legit, all the Breadtube left has on him is that he apparently made transphobic comments once or twice, that’s fucking it, they can’t hit him on anything else but even more idpol, can’t attack his ideas and can’t attack Third Worldism besides it hurting the feelings of First World leftists

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jasons drunk

Gotta respect that he dunked on Nazbols recently. People were giving him shit for appealing to reactionary ideologies and he just dunked on them too. Jason truly dosen't give a flying fuck

Jason is almost 100% correct on everything. His videos are a great resource for anyone who wishes to aid in the liberation of the third world.

That’s honestly why I like this guy, I honestly feel like he has infinitely more principles than 90% of Breadtube, he doesn’t give a fuck what people think about him, he says what he really believes regardless of how people react

Plus he doesn’t focus on this cultural bullshit all the radlibs care infinitely more about

Yeah my only problem is that he kinda does the Jordan Peterson thing and blames idpol on post-modernism but he's smart enough not to attribute it to Marxism in any way, shape, or form. In fact he calls it for it is, anti-Marxism. He got shat on by a bunch of lefties for intentionally mis-gendering some anarchist which to be fair is a dick move but frankly its a small infraction on an otherwise lengthy 10 year career of being consistent. He's a careerist but he doesn't compromise his values for anyone, whether they be lefty or reactionary.
Jason assblasting radlibs is enough for me to like him, even if I find him to be a bit dogmatic at times and I'm personally not a huge fan of his content

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Jason is based as fuck and correct on most positions.

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No he’s a tool

Tbh as I go further I’ll likely be turned off as I was with the radlibs when I started on my journey to leftism, for now I think he’s alright because he managed to help me understand Maoism a bit more and bring me to the Third Worldist position which seems the most relevant to the present day.


Why does it seem like most people take an extreme position here, that either transgender people are mental cases who some how deserve harassment, or that not making their specific plight the one of utmost importance means you're some kind of ultra reactionary who should be shot?


This shit annoys me so much, it’s legit a split between people that despise trans folks and people that makes trans folks the absolute core of their leftist movement, like wtf

Jason's problem is that, like Alex Jones, he is a living meme. To any "normal" person he looks like a joke character from MadTV or SNL. He's also socially awkward, which makes him offputting to normies on top of being weird. I think his third worldism is kind of silly but at least he takes this stuff seriously and doesn't engage is clout-chasing social media shit. He's one of the few people from the online left who isn't both a narcissist and obviously a narcissist.

Why do you care what those wastes of oxygen think?
As a huwhite anarchist I think he's pretty good and obviously not a bigot, just a frustrated and sad man. I don't blame him. Shit sucks and people are mean to him for no good reason.

Considering how much the discourse on trans activism shifts, even the wokest trans activists today are going to be considered genocide apologists or something in 6 months (if anybody bothers to dig up their tweets).
Well I think Third Worldism is flawed because capitalism sucks so much out of he third world. The people there are so downtrodden that I don't see them having the ability to meaningfully resist capitalism, especially given that US imperialism will just invade if they try for any change. I think that (tragically, unfortunately), the change has to start in the heart of imperialism. The US has to either fall to economic collapse or to revolution of some kind, because as long as the US military stands and protects the interests of capital, no amount of revolutionary potential can be realized in the third world for more than a little while.

This is the view he’s espoused though

And I’m pretty sure in the 2019-2020 time frame capitalism will have the largest economic collapse in its history

That's not really wrong though. Peterson's problem is (admittedly also the lib-left's problem) thinking idpol = left.

Probably because most people don't understand what trans issues are, and most who bother to learn already have some investment and just run with it as a big thing. If you know trans people IRL, being trans fucks you up so much and so incessantly, that just being around a trans person is likely to vastly inflate your perception of how big a problem it is (in a general sense, not at a personal level).

This so much. I truly despise the "third worldism" narative espoused by first worldist, it seems like such a fucking pathetic excuse for inaction.

Yeah he does have good explanations on Maoist Third Worldism. I just thinking that only the third world can be revolutionary is kinda false and dogmatic. Granted, I'm not starry eye on First World revolution, it's highly unlikely but it's not impossible. An economic crisis in the first world would threaten hegemonic capital.
Every civilization is only one step away from barbarism - Engels (to paraphrase)

I even see that here as well. Either trannies get the gulag or some other milquetoast liberal take. I think going against LGBT politics is fucking retarded in the 21st century and it isn't building socialism, just like hyper focusing on LGBT idpol. I say this a bi man so frankly I don't have problem with gay liberation but rainbow capitalism is cancer so fuck radlib idpol

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I thought that what I said contradicts third worldism, that third worldism holds revolution has to start in the third world because first worlders are too complacent?

