Vidya under Gommunism

I've heard that Communism would not allow fantasy games and that under Communism, everything would be state propaganda. Also, there would be no high scores or anything like that because this would promote competition rather than cooperation. When i asked about the source of this, i was given an article about arcade games in a Russian museum, and also a heaping serving of "dude just trust me i've been to the former soviet bloc".
Here's the article:
What does Zig Forums think of this? Reminder to read Adorno when discussing anything related to cultural concerns.

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Video games are a waste of time, they infringe on peoples right to free time by being highly addictive but giving nothing in return for the time used. And that is not even taking into account that most games are proprietary. Weak bait.

None of the arcade games were propaganda, what the fuck is this article. How the fuck is a shooting gallery or submarine game aligns with marxist ideology? Completely retarded. They were no action and role playing games because the union lagged in computer technology, all the games were extremely simple.
It allowed fantasy novels, movies and cartoons, why not games?
A glance at the cultural output of former soviet bloc would prove otherwise. Where do they think the meme of good movies being called "kino" comes from?
Kids growing up in the former soviets were subjected to relentless soviet bashing so they don't question living in neoliberal hell. Took me a while to realize all the death and decay around me is the direct result of capitalism, not legacy of socialism like I was taught by school and mass media.

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Someone who is proud for getting over their video game addiction.

To be fair you could also have useful video games for example math-puzzels, or playable history , you could even have callofduty type games, where a protagonist death on the battle field you have to play growing up, as a kid as well as playing the role of parents, teachers, …. and after the solder dies you have to play organizing the funeral, consoling friend and family, and all the collateral damage would lead to having to play cleaning up the rubble, pulling dead children out of wreckages, digging graves,… You know Virutal reality with the smell of rotting corpses and burned flesh might help reveal how much of a meat grinder war is, and how little glory it is.

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High scores and speedrunning actually encourage cooperation in the long run, the effort is not unlike in a traditional olympic competition to exert the human body to it's limits and push it as far as it can go but the object isn't individual human bodies or athletes but rather a game with a virtual reality. Unironically it's like experimental science in a lot of ways.
Plus videogames in general would be an excellent method of propaganda because of how effortlessly they reinforce and reproduce conditioning structures within fully immersive virtual worlds…were it not for the economical barrier. There are definitely overt attempts at propaganda in mainstream franchises (CoD being the clearest example) but these are far from being the most effective. Games that try to simulate capitalist economies either with human actors (MMORPGs) or simulated actors do it best as of now, in particular with how they reinforce the idea that we live in some form of meritocracy.

Should add that the ideological nature of games is neoliberal in general, in particular with their extreme fetishization of liquidity (as an abstract concept).

How would you design a leftist RPG?

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the vast majority of games are absolute trash, but there are games that show that it can be a fun an novel form of media to tell stories through game mechanics and act as a new form of immersion for historical events, as long as they are truthfully reproduced. Plus more generally it's a good tool for social interaction and collaboration, even with everyone being atomized and propogandized to a fault you can still have interesting journeys with people with a good multiplayer game.

Also all of these threads all always end up with the kind of commie doomer that embraces some meme ideology telling everyone how much you aren't allowed to have fun.

Multiplayer games are shit, just look at these communities and FBI shitters.

Take that back, sometimes they end up as a 200 post argument between Stirnerite Yes Man vs Cybernetic Mr House vs Idealist Caesar vs Critical Support For The NCR.

Adorno is just a grumpy old man. No idea why anyone takes him seriously. Cultural capitalism is great because it servers all the old remnants of "feudal" culture and prepares man directly for the next stage of civilisation, just like Marx said it would. Wringing your hands over this process is useless, it's going to happen anyway. Far better to just enjoy the ride.

Based Tetrisposter

I remember reading a bit of a Soviet programming book from the 80s that had articles on game design among other things. Most games there were indeed either abstract logic puzzles or "realistic" ones like sports simulators, as opposed to fantasy games.

I'd imagine if the Soviet gaming industry had a chance to mature it'd be drastically different from the Western one by focusing more on educational aspects than pure escapism. Not everything would be block puzzles of course, but instead of braindead shooters like CoD there could be more involved squad simulators that teach you tactics and Zig Forums tier stuff. Strategy games and city builders would likely be common.

Not that fantasy games were entirely unheard of under socialism, though:

Games could be great, but they're mostly shit.

Money, modern graphics and better technology have ruined the medium. Art is choice. It's the practice of banging your imagination against the physical limits of what's possible. The gap between what you envision and what's actually possible is what drives artistic ingenuity and inspiration. The whole process is dialectical: thesis (vision) -> antithesis (limitations of reality) -> synthesis (creation). The same decline can be seen in big budget films that rely heavily on CGI and other computer magic, with 3D being the only new technology that creates grounds for finding and breaking new boundaries instead of simply making the old ones redundant.

