Anti-soviet media is making a return

we had a thread on the show chernobyl already. now, the new season of stranger things has soviet scientists as the main enemy.

soviets shot puppies in chernobyl and in stranger things it starts off with a shot of the soviet flag and a soviet scientist soldier guy choking the shit out of somebody. lmao

porky is getting so scared of socialism slowly returning that they are resorting to 80s rambo-tier propaganda to scare the zoomers off into supporting neoliberlaism.

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I wonder what will propaganda be like when shit really hits the fan

Sad thing is that this bullshit is popular with zoomers here in russia, making them go "oh wow socialism was even worse than I though"
I hate this

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Does China ban or suppress it?


Is there any hope for zoomers in Russia?

Tbf most of the issues young Russians want to deal with are economic.

There is also that "The Last Czar" show on Netflix that (I think) portrays the Romanovs in a positive, sympathetic light during the revolution. Absolute cringe.

They are taking ancap retard pill, think all the current problems stem from Putin and friends being corrupt, not capitalism doing what it's supposed to do. Shit's fucked.

That scene with the super soldier was the funniest shit, like, they’re acting like the Soviets were even more retarded than Darth Vader, literally murdering men for no reason

Well at least the Earth will be destroyed

Porky getting scared

Fugg. So hows the state of the left over there? On life support? Or is it ogre

It must arise like a Phoenix from the ashes

It's extremely split but I have hope they can start working together as things gradually become worse.

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You know part of the liquidator duties was going around and shooting all the pets, right? They had radiation poisoning.

So that is the one part where they stick to the "truth" whereas all the other shit they revisionize. Great.

tbh I'm that deranged man.

Fascism wont need propaganda at that point.

Why are people doing this ?

Is there a cheat sheet for disseminating the propaganda in that show?
I’d like to spread the word on whole full of shit it is

Just remind people it's a dramatisation and some of it is played up for an American audience and produced by an American megacorp you autismo.

that’s not nearly as powerful as a full analysis would be though.

Maybe on a semi popular youtube channel but a wall of text makes people tune out.

Real zoomers:yes, very much. reddit and 2ch(russian chan) crowd. HELL NO

Yeah, navalny crowd is not the brighest of peoples, but there is hope.

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Is Navalny a propaganda project of western media or does he have mass support? I looked at his positions and he looks to be some kind of lolbert, anti-imperialist but supports free movement of capital - IE, exactly what western interests would want, so naturally I'm skeptical of his real influence.

Neither. I doubt he has any real western support, since pro western RF 'governmen' is very usefull to the west. He doesen't has a massive support, but his chanel is pretty large and he is well known online and is slowly gaining steam as known in real life.

What do you expect? The USSR made tons of mistakes right even right from the very beginning and it's easy to make a punching bag of it. Part of the reason why the socialist movement is so dead in the west is because of this. The USSR is dead, you have to learn to let go. It's over.

The TV show Chernobyl was absolute filth. I gave up after the fifth episode because I got sick of puking in my mouth thinking of all the burgers who would buy into it’s cheesy yet dreadfully slanderous anti-soviet anti-socialist agenda. Never mind that a quick look at a history book (or even fucking Wikipedia) would reveal that the show was as based on actual historical events as Lord of the Rings. Some porky decided to dump millions into it’s production, and begin airing it before the Game of Thrones finale. At any rate… So I turn on Netflix today, and what do I see??? The Last Czars (a story humanizing the Romanovs and Rasputin while shifting misrule on Nicholas unlce Sergei and demonizing communists) airing at the same time as mega blockbuster television show Stranger Things demonizing the Soviet Union.

Is porky up to something, is he paying more money than ever to demonize socialism? You bet your fucking ass he is!

The American empire is seriously losing ground. I assume this is a coping mechanism on the part of American porkies.


It's not actually supposed to be anti-soviet, more just straight up anti-russian. Well, both, actually, but the Red Scare of today has little to do with the red.

what happens on 2ch

The fuck are you talking about? Go to the chernobyl thread and read about the show, there are dozens of examples of the show specifically targeting the USSR and communism.

Think of it as a buletin board dedicated to carl benjaming and other scum.


i felt chernobyl was more anti-nuclear. idk, nuclear sentiment isn't that great right now anyway and seeing people melt to death probably wont help with that either

I'm sorry that nazism has caused you to betray your race and nation user, but admitting your problem is the first step to recovery. The second is a looped rope and a long drop.

It was just as anti-communist as it was anti-nuclear. see

It used to be a fun place for Russian channers until americanized russian teens made it cancer.

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It's actually titled The Last Czars which is hilarious. Only one Tsar at a time you morons.

