Hey leftypol...

Hey leftypol, if you like environmentalism so much and you believe in the liberal myth of overpopulation or global warming, I have a modest proposal for you.
Help the environment, kill yourself.

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the problem with that is
1. even if i kill myself there are still 8 billion people who wont so ive really changed nothing
2. we should be able to find a way that saves the environment without killing or drastically reducing the living standards of human beings.

There's a problem with this: generally speaking people are environmentalists for selfish reasons, usually they want to preserve the environment in order to avoid dying.

Well, if you kill 7 billion people, the survivors can consume up to eight times more with the same impact!
Rich people are superior, there are no problem with ableism and classism, as long as you are not a racist or homophobe, so we should enact positive discrimination policies to decide who survive. This board loves liberalism afterall!

Countersage n igger.
You claim to hate idpol but you sure hate "da racist jokes" but this board is ableist and homophobic as fuck.
Off yourself liberal.

The rich are much more wasteful, so killing them gives much more eco-points. Imagine how much oil was burned during those lolita express flights.

Don't kill the rich bro, they are marxist allies!
Marxism is perfect bro. The problem is that poor and educated people don't like it. That's why we need to be anti-intelectualist like Pol Pot, both middle class and lumpens are pretty fascist as based Jason says:
There are tons of based rich people like Warren Buffet, unlike those pesky lumpens, more info in this thread:

Cry more, you homosexual mongoloid.

The only color we see here is red.
Only comrades who can fight in the revolution and breed the next generation of the red army are welcome. No cripple fags allowed. Go back to Zig Forums

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mods plz anchor this super obvious bait thread.

What about from each according to his ability to each according to his need?


I was joking.

you kill yourself you fucking dumbass, he revealed him self to be a utter dumbass or troll when he said
this was an OBVIOUS troll response to a good faith response to his bait

go read a book you ratfucker, a thread died for this shit

I mean, we are currently posting on cripple chan are we not?

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Jokes are ableist and primitivistic, autists and cyborgs lack the ability to get them.

Damn bro, you are seething.

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so what if the archives exist, theres still this bullshit shitting up the top of the posts on the board, if i wanted to have my I Q drop 5 points id drink absinthe or read Zig Forums

OP dont ya got a disney movie to throw two yer old temper tantrums about?


OP begs to differ

It is not possible to have a negative I Q score user.

Yea i know it hurts to have your favorite kids movie be starred by black people.

I understand ya need a distraction from that traumatizing thing happening to ya.

Let it all out little buddy, we dont need another person shooting up a school so this is healthy :)

Call down n igger, we don't need anymore crack-smoking monkeys shooting up their ghettos.

oof wow, what a great comeback! Does drinking your apple juice give you the brainpower to come up with such wit?

Every time Zig Forums tries to bait, they show their retardation

They need to vent because their kids movie is being starred by people they dont like.

Its actually good for them that they do this cause of they dont then another shooting happens such as in a mosque or school

That's ableist bro.
Mods are asleep, post lewds

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Oof hes angry.

Nice dubs n igger

Miss me yet?

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Nah man, i wanna laugh at this Zig Forumsyp throwing hilariously adorable temper tantrums via "bait".

I mean look at him, stamping his feet with his velcro shoes screeching "N IGGERRRRRRRRR!!1!"

I think you're getting your ass kicked again, but that's just an outside perspective.

Please don't laugh at my autism, that ableistic.
Stop stealing the surplus value of my social capital.