Is the movie 300 fash?

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yes, hollywood movies are fascist

is sucker punch fascist?

no, but im sure some feminist would claim its fetishizing to women

Did I step in a time machine and end up in 2008? Everyone already said all this shit back when it came out.

not everyone has seen the movie

300 is very clearly fascist, fuck off. You got Europeans with abs fighting foreign Eastern hordes as they they defend their women and their golden wheat fields. Also remember retards are treacherous filth.

Then what are we discussing? The comic? That thing was like a picture book.

I did not see such discussion in 2008, and I believe the rise of fascist politics in the last decade warrants a revision of previous evaluations regardless.

let's kill all disabled people in gommunism amirite guyzzz xDDDD

the movie adaption of the comic and the comic

From 2007 young one:

Zizek loved it IIRC

but fascists don't defend, they attack others

I should have posted the preceeding paragraph because it is an astute observation I have not uet seen made in this thread:

12 years ago and still feels like it could have been written today huh?

John Bolton is back

in 2008? no 2004

the movie only came out in 06 you dolt

oh yeah i was in middle school

Get the fuck outta here.

Yeah, he thinks the persans are the multiculturals and imperialists USA and Sparta represents the monoculturals countries attacked bu american imperialism.

he is right in that the Persian empire is a lot more like the US than the Spartans. The Persians, like the US, were also fairly obsessed with homosexuality

That Chapo interpretation is wildly exaggerated but yeah the movie has fascist overtones obviously, but I don't believe it to be "our generations Birth of a Nation" or even very culturally influential at all, give me a break.

Bingo the racist story telling spirit says at the end of the day, a totalitarian government works, communist don’t. Wkuk

Yea, this movie is more or less completely forgotten a decade later

Pretty sure people see it as meme-y garbage and kinda shitty

it was fagcucked by k ik ewood with their cringing freedom bs, and cringy op spear throw at the rhino bs. otherwise good imo.

The only thing people remember was "this is sparta" memes.
Yeah, Birth of a Nation was not only wildly popular but made hugely significant technical and artistic strides, which have shaped all of cinema ever since. It's a dumb fuck comparison, even dumber than comparing every "kino" movie to Citizen Kane.

Is that one of those nazi movies? Are they good?

Sparta was one of those early civilizations that inspired fascists. What did you actually expect?

was Plato a fascist?

>whoooa that's fascism!

What is he implying Hamilton to be and for whom? We're talking about the play that glorifies that rotten bourgeois piece of shit, right?

only if your extremely politically correct and think that everything masculine is fascist

I’d say Ancient Sparta had much of the ideology of fascism without the material basis of it

And like fascism the ideology of Sparta ultimately formed to crush any revolutionary movement from the oppressed, laboring classes

Wait people compared 300 to The Brith of a Nation?

Medi-mutts aren't white

T. Pol


More the ideology of imperialism. The Spartans believed they were foreign invaders in Greece (probably true but nobody knows) and were superior to the natives they enslaved, and believed they needed to brutalize their slaves to prevent an uprising leading to the natives slaying the foreign invaders

Plato was from Athens, aka Sparta's main competitor and complete opposite.

It was probably the most fascist movie you could make without ever uttering the word fascism. Europeans defending themselves against the brown hordes who some are literal demons. Also the main antagonist is a homosexual. I'm surprised there wasn't an analogue to jews in there but then I remembered those elders who betrayed sparta.

Why do people here worship Zizek? Who the fuck cares if that fraud likes something?

It would have been more fascist if it focused on the sacred band of thebes, an army made entirely out of gays that decimated the Spartans legacy. You couldn't have 2 Brokeback mountains in the same year though.

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hate to break it to you but plato was pretty fash too he hated democracy and believed in a philosopher king (absolute monarch)

lol, use your brain dude, they are not talking about Sparta itself, but the portrayal of Sparta by the movie which is heavily stylized and the political message it has today

When will there be a film about Operation Verano?
The Cubans revolutionaries actually had 300 men and still won.

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shut the fuck up ANGLO-NORDICIST

what did they mean by this


It's not about Ancient Sparta being fascist, it's about the movie being fascist you dumbfuck, do you know movies aren't real?

Here is an blog post about it, explains it pretty well:

To that I'd also add the trope of the Asiatic hordes from the East which was a big cornerstone in historical Nazism. But the author is correct: The movie is jaw-droppingly fascist and probably the most fascist movie ever made in a liberal democracy. It's also stunning how the explicit, not implicit fascism (there isn't any "proto" or "crypto" fascism anymore, it's openly fascist) flew completely under the radar of mainstream movie critics, while at the same time they thought Revenge of Sith out of all things was a fascist movie. Probably because they are brainlets when it comes to politics and think it's fascism when you do bad stuff or something.

Again, is not the individual aspects of the movie that are fascist ipso facto, like manliness, battle, dying for your country, etc. but the combination of all of these tropes together that make it fascist.

Is water wet?

That's right comrade. People that are what we consider to be "white" today have never experienced imperialism from "non-whites".

#mongols did nothing wrong

Don't forget to send some money to comrade contrapoints.

some of that is true tho. spartans did leave unfit babies to die and sparta was a military state that relied on training its soldiers from a very young age so they become stronger than their enemies.

This isn't explicitly fascist you retard. Being anti-democracy or pro-monarch doesn't necessarily equal being fascist. There are certain fascists who believe in such things, but those things aren't fascist in of themselves. Otherwise nearly all previous monarchies and feudal systems would qualify as being "fascist".
No, but its important to clarify what something is and not just throw fascism at everything that is not democratic.

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Sparta certainly wasn't imperialist by the Marxist definition of it (which requires finance capital). Nor even by most non-Marxist definitions for that matter. Sparta, though sometimes in alliances and leagues with other city-states which it tended to dominate, did not as a rule engage in expansionist conquests like, for example, Macedon under Philip and Alexander or some of the Diadochi states.

Plato was also a known admirer of Sparta. It's obvious if you've read The Republic or Laws. This is what the other poster was referring to. As for whether he was fascist, the answer is "no, because this arrangement didn't exist."

Just to expand on the last remark, fascism is a political ideology within capitalism. The economic configuration that the ideology of fascism requires simply did not exist in Athens, so Plato was not and could not be a fascist, even if we might find certain resonances between Plato's political views and fascism currently. Detaching the material context from the ideological context simply isn't how a Marxist should evaluate the history of philosophy.

The concept of "white" and "non-white" is a burger concept, it definitely didn't apply to the Greeks in antiquity. The Greeks and the Persians weren't at each other's throats because they saw themselves as a different race. And the Mongols were hated because they were heathens, not because they were yellow.

Why reference the outro of an incredibly obscure (albeit great) comedy skit ITT?