Commie farmer

This youtuber is a fellow comrade, he has a farm in eeuu and he post videos of farming and that stuff. He left his city job to start a farm. Go show him some love comrades.

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Start his own farm? If he owns the land himself and he isn't leasing it to somebody its petty-bourgeeois.

Then again, plenty of petty-bourgeois people can become communists ofc, but its weird for someone to be a communist and then become a petty-bourg.

How should we do this, when you don't say who this actually is?

Reminds me of Grudinin and his Lenin-farm.


Give Youtube link make webm and give blog link please.

EEUU = Estados Unidos = USA. Spanish plural of abbreviations doubles every letter (sounds like bullshit I made up, but it's true).

yeah if only he leased his land in exchange for work like a feudal landlord would it be proletarian. fuckwit.

Commies really should be learning to farm though as it's going to be central to survival. City lovers are going to be completely fucked.

Buy a fishing pole if nuclear war is what you're concerned about. What makes a nuclear war so potentially devestating is that it could make farming very difficult in many areas.

The petty bourgeois are mainly a problem due to the prevailing reactionary attitudes within the group. If you can afford to stop making profit for porky and buy a farm, do it. Itll be one more farm where we dont have to deal with a reactionary who burnt all the grain stores one day

I'm not saying what he should or should not do. But he's basically pursuing a business, which as long as he understands the eventual necessity for society to own all means of production then its fine, just saying its odd

bro what are you talking about? Owning land is very important for people

You're not listening. This guy CHOSE to be a farmer, and i'm not denying the progressive and non-reactionary character of land reform and small peasant holdings, but eventually they're going to have to be nationalized/collectivized.

I was gonna sperg out about this but I fully see your meaning. My issue was in naming a farmer a 'man of the city', but then again capital has abolished the line between the 'city' and the 'country' by debasing both. If the farmer hired labor I would be much more inclined to call him petty-bourg. Just trying to keep production relations on one side and ideology on the other.

Just eat the irradiated fish, tovarish!

Honestly people's attitudes can turn on a dime, anarcho-lib farmers can become kulaks when the winds change.

What about rooftop, hydroponic and aquaponic farming? Is urban farming a joke to you? Not saying that cereal grains are good for that, but a lot of plants are and it's less one sided than it use to be between city and the countryside.

Unlike in Fallout 3, water loses contamination much faster than land. Sure, the fish will be radioactive initially, but that will change before too long. Certainly a lot faster than the soil. It's safe to eat fish from the Bikini Atoll, but the coconuts will give you cancer.


ty for the nice info

Elaborate on the subject please. I'm not the person you answered to, but i've been very interested in urban agriculture lately, seeing it as a viable and enviromentally friendly initiative that i could start promoting in my neighbourhood council.

Youre pretty bourgoies if you have employeed but unable to live losely off their surplus value.
Owning land you work on on alone isnt petty bourgoies at all. You dont participate in class relations.

I was recently watching one of his videos. Not knowing his political views, just based on what i have seen, i doubt he is.

1. Trying to build a profitable business
2. Was a marketing Exec. quit due to personal/not ideological reasons.
3. trying to raise capital through shirt sales.

I think this is just a meme shirt.

so no one's gonna link his channel or tell us his name

Aight I will show him some love using the spirit of Stalin to get the YouTube link