Zig Forumslack here

Help me overcome my fear of non-whites.
I'm serious. All the shit about "wh.ite genocide", "anti-white marxists", and interracial cuck shit gets me depressed to no end. I don't even hate other races, but being a long-time Zig Forumslack has made me instinctually afraid of non-whites. I'm tired of it.

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Go to church and force yourself to interact with other people.

But i don't wanna though.

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Are you able to take vacations in another country? Go to worst korea or something, just go look at some natural scenery and eat fried chicken. That should help.

what is this?

Or one of the stable E. Africa countries. They're not very developed because their industry is fucked due to tariffs incentivising resource export rather than production, but they're pretty chill places.

stop being fucking retarded

it's perfectly rational to fear non whites they don't even hide the fact that they want to cook you alive these days

As opposed to the old days, when you'd get cooked in a bunker.


there are daily food riots in pretty much every East African city local politicians run on increasing daily rations

Good joke Pedro.

“Help me overcome my fear of non-whites”

How about you just stop being a cuck and a bitch?

You’ve literally got a swastika flag

Why the fuck shouldn’t I wanna burn some Nazi pig alive?

you shouldn't

see you on the killing fields bucko!


why get depressed over things that don't exist?

what about getticg cucked by white men op

Don’t go to worst Korea because it is a legit terrible place to go to. Pick any other east Asia country except that

I suggested worst korea because they have the most americanized cuisine. Hard to enjoy vacation when you're afraid to eat the local food. I've legit met people who are afraid to eat ramen so starting it's good to start with something familiar like fried chicken.

Do whatever you want. I don't care, it's not my job to make you stop being a retard.

Well I think a the Zig Forums fear of non-whites is kind of the mirror-image or reverse version of the fear that white, liberal progressive types have. Like with the liberals, they are also afraid so they try really hard to be "nice" or like "hey, my brotha!" in this patronizing way. It is over-compensating and black people see through it.

Ultimately you as an individual – and me too – just don't matter a whole lot, and most people are just trying to go about their day. Like I live in a pretty diverse city in the U.S. South that gets pretty ratchet as they say but most people are just minding their own business. Really, it's not necessary for people to "love" each other in this gooey / hippie way, or even really understand each other, and the most people can demand from each other is a minimum standard of mutual respect.

Basically a lot of this comes down to fear of black men, and if you're in the U.S. you're probably seeing them come out of violent / aggro environments. But if you're a nerdy white guy like me, they're probably not actually afraid of you at all in a direct sense – they're more afraid of other black guys and this kind of aggro thing is a way to protect themselves from those guys. A black dude who is doing the full-aggro DMX thing is going to scare the bejeesus out of a lot of white people but you don't actually know anything about him and he's probably not worried about your honkey mayo ass: youtube.com/watch?v=fGx6K90TmCI

It's the ecological fallacy, really. Statistics 101 stuff. You can't draw inferences about individuals from characteristics of a group they belong to – like the "will rob and kill your ass" thing only shows up in data at the big, aggregate level and is totally useless at predicting what any individual will do. The black guy doing the DMX thing might also be really into Shakespeare or Star Trek or whatever and you would never know. People are full of surprises.

Anyways like I was saying it just comes down to respect. My advice is to look people in the eyes when you talk to them, treat them with respect and as individuals who possess dignity, but otherwise mind your own busines – like it's not necessary to force friendship with anyone. If you do this you won't have any problems. It also doesn't matter what "black people" in this abtract way think of you either.

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It's not useless, distributions in groupings become probabilities in the individual.

get a job where you'll have to interact with non whites

Are you still flirting with fascism?
I had (still have) the same bias against people from the middle east/trans people/black (even though I am half black myself, black people can't be racist amiright).

If you are interested in Marxism/leftism search and look up youtube channels of people of color. Read literature of POC to understand how POC feel about those stereotypes. Look up black intellectuals. It will take a lot of hard work comrade(?) since you probably watched a lot of "degenerate" black people videos on Zig Forums.