You gotta remember for American libshits the USSR never ended and Putin is actually a communist dictator. Just look at all the caricatures with Trump wearing a hammer and sickle. The media around it is more of a hodge podge playing with everything that's "anti-American", Russians, communists, etc.

From the ancap thread we had today and yesterday westernized russians see Putin as a communist dictator as well

Actually this.
In fact, in propaganda, right now, it's normal to make "proxies" for actual countries, to put an example, in Homefront North Korea conquers the United States, but in that game is kinda bizarre, due to the fact that in that universe the US is in debt with North Korea.
That seems kinda strange, and that's because North Korea wasn't really the one conquering the US, it was a mask for China. Since putting China conquering the US would have been kinda strange in early 2010's, the developers, instead, just replaced China with North Korea, and because they were kinda similar, you know, ""red asian barbarians"", then in the mind of the consumer, the connection would have been made between North Korea and China.
Homefront was a failed attempt, as in that time there wasn't as much sinofobia as right now, there was no need for hating China in that moment of time, it fell flat, but right now, it makes sense.
Now, looking at Chernobyl, you can look at the soviet goverment as a mask for Russia, you just need to add that Putin was a KGB agent and you will make people hate Russia by association, or you can look it as a mask for China, because both are communist. Here I'm not declaring that China is communist, China needs to prove itself, but you need to think in the US brainlet mindset, that thinks nations=ideologies.
Right now, propaganda isn't what it used to be, propaganda is like advertisement, and because of this, you need to look at it not directly, but at what they're implying.

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Based. See no further than goebbels.

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holy shit that guy. a self-hating russian wanting to sell his country to foreign capital. people like him are the reason gulags existed

Kinda funny that guy who only made flops his entire career with absolutely abysmal ratings continues to get big budget opportunities.

But then again, you got people like Michael Bay who for some reason continues to raise money.

Not really. What matters is that his movies turned a profit, not that they were rated anything. Are you new to capitalism and what domination of capital means for culture?

I don't think any of these movies were a success at the box office, and Bay's latest Transformers didn't even cash in the production cost. Plus most critics are somewhat aligned with the movie industry, most big movies that are fresh on Rotten Tomatoes are usually economic successes. Critics are nowadays part of the promotion industry.

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Ancap russians are the peak of retardation.
We already lived through libertarian paradise in the 90s and you've got to have brain damage to think that was ok.

LOL so that's who's making that shitty remake.

Brave browser ads for happy pills specifically designed to treat Apocalypse Maladjustment Disorder

honestly that sounds insane, and yet you have to be blind to not notice a pattern…
guess all the neocons remember the cold war vividly enough that seeing young starting to get interested into communism scare the shit out of them

I mean, it's litterally the opposition your hear the most about, despite doing minuscule scores

While you hear literally nothing about the opposition of the communist party (who is pretty shit, I know, but they are far far bigger than these supposed liberal heros you constantly hear about in the media).


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Netflix has been on anti-communist kick. They altered the subs of Neon Genesis to change a generic line about terrorist to one about "leftist" terrorist attack. Yet Zig Forumstards will still claim that Hollywood libshits are far leftists.

I liked RocketMan…

Crazy if true, can we get a source?

I took the Stranger Things season to be a comment on 80s Red Scare culture

Just looked it up. They changed it.

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Are you serious? Wtf. Also wouldn't all the leftists become posadists by that point?

Is that more accurate or did they just invent new information?

Why would it be crazy? The new dub is trash

The dub is supposedly closer to the original source material but the original subs never had that "leftist terrorist" shit in it.

The 1990s high of Atlanticist victory has petered out and exposed the harsh reality that history is not over just cause the ebul reds are gone. People actually thought that liberal capitalism left to its own devices would stay stable forever and not be rife with the contradictions and instabilities it's always had. So pop culture goes back to the 80s, back to Reagan and Thatcher, back to stale anti-soviet tropes. Honestly I believe that any future revolutions will not invoke soviet nostalgia but after there will definitely be a rehabilitation of 20th century actually existing socialism.

You barely know anything about the USSR except for anti-communist propaganda you've absorbed.

That game is so fucking bad. The US could come under direct rule for Pyongyang and it'd be liberating for most people.

And let's not forget the Red Dawn remake, which again had NK as a substitute for China (which was the original intention).

The Japanese roughly translates to "terrorist sect" with connotations (mainly in its use by the government) of "leftism". But this "leftism" is not the same as Western leftism, this meaning has less to do with communist activity as much as it does with any non-nationalist insurrectionist movement. This specifically applies in regards to Aum Shinrikyo, whose sarin gas attack on Japanese subways the fictional attack was a direct reference towards. Aum Shinrikyo being a new age cult with no relation to any socialist ideology or organization.
That is, the Japanese word that literally translates to "leftist" has a completely different cultural context than its western variant, especially in relation to its use in the show.

