You think muricans secretly with the USSR still existed?

Note I am a pro-Soviet communist, but I’ll tell from the American perspective for a while:

America has never existed without an enemy to rally against, whether it was the British, the natives, the Confederacy (and the Yanks respectively). The two biggest enemies America ever rallied against were the Axis and the Soviet Union, with the Axis being the enemy in the greatest war in human history who America could gloat over, and the Soviet Union being the enemy for the majority of our parent’s young lifetime and the majority of their parents lifetime.

The USSR for Americans was almost like the most worthy of its foes, a nation that was America’s opposite, and as we know with opposites they tend to mirror each other in key ways. Both were born from rebellion (America was a rebellion for slavery and genocide IMO, the USSR was a rebellion against them), both took up a massive landmass in their respective continents (US is a third of North America, the USSR was practically a subcontinent), both lead their respective spheres of the world, both could claim and gloat over victory over the Axis, both were technologically advanced (before we started pretending like the Soviets were savages Soviet super tech was a trope), and both were the center of the Cold War. Unlike the Nazis, the Soviets were seen as bad but weren’t cartoonishly evil villains whose plans included genociding entire groups of people and remaking the world as a racial hierarchy, it was a true battle of ideology.

Imo all this Russia shit, beyond just being a distraction Porky drafted up, is psychologically pleasing for Americans, for the boomers that feed into this nonsense the most, Russia being the enemy reminds them of the Cold War, a time they’ve more or less completely forgotten under nostalgia where life was simple and the enemy wasn’t no every brown person in existence, but the strange Eastern society that had all the nukes. Hence why they’re calling people comrade, why they have Putin with the hammer and sickle, and why they’re actively pretending as though the USSR still exists.

Americans wish the USSR still exists because it was a more believable enemy than terrorists are, at least the USSR relied far more or nationalism, whereas terrorists is straight up racism and little else, and obviously not a real threat.

Just my thoughts

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Yes, of course, you hear right-wing Americans say things like this a lot. It also provided more structure to international affairs whereas now things are much more chaotic in some ways. Like the Russian ambassador who was assassinated in Turkey had liberals in the U.S. saying he was the equivalent of an enemy combatant and so on which is just deranged and extreme even by the standards of the old Cold War.

Like the Cold War was a problem but it was *the* problem but now people are not sure what the problem is.

You are correct. The collective boomer and gen x trauma of paranoia over nukes and ebul gommies is being used to induce some kind of nationwide PTSD flashback to distract them from what's actually happening in the world.

Honestly I feel America is pushing for this new Cold War with China to achieve some form of internal and international stability if anything

Which is strange because America almost had a revolution in ‘68

I feel like these people don’t even remember the Cold War tbh


No they didn't. The hippies were an FBI psyop.

I don’t mean the hippie fags, I mean the actual advanced Marxist-Leninist movements like the Black Panthers forming a coalition between street gangs, white workers, impoverished blacks, impoverished Latinos, former inmates, etc.

A true revolutionary element was forming and it wasn’t some dumbass college kids doing acid and having an orgy on the woods, fuck hippies, I despise them and the nonsense they stand for, they’re like anarchists but incredibly retarded

Seconding this. I've got several friends that have become hippie-ish the last years. They don't like the status quo, but they turn to hot liberal takes and individualist moralism for answers instead of materialism, and seem to lack a lot of nuance despite their alleged open-mindedness lmao. Some of them even like Jordan Peterson, probably because their individualist idealist nonsense overlap so much

Also a high level of strike activity in the early 70s. The Cliffite Trotskyism rooted on college campuses Zig Forums was talking about in the thread on the cucked socialism conference came about in part because of a decline in strike activity in the late 70s

Tbh hippies are scum, their entire purpose was to drain away energy from the actual socialist movements going on

They were just liberal kids that didn’t want to fight in Vietnam but also lacked the stomach to actually stand up to the state

Once it was all over these fuckers became the yuppies and shitheels that voted in Reagan and became the boomers we know and despise today

Meanwhile the actual revolutionaries were broken, jailed, or killed

Gen X voted in Reagan. And vast majority of them weren't hippies, they were Randroids.

