Russians are clueless. The only way you can get into US without BSc degree is illegally. That includes the investor visa, because you need to be a huge felon to get a million USD in Russia.

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In fact, the BSc degree requirement for work visa visa applicants exists in almost all countries, with some very specific exemptions, like Poland giving limited purpose work visas to Ukrainians during harvest season. Recipients of that visa are only allowed to work in fields (i.e. they can't apply for say engineering job). And Poland gives such visas only to Ukrainians, discriminating against all other nationalities.

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Being without a BSc is being part of the new underclass.

It seems that over the past decades America has turned from the country of freedom and capitalism into the country of limits and socialism, because it was previously unthinkable that someone would tell a private entrepreneur whom he must hire, or that useless lumpen proletarians will receive welfare and a medicine at the expense of other people. This all led me to think that one of the main problems of our time lies in the institute of citizenship and its accompanying problems.

Citizenship is an instrument of discrimination, invented in ancient Greece and Rome, when society was divided into citizens and slaves (helots). Today citizenship is used by self-styled xenophobes to oppress non-citizens. Citizens should feel ashamed and guilty for their undeserved privileges. Nothing makes a citizen better than an illegal immigrant. For private business, citizens are immature, spoiled and capricious employees who tend to demand too much from the employer. And while homeowners bought their homes, citizens, on the other hand, did not pay anything for their citizenship. We live in the 21st century, where there is no place for discrimination based on religion, nationality or ethnicity. Now is the time to abolish citizenship and undeserved privileges associated with it.

The argument of a citizen is this: my parents created this country and left it for me, so America is now mine. My dad built this railroad for Rockefeller, so it belongs to me, not to Rockefeller, so Rockefeller has no right to hire Mexican workers on this railway. Then the citizen uses abusive delusions and generalizations, implying that all Mexicans are criminals who illegally smuggle drugs, rather than admit that it is just a small minorty of Mexicans affiliated with cartels who engaged in this, with the support of the US citizens themselves. Opponents of illegal immigration are the same sexists and chauvinists who enslave women and insist that the woman's place is at the kitchen.

There is nothing wrong with illegal immigration, because no human being is "illegal", except for the fact that immigrants make angry these lazy xenophobes and other neo-Nazis. Illegal immigrants are invited by businesses that are willing to provide them with work, food and shelter. Illegal immigrants can also pay taxes if the government gives them permission to work. At the same time, a lazy white person should not have the right to work and receive high wages only on the fact of his birth in the United States. If we open borders and allow the free movement of human capital, the cost of labor will drop to the average world level and all products will become cheaper. If a citizen is not ready to work for a lower salary, then he is simply not competitive and is a burden for the economy and taxpayers. Illegal immigrants are human beings and have human rights, including the right to compete for work under fair rules. Immigration laws are simply obsolete and should be abolished. Oppose Nazism - support illegal immigration.

Regarding immigration laws: illegal immigration is not a crime, because there is no victim. And when the law oppresses people, there is nothing wrong with breaking such a cannibalistic law. Immigration laws are racist, xenophobic and violate human rights, so they do not deserve respect. Period.

Country borders must be abolished. In our time there is no place for borders; humanity deserves free movement of labor and goods. To achieve world balance, peace and progress, we need to have borderless world. Immigration laws can and should be abolished. Moreover, the borders between countries should be recognized as illegal. Likewise, citizenship must be abolished so that all people receive equal rights, since people deserve equal rights from birth, regardless of the country of birth. Only xenophobic followers of Hitler want to limit immigrants' rights. There is only one race - the human race, therefore immigration laws should be abolished as slavery, because they are not suitable for the 21st century.

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Citizenship is an undeserved privilege, not your private property. You did not pay for your citizenship, you have no proof of purchase, Mr. lazy fat white citizen. If you are a US citizen, then you can view America as your country, as well as something to be inspired by, but America is not your property, America is not your house, not your inheritance, because inheritance is what you own, but you do not own America, America is no more your property than your wife, your manager in the workplace or your president, America deserves to be open to all, America is a country of immigrants. I repeat: America is not your property, America deserves freedom from xenophobic Nazis. Freedom for Mexicans is freedom for America.

