A fascist worked out today, what have you done today to strengthen your body?

a fascist worked out today, what have you done today to strengthen your body?

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good one lol

Why yes I do beat up fascists, how did you know?

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nothing because my back is fucked.

many neonazis spend a lot of time working out and in europe they start martial arts clubs and even festivals

I work my fingers out by playing AAA military shooters. I'm a pro at pressing the trigger button so I should be really awesome at pulling the trigger on a gun.

The gamer master class


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I have bought some protein today for snacks after breakfast and lunch. Tomorrow I'll buy bunch of frozen vegetables to prepare with tasty pork or chicken for lunches I'll cook to save up money on restaurants. Together with some nice sweet yogurt for breakfast and salad in the evening I should be eating well. All I currently do for actual exercise is to cycle 20km a day - from and to a work - which is actually good enough for me to keep myself at least passably /fit/.

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I ate my own ass.

I did a 5k, 20°c and 80% humidity at 10pm lol; I'm deliberately going slower at the moment to see how my sustained pace improves over time.
Also getting a new job with free gym and considering cycling to work atleast some of the time, have to weigh up the risk of getting mangled under a truck with cheap and healthy travel.

My effort in trying to get /fit/ without spending extra money, because i know there are going to be lean times ahead.

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I rode my bike to a nearby park and did 4 sets of 8 pull-ups, went home and did 4 sets of 12 lateral dumbbell raises and various stretches and easy quasi yoga things.

jesus, is that hassan?

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All of us were thinking so small while others were thinking big and achieving new heights.

those T-rex legs


working out is gay

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It’s only faggy if it’s not in service to learning how to fight, IMO. The whole “ u ‘mirin muh gains bruh” circle jerk always came off as big homo to me. Eating right and staying fit is fine tho

I am running out of foood and I am tired, i need to get out of this fucking shithole ASAP, halp 😫😫

Ugh, male bodies are disgusting to me even in their most athletic form.

why don't we just teach people how to shoot then

Why not both?


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This is the ideal male body.
You may not like it, but this what peak performance looks like.

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ngl this is pretty cool

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this page is really cool tbh
and it has a great number of followers


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Beating up basement nazis is indeed a great workout

Which is why I'm keep shilling body-weight exercise.

Hitting gym, lifting metallic plates and eating excessive protein for gain is for petite bourgeois. True proles should aim for one-hand push ups and pull-ups to increase core strength and prepare for close-combat. I am reasonable strong but can't into step management. how do I learn boxing?

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I've got good cardio going because I hike fairly often, any recommendations for getting into weight training? I've not lifted since high school football.

Today I did about a hundred sit-ups, about 50 push-up, spent about 2 minutes doing "the plank" and I also walked for 90 minutes.

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Yesterday I practiced boxing with a former national champion. Feels great to have some capacity for violence. Liberating.

This liamrosen.com/fitness.html and then this newbie-fitness.blogspot.com/2006/12/rippetoes-starting-strength.html which he recommends.

Wood for next winter is bound to arrive in the next few hours, so I'll be looking at at least a few days of splitting logs, more if I'm lazy.
Not sure about others, but the feeling when you cut through a particularly knotted or large log is oddly satisfying.


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Did heavy squats the other day and my legs are destroyed. Any of you got good tips for doms?

who cares about strength when 90% of the time if not more we'll just have weapons and the quicker and better positioned person will destroy the other one
call me a neckbeard but it's true

Physical fitness make you quicker and you need stamina to run around with a heavy ass weapon to get to the better position.
Not to mention being a fat fuck makes you an easy target.

Fucking based

imagine yourself in a Vietnamese forest or in stalingrad during its invasion what would you be? agile, quick and strong or a fat lardass (that will probably be used as a human shield) or a skinny twink that gets blown away by the wind

i would be a fat lardass in a communist country because then i would at least survive having no food longer

this is what the vietcong looked like

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Nothing, sadly. I snorted some amphetamine and took care of chores.

Jesus, he might be kinda stupid but he is insanely, unbelievably good looking.

beautiful, original joke, comrade! I do not think I have seen it before!

Go to a boxing club

but I'm socially awkward beta

Just want to say that aside from self defense aspect of it, boxing is just a lot of fun. It's a very technical sport. It's really nice once you notice that you're getting better and your movement becomes more fluid and natural instead of being stiff and weird like it is when you're a beginner. I miss it.

It's impossible to learn boxing by just watching videos and practicing by shadow boxing in your room or whatever. It's a terrible idea. Just go to a boxing club and stick with it, man.

Spooky. But if you have no interest in learning how to talk to other people, buy a boxing sack and book about boxing.

I really don't think that's a viable way of learning how to box. You need to spar to get a feel for how real people move and how to defend and dodge punches. Learning how to box by reading a book is totally ridiculous.

And the dude probably desperately needs to learn how to interact with people anyway, so might as well see going to a boxing gym as a part of that process.

I know one cannot generalize this but how are boxing clubs like? Like I am genuinely scared of testosterone fueled environment. I never fought anyone in my life and can't hurt anything sans mosquitoes. Will I be able to overcome both social inaptness and confidence?

I have autism so I just go to a 24 7 gym when I get out of work (usually around midnight) so nobody else is there, I lift and use their heavy bag, speed bag, and double end bag. Double end bag is decent practice if you don't have anyone to practice with because you have to develop aim and react by dodging/blocking

I'm swedish so boxing clubs where you live could be totally different. In my experience, there are loads of immigrants (mostly arabs because Sweden), and it might have somewhat of a macho vibe to it, but most of the people (especially instructors/coaches) are genuinely nice and not at all unpleasant. Usually there are separate groups for beginners and intermediate students so it's not like a bunch of professional boxers are just gonna beat the shit out of you the moment you step your foot in the place.

yes they weren't built like Arnold but they were not weak and most of them were fit and had high endurance and agility.