To combat Gab joining the Fediverse...

To combat Gab joining the Fediverse, we have launched a censorship free microblogging platform for the politically incorrect Left.

What are you waiting for? Join us, comrades!

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nice IP fisher

Nice, might join one day.

Need more explanation. Why not GNU Social?

i'll bite, i got banned from twitter a month ago anyway

i barfed at the color scheme, i know you're trying to make it juche but normies are gonna barf at that shit. At least make it juche vaporwave or something. Throw some fuchsia in there FFS

are anarkiddies allowed?

ive noticed somebody in my city graffiti-ed this around my area. wtf is going on? theres some sort of shift happening in our world. you feel it?


OR you could, y'know, join Gab.

he just said its part of mastodon now

btw can someone explain mastodon to me, is it basically open source facebook where anyone can run their own server?

Anarkiddies will be doxxed and given to Fascists.

More like twitter but yeah, and the servers are federated into one big global thing.

Not quite. There are blacklists of servers which allow wrongthing.
If you allow people to criticize id-pol or post lolis on your server, you'll end up blocked by many of the more mainstream servers. Blacklisted servers can still talk to each other though.

Juche server wouldn't ban lolis though, right?

To the rampantly liberal majority of mastodon servers, asserting the dominance of class over identity basically makes you as bad as a pedophile. So might as well accommodate both major groups of outcasts into Juche town

I like the color scheme.
I don't like the white background type of websites.


Wait, it's part of Mastodon?
I thought Mastodon was supposed to be the one for the left. Also, why would it become part of Mastodon anyway? I honestly thought Gab, for what it was, was kind of more successful than Mastodon.

Who made this and why should i use it?

well theyre forking it and making their own version of mastodon. basically just stealing the source code because their own code sux

Mimicry is the best form of flattery.

I remember reading how the guy behind mastodon is a grifter who just stole GNU social and mined people for data and money. He is also one of those blue checkmark libshits and banned loli.

Yeah I saw it being advertised as a safe social media site, but that's what the centralised corporate internet is lmao. It's about as fucking sterile as possible and even that's not safe enough for these dweebs.


Hello leftypol! Come to our channel pls!

General Yuri Idol Discussion Thread

This thread is for:

*Screenshots, pages, and discussion about general series, current or old, not covered by an existing thread, be it yuri, fanservice, subtext or goggles. Canon and non-canon both welcome.

*News reports about things relevant to our interest

*Original content that doesn't fit any specific thread topics

*Pretty much anything that doesn't have or need its own thread.

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Hello fbi

I feel like a fucking Boomer navigating this website. How do I even do anything?

hello Zig Forums

How exactly? That makes no sense. If anything that makes you look more like a newfag

Are you seriously saying that these posts saying that censoring the right is bad and that there is no politically incorrect left aren't fishy?

Are you reading what you're typing?

I think I saw a Facebook boomer rant @JUCHÉ.town
Are those at like this?

id just like a color scheme that looks like it was made any time after 1955

Yep definitely newfag or fbi

If you're looking at the main page not logged in, it displays *The Whole Known Network* timeline - which includes posts from every other server (or instance) that is connected to. If you want to see local posts, click on *Public timeline*.

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it's like open source twitter, p2p too, servers talk to each other and share messages. a lot of servers allow you to use fake emails to siggn up and connect over tor

Oh wow, Kiwifarms just joined Mastodon.

So you can use Juche Town to fuck around with those creeps too.

Their server:

I heard it is quite functional now so I'm sure Gab is happy with the results. I think this is just a move to get back at the app stores. I don't see Gab having a future.

juche town is loli friendly