Why do these keep dying edition

Discussion points:
- Tory Leadership Election
- What strategy should Labour adopt
- Why has Corbyn's media profile been so low in recent months
- Who would win in a fist fight: Harold Wilson or Tony Blair?

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Welcome to the new thread: theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/08/unions-agree-labour-should-back-remain-second-referendum-brexit

The proposed policy, which will be offered to the Labour leadership as the unanimous view of the unions, will say:

This is what the unions are proposing labour should adopt, so this isn't labour's official position yet. I don't know if this is a change in position, frankly. I thought this was the position all along.
As to why Corbyn hasn't been seen much - I expect he's been tired and having a rest, would be the smart thing to do while the internal factions negotiate.

Wilson obs Tony is a private school pussy while Wilson is a proper Yorkshireman.
I mean John prescott would deck every single Labour leader and deputy leader all at once but yeah.

I have named the jannie and exposed his jannish tricks, soon international janitry will be at the mercy of /lbp/

This sounds reasonable tbh.

Yeah it seems like a reasonable compromise. Too bad no deal has been ruled out even with large amounts of planning and adjusting our economy involved. We could probably no deal under Labour with some infrastructure improvements and an internal market database that would help businesses sell to each other and replace their EU counterparts, with others left out integrated into the old AES plan. Does anyone remember that booklet produced by striking workers, called something like Socially Useful Production? Like that.
Hopefully we can just ignore the EU from here on under national security concerns under the guise of the climate emergency regardless of what happens with Brexit.

The Janny is immunized against all dangers:
one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs of him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Janny and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: I've been found out

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Imagine if Blair gets done for helping Epstein and not for being a War Criminal. Tbh I would take it.

prince andrew too

I'm pretty sure they have realised that there is no chance of a general election before Brexit is done and this Labour position means fuck all So they have decided to pick whatever position is going to piss off the least number of Labour supporters. Its still pretty depressing how clueless so many Labour members are on what the EU stands for.
Also it was a smart move to try and hold out against the rabid EUphiles as long as possible while hopping Blairites will jump ship over Labours policy on Brexit, pretty much most of the right within PLP have left now.


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I mean this is a fairly reasonable position and has been what I thought the Labour position was so far anyway. While I'm not entirely convinced that even a tory or no deal brexit would be worse than staying in and would prefer that Labour didn't come out for a second referendum and remaining, but its not like it'll actually come to anything so I guess its time to hope that either the tories take us out and Labour can take over once Brexit is 'finished' and the thing is reasonably put to bed or the tories implode beforehand and Labour can take over with a commitment to deliver brexit and have a referendum on their deal at the end which would hopefully go through.

Like Stephen Kinnock is now saying we should sign the withdrawal agreement. This is actually kinda happening.

Also a fight in the SNP over repealing abortion in NI because half of them say it should be done and half of them are saying "BUT ITS DEVOLVED!"

And another one bites the dust

What's the deal with the highest echelons of British society and pedophilia? Where did the tradition of sodomy in the prep schools come from and how did it get into parliament?

There's an inherently link between the desire for greater power and sexual drive (this is actually a scientifically proven psychological thing). As such elites that already have a lof power are far more likely to trend towards extreme sexual perversion. Since the UK still has an actual fucking aristocracy are you surprised?

True but I imagine a lot of the British aristocracy in their secluded and insular schools wound up getting buggered as kids, as any insular environment attracts predators (see: any hippie commune, the catholic church), so it's a bit of a chicken and egg thing when it comes to power and pedos

Being put in an abusive gender-segregated environment without parenting and defined by strict class and social hierarchies is going to turn some spoilt rich brats into unemotional, detached, sociopaths who are incapable of viewing the world in terms any other than raw domination, submission and abuse and prone to asserting their dominance by sodomising those below them who go on to abuse those below them in turn. A viscous cycle and environment that reproduces an aristocratic caste devoid of common human feeling.

For fuck sake accusing his inner circle of anti-Semitism is just straight up hysteria now…

Its not hysteria, its wrecking. This is all entirely malicious and just meant to suppress Labour by insisting Labour is evil and unpopular until people lose hope in it and fall into a demoralised apathy that these blairite vampires depend on for maintaining the TINA thatcherite dystopia we live in.

The irony is that if/when they do take over the party again they will have fucking nothing, I don't think they realise that if Corbyn is forced out the party itself is nuked.

inb4 it backfires and it turns out more people hate jews than like them enough for it to be a dealbreaker


Wow look at that, Corbyn finally did what I said he should have done for like a year or more, shame he didn't do it before he wrecked the party in the polls and his own reputation as a leader.

Must be difficult always being right

The Remoaners and Brexiters will always accuse Labour of being the other side regardless of what he does to get votes.

