Black communism?

I try to learn more about black socialist or communist movements. Anons, please enlighten me.

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Watch Black Red Guard

Read Kwame Nkrumah and watch Thomas Sankara: The Upright Man

I'm black and I'm not interested in being a communist. It's for weak willed people that want to promote mediocrity.

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Nah, he's a third worldist but the first worldists are white workers

Alright, I have some fairly useful materials to share.

This one is talking about why/how the black belt exists as a nation and how communists should adjust themselves accordingly:

This is Harry Haywood's autobiography which in large part includes the debate and the eventual conclusion on the black question:

This is a very comprehensive history of Black Amercians (from a communist perspective ofc):

Another good US communist work on black liberation, talks about the necessity of recognizing the black belt as a nation (short pamphlet): ….(to post a good quote from it: “>The oppression of the Negros in the North, in the final analysis, finds its roots in the position of the Negroes in the Black Belt. For it was from this super-exploited and oppressed area that the capitalists recruited their “cheapest” workers for northern industry and obtained and continue to obtain from the labor of the Negroes on the cotton plantations some of the surplus profit used in strengthening the power of capital generally. The social and political discrimination of the Negroes in the South serves as a pattern for similar discrimination in the North. As long as the Negroes in the South remain oppressed and exploited within the semi-feudal tenant system of agriculture and the industries closely related to it, the Negroes in the North will remain an oppressed national minority, suffering all the economic, social and political discrimination of such a group.”)

And for people who say the Black belt no longer exists (it does), here is a good resource:

Based and redpilled. Thank you so much, Bunkerposter.

Harrison's pretty much the founder of non radlib pan-africanism

What does that prove lol? More Mongolians live in China than in Mongolia, does that mean Mongolia is not a nation?

It needs self-determination, which may or may not mean independence

wait you’re black? time to ditch communism then

I think he's never been one judging by the phrasing of the post


What's the point of a dumb referendum?

Okay, the Black Belt also has a long history of conditions and establishment that make it a nation, lenin and stalin recongnized it was a naiton after years and years of analysis and debate.

And btw, the black belt is MORE black than it used to be in the 30s.

You're silly if you think self-determination in the marxist sense is just a 'referendum'.

"Not repudiation, but recognition of autonomy is the immediate task of the Soviet power. But this autonomy must be based on the local Soviets….autonomy must ensure power to the lower, not the upper, sections of the given nation. That is the whole point" - Stalin

Your chart contradicts thatlmao, "south" is a pretty general term

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Tbf 1980 was a start of a migration wave back to the black belt with the end of jim crow and growing racial tensions in the North and the West.

I'm talking about the black belt's african population as a percentage of the Black Belt's population.

The black belt is more black than it used to be

Requesting charts

Sankara, Malcolm, Kwame Ture, Huey, Marcus Garvey, Fred Hampton. Start.

There isn't much data because it's still kinda in process, but here is a snippet.
Basically when shit started going down in Cali RE black race relations a decent chunk of African Americans moved back to the South.

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Marcus Garvey is important but he's not a communist, he even started to admire Mussolini

I'm assuming they're trying to apply for refugee status in Cuba

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Yeah the "Back to Africa" program is reactionary af, but the rank and file of the movement had good intentions and that's why the CPUSA tried to convert members of his orgs.

Anybody have stuff to read about the Black Panthers?


He's important to see the influence on Kwame and Fred and such. He lacked praxis. But It's like Lenin > Mao but I mean obviously Lenin Is.. better I hope you understand..

BLM must have forced them out a bit

*out of the black belt

Reminds me of AOC praising Peronists lol

Any more takes?

socialist yugoslavia

Pick one.

Pick one bunker boy