Can I be socialist

I was always left in economics. So of course Socialism and Communism seem good for me. The problem is, that I hate the degeneracy, that the modern left is today (LGBT…, Extrem Feminism, …)
Can I still be a Socialist? And if so, how can I ignore these problems?

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Depends on what you mean. Most people here adopt an anti identity politics position, which of course means opposition to queer, feminist, and anti-racist politics when they appear as identitarianism, anti-universalism, etc. In short we oppose their liberal variants. Rated PG Parental Guidances, safe spaces, cancelling, thinly veiled racial hatred against whites, racial pride of any kind, muh media representation, cultural appropriation, etc are all bourgeois nonesense. However it’s important to remember that racism, homophobia, and sexism are themselves forms of idpol, and so opposition to idpol cannot just be a thinly veiled excuse to be reactionary on social issues.

Yes you can.

Degeneracy stems from late capitalism and it's treatment of people and identities as commodities.

Read theory.

Study how the material relations of production are the base for all of the cultural forms (basically, how "economics" affects "culture").

Also, the modern left is nowhere near marxism today. They are just left wing liberals, pro-capitalists and usually anti-communism. They will spit the usual bullshit about "b-but the USSR wasn't real communism!". Don't believe them. The USSR was real communism, and it was better than the shithole in which we all live now.

You have a problem with people being gay in general or bourg decadence specifically? If former then what the fuck is wrong with you, if latter then it stems from consumerism and individualism and socialism is precisely how you solve that.

In order to be a communist, you need to understand that your supportive base consists of the ENTIRE working class. That means the LGBT, the women, and the racialized ethnicities. If you have a problem with the modern liberal-bourgeois forms of LGBT culture, feminism, anti-racism, then this is alright, but you need to counter it with proletarian LGBT culture, proletarian feminism, proletarian anti-racism.

Depends whether you want to unflinchingly pursue communism or do you just want welfare, dirigisme and an authoritarian state that enforces your aesthetic sensibilities

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As long as you're economically socialist, I'd say you're good to go. Just remember that although we don't like liberals and their idpol woke bullshit, we're not social reactionaries either. In my opinion though, as long as we agree on economics, we can disagree on cultural shit later.
And yeah, a lot of the liberal woke shit comes from capitalism, not the proper left.

Yeah niggy

we just need ethical capitalism

Idols are burgeois culture, fuck that shit. Only proletarian yuri.

What the fuck does being "left in economics" mean? Did someone leave you at a place with books about economics so you read about it and got into socialism?

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Bruh c'mon you shouldn't let something petty like me liking dick turn us away from each other as workers and hopefully soldiers in the revolutionary army

Subjective. Most of the time it’s just “I like x thing, and it’s going away”. It completely depends on what that thing is.

I hate it too but state power and economics are more important than crying about transgenders.

Capitalism is inherently anti-communist. Feminism, however, is only incidentally anti-communist. Feminism can also be very much communist, if it refuses to carry liberal baggage.
The USSR and China employed radically liberatory ideology in the destruction of their old patriarchal relations, which could be considered a kind of feminism (though it's vastly different from bourgeois-liberal feminism).

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I'm in a similiar boat to OP

In my case i'm a self respecting white man who has no problem living together with any other races so long as they have a problem with me. The problem is i'm in the US and there's resentment no matter where you turn to whether that be whites to blacks blacks to whites mexicans to whites etc.

At the same time i'm aware their grievances are very understandable and warranted (in most cases). I want a multicultural society to run well but I think the human nature of the masses just doesnt permit it. We can't all just shed the past and move on together. The lack of social cohesion will always be a detriment.

I've been going to Zig Forums since I was like 15 (22 now) and have always been on the right but the past year i've become disillusioned with it all. Every politician on the right believes in some weird form of libertarianism and aren't actually conserving shit.

I'm very much on the left when it comes to economics and have always been.

I find myself in a weird state of limbo where I don't really fit in anywhere. I look to the right and I see mindless Zig Forumstard hate FUG NIGGERSXDDand grifters and I look to the left and I see a movement thats been co-opted by faggots/trannies that have never read the actual literature and call themselves anarcho-marxist-leninist-maoist-rojavabijibiji… you get what i'm spitballing here.

I realize idpol goes both ways but if you don't fight back against obtuse public degeneracy it will just spread.

Maybe I spend too much time reading twitter but seeing half the comment section of anything left leaning being a bunch of trannies and sexual deviants who proudly display themselves as such just turns me off to the idea.

Even back in my days of literal NutSac I didn't give a damn about LGBT stuff. I took the boomer approach of "heh heh i dont care what they do as long as it's in private." but over the past couple years it's gotten real bad with all the IM GAY IM GAY TRANS RIGHTS TRANS RIGHTS PROTECT TRANSCHILDREN LOOK AT MY PRONOUNS IN MY BIO IM AN ALLY DRAG QUEEN READING TO KIDS ISNT A BIG DEAL BIGOT.

I just want leftism to be about class consciousness and workers rights but everywhere I look online it's just gays/trannies and their pets. Some of you will look down on me as just a poltard but i'm being honest and posting in good faith. Just dont know what to do anymore senpai

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Those radlibs are at most reformists, they don't advocate for the abolishment of capitalism.

BTW I also don't really understand far-left trans people. They do realize that 'gender' is a product of the material conditions that help to reproduce capitalism right?

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The existence of trans people doesn't enforce that concept but instead goes against it by suggesting these identities are changeable/mutable.

Do you, presumably a straight cis man understand that? What are you going to do to fight that reality? I don't understand cis people. They do realize that 'gender' is a product of the material conditions that help to reproduce capitalism right?

Shift your framework away from avoiding 'degeneracy' and preserving the order and realize the order is what got us in this mess in the first place. Leftism is not just about class struggle and workers rights but also about an erosion of hierarchies and destabilization of the status quo. One can not exist without the other. The systems of control (i.e. gender. race, borders, etc.) all work together to oppress the working class.

Also stop trying to belong/fit in somewhere. Just be lol.