The translator, a notorious reactionary who calls people "Orwellian" for not liking his Nazi loli OC and whines like a pig about "antifa", has obviously deliberately ignored the discrepancy in the use of the word "leftism" across languages in order to inject his ideology into this extremely influential cultural piece. The underhandedness of this cannot be understated.

Wait how did I not know about this?

lemme see, maybe we can make a meme out of it.
any tweets or screenshots kind sir?

Well since N2 bombs have the power of a nuke without the actual radiation or bad effects probably.

Who is it and how did you find out whom it was?

This is rather pathetic. I also heard the new seasons of Stranger Things ramps up on red scare hysteria, but can anyone fill us in with specifics?

Shit like that is all too common in western dubs, Dragon Maid and Prison School being a few offhand examples, it's really disgusting to see people insert their politics into what they should be taking the utmost care in translating, it's not their work, they don't have the right to alter it to suit them.

He's allowed to get all the media attention precisely because he's impotent shill.

He's a strike witches fan, stalinposter drank too much anger juice from twitter vampires.

The more I hear about it the less I want to see Evangelion.

You just need to watch the right version.

Is it one of the German lolis from that show? Erica?

At one point shinji masturbates over an unconscious girl in a hospital bed, it was really hot and gave me a fetish, good show.

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Ok but what's the translator's name? Any screencaps please?

haha, holy shit

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A lot of that is questionable. The translator apparently thinks that it's better to be ambiguous and willfully interpreted lines confessing love to be about generic friendship. But then when it's a terrorist attack in background dialogue, better make that specific lololol

Well in the actual original sub it was more ambiguous TBH. The "Kaworu and Shinji totally went full yaoi" shit comes from the manga ANIMA which was trash.

But yeah the terrorist line was fucking political crap.

Also will someone for the love of anime name the translator and/or post their twitter, thanks!

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christ, they're not even trying

That title works because im assuming it discusses the last series of tsars that attempted but failed to maintain their empire. But if it just focuses on nicholas and implies alexis was tsar or some shit yeah then its retarded. And really it was one Tsar who really shit the bathtub and that was nicholas II. Alex ii and iii were competent to a degree

Thats probably cause the Chinese government intervened. They literally stopped Red Dawn 2 being about China and the whole film had to be edited after completion to change China to North Korea as the enemy

Wasn't just Kaworu/Shinji, there was a similar line between Shinji/Asuka that got interpreted very differently.

The trailer looked like it's just about Nicholas and his family.

That is really fucking cringe then

Oh shit really? I didn't notice that.

Well yeah everybody immediately went and looked at the Kaworu scenes naturally.

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So I found some stuff on that Dub translator

He's apparently a lolicon (paedophile) and likes nazi characters of strike-witches, creating a panzer IV mecha-musume character

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What I've seen of the subs is good enough. If you have netflix just watch that version while understanding some slight liberties taken by the translator. Otherwise try to grab whatever the best release on nyaa is.

Just use kissanime with uBlock and a popup blocker, it has the original sub and dub in 720p

i bet u use 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸chrome🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Can you be anymore of a redditor? Where do you think you are, faggot?

Don't do this.

Well in terms of visual lexicon, yes, those evil commie Russians are definitely straight out of the Reagan-era playbook to a nigh comedic degree and I am sure this was 100% intentional. However in terms of subtext and the overall narrative, there is nothing to subvert this for the audience as they act in exactly the same manner as you'd expect them by how they look. They are almost universally cruel, deceitful, barbaric, have no value for human life, Soviet Union is shown clearly as a place where might makes right, that denies it's citizens little excesses such as slushies and hamburgers, you either work for the state or you don't work… or live for that matter, at all! They consciously play with the aesthetics of the red scare, sure, but as they fully enforce them in the end, this seems more of a nostalgic reflection of that red scare, rather then any comment on it. Note how differently Soviet government is portrayed compared to the (already unflattering in the last two seasons) American one in pursuing much the same goals - they execute their highest ranking and most capable personnel over minor and unforeseeable consequences beyond their control, they employ death squads on foreign soil for their goal, their agents are killing machines rather then just people doing their job, their technical personnel is being kept hostage by their own government rather then being employed or pursuing it for scientific gains, ready to feed prisoners to unknown creatures from beyond the veil. It's obvious who's in the moral grey area and who is a designated villain without a single redeemable trait.

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any screenshots, I never heard of any anti-left/pro-right shit in the dubs

Unlike Netflix? ANd what are you talking about?
Why would you care if they know that you watch evangelion? It;s not Cheeze Pizza

How am I redditor you brainless twat.
where do I think I am? Zig Forums. I didn't know defending right wing lolicons was suddenly our fight.