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I'm not really interesting in going over this crap again, but Brexiters were never Labour. The Remainers are Labour's natural demographic, you might not like that, you might wish the self proclaimed 'white working class' (ie. reactionary white people of any income) could ever be swayed to Labour, but the truth is, those people will never and did not join Labour. You have to work with the party you have not the one you would like to have, though why you would want to chase after the Daily Mail reading cryptofascists anyway I have no idea. Those people were born as Tory scum and they'll die that way too.

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Bob Crow lies a'rollin in his grave.

Labour was anti-EU till Blair and a substantial chunk of Labour voters voted for leaving the EU no matter how much you deny it. You're so feverishly committed to remaining in the EU for no other reason than vague smug liberal cosmopolitanism and a pathological hatred of imagined dumb hicks that you're willing to degrade yourself by lying like this and smearing a large section of the party and the socialist eurosceptic tradition.

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Sure, sure… in this century.

Gee I wonder why Labour has had to reverse this genius strategy.

There are literally more Tory remainers than Labour leavers by your own admission. It's a born loser whichever way you cut it.

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Hmm, yes, clearly Labour should ditch one third of its members and not commit to enacting the result of a referendum because it can win elections with all those tory remainers who will vote labour if only that meanie corbyn would stop destroying our precious european values
Also good on you for admitting that Brexiteers are not all tory scum and that Remainers in fact are :^)

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Off to the CUK-shed with you

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You are as bad as those Lexiters insisting that Labour must leave EU by all means to build a socialist UK.

Who do you think the North is made up of?

As a foreigner, I don't really get it. Besides the typical voting bloc that goes with labor and that the party must satisfy, why would they support staying in the EU? Because you merely allude to opportunists reasons. How is it that remaining in the EU and staying in tune with their neoliberal austerity IMF-tier policies is any good for a socialist cause?

If most of breexiters are right wing, does that mean that you must ally with a neoliberal cause just to fight the right? Doesn't that erase any type of truly socialist alternative? Why can't you support leaving and at the same time propose something different than the reactionary bullshit?

Yeah because it was a peabrained move a year ago and anyone suggesting it has retard politics.

He died in 2014 you spaz.
*taps sign*

Because the left is largely bankrupt of any new ideas or will to change the world.

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Holy fucking shit: another one???

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{{{The Independents}}}



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just got an e-mail telling me i've been kicked off the committee investigating antisemitism in the Labour party
apparently titling our report "With All Jew Respect" would send the wrong message.

It's hard work not being anti-semitic when the only real Jews are the Board of Deputies.


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You cheeky cunt. Kicking you out was a bit too much though

The image consultants are robbing them blind.
The pink is quite a nice colour though, to be fair.

"I'd like to see a rule change that says you are automatically excluded from the party in a case of clear anti-semitism, because we do it for if you support another party at election" The man's a lawyer and he says this.

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There's a reason that Labour changes EU policy and this cunt and the peers start kicking up a fuss, they're being paid to wreck.

Tbh I agree. There was a whole thing that someone worked out that there are few untaken political colours in the UK: one of which is turquoise (which Brexit then nabbed). pink is another, Burgundy too (although the DUP are close to it). It's niché I'll give it to them.

He isn't paid the wreck, he wants to position for a leadership race.

You'd have to be a retard to vote for Starmer. Hope he gets deselected but doubt the wetbags that make up the membership will pull the trigger since he's pro-EU.

Oh Starmer would be a shit leader I agree, atm the likely successor is Rebecca Long-Bailey or McDonnell.

Seriously, Zig Forums will love that shit. Also most unconscious normies will see them as an "alternative", however it really means, "we really fucking want to protect that status quo".

So this Panorama hit-piece is coming out tonight, tomorrow is gonna be a shitshow.

what is it about

Labour and "Anti-semitism", made by a bloke with awards from the Jewish Chronicle and the Women's Zionist Organisation…

Do people even care about this any more?

They will once its all over the telly.

But its been all over the telly on off for 3+ years now, surely by now know one gives a shit about it

Yeah but looking at the record of this bloke, he will basically say "Labour is anti-semitic" and middle england loves a daddy figure to tell them how to think so they will go with it. Honestly this is the most blatant hit-piece I've ever seen.

lol they operate like and a lot of them are aristocrats

The goal isn't to make it some public emergency about anti-semitism where people care about the supposedly rife bigotry in the labour party or elsewhere, its to drill the lie into people's heads so that whenever there's a panel on the news the pro-labour voice can be harangued about anti-semitism to shut down any discussion of policy or criticism of the government and it doesn't appear as out of the ordinary to the viewers, so that when someone tells them to vote labour their instant retort at the back of their mind is to accuse labour of being anti-semitic. Its a though-terminating cliche that's been carefully manufactured by the bourgeois media, state and the zionist lobby over years now to suppress the mass popularity of Labour's program which otherwise threatens to overwhelm all their institutions.
Among the worst crimes of the blairite wreckers in the party has been enabling this smear and limiting Labour's ability to generate a united front in the face of it and a loud and clear response refuting it outright which is the only feasible way to shut this operation down.