As new technology keeps breaking the boundries of what's possible the developers don't need to engage with the actual heartwood of the creative process as deeply. The growing production values alone mean less incentive to grapple with interesting game mechanics with the tendency of AAA games to strive to become interactive movies more than anything. This can only lead to objectively shit results, since writers, directors etc. have no reason to focus on a medium where the actual art is in the game mechanics and rules, not storytelling or visual innovation.

On the level of AAA games, the only two genres with actual innovation are 1) strategy games, which by defenition is all about creating ever more complicated and challenging mechanics and 2) open world games, where there still exists hard limits on how much shit you can cram into your stupid game.

Exemptions to the rule exist, like Kingdom Come: Deliverence which proved that an RPG can be immensly engaging even with most of the gameplay involving things other than violence. Crucialy, this was accomplished not by great writing but good gameplay design with even mundane tasks (which is most of the game) demanding sustained attention and problem solving skills from the player. This is something Leftists should be looking at, and could be a bridge for creating Socialist realism (or something like it) in gaming.

This is closer to how great games were made back in the day. There are still games from PS1 era that blow 90% of modern AAA shit out of the water. Hidden and Dangerous 2 is a tactical shooter based on team play and building co-operation between the player controlled team. The game controlls - especially the tactical commands - are clunky as hell, but once you get the hang of them modern FPS games start looking like shit. There's hardly any story, aside from most basic WW2 stuff but the gameplay gets you as invested in the characters as any story-driven game. You pick your team for each mission with each having strengths and specialities, some of which are only revealed on the field as you see how they conduct themselves, react etc. The game has perma death, meaning once you lose a guy, they're lost. Going through a campaign might see you lose complete teams of your favourite characters. Hell, I'd even say the game is more visually pleasing than many modern games, thanks to great design. Again, working with hard limits simply created superior, time enduring results.

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The original Deus Ex was very leftist.
Dystopian settings make for engaging stories and gameplay, so it's very easy to build a critique of capitalism (or any other political system) into the plot of the game.

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Most sickeningly reactionary piece of shit that has come out recently. And NO, I'm not referring to the "racism" or the creator. It paints an overly romantic image of feudal life and almost erases the brutal hierarchy that they existed under. Yes, many other games have done this but they at least had the disclaimer of being FANTASY, not a "near 100% accurate depiction of medieval life". Nazi folk legend shit.

life was better as a serf than as a modern proletariat

*dies of cholera*

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I believe the romantization (which mainly has to do with the relationship of Henry and Radzig) is a result of bland, unoriginal writing rather than the politics of the designers. It's not true, for example, that the game "erases" the hierarchy or class relations of the era. One of the most well written (and most clearly "good") characters is a drunken priest who preaches against the Church and doesn't give two shits about nobles or their supposed "authority".

If you try to depict an era "realistically", in the sense of how most people view and experience the world, then normalizing and downplaying of the social order is almost inevitable (at least with bad writers) because that's what hegemony means.


There's also constantly situations where you can give the finger to nobility and dide with the peasants, and one underlying (though also underdeveloped) theme in the game is Henry's status as a class traitor of sorts. There are situations, for example, where you can let a murderer go after learning they are a poor peasant who got mad with hunger and killed a rich burgher. Poachers are also depicted favourably.

That's funny because Russian and east European devs are known for making tons of simulation games.

Hot take: we need video games so that people who aren't naturally athletic can participate in healthy recreational competition. Competition itself isn't the problem with capitalism, it's the unending competition between workers that operates like a casino (house always wins) that's unhealthy for all the same reasons gambling is, except you're forced to participate

Sports/Game competition have a substance, it is based on people's capacities/abilities, and, in principle, everybody can win.
Capitalism is designed to make a minority of winners and a majority of losers.

Yes it is you asshole who was lucky to win. You are just a social darwinist who wants the "real" meroitocracy and ot have it "distorted". Go fuck yourself.

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Who? I'm not surprised that feminists are low-key classist though tbh

I have played the online version of some of these arcade games the museum has provided, even the Gorodki the article mentions at the end.

Their design philosophy felt more like in line of having PE/ Games period at schools which are supposed to be fun and productive than being mindless enjoyment ( I come from a third world country so I have no idea what first worlders equivalent is in their school time table). But liberals have to find something ominous in anything Soviet, right? Look at that, all these brain washing machines! As if games in west were not made with a virtually ulterior motive of being addictive. As if "winners don't do drugs" wasn't a thing.

These machines are obviously way less advanced than their western counterpart in the same time period so I dunno how come whole recording high score comes into lay. Gorodki is quite an addictive games with incremental difficulty and a potential coin gulping machine like your typical western arcade.

Typical liberal and their condescending attitude toward anything this is not west.

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VNs are the only type of videogames the proletarian needs

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Yes, I also enjoy the underage sex simulators of glorious Nippon.

how about collective scores that add up all the points collected by the players

What's the point of that? USSR always celebrated personal achievements of its people, that line about highscores is unfiltered retardation of propaganda ridden liberal brain.


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whoops accidentally copy pasted > > 2937717