The late 2019 collapse (I hope it's around the anniversary of the October revolution, would be so tight) is likely to be the final collapse given how much value in the stock market is purely fictitious and how almost everything is in a bubble right now.

It strikes me as fetishism, like a 21st century noble savage or orientalist ideology.

Not necessarily, one of the contradictions Third worldists deal with is the fact that while value for commodities is mainly added in the Third World, Third World proletariat stand no chance against imperialism unless they all revolt and fight imperialism at once or unless imperialism is severely weakened beforehand. It’s not too different on the general Marxist understanding that revolution cannot successfully occur until the capitalists are vulnerable.

Not really, it’s just materialism, it’s understanding who has actual class interests in revolution beyond the bare bones “proletariat are all revolutionary”. Most in the First World are proletarian in that they are dispossessed, however they are more like semi-lumpen if anything in that they don’t really add new value to commodities and mostly engage in distribution and trade, and actual proletarians tend to have decent living conditions bought off by imperialism.

It’s basically an understanding that, even if you have a good committed vanguard, the masses probably won’t be on your side in the imperial core because their living standards actually would drop through the establishment of socialism, as imperialist gains would vanish and the Third World would be repaid for its exploitation.

It's unfortunate how the supposedly anti-capitalist left basically adopts the very capitalist attitude toward these issues. I also think there's a major aesthetic and behavioral flaw, and I'd get strung up if I even implied that on twitter. I really don't think you can just slap on any old look to a revolutionary anti-capitalist movement, and say "ok everyone, just do whatever you want so long as you don't hurt anyone", and expect a successful change in the social and economic spheres to take place. LGBT needs a makeover. It's not that queer people are "inherently bourgeois", or "individualistic" but that the behavior and aesthetic adopted from capitalist culture encourages it.

Presumably that would cause a shift in production where manufacturing would actually return to the first world, and workers here would be over the fucking moon for that. It might hasten the falling rate of profit, but they'd be so desperate that they'd tank minimum wage to accommodate it.
Yeah but you'd have to fight capitalism in the imperial core to do that.

Fair enough, most of what being a store clerk or service worker entails is discouraging people from stealing shit, i.e. safeguarding porky's property to make sure the system operates correctly.
This sounds like "upper middle class" projection though. Lots of first worlders are quite poor, barely able to make ends meet.

I don't think that works though. Living standards under socialism would increase. The rise in standards of living has slowed immensely under capitalism. There is plenty of productive capacity and plenty of resources. The problem is profitability. That's the main reason jobs get outsourced to the third world in the first place - it's no longer profitable enough to justify employing first worlders to meet our own needs. If you get rid of profit as an incentive then suddenly you can re-open all the factories and have us making our own shit again. In fact, the extra industrial capacity in the first world would likely yield a surplus that could be paid back in part as reparations in part as simple support to the third world (as the USSR and China at least try/tried to do).

Yeah a lot of identity politics (specifically LGBT) is based in performative-ism and appearing "non-normative" to win social capital brownie points. Gotta be the coolest gay to shit on all the heteros. It is essentially lifestylism that tends to conform to contemporary cultural norms and trends. I assume under a hypothetical revolution the relationship workers and queer workers have towards identity would change to encompass more solidarity and base building towards queer/trans acceptance.

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I want the State Department ‘left’ to leave

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He released a video apologizing for that the very next day. You're being intentionally obtuse.

Third worldism is petty-bourgeois trash

I always hear this but can you actually point me to a gay person who does this?

Like I'm going to be Zizek here and say yada yada, but seriously show me. Like I'm gay and know gay people and so on and I don't think gay people do gay stuff because they're trying to one-up straight people. They just don't care about straight people's opinions at all when it comes to their sexual orientation and what they do.

Or like being the coolest gay – maybe they're trying to impress and one-up other gay men? Like there's status competition to be sure, but a lot of this is internal to the gay world. Anyways excuse the rant. I love you.

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Go back to Zig Forums


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He clarified his position on immigration the next day.

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It's mostly twitter radlibs but IRL yeah I hardly see it in leftist circles. I see more liberal types doing it but they are the ones who own businesses
I have no citations so feel free to call out my anecdotal evidence.


