If somebody debunk this picture i swear im converting into a leftist...

if somebody debunk this picture i swear im converting into a leftist.i ve been lurking both sides and i cant still make my mind.

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If the rich people are mostly jewish, is there anything wrong with killing all the rich people anyways?

There's a megathread on >>>/marx/ about the spooky jews.

Yeah that's worth looking at. Isn't Ismail who runs that board an ex fascist or am I mistaken?

No I don't think he was ever a fascist.

lmao I like how this chart can't say Rupert Murdoch is Jewish (because he's Catholic) so they make him "Christian Zionist" i.e. temporary Jew even though most Americans would probably count as Christian Zionists by this definition.

like basically, "is Christian and supports Israel." Well you're going to be putting a lot of stars of davids over a whole lot of mugshots if that's how you define Jew.

Speaking of Ismail I can quote something he said which I think can apply here.

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I did try to disprove this (not that I put any effort into it) image once, but I couldn't find anything about their religion or ethnicity. It seems to me Zig Forums might have just put Jewish stars on people for no reason other than cheap propaganda.

Capitalism judaism communism christianity

Marx is kinda christian and didn't care much for jews


My take (because I have been around some media people) is that there are rich Jews in New York whose kids get media / publishing jobs which are based there because you need to have rich parents to succeed in media, and Jews in America tend to live in New York, but charts like this pluck out a handful of these Jews to make it seems like there's a vast, overwhelming conspiracy even though these companies employ literally tens of thousands of people. Like this list plucks out some random (allegedly) Jewish camera operators and so on, and "commenters" for the talking head shows but how many people could you list as a Fox News commenter? Probably a fuckton numbering in the thousands including the Duck Dynasty people, who are rich Christians from polo-playing suburbs who pretend to be cajun swampnecks. And it turns out that the interests of rich Jews who work in the media is pretty much the same as that of other rich kids who work in media.

One of the other interesting things is that some of the class dynamics have flipped around. Before television, working in media like the newspapers was not a glamorous job but considerd pretty seedy, tabloid hackwork. It was first the rise of the evening news anchor and then the "crusading newspaper reporter" archtype during Watergate that made journalism seem like a noble profession. So in way the history here challenges Zig Forums because working-class Jewish kids from Brooklyn got jobs in the New York media biz because that's one of the few places they could get something resembling a professional career

Ashkenazi Jews have always had a footing in the entertainment industry (and any other cognitively demanding position, at that). The average Autism Level of an Ashkenazi is 115, and anyone within the range of 115 or higher has a greater chance of landing a position that holds great power. Couple this with Jewish parents grooming their child for success at birth, it’s no surprise Jews on average live more successful lives than whites with an Autism Level average of 100.

If someone were to make an inforgraph of all non-Jewish people in Media it would be bigger.

nothing to debunk

jews admit that they overwhelmingly dominate the mass media

some just say it doesn't make a difference, even though it does. others say it's a good things. and others say "guys we should chill out or people will holocaust us!"


white gentiles outnumber jews so heavily that there's still more high Autism Level white gentiles than jews

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yeah he won awards for being so pro zionist, and even complained about the "jewish owned press" not being pro israel enough

check out the quotes on Murdoch here:


well there's an old joke where two Jews are sitting on the subway and one is reading the Jewish paper and the other is reading the Nazi paper, and one looks at the other and guys "why are you reading that Jew-hating bupkis?" The other one goes: "well if I read the Jewish paper, it says 'synagogue attacked,' and 'Jews kicked around in Poland' and I got a lot to deal with already with my wife and kids always nagging me and so on, but if I read the Nazi paper it says 'Jews control the banks, media and the universities! It's like I'm in control of the whole world!'"

I don't click on Holocaust denial forums

just look at the actual pastebins. barely any of the citations actually prove that these people are Jewish
t. someone who has actually looked at the citations

From the third edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia

just so I’m clear: there are ones that do prove it, I’m not saying the whole thing is a lie, just that most of it is

OK well all of the sources are cited right there

"There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principal is contempt prior to –Herbert Spencer

missed the last word

"There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principal is contempt prior to investigation." –Herbert Spencer

Did you read all the citations? There's so many I basically just picked a few at random tbqh. I talked a little to the guy on 4/pol/ who compiled the pastebins and (probably) made the pics too, asked him how he found all this info so efficiently and he never answered.

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How does that image prevent you from converting into a leftist? Leftism is when you support capitalist mass media?

