Is there a stupid custom in America than tipping?
I once got in an argument with a friend about this.
The whole thing is a scam to offload the cost of the server's labor onto the consumer, and instead of actually paying them what they are worth, the person dining has to pick up the tab.
Why don't any of these people form a union instead shitting on people who don't tip?
Does tipping actually just fuel this vicious cycle?

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I do sometimes do night time food delivery in UK. Here we don't get tips very much. It is nice, though. But it's more of a psychological boost.
Getting tips from cute women is the best. I sometimes think it should be the other way around, and I should be tipping them.
I agree it shouldn't be up to the customer to make up for crap pay rates.
Weirdly enough I enjoy the work itself. It's just the constant struggle to earn enough after Porky has had his cut. I could happily do it for a few hours every evening under socialism for labour vouchers.

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If the yellows imperialise the world, let's hope their first act is to outlaw tipping.

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This is why tipping or any "voluntary" transfer is shit. The good looking expand their natural superiority to wealth and the inequalities deepen and reinforce each other.

free drink from the server when you're waiting for the order is good too tho

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No its not, I never got a free drink. Its not "free" anyway since those who dont get them are effectively paying for those who do, businesses have to make profit.

It's usually going out of the servers pay (though here in my third world shithole the servers just steal the money back and everyone remains confused), you, as another costumer, are not paying for the drinks of others.

If they steal it back there is less income so it has to be increased by upping the prices -> cuck pays

I have to make enough to live. But if I don't, porky doesn't care. He'll just replace me with someone else. Why should I care about porky's profit?
Or, porky makes less profit.
Where do you think profit comes from? It's from workers labour. Who is stealing from who?

Because they've internalized porky's ideology of divide&conquer the proletariat. When I went to the U.S., it was funny how waiters disliked foreigners because they never tip. Yeah dude, because we actually come from a civilised country where waiters are paid a living wage and dislike this burger shit where you have to calculate 15 fucking percent extra everytime you go eat dinner so the waitress can afford vaccines for her kids.

you argue that it's the customers should decide about the income of servers

you argue that the restaurant owner/manager should decide about the income of servers

the correct answer however is that people should be payed according to labour time, besides communist food dispensaries will divert all the labour to cooking this will reduce the kitchen work-load and make it possible to make proper food you know with proper ingredients not just warming up food-immitation-goop. But You'll have to carry your plate of food to the table your self.

Tipping in Burgerland originated from the Great Depression when porky had to get creative to stay profitable. So he decided that it wasn’t his responsibility to pay his worker’s, but the costumers.

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They're been brainwashed and unions are illegal in America.

I went to a diner once and the receipt said "due to popular customer demand we have switched to the tipping system" or something like that.

Because this is usually in small businesses that aren't unionized and any attempt at that is an instant firing. Moreover since most of these people are generally teens with summer-jobs who have a dozen people waiting to take their place and endure that shit will never work

I mean, obviously wait staff should be paid a living wage and customers shouldn't have to subsidize employers via tip.

But you're still an asshole if you got a restaurant knowing that your waiter survives off of tips and you don't tip them.

*go to

Yeah it is fucked. Luckily at least the libersls are waking up to this. Elimnating the lower wage for tipped workers is part of the 15 dollar an hour bill the democrats just unanimously passed in the house.

Cringe and bluepilled.

Wonder if this is more common in UK. Maybe you are cuter than me but I only got a free drink once in some small bar in a rural mountain town.

Every time someone doesn’t tip, they should get pissed at their boss, not the customer.

Yeah, but worker solidarity also entails us helping each other out when our bosses are being cheap assholes.
It's not like the average American doesn't realize that they're servers rely on tips to make ends meet. People who don't tip just don't give a fuck.

Or they could just be broke themselves. Why does worker solidarity include picking up the tab for the borgs? It’s backwards and it should be challenged.

Tipping is basically holding workers hostage to force customers to pay their wages.

then they'd be buying from a fast-food place where tipping is far less likely and food is far cheaper.

i tipped my chinese food deliverer 20 dollars, cuz im just nice like that.

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Fuck all that shit,
we non-tipping gang nao.

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Keep that up and you'll increase the social mobility of chinese food deliverers by 0,2%

As a Euro, trolling Americans over tipping was my favorite thing on old /b/.
I had a New York waiter tell me he'd piss in my drink, on a hypothetical night out in a city I'll almost certainly never visit.
I believe his anger was misplaced.

Based Japan and South Korea.

Tbf the reason you don't tip in Brazil is because they have a 10% service charge that goes to staff anyways. IMO it's a better system.
As for Britain, yeah I round-up at a restaurant, and even then by a couple of quid. One thing that isn't uncommon is offering to buy a barman or barmaid a drink.

See, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Then you can actually have a conversation with them. In the U.S., it always feels like they’re trying to impress me for tips. It makes the whole interaction feel inauthentic and weird.

Yeah, and us being british we have our own euphemism for it: "And one for yourself?".

If you tip, do it in cash only. Many companies simply take tips for themselves as a subsidy for the employees' wages. Here's what that means:

Do not ever tip by writing in the tip on the receipt. Only tip in cash, so the worker can decide whether to report the tip (and how much). Some companies don't care whether the workers get a tip, but others will use the tip as a measure in performance reviews. At least give the workers the power to decide whether to conceal their income from the boss and the IRS or to report some portion of cash tips to ensure they don't lose their job either.

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Don't forget based Greenland

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That's becuase you all know eachother tho.

I'd tip them, but I'm poor too.

I am not surprised. Usually, I tip kind of a lot when I go out. Didn't realize this was a thing until now. I hate carrying so much cash though.

Just don't eat out ever. Then the restaurants will close and everyone will lose their jobs.
Problem solved.

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But i work so much i dont have time to cook good food ;-;

How much kitchen time do you have access to?

Collect really simple recipes, especially ones that can be batch prepared.
I make Chinese food a lot because it's fast. A rice cooker will safety cook itself without human intervention. That's automation.

Tonight I made tuna salad enough for two days, just need to throw some random leaves in tomorrow. Pretty optimized.
Proletarian lifehacks would make a good thread I guess.

The real redpill is every business with employees and a sold product does this

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the absolute state of everything

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But it's Iceland on the map.

UK should be dark blue.