Sorry I get defensive about this but it feels like straight people have various weird woke vs. anti-woke beefs with each other and conscript gay people – who are largely minding their own business – into these disputes. I am a gay left-nationalist in some ways like if Nasser was gay and I was president of gay Egypt or something. We will handle our own affairs.

It's understandable. I should clarify that heteros can be just as performative if not performative than their non-hetero comrades. For example you always see straight dude brag about the chicks they've bang because "I'm totally not gay bro never been curious dude." Gender binaries are a spook and straight people enforcing these social constructs are performative at best and shoving people in unnecessary and alienating categories at worse. Granted this can all be taken with a grain of salt. I think sexuality is inherently performative as it does require performing intimate acts with others/sharing expierences

Also there feels like a weird scapegoating where minority groups are blamed for why socialism doesn't catch on with… right-wing Trump people? Are people fooling themselves? These people are vicious anti-communists and kicking gay people or trans people around is not going to win them over to socialism. These people are your enemies and this is right-opportunist, tailist nonsense like:

Anyways what I think is actually happening is a dispute between people who are basically downwardly-mobile petit-bourgeois types in America who want to reach some kind of bargain with their capitalist masters, and so they're engaged in this kind of bargaining where they go "can we have X if we get rid of Y?"

Dude I've been to the Castro (the neighborhood not the Cuban revolutionary) and it is so gentrified these days I would support this. Techbros are scum. There are still some working class gay bars in town but they're dying off.

Or let's phrase it in a different way. Were LGBT people responsible for the fall of the Soviet Union? That would be hilarious if true and I'm sure some people believe that, but that's of course not the case and I have to think the collapse of the USSR has more to do with why socialism is in a bad way these days than the LGBT movement.

But to grapple with that failure takes a lot more effort.

I've visited San Fransisco recently and saw the rampant gentrification and homelessness. I stayed in a cheap Hostel in the SoMa district and saw so much homeless camps it was unreal. Not even my hometown has a homeless problem that bad (and it's getting worse too due to rising rents)
I went by the Castro and it looked really upper-class and nice. I remember a old 2004 Dave Chapelle stand-up where he talked about the Castro being ghetto and having crackheads everywhere.
Now the homelessness has just moved to the Mission and SoMa districts.
I heard people scream in the middle of the night walking to my hostel and saw a bunch of cops clear a homeless encampment. I've heard mental health issues are rampant and the homeless people I communicated with in SanFran was just straight up depressing. I had a pregnant women beg me for change by the trolley on Market street. I heard that San Fransisco has a homeless problem but what I saw absolutely shocked me, it's a fucking crisis.
Hopefully after the revolution big gay purges the disgusting white petty-bourg starbucks culture and replaces it with a true authentic proletarian gay culture. Sounds way better than the current situation
Pic literally related as it describes my visit perfectly except Alcatraz because fuck paying to see a prison

MLs who are against trans/gays are reactionary and outdated. Culturally reactionary socialists are annoying

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Yeah you have to know where to look. In the Tenderloin there are some dive proletarian gay bars with older guys who have been there since the 70s

Whats with all the socially reactionary redditors anyways? They also always have the weirdest excuses for being reactionary too. They keep saying stupid shit like "I was walking down the street and I saw a black man kissing muh white woman. Now I listen to the Mein Kamph audiobook and watch interracial cuckold porn on my roku tv." Breadtube is also a bunch of idealist radlib larpers. Once they get a decent paying job they'll stop caring about leftist messaging.

A little bit of alienation, insecurity, and sexual pathologies create reaction
Reactionaries lack any sort of introspection

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It literally is a conspiracy though, even if most who engage in it are doing so subconsciously. Everyone having sex has an interest in keeping the low status males out.

Im curious to learn more about the Arab left wing. Can someone spend time to explain it to me?

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I wouldn't say that social Darwinism based on looks and perceived intelligence and charisma is entirely a conspiracy though. Plus, most people who are self declared incels are mainly just average looking people, most have severe social issues caused by alienation (which is something that can be fixed).

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What does this have ANYTHING to do with jews though?
Do you sperg out when you see an interracial couple on TV?

jews control muh white wymn or somthing? I mean as long as you repeat bullshit to people over and over, the more truthful it becomes to them.


Where did I mention muh jews? I'm not a liberal/fascist, I analyze people based on their social relations. I hate seeing couples in general.

You wish.