And no one wants to say the Chinese are a threat mainly because, A. They are very unproven and never up to the USSR's standards B. They ain't white, so conservatives think they're weak and liberals think it's racist to label them as such C. They got so much internal problems, they barely can have any influence or a hegemony in spite of them trying to in Africa and South America and 4. They give so much money to the US and have big businesses might as well shut up and take the money. Oh and there's now a debt, or something.

Also Boomers are fucking tards who can't even conceptualize, much less adapt to the return of a 19th century style multipolar global order contested by a dozen great and middle powers, so they delude themselves by trying to interpret everything through the outdated paradigm of the late 20th century "binary superpower" era.

They are so desperate to relive the simple glory days of the binary contest with the USSR that they are willing to piss away Obama's much vaunted "Pivot to the Pacific" in order to get stuck in with the Russians over fruitless pissing contests in Donbass, Crimea, Georgia, Baltics, and Syria.

There was a big radical left element to the hippie movement, for example the Weather Underground were closely tied to Grateful Dead "family" of LSD manufacturers

Other leftists back in those days acknowledged the Weather Underground as nonsense too

The olds are just beyond hope. You literally can't have a coherent conversation about politics and world affairs with them. They'll tell you the whole middle east is ruled by kings, the USSR never really ended, China is some sort of weird place with funny-eyed people, that sort of thing. They have the old programming drilled into them and have been so brain-rotted from a non-stop assault on their psyches that nothing is left for them. The past 40 years have been nothing but an endless humiliation, the ruling class shouting "retard! retard! retard!" at them over and over again until the message sunk in. The milennials are little better, sadly, and when we're all old we'll be even more clueless and hopeless than the Boomers. Americans have taken the British habit of self-deprecation to an extreme and engage in ritualistic self mutilation because those values have been drilled into them. Then the ruling class gives them the ultimate insult, a retard like Trump in order to convince the Boomers that, yes, you really are this retarded. The whole 2016 spectacle was the ruling class stamping the word "retard" on every old American's brain - forever, and always, maniacally and laughing that there are some sad souls dumb enough to eat it up. Now, I can only blame the olds so much. They really never stood a chance when you see what they are up against. I don't even think many olds actually believe the preposterous narrative that Trump is going make anything better for anyone but a bunch of rich assholes, but certainly enough people have been infantilized to build a movement of screaming retards following the billionaire screaming retard, and enough degenerate pigger scumbags back this shit because they think this is all some cute joke, thanks to pigger media like South Park defecating and teaching a new generation of Americans pure, utter retardation disguised as comedy. But, if the olds aren't shoved into retirement homes by their shitty children already or die early because of a shitty health care system, they've been so utterly disconnected for any meaningful social or political action for so long that if they don't buy into the shit streaming out of CNN or MSNBC, they have no one to confirm their suspicions, no context to understand the world. They, and many of us really, have been robbed of any ability to understand the world, history, and other people. This media environment is so unbelievably toxic that I had to just fucking turn off the TV and stop watching much of anything. Thank god the television is dying out. What a shitty medium.

no. i'm gen x and wasn't even old enough to vote for reagan. And Xers that were old enough would have been real young and mostly voted Dem anyway. It was absolutely boomers the voted in Reagan. Them and silents.

Best post here in months

I also think there needs to be more analysis of South Park as like regime television, basically. It has been on the air continously since 1997 approaching 300 episodes. Parker and Stone straddle this position where their shows and movies don't take the official ideology seriously (Team America) but also engages in the most base racist, stereotype humor. Over time though the ironic distance towards the regime gets incorporated into the regime which you can see with Trump and the "ironic" American chauvinism of his supporters. There is a gas station chain where I live that has a gun supply section and you can buy little patches for your tactilol gear: like a Texas flag, or a little patch that looks like a package of french fries but it says Freedom Fries with the fries replaced with rifle rounds. Or like guys wearing shirts that say "Surprise, Cockfags!" (a line from Team America). Or like how Kim Jong Il was presented "herrooo"

Basically, the racist humor and also disavowal of such serves a purpose. If you're a white, middle-class dude in an American suburb who is told to worship God and guns, and maybe you served in the military at some point, although if you want that nice paycheck you're going to commute into a cushy office job that has Chinese and Indian employees brain-drained from those countries' educated classes, and that's probably going to be weird but you'll be under orders from your to get along with them – you'll learn to dismiss the "dey took our jerbs" types while also laughing at Pajeet's funny accent.