Israel does actively try to infiltrate governments and promote Zionists into positions of power. Zig Forums aren't wrong about that.
What they're wrong about is their belief that Jews are the ultimate cause of the problem. The power of Israel is just one symptom of the problem. Even if you genocided all of the Jews out of existence, the system would still exist and capitalists of other ethnicities would rush in to fill the gaps in the power structure.

Analyze the world in terms of systems and you will begin to understand the true causes of the problems you see around you.

Ashkenazis are not “white”, and just because high Autism Level whites outnumber Jews does not mean they have higher Autism Levels than Jews on average.

yes of course. jews are not actually white, but they are often classified as such

and i would say yes, ashkenazi do have higher median Autism Level than white gentiles. but, as i said, there are so many more white gentiles that the number of white geniuses is greater than jewish geniuses.

the jewish domination of the media is not simply what we would expect if it was only a function of Autism Level. ethnic nepotism plays a huge role.


I want the rich to be gone, jew or not.

Why the fuck not? If I saw a jew and an Italian walking down the street with the same clothes, you could fucking guess who I would call white m8, couldn't you?

Heh heh heh good sasanach, teh be sure it's the Jews, pay you no mind old Éire.

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nah I didn’t look through all of them. any time the pastebin said “this guy is a Jew[citation]” I looked at the link and only a few of them seemed to confirmed what it said

I know that at least some of the people on there aren't even jews because the first pic in the collage I decided to check ages ago and there was literally nothing indicating some of the people there were jews, not that it matters, you can put any number of photos of people with stars of david pinned on them and it's 100% convincing to Zig Forumsyps, no amount of effort put into refuting stuff like this, which will always be a hundredfold the effort put into compiling the lies, will affect any of the soft-brained imbeciles who care for this.

Anyway, someone who'll 'convert' to a political ideology over something so irrelevant to politics is retarded, a liability and not worth having on side so Zig Forums can keep you.
If you're not just an irredeemable brainworm-carrier you'll read some books on political economy and come back once you've developed independent thought.


who makes this shit
seriously, what do they do with their time?

Go watch "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace"

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it was a meme on old Zig Forums there were threads shitposting about it, some still repost the old pics

It's even older, it used to be used to troll Zig Forums before Zig Forums was around.

dude, why you're being so defensive?

I'm not that guy but the thing with these redpill people is they distort the whole Matrix movie thing they lifted that from, whereas in fact you have to be ready to take the redpill (Marxism) and we can't force it down anyone's throat. If people feel alienated or threatened by our positions, then they're not ready to join us.

The red pill is simply seeing the world for what it really is, while the blue pill is living in a more comfortable fantasy world. Zig Forums is most definitely blue pilled.

Yeah I was never a fascist. Before 2007 I identified briefly as a "democratic socialist" (which meant Olof Palme, not Sanders) and before that I basically just gravitated toward "progressive" Democrats like Dennis Kucinich who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As for the first post, regardless of whether all the people listed are actually Jews or not, the whole "If Jews represent just 2% of the U.S. population…" bit is rather misleading given that:

A. That means there's around 4-5 million Jews in the US. You could get rid of Utah's whole population, replace it with Jews, and still have enough Jews left over to populate one or two smaller states.
B. Jews make up nearly 9% of the population of New York, which is where most American media is headquartered.
C. There is a greater likelihood among American Jews to come from "good" backgrounds (higher income households, performing well academically, etc.) which obviously matters (the amount of mainstream media personalities and whatnot, Jews and non-Jews, who can boast of a "rags to riches" life story is probably just about nonexistent.)

Matrix as an analogous concept is retarded regardless. watch Zizek

do you have any arguments for that other than "read muh meme author"?
matrix exists, read elon musk and stephen hawking bro

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Back to reddit with you.

it's irony to mock his appeal to authority and laziness
stephen hawking is not a meme, he's a distinguished physicist

He's right that "watch Zizek" is an extremely tiresome way of debating a point.
I'm sure somewhere on Youtube there exists a video where Zizek presents some kind of argument, but do you actually expect him to go and find it? It's a zero-effort post which asks the reader to expend a lot of time and effort. is exactly the kind of shitpost response that it deserved.

I was more so talking about Musk than Hawking.

The "bro" should have tipped you off that it was obvious sarcasm.

I thought I told you idiots to stop falling for this crap

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Let's assume OP is being a big bad liar and is just baiting us into discussing this. It still might be a good idea to discuss it (sometimes, not everytime someone comes here to make a thread about it) so posters on this board know some different ways the narrative pushed on Zig Forums about Jews is incomplete, misleading, contradictory, or irrelevant. We are, after all, a community that grew out of chans the same as Zig Forums, and we're still adjacent to them on this site.


