A problem I see is a lot of Leftist groups still have the baggage of the Cold War in which Russia/China are good while USA and etc are evil.

This I see happening with how a lot of times the only possible source for news is from Russia/Iran/Venezuela but this thinking is Reactionary.

How do we work to deal with this.

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by creating our own news sources its literally as easy as making a wordpress blog, anyone can do it.

but most westerners only listen to "mainstream" neoliberal sources.

if alex jones can do it, the left can too

Okay, now you're giving me undeserved hope. The difference between Alex Jones and a left wing counter part is that leftism actually requires more critical thinking than just "muh globalist jews and where muh whit wymn at?" Its also hard to overcome the constant anti-leftist propaganda thats basically non existant besides "hitler bad lol", "fascism bad lol" this is why people would rather be a nazi than a gommie because they think of the 100 gorillion deaths from marx strangling babies alone. also liberals are incapable of addressing fascism without resorting to idpol

To clarify about what I mean.

I think the whole "THERE ARE TWO BLOCS" is Reactionary thought and that it's dumb to see people praising one over the other when we have no say in the whole matter. And as the Ukrainian election showed all the Ukrainians are Evil Nazis was kinda wrong in that they elected a clown as opposed to the one that the EU wanted.

(correction) Its also hard to overcome the constant anti-leftist propaganda, then you deal with neoliberal anti-fascist propahanda thats basically non existant besides "hitler bad lol", "fascism bad lol" this is why people would rather be a nazi than a gommie because they think of the 100 gorillion deaths from marx strangling babies alone.

Ukranians are just reactionaries, I dont think most are actually full blown nazis. Its not like neoliberalism can actually hold its own against fascist talking points.

Well a major problem is that in the coming years there's gonna be worsening relations between Russia/China and the USA/West and people will try to this as a means of combating the Left similar to the MUH ANTI-SEMITES when talking about Israel.

By "this" I mean being sympathetic towards Russia/China because of the Cold War baggage.

The USA is undeniably evil though. Like, cartoon villain level evil. Us Burgers are about as anvilicious as the baddies in Captain Planet polluting the world for shits and giggles.

There are no good guys, but Burgerland is about as villainous as it gets. Comes with being The Empire and all.

Well the USA is undeniably evil, the only difference now is that Russia is also evil and China is mostly evil as well, but neither of them rule the world in the same way the USA does, so I tend to see Chinese and Russian challenges to US hegemony as a positive thing. Having a single, supreme world power is not conducive to revolution at all.

Yes, this is pre-WWI all over again, and we must cheer for the meat grinder, not for victory.

And yet burgers, the Anglosphere, and Europeans are still insane enough to say America as the anti-hero in this while Russia and China are monsters

The problem here is that there is some material reality here, the planet is a sphere and since centres of power are formed by a proximity function, there is bound to be the formation of blocks, because on a sphere there is no point on the surface that could be a true centre. On top of this is "geographic inequality" that changes the reach of the different centres of power. And there is technology that on the one hand negates some of the geographic advantage/disadvantages, and on the other hand magnifies them.

I can't see how this dynamic would be broken, but one can still attempt to figure out what variables will empower the working class and optimize for that.

Well the thing is…Russia is full on revisionist and China…not gonna go into it.

Only like Laos is all that remains. We need to create a new order not stick with the Cold War besides Critical Anti-Imperialism.

We need to educate the brainlets at Zig Forums about this. Russia, China and USA are all capitalist countries.

Saying Russia is revisionist is pretty odd imo. Revision from what? They don't even claim to be socialist. Russia is just capitalism, China is full-on revisionist.

Is there no room for market socialism?

Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are all varrying degrees of market socialist

Not supporting Russia and Iran is anti-communist.

*refusing to work alongside russia and iran is anticommunist.
Nor Russia nor Iran are socialist countries, and in the long run they are both certainly our enemies, but we should be willing to work alongside them insofar as we share goals. Don't get your materialism mixed with your idealism, young comrade.

Supporting a religious fundamentalist state and an anti communist president is communism now

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Bruh, he is a tankie what did you expect? Of course you're fed up with this bullshit. I literally look at that post and gave up on humanity already. Also wasn't there a study on leftist groups that showed that tankies had the lowest average Autism Levels out of all of them?