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There's not going to be a return to "great powers", that's some nonsense spouted by people who think geopolitics is a game of Civilization or something. Global capitalism is too big to not have a core, and after 1989 the age of the nation-state is pretty much over. It's just corporations that transcend borders, nation states cannot be said to have any meaningful "national interest" apart from that of global capital or ideological resistance to it. If America is no longer a sufficient host for global capitalism's police wing, it will find another master, or some hegemony everyone submits to, or the matter will quickly devolve into a general world war (we're heading in that direction, but I don't know for sure if it's really going to come to that because no one wants to fight a nuke war, not even the maniacs in Congress).

My mom is unironically one of the only old people I can talk politics with and it’s because she was raised in Trinidad outside of the nonsensical bullshit and alienated culture of America.

Even then it’s taken whittling away to get her just barely questioning of most of the DNC and capitalism, and that’s because she recognizes that American culture is inherently toxic and rejects classism against fellow workers and homeless people.

It's gone past alienation. Americans live in this information bubble that has beaten them down so thoroughly that it's a wonder we have any semblance of sanity left in this country. I don't see the same sort of shit in Britain or Europe. Dunno about Latin America, I've read it's super shit over there in the same way it is here but I don't know how you can get this thoroughly brainfucked without a massive PR apparatus working overtime, the likes of which only seems to exist here.

I’d say Americans are insane already, just look at their positions on settled science, like climate change, evolution, the shape of the Earth, etc.

Americans are fucking completely insane

They’re just the type of insanity that ensures they fit into this insane society and culture perfectly

What a torrent of blood it will be when the veil is dropped and the mask comes off

At this point even the Religious Right has given up the ghost on evolution, and climate denialism is largely tied to the very unpopular Green economic plans (which should be opposed, because they're fucking awful and won't actually solve any ecological crisis). If anything Americans are TOO deferential to "science" while being robbed of a genuine understanding of what science is, what facts are. This makes it easy to spread pseudo-scientific horseshit that Americans uncritically believe, like "war is good for economy therefore we should keep bombing brown people", and the whole milieu of bullshit economic theory that gets peddled in the mainstream. Trusting the experts is what turned America into the backwards shithole that it is, because the experts didn't have our best interests at heart and lied profusely and often to the people. Boomers just have the old "expert" programming that is out of date, and rather than try to actually include old people in society, the olds who didn't get the careers that were promised to them were left to rot, basically unemployable and trying desperately to scrape together whatever they could from welfare, disability, and what few job programs existed specifically to get old people employed in very rare circumstances.

Of course that whole system got its start because America's foiundation was rotten enough for some sick fucks to build a system of scientism. Decent leaders would have seen the monstrosity they were creating with their campaign and limited the damage, but by 1970 the US just abandoned all pretenses and went full class war.

What great analysis.

Looks like a salty burger rolled on in

Nah, it’s just that your a euro salty about loosing your colonial empire.

I’m a Brooklynite that was born in Brooklyn tard


Burger here, too. I wouldn't be able to say what I do without having lived here and seen the rot. I think a lot of people not from here don't get how the tendency in Americans towards self-deprecation is taken to extremes, deliberately and often.

People look at how Bernie is being suppressed and wonder how such a ham-fisted, obvious strategy works, but believe me, it works, it works all too well on olds and people caught up in their circlejerk communities who have been so pozzed that social interaction becomes unbearable. People are so spooked that they respond to this bullying readily.

It’s just Brooklyn, go to the midwest if you want sanity.

Lol wut?

It's insane how shit like this only happens in the US. If any european anons could tell us if it's similar there it would be appreciated but where I'm from this mentality is almost non-existant. Not even the most insane pinochetista in this country is as retarded as the average american boomer.

I'll take that over living in a overcrowded liberal shithole with 3rd rate public transit masquerading as a center of culture, which on a hot day smells like a dumpster full of burning diapers.
Outside of a few of the museums and the (badly overpriced) resturants, New York has nothing going for it.

This is pretty worng. I have never met a single burger in my life who believes this.

2016 was many things, but whenever someone would call the populous something negative it would always backfire. (see basket of deplorable)

That post was a combination of out right lies and exaggeration.

lol no
not true, and so what if it is

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