Jeffrey Epstein Arrested

This must be putting a terrible strain on poor Jeff's heart, what are the chances of it giving out over the coming months?

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fuck him, the rest are at least better at not getting caught

Think this'll lead back to Bill and Donald?

meh…the age is irrelevant to me here, it's him using his power to coerce them to do sexual acts it would be no less bad if they were 19.

He must have pissed off another pork that's why he got arrested.

afaik Trump & Saxophoneman Clinton are tied to him very closely. My bet is that this is done in preparation for the campaign.

also: OP, was this worth its own thread?

Not OP, but yeah it probably is. Epstein's been well known for this for a while, and keep in mind he was convicted of this before and got off easy. It's very surprising that he's being arrested again now.

it’s essentially treating humans as chattel, but I know there’s going to be lolbertarians hung up on the age of consent because a lot of them don’t even care about sex trafficking because “muh markets”

But adults would have better judgement, and minors are still developing so it is going to do permanent mental damaga.

You think the porky justice system would actually go after a rich pedo ring?

Yeah this. Until there are some other bombshell reports and public response nothin will happen. Though the thought of taking down some of the worst cronies of major liberal politics in one fell swoop is fun to indulge.

It's not necessarily going to do permanent mental damage, and adults are also still developing. "Minor" is not a biological distinction, it's a legal one.

But Jeffrey Epstein is a rapist, and though he's not actually a pedophile the ages still matter because he was clearly using their legal/social vulnerability and naivety against them. Also, statutory rape laws exist for a reason and he was clearly breaking them on purpose.

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Zig Forums confirmed libertarian


I thought it was somebody else with the same name as Chris Tucker.

Epstein's Black Book
Here's the old PDF of some of his contacts. Look through it– you'll find a lot of famous people, even some you may have mistakenly liked.

Court to unseal up to 2,000 pages of Jeffrey Epstein-related documents

Is Trump in it?

So did Epstein piss off another billionaire or something? I thought most of these people were untouchable unless there was money in getting them turned in.

Wow guess I'll just not read it then.

inb4 this is the first time Cameron's "medical condition" and "seizure" is brought up

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Massive Fire Spotted On Private Island Owned By Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein
old article
dude had actual underground bunkers

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You know, given how much of an underground network this has to be, Epstein might have enough dirt to fuck up politics on a global scale.

I'm glad Nick is feeling vindicated. He's been bothered about this for a while now. Here's a 4-hour compliation of him talking about it on various podcasts (with time stamps), in case you want more context.

0:06 Bonus 57 - The REAL pizzagate, guest Amber A’Lee Frost (11/06/2017)
42:29 Cum Town: The End (Leaked Series Finale) by ihavecorrectopinions
43:27 Ep. 77 - god damn i swear i uploaded this (11/10/2017)
1:26:00 Adam: In Bed With Spooks by /u/afrikabambino
1:29:12 Bonus 58 - Digging Deepah (11/13/2017)
2:35:58 Cum town - the final episode by Patrick Mahoney
2:38:03 Bonus 59 - dillon’s cheese pizza steakhouse, guest Tim Dillon (11/20/2017 [recorded Nov 14])
3:05:42 Make america innate again ad by Honeydew Wilkins
3:06:14 BONUS EPISODE - Hollywood Pedophilia w/ Nick Mullen (11/25/2017)

Mostly it's Cum Town but the last one is from The Sitdown with Mike Recine. It's probably the place to start. That episode is here:

nothing special about Nick. plenty of conspiracy tankies I follow on twitter have been talking about this stuff the whole time.

Here is everyone I found on the list, I'm British and not really interested in celebrities so there's probably gaps:

Saw this (pic) towards the end too and was like wew lad

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Do they have similar material on it?

Imagine all the make-a-wish parents who are gonna be paranoid.

Thank you twitter, very cool!

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no, much better because they aren't coke-addled boojie podcasters who constantly have to crack dumb jokes.
Here's a few:
Follow these if you want some serious info about bourgeois conspiracies.

Thank you.

ALTERNATIVELY, let's listen to Nick's emergency Epstein podcast!

lmao, did you actually pay for that trash?