Obviously the main end-game of this is to turn the Lib Dems into the main liberal opposition of the UK: thus ensuring austerity for fucking ever.

It's working tbh.

Yep. I'm leaving the country for 9 months soon, I fully expect to come back to it a fucking hellhole on Italian tiers.

If this happens then Britain will be dragged down the same black hole that the rest of the world is being sucked into where the liberals consolidate Macron-style to preserve the status quo while in reality laying the grounds for fascists to take over, our only hope is Labour overcoming the current bourgeois forces arrayed against them and take power with a program that actually restructures british society and places us uniquely on the road to socialism as the sole leading light of the world.

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does corbyn hate jews

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Seeing as you've found our secret lair we'll let you in on the big secret, they're is no corbyn, he died in 1986, we dug up a dead geography teacher from the early 2000's and put some sticks up his arse so McDonnell can run him like a puppet

Holy based


Go on our lad!

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The BBC has lost its mind.

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Also I regret to inform you retards it's time for me to laugh at you for liking Thornberry once more.

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Everyone acknowledged she's a political opportunist and will go whichever way the wind is blowing but haha at some of us thinking she performs well smh

Aunt Beeb more like Aunt Heeb amirite fellas

If they've doctored emails the BBC is gonna be fucked to high heaven, no word of a lie.


Is the edited line that important in changing the context?

Really fires the synapses

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You what mate. There’s at least a 90% chance given the severe unlikelihood of this parliament approving any form of Brexit.

Will you please just stfu. I remember you spouting this shit right before Labour won in Peterborough against all predictions. You can gloat when Labour actually lose some seats.

Yes, because it goes from "Antisemitism is being used as a factional tool" to "We're seeing a lot of jews being accused of antisemitism, is this being used as a factional tool?"

Ah that makes sense. It was thinking who is the ‘we’ in the sentence. Thanks fam

Tommy Robinson gets 9 months, goons go fucking crazy: twitter.com/mikeysmith/status/1149292649347768320

EU would have made British society more social democrat but now you are going to enjoy american style libertarian freedumbs. Trump even mentioned about privatizing your healthcare system so american companies can make more profits on the British market. The upside is that rest of Europe is free from american influence because Britain does what america orders it to do.

Here's an idea: Kill yourself.

If only.

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The tories took us into the EU and we've only gotten less social democratic within it. Beyond brexit the british road to socialism awaits.

It doesn't matter that parliament wont approve of it, the default position will be to drop out without a deal. Since Boris is likely to get the Tory leadership it is what will happen. The only way a general election will happen before then is if ,when parliament starts after the summer, the government losses a vote of no-confidence which would require the DUP and probably some Torys voting against and I just don't see that happening. There is no way any Tory mp will risk another GE and all the Cucks/Independent group MPs will be the same. I feel like its more likely to happen after we leave and everything falls apart due to Tory incompetence.

the EU fucks over even Soc-dem countries. Countries are only allowed to be left of centre liberals anything more and you're a threat to Neo-liberalism

The tankie is obviously a retarded burger who thinks that America can will anything they want into happening.

I disagree. Resistance to no-deal Brexit is very strong in the centrist faction of the Tory party and they've already had defections because of that. Plus they might think that they're better off having a GE now than after a no-deal Brexit puts us into recession.

Brexiters as a whole dwarf remainers, and no dealers are the majority of the Brexit camp. This combined with Tories being spineless creatures means they'll likely do what they're told.

You've gotta remember that the tories are the rent seeking party and no deal threatens a lot of rents.
Regardless, Boris is such an egoist that he will call an election because of the honeymoon bounce. And that election will be fucking batshit.

Prep schools in the UK were based around an attempt to mimic classical Greaco-Roman education so they decided why not mox the pedastery in with all the language and rethoric courses.

You also have an environment with a strict social hierarchy dominated by unsupervised adolescent boys where typical sexualized hazing you find among all kinds of groups dominated by young people is going to be inevitable. Plus teachers who want to abuse their power with little oversight are morr capable of doing so in Bording School environments.

Also worth noting that sexual hazing is common in situations where men are living together: Dedovschina is another example.

How can you believe that? They'll get away with printing whatever lies they want

My Therapist: Don't worry, Social Imperialists don't actually exist, they can't hurt you.
Luke Akehurst: EXISTS

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yess, that's right, don't fight back.

lol apparently this guy thinks Ed Miliband was a Trot.