I was in the same boat as you as a teenager, it took me a couple years of being forcedto interact with and (for fun) read about non-white cultures before I started getting comfortable. Just know that culture always changes, so even if Germany for example didn't allow any immigrants German culture would continue to develop to be unrecognizable in a couple hundred years.

Maybe he just turned 14 and is maturing a bit.

As a black guy, I truly can’t even comprehend whites fearing us, historically every time shit hits the fan for white folks it’s murdering niggas time, and they’re already getting close to that crazed frenzy already.

If anything, white people are fucking terrifying

yeah I can see a lot of today's kids are also going through that, I was also like that when I was an edgy teenager, I recommend you to get a job where people who are not white work, that is how I got rid of my fear of Arabs and Black when I got a job

you wouldn't need to fear the working class if there was proper public services

Shitting yourself is directly linked to lashing out.

i dont get this shit because if anything the nonwhite people i know irl are a little racist against themselves sometimes and at most make jokes about mayonnaise or something

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Zig Forumsacks are all maladjusted suburban middle Americans, they have never met a non white person except maybe a maid and they never intend to, Breitbart and A Whyatt Mann tell them all they need to know. Clearly exposure is the best cure for prejudice but they are innoculated from it by their terrible parents and upbringing.

The best genuine thing I could advise you is to decouples yourself from those negative online communities, pick up a hobby and make some friends in the bar or something. Drinking 3 drinks helps your andiety, at the least for a few hours.

You probably confirm your fears with negative experiences with ghetto scum. There is lot of ghetto scum. But you mostly remember the non whites cause they have been fucked over so much historically that there isn't much non white outside of it. Trust me, in Europe the white scum is just as scary as the Arab ones. You don't have to interact with them, there's plenty of non whites in your comfort zone who you can hang out with

retard can't even spell

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it's probably more complicated than either side thinks because in the statistics people everywhere are generally satisfied with the "racial makeup" of their neighborhood here in america, personally i think people become racist both through a lack of exposure, and exposure itself to people of other races who they personally were offended or attacked somehow by, so yeah it kinda goes both ways there, but overall people are fine with having a lot of people of other races in their communities it seems these people are more or less outliers but still exist

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Have you seen pol? They all want to unironically genocide millions of people, even the most radical and hateful black nationalist doesn't want to unironically kill all white people.

As a wh*te person I can give my opinion that black people are very kind, accepting, and nice. In my experience, its whites that's been racially hostile not black people.

Take Dylann Roof as a perfect example, he walked into an *exclusively african church*, *with a glock visible on his belt*, *didn't say anything or socialize*, and he was welcomed without question.

Agreed, these people are only scaring themselves.

I have watched racial dynamics play out in the neighborhood I grew up in here in Texas, which was almost entirely white when I was a kid but has changed considerably. For one, a black family moved in and the head of the household is a grandmother in her late 80s so she has seen some shit and literally worked most of her life as hired help for an old, rich white lady millionaire. She is incredibly sweet and kind and my parents have become friends with her.

Meanwhile the other white neighbor lady, who was a family friend when I was growing up, has gone full Nazi racist since black people and others started moving in. I mean scary and frightening, insane racism and talking about killing all non-whites. This woman is in her 60s. My parents cut off contact because it's vile.

Then another neighbor was robbed and beaten by a group of young black men in the neighborhood. But the victim was a young black woman. :-(

If you're "instinctually afraid" of anyone who isn't White, it's almost certainly because you've lived your whole life in a White neighborhood and your entire understanding of Blacks, Latins, Asians, is based on shitty White-made media. Get out of the house and go to places like churches, community centers, downtown cores, other places where a larger ethnic diversity can be expected. The brainwashing should melt away on its own.

Stop your boring false-flagging… it's painfully obvious you're not and never were a "Zig Forumsack".

this board has plenty of ex Zig Forumsacks, myself included. people grow out of the brain rot that Zig Forums is

which are wrong and useless at the individual level