You are Leonid Brezhnev and the year is 1972. Economic growth is starting to falter and optimism in a bright communist future is wavering.
What do you do?

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hand power over to this magnificent mother fucker of course

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Promote full automatization, luxury life style, gay rights space exploration and move towards orthodox communism.

technology was nowhere near as developed for automisation until like the mid-late 80s at the earliest. i'd even go as far to say that in general the USSR was far from being developed enough to pull of such a thing due to it's peasant background - for all it's massive accomplishments it was still far behind the developed, first world countries.

/r/ing that BROWBEATEN brezbol pic


Initiate the "one country, two systems" program and sell hot soviet women's (used) bathwater on world markets for computer technology to fund building OGAS.

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Return all my ill-gotten medals and then kms so someone competent can take over.



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It's a reference to our collective game threads of Crisis in the Kremlin. It was a game where that guy was in-charge and while we lost (we were elected out of power) we actually managed to save the USSR.

Take notice of Stafford Beer and Salvador Allendes attempts to build cybersyn in Chile, and send them a bunch of computer experts with equipment, as well as a special forces contingent to crush the cia coup in 1973. Use Chile as a scale test, to prepare a soviet deployment of cybernetics at scale later on.

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Sorry for being late.

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Start massive funding for Soviet Computer and Genetic sciences. The USSR was behind the US in computer technology, however this can be fixed, but if it can’t, then start WW3 and loot Western Europe. The USSR had a bigger army at the time.

What how about reducing the technology gap via espionage, or focusing on optimizing education to be able to produce more "techno skilled people" , before you go for blowing shit up.

Seven days isn’t that long.

All the other big brain ideas have already been mentioned, but take the rouble out of circulation and start issuing labour vouchers to the public instead, use the rouble only for trading and trying to make money on the markets.

That's based Chairman Gosplan.

get breast surgery to make room for more medals

Big titty Brezhnev.


thanks. you deserve a medal.

Usher in cultural revolution.

Go to war because it's be better than capitalism anyways