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New generation of political exiles leave Bolsonaro's Brazil 'to stay alive'
The military dictatorship that ruled Brazil from 1964 to 1