Haha no somebody always posts them on r/cumtown

someone did at any rate, this is worse than paying $10 for SA

What is your beef with them? Just not to your taste or what?

I would like to know this as well. He's a hedge fund manager, right? So maybe he lost porkies money. Or maybe he screwed some porky's daughter by mistake

Jane also filed a sworn declaration from Tiffany, who says Epstein employed her starting in 1991 “to get attractive adolescent women to attend these parties.” Tiffany corroborates Jane’s story and claims to have “personally witnessed” the four encounters between Jane and Trump.Here is more on Epstein that matches details in the
reports: being forced to give him massages, Epstein forcing digital penetration, his irritation at her protests, etc.

Listen to her voice. Listen to her storyshe recounts her first encounter with Trump when she was 13. Her description matches his known idiosyncrasies and germophobia:

He required her to touch him with a glove.

"He seemed to take a liking to me because I was so young…he kind of liked things to be his first."Donald Trump specifically asked about me because I remind him of his daughter, and she said, 'Well, she's 13 as well.'"

I *know* we avoid seriously discussing this because it is disturbing beyond comprehension. But we all know what Trump has said about Ivanka.

Up.You can watch her full recorded testimony at (link: It is dated February 11, 2016.

Based on all of the details we now know, her story is very credible. It is past time we confront this as a nation.A second woman now claims Epstein forced her to have sex with Alan Dershowitz 🚨

He dismisses her as unstable, saying she "bizarrely claimed to [possess] a video of President Trump engaging in pedophilia."

Is that "bizarre" - or is it corroborating? woman claims billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein 'directed' her to have sex with Alan Dershowitz

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As much as I want to believe that Trump did that, the circumstances of the allegations are very dodgy.

I know you ripped this from somewhere else, and I already know exactly what the deal is with libs sounding like they're about to confront the final boss in a film, but I wanted to point it out and mock it anyway.
Libs sound like fucking dweebs.

Somebody from the flight logs is in Trump's cabinet or something. It's the libs trying to "get" Trump once again, proving Zizek right about the election.

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"I like my women how I like my bananas - not quite ripe."

Why are all these jewish men being found as pedos?


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that is probably some of them, for others it would be much more grim. This other group went specifically to rape kids, it would be similar to how the Mossad has history of boosting the career of pedophiles in exchange for influence

its not true for anyone, anyone ruling class enough to get invited to rape island, on a plane called 'lolita express', is going to know the reputation of that place and of epstien.

Didn't think I would agree with that grifter on anything, but that sounds believable. Film director Juzo Itami made a movie in the 90s ("Minbo") where the Japanese mafia does something like that. After the movie's release he was physically attacked by the mafia and there are rumors that the mafia was also behind his death a few years later.

you'd think at least a few of them would be smarter than that


Is this how they are going to try and turn porky pedos into victims?

Similar to that "slave owners were the real victims of slavery" take of his.

"I swear officer, I had no idea the girls on the private and super secret sex island were under age."

Well, I don't believe that the I.Q. gap between the 1 % and the rest is huge. The massive wealth differential is a guaranteed automatic outcome of any system with markets and private property. There's no lack of underachievers in MENSA nor of climate-change deniers, creationists, and other dimwits among millionaires.

While wealth means better health and learning opportunity to boost Autism Level, on the other hand anybody in the inherited wealth cycle has completely lost any environmental pressure to have a high Autism Level.

I'm honestly surprised they didn't find outright child pornography.

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And this is all made by himself, so OC. The hardcore stuff that can be used for extortions is probably better hiddden/protected.


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Acosta, the prosecutor who cut Epstein a deal, has two kids and a wife who look like they're from The Shining.

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Same energy tbh

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He's a fucking weirdo who married his caretaker. He's not the only epic bacon science man associated with Epstein, either. Here he is with Lawrence Krauss and Steven Pinker.

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The fedora tippers on Epstein's plane.

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Child rape isn't just for religious people any more.