Not really, the better someone looks the more likely he is to show his face, so the pictures you find are not representative at all.
This is individualist and the standard liberal answer, like how they say that homelessness is primarily caused by mental illness. It ignores the social system and those who stand to gain from their predicament. You reverse the causality, it is being rejected by society in the most fundamental way that only women can that causes severe alienation.

Gay and blue pilled
You shouldn't compare economic and social issues
Although i agree that people with social anxiety aren't as popular as normal people (who let's be honest , don't exist anymore) ,you can deny huge individual fault for failing to partake in natural human interaction
In truth incel's tend to be bad at having relationship's period , being virgin's is the least of their problems
Society is at fault for not providing more free places to socialize and ostracizing asocial peers is a common occurrence especially at American schools
Also the poster is 100% correct that incel's underestimate their look's
Like go to an incel forum and you'll see people your average girl fantasize about calling each other ugly and with no hope of finding love
(We have a thread for this shit)

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nice take there bud.


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Economic issues are social issues. Individualist takes are worthless because they necessitate the existence of free will and absolve the social relation people engage in of criticism and thus prevents systemic change.
"more free spaces" just lets those who already have high social status exploit it even more, and ostracizing low status males is how they elevate themselves so they have no reason to stop doing it, asking nicely is liberal bullshit, the only thing that works is force and punishment.

You are just reformulating neoliberal individualist in marxist terms like red liberals tend to do. The theory that societal rejection leads to a sense of alienation and reclusive behaviour is the materialist perspective.

Economic issues are social issues. Individualist takes are worthless because they necessitate the existence of free will and absolve the social relation people engage in of criticism and thus prevents systemic change.
"more free spaces" just lets those who already have high social status exploit it even more, and ostracizing low status males is how they elevate themselves so they have no reason to stop doing it, asking nicely is liberal bullshit, the only thing that works is force and punishment.

You are just reformulating neoliberal individualist idealism in marxist terms like red liberals tend to do. The theory that societal rejection leads to a sense of alienation and reclusive behaviour is the materialist perspective.

We live in a culture where everything from social relations to how we think is commoditized. Why wouldn't this be a the social effects capitalism has exactly? Also what about rich old people who literally buy affection? How is this not a societal issue that is caused by capitalism?
Im not dismissing it as an individual fault, Im saying that the way consumer society is structured of course people will have social issues if everything is treated as a transaction.
this is literally what im saying or at least trying to say (if im wording it badly)

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Deadass, I know peeps will likely call BS but I’m facially considered to be very handsome, people say I have a sort of Brad Pitt type look where I look masculine but also “pretty” at the same time, and yet I used to think I was a repulsive incel. This shit isn’t founded so much in physical appearance as Incels believe.

You're still fucked.

It's true that there's a hierarchy involved. But wouldn't this be true in any society? Even under communism? Above average-looking people would still pick each other (generally) over someone not as good looking.
"Incels" are the equivalent of women who expect to find a Tom Hardy by looking on Plenty of Fish; anyone less is a douchebag.

It's true that capitalism modifies society and often for the worse, but it is not the only thing that causes sexual inequality, for example an old famous man will have it even better as he will get "real" affection even if he is not rich.
Nice cherrypicking
What you are saying simply isn't true, high status males do fuck high status females, but also many of those below them which means that at the bottom there are many males who don't get anything.Females would rather be used as cumdumpsby higher status males than be paired with their looksmatch, at least when they are young. If any male more attractive than x% of the males was paired with a female more attractive than x% of the population it would be fair.

Fucking this

I'd love to shoot a faggot like OP's niggerbitch in the head with a 12 gauge and slip away into the unknown. Goddamn, I just want the revolution to start so I can torture leftist anitfa faggot nigger marxist fake pieces of shit like you lot to death. Burning your filthy leftist women alive, yet not having them die while torturing you would be great. Murder all leftists and praise the fucking Lord. Fuck you animals.

I would torture this soyboi to death, but in a pinch I would definitely cut his fucking head off and praise Allah just for fun. May God punish all of you animals.

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When are you transitioning, getting nervous user?

Transitioning into a state in which I am able to rip a faggot nigger animal leftist into pieces or anyone else that pretends to be what they are not. Yes, that type. You need acid thrown into your face or the face of anyone you give a single fuck about.