"debunk this picture" is a fuckin joke on account of the fact that it's literally just STORMFRONT INFOGRAPHIC MMMCCXVII and they literally cannot come up with a better strategy than putting mogen dovids next to a bunch of portraits. I don't care. Nobody here cares. Go the fuck back to Zig Forums.

I appreciate your optimism, but this thread is a really shitty way of teaching people about anti-semitism.

I'd rather someone debunk this one

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The more we have these threads the more often it gets debunked and the more often Zig Forumsyps will be forced to see the truth if they come to this board to shill.

How's removing Jews on the top and replacing them with whatever gonna help? You gotta bring the whole pyramid down.

You almost get it by identifying the 1%, then you go off the rails into idpol nonsense.

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Fascists and liberals are exactly the same.

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Status: not debunked

Round 2: landlords.

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The math is wrong.
So this says anyone with a family income of 100,000 per year or more is part of the 1% but that's not true.

And what about the Hindu conspiracy?
Lads I'm not ready for that redpill…

Basically Jewish people are over-represented in the overclass (see second pic related), but not nearly as much as Zig Forums claims and other groups (i.e. Hindus) also have a high degree of over-representation, and it's not always been historically true (see second pic again). I think many people on this board wouldn't find it very interesting if you could even prove 100% of the richer people in this country were Jews, Hindus, or whatever. Bad by virtue of what they do not by virtue of their ancestral background.

Landlords are cancerous by virtue of being landlords. Knock the kippah off his head and he's still a landlord.

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lol nobody is going to waste their time debunking stupid boomer culture war images, I'll respond to this one though

Here are the 45 worst in California
Can you think of a reason why wealthy Jews would be concentrated in New York, Mr Nazi?

Kill yourself, my friend landlordwatchlist.com/landlords

So before even looking at the sources
So long for the anticapitalist right
Who made this shit? A toddler? A retard?

So what our good friends at pew say
Fuck, like i knew Americans were poor but fuck
The wall Street one percent that that old fart Bernie whined about was just people that made over 100.000$ per month
I know a couple of people that make way more than that in my little shithole..

>it's the race of these people in power in the media that gives them different interests from me
for as "red pilled" as you fuckers think you are, you have some serious god damn blinders on

Non-jewish landlords get the bullet, too.

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what is this exactly

it means the author has often been cited, but that just means that his stuff is popular and does not make it him non-meme

I meant watch pervert's guide to ideology. not go on youpube pleb. or is that too much "effort" as well?

but what website is it

Honestly if you found Zig Forums infographs in any way convincing, you probably should just kys

Weird how Jews are like 2% of the population yet vastly overrepresented within the elites, media, Hollywood, politics, finance, big tech, big pharma etc…


dna is so mixed it doesnt even mean anything anymore


Jewish privilege. Must be nice

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It's just a meme boyos
Are the Celts one of the ten lost tribes of Israel?

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What difference does it make? If jews are over represented in the top 1% then they will also be over represented in the gulags. Why do you think changing the the bourgeoisie with a different group of bourgeoisie would be any more beneficial to workers?

I'm gonna need 10 sources to verify whether or not he is jewish!

tbh this

Sources for Fox News:


Why does it matter who is in the seat of power?

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Oops, wrong meme.

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you people are actual joke

This is basically American politics

Literally what was not said and you are putting words in his mouth.

Your going to have hard time sorting through your -berg's and -ski's like this

Fuck off nazi



-don't forget that the elite 1% are actually 3 million people
-each of these news outlets have about 4000 employees and that picture has around 150 employees (most being cnn at around 200 and least being fox news at 34) for each outlet which means jews are around 4% of the employees
-having berg or stein in your surname doesn't mean that you are Jewish
-historical context matters; when jews came first they already had some capital because they didn't escape from a famine (like the Irish) or because they were poor (like most other nationalities) and they went to big urban cities which typically have higher jobs available and the number 1 rule of capitalism is the bigger your capital is the easier it is to grow it (i.e buy real estate)
-most of them are your typical right winger pro american values shills
-some of them aren't even half jewish and demographic statistics don't count them as jewish which means that the percent of jews in america would be much higher if half jews and quarter jews were counted



America is effectively a one party state tbh


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This, but unironically. Hillary is a war criminal.

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Jews don't have disproportionate control over society, and they don't want to take your AK-47. Delete your infographic.

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