Lol, well this explains dawkins nuanced take on priests and public school teachers diddling kids


At least Hawking was a legit genius.
Pinker doesn't have an excuse.

holy shit how had I never heard about this

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oh my fucking god lmao

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Acosta actually gave a reason why Epstein got the deal:
>“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta. (The Labor Department had no comment when asked about this.)

His fault for consorting with the bourgeoisie.

You know he’s thinking something like

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Eh, it's improbable everyone who visited him had sex with the girls he groomed. He was a science philanthropist so of course he would have networked with famous science educators. This just seems like straight-up guilt by association.

Ha, I've been called a mental patient for believing in intelligence connections to elite sex crime controversies form the past.

There's only a modest association between normal and above average Autism Level and income, not to mention a drop-off of association once you get past the 120-130 range for Autism Level and six figures for income. I do think the ruling class is genetically inclined to a certain personality profile though, especially given that gaining and maintaining wealth and power, not to mention what most of their day jobs entail, is based around various forms of social interaction.

Public drunkenness, having sex at parties with strangers.
Both of these things deserve gulag.

Epstein's rise to "power" literally makes zero sense unless he's been an intelligence asset since the early 80's. He literally ran a ponzi scheme with Steven Hoffenberg. Hoffenberg got 20 years in prison, Epstein wasn't even charged. Why? How did he convince Les Wexner to give him power of attorney to hundreds of millions of dollars? The amount of blackmail material this guy must have is probably staggering.

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you have to go back

He probably did if Dick became an idealist while having a career in the hard sciences.

not ancap, just own a dictionary

Tbh, given the nature of what Epstein was doing and how guys like Trump publicly alluded to it, we probably should consider anyone associated with him at least a little suspect. Not too much, because that could potentially unravel, but we should consider all of them potential co-conspirators.

Yeah, this is true. Pedophilia is a specific mental disorder wrt attraction. These guys are just hebephiles and rapists.

not actually hebephile either. still own dictionary, but closer anyway.

The age of consent in the Soviet Union was puberty.

Mabey in your mind

Zig Forums is pro pe do. The age of consent is made up.

Jeff should have just made his love island in Brazil or Germany or one of the other countries that have legalized "pedophilia".

Let's face it, they definitely fucked actual kids too.
As well, he was straight out prostituting them. That's exploitation and certainly fucked up their lives.

Based RedKahina gang.

wow, it's like i'm really on r/libertarian

speaking of which, unless i've missed something WSWS has been surprisingly quiet on this story

i thought for sure that they would rush to epstein's defense and decry the hysterical liberal media for attacking a serial child rapist

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Why would WSWs do that?

It's their MO, presumably due to one or more of their higher-ups being sexual predators themselves.

They consistently defend sexual predators for no apparent reason, primarily members of the labor aristocracy, a class segment that they rail against in all other contexts. Their self-professed reason for these defenses are a concern with due process and the justice system, but they continue to defend men who were found GUILTY by due process and the justice system, such as Roman Polanski, an admitted and unrepentant child rapist.

That is total bullshit. There is legitimate reason to oppose that stuff because of how it has been used by intelligence agencies to destroy leftist orgs in the past.

None of the men they've defended have been part of leftist organizations nor do they have particularly leftist opinions.

Also, I think it should be said that women and children have been far more negatively impacted by a culture that condones and accepts rape than leftists have been negatively impacted by false accusations. You have to remember, it's a very recent phenomenon that women have been believed when they've made accusations against their rapists. Up until the 2000's it was the norm that women's accounts of rape and sexual abuse were either dismissed or downplayed.


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Are they gonna nail him to the cross this time or are they gonna turn him loose again? What even changed since last time around? And related question how much dirt does he actually have on the rapist billionaires and so on. It is of course pretty speculative since we probably won't see most of what happened come to light.

This isn't really the point to go "well technically" about. They are sex slaves, which would be bad at any age, and the whole "14 at the youngest" is almost certainly being passed off to make it seem less bad. If not Epstein himself there are people he flies to the island who rape toddlers, almost for sure.

Like, there's an argument to be had about where age of consent belongs and how to classify violations, but this is not at all the time or place.