I actually agree with you here , maybe i word it purely in my reply ,what i meant was that some problems come more from the superstructure rather than the base
For example male loneliness comes from the machismo idea that men should not talk to their bro’s about their emotions, so they bottle it up and that phenomenon has the known effects
Now these machismo ideas do come from the base and form the superstructure so they are also an economic issue and its one of the many reasons we are anticapitalists
Yea dude I am totally with systemic change but please provide me with information on what systemic change incel’s fight for
Also some individual criticism is helpful
Are you implying that, for example, you can’t do any individual effort to be more social or to fight any insecurity or wtvr
Do you unironicly believe that the orthodox Marxist take is that the commune ,the state or wtvr you believe , should come together and magically heal Hasan Piker (who as you see is quite handsome ) of his social anxiety while he sits in his house and plays videogames?
>more free spaces" just lets those who already have high social status exploit it even more, and ostracizing low status males is how they elevate themselves so they have no reason to stop doing it
Are you, not jokingly ,implying that the only way people get ‘’social statues’’(wtvr that means) is through bulling ?
Not playing the guitar ,not being smart or funny or talking about some passion of your ,no only bulling ?
The only way for someone to be popular due to his personality is being a bully ?
All the people that have friends and gfs are bullies?
Who should we punish?

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Why do all Zig Forumsyps sound like angry, hysterical teenagers?

Hey faggot, you hate Capitalism right? Why not track Belle Delphine or some other herpes ridden whore down and force her to distribute her THOT money to poor people who want to build a house or buy a car? Then torture the piece of shit whore and set her and her parents on fire after beating them down. Make them suffer while you pour gasoline down their filthy throats. Send them to hell.

Why was /leftycuck/ created by somebody who looks like this? You all look as dysgenic as your old BO.

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t. Shoot's up defenseless kids in a mosque

All hail 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Tarrant🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

You need a new hobby my sweet summer child

Why are you making shit up?

Are we talking about niggers or mudslimes here?

I want to break your bones and snap all of your joints, leave you for two days, then pour gasoline all over you and watch you writhe like a beautiful painting turned into a .gif
You shall suffer.

Oink oink. I never made up anything in my life *squeals!*

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I could probably deadlift your fat virgin ass. 400lbs is nothing to me.

You had 2 years to prove our BO was that pic, and none of you could prove anything. Zig Forums always lies

You don't ever have to deadlift anything again if your body's organs are failing and you are basically unreviveable. To end the suffering of The Wicked mercy itself is given as providence in the form of a quick death. Many of you deserve some old school horrific torturing, but time constraints can lead to simply burning you to death as it suffices in terms of pain. To cleanse your Materialist souls with Holy Fire, yes that would be quite a treat.

Lady Oink went back to tumblr/twatter to give more terrible blowjobs, but it was proven so long ago that it was her. I am surprised you still even try to deny instead of laughing about it. Tisk tisk.

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Iran is reactionary capitalism with Islamic characteristics. You don’t get a free pass on that by virtue of Americans not liking you. No obviously US have imperial interests there. Beyond not wanting that to happen, that is as far as the leftist support should go.

Oh he said sorry okay. It’s still a giant fuck up

I'd support Imperialism all over again if it meant we could get to kill Maoist faggotfucks while everyone who could stop us looked the other way because they too desired your fucking death. Goddamn fucking animal. Fuck you cunt.

I too support another Maoist movement winning power.

Did I not say that doing that wasn't a conspiracy?

still gay
still bluepilled

Open a fucking Atlas, amerifat.

I agree, I see so many reddit ancaps commenting illiterate arguments towards him.

Does anyone remeber when Unruhe lost a debate to a retard?

Shitting on Unruhe is a meme on here, he's actually great and correct about most things he talks about, one of the few popular leftist YouTubers that are honest with their opinions and don't surrender to the radlib crowd.

Because Unruhe is a living meme.

Did I not say that doing that wasn't a conspiracy?

Yes you did. Sorry, I misread your post.

Anyone know that video of Roo's where he name drops Bailey Jay?

Debates are inherently retarded anyway. You can lose a debate while still being right just because your opponent knows more rhetorical tricks than you do.

The Maoist flag bearer should hold a flag with Mao's face as opposed to the PRC flag. Maoists rightfully recognize that PRC has transformed into a capitalist-imperialist state.

Also PRC under Mao called itself ML not MLM since Maoism didn't develop until years after Mao's death

try getting an asian gf. it's a status thing thank me later.

You lose debates by being more retarted then your oponit.

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Debates are a competition in rhetoric that have very little to do with the actual content of either participant's argument and more to do with the structure of their argument. They accomplish absolutely nothing.