I met several Mexicans online and had to admit that Mexicans are much better people than white pieces of lard swollen with fat, calling themselves US citizens. Mexicans are also very liberal on recreational drugs, instead of being full retard like US law enforcement fatcops. Mexican cartels appear to be the best thing happening to humanity since the discovery of cannabis.

I think the word "citizen" should be used as an insult. People should point at say an American citizen and call to beat the racist fucktard. Beat the citizens until they give up their citizenship and become just normal people, for all citizens are racists and xenophobes by definition, and no good person will be proud of his citizenship as if it was his merit. "Look at this citizen motherfucker; lets send this piece of white lard to his Hitler".

Viva la México!

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Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
– Samuel Johnson

When confronted with the idea of opening borders and allowing free people and goods movement, a typical answer of my Russian compatriots was as follow:

Well you tell these immigrants to fix their countries, instead of seeking refugee. How about you will show them how to do that, when you're against an America or Europe backed dictatorship, that uses slave labor to extract rare metals, diamonds and other raw materials used in IPhone production? Maybe you will go to Syria and show how to overthrow Assad, with all his economical and military support from Russia? Or maybe you show me, a person hating Russians and desiring to emigrate from Russia, how to overthrow Putin, and force Russians to build good infrastructure and start speaking proper language, like English?

Speaking against emigration from Russia, Russians, at the same time, are against free immigration to Russia, so that Russians can be replaced by good high-initiative people with whom you can achieve something.

Returning to America, modern Ameri-Nazis deny being Nazis, calling themselves "patriots", and their xenophobic anti-immigrant ideology - "nativism". But patriotism is impossible without a nation, and when you believe that your nation's members are somehow superior to other ethnicities, like say Mexican immigrants, you are up for National Soycialism, or Nazism for short, in fact the worst kind of it based on racism and ethnic superiority. There is literally no formal difference between modern American, getting rid of Mexicans, and Hitler, getting rid of Jews, Gays and Gypsies. These Ameritards love to overuse loaded garbage words like Homeland and Motherland, which came straight out of Hitler's and Stalin's speeches, and insult illegal immigrants with words like "criminals" and "terrorists", just like Hitler insulted Gypsies people calling to deport or genocide them. Even some confused African-Americans joined these Nazis, not understanding that they will be the next victim, after these demented rednecks lynch Mexican immigrants. A famous mathematician, Kurt Gödel, was 100% right, predicting that America will become the new Nazi Germany.

I call all Mexicans to bomb U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices, track down ICE employees and kill these Nazis. America's major goal should be to organize wide scale Mexican resistance, arm Mexicans and storm US border en masses, then invade US cities, take Nazi's families hostage and demand to abolish the xenophobic institute of citizenship. You either accept immigrants or lose your loved ones.

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read a fucking book you literal retard

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Lmao, I get it, so Nazi posters do huge racist rants against black Africans and Ancap posters do huge racist rants against Slavic people


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I don't even understand this thread
Yes we know Russia is a neoliberal hell hole, but man you are over doing it.
Is it really THAT hard for you to leave russia, shouldn't you be able to "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" and go to another country?
How old are you by the way?

Sorry, but Russia is the result of Communism. The country had everything - resources, manpower, land - you name it! West even helped Russia with industrialization and tech transfer. Yet still failed to build the Communism. And now Russians blame everyone for their failure.

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Nope. Russia still being run by former Communist Party members. In fact on both sides of government and its fake opposition.

Attached: 15574777608200.png (800x1200 3.11 MB, 1.49M)

I.e. all these people were educated by USSR to be selfless and love other people. All members of Komsomol.

Attached: 15584516872620.jpg (500x736, 173.26K)

And they also love transferring their privileges to their kids.

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Some Soviet officers, circa WW2. They are a bit overweight. Wonder how they fought Nazis on the frontline with such fat bellies :D

Also fun fact: city population was mostly immune to army enlistment (worker lives are more important than peasant ones), or served behind the front lines, so all casualties were suffered by village peasant population. Of course, using bribery you could have bought enlistment immunity even in Moscow.

Attached: nkvd19.jpg (700x466 21.34 KB, 297.87K)

More ww2 officers and their field wives (whores provided by the command).

Attached: nkvd22.jpg (450x351 97.13 KB, 56.41K)

Compare these officer pigs to common soldiers, who had no communist party membership.

Attached: soldiers01.jpg (800x537, 105.95K)

Or even to this British sailor, standing next to a fat faced NKVD border troops officer, probably somebody's son.

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Also a racist Soviet "blackface" toy.

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Beria loved raping women, sending those who refused him to Gulag or just killing them, when thy publicized being raped. I'm sure Beria had Das Kapital memorized.

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Man you really have a lot of emotional involvement in all of this shit.
What's wrong user, and you still haven't told me why are you not moving out of "communist" Russia?

One Flight over The Cuckoo's Nest. Russian version. Except these are not stills from the movie, but the photos from actual institutions in USSR, made by hidden camera.

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Percent chance the op is a seething Ukraine / Finland / Baltic migrant in Burgerland?
Also this whole thread is proof that white nationalism is destined to fall to internal nationalist divisions

All work visas require BSc degree. I don't have one. Moreover I was persecuted for my critique of Putin's regime and forced to ask political asylum in Ukraine, which refuses me protection, stating that "Russia is a democratic country". Here is my refugee card.

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Nope. I'm a citizen of Russia and a victim of political persecution, due to my Internet publications.

If they are half as retard as shit in this thread, at least they are doing something right. Stop being lazy, find a real job instead of writing on the internet and pull yourself by the bootstraps, bucko.

I'm being persecuted for "hate speech", whatever that is, after calling Russian culture and language inferior, stating that I dislike Russian and don't want to live in Russia. I cant find any job here, in Ukraine, because I refuse to speak the degenerate Russian language, while everyone in Kyiv speaks Russian.

Attached: ruissan-kids.jpg (1000x1000, 217.24K)

ussian language induces disgust after comprehending its rotten nature, because Russian language is devoid of any good qualities, such as the brevity of Hebrew, the simplicity of English, or the wisdom of the proper Asian languages. Russian language gives rise to spelling mistakes, because Russian text is an order of magnitude harder to edit than the similar text in English language, for the slightest change requires the correction of numerous inflections throughout the sentence, because Russian is the so called "synthetic language." Using Russian language for constructive projects is like hammering a nail with a piece of feces. Russian subhuman language forces to change and add suffixes to people's given names, usually inventing these endings yourself or using some insane rules. A Japanese or an Engish speaker knows clearly that if a person is named "John", then they should call him John without making any modification to his name, while Russian scoundrel will at every opportunity think how to distort and ruin the name: Johna, Johnu, Johnom.

The language of Russians is severely limited by its niche, like a system of signals in a colony of harmful bacteria, and is polished by centuries of criminal Russian history to serve certain inhumane goals. Russians constantly prove that the main areas of application of their language are: insults, lying and organizing crimes, in the abundance committed by Russians. Russian language is positioned as a mean of defecation, breeding demagoguery and emitting negativity. Russian language is alien to reason and creativity. For several centuries Russians liberals tried to ennoble Russian language, introducing words and knowledge from civilized languages into it, but that made Russian language only more monstrous, for, as the Americans say, "you can not polish a turd." However, Russians themselves also say "my language is my enemy", which differs from the direct translation of the Roman proverb "the language of a fool is his enemy", hence even Russians themselves understand that Russian language is the language of fools.

Russians claim that Russia does not control the Russian language, that the Russian language has gone beyond Russian borders. Russians note that there are a lot of Russian-speaking Jews in Israel, and some particularly sly Russians have even climbed it into Europe and the USA. I will answer that the anus of mentally retarded degenerate also does not control the feces excreted by it, but this does not mean that everything around should be smeared with shit, like in a psychiatric hospital ward.

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lmao I hope you get hit by a stray bullet from Donbass. Fucking stupid ancap retard.

How the hell are you an ancap then? Most of the problems post 1990 in your country (I am an eastern European too so in mine as well) are a result of an unregulated market. Putin is just a corporate puppet of the oligarchs who used this deregulated system to their advantage to become who they are now.

I hope Donbass scum gets deported back to Russia, from where it came during Stalin and Tsar.

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you are living proof Stalin didn't kill enough.

1. Russia is still being run by CPSU members.
2. The problem of Russia is that it still hold for its own culture, instead of adopting western culture and abandoning Russian langue in favor of English, like Philippines did.

Communist can only murder and destroy. Also, my grandfather was a hero of USSR, defending your scum Stalin from the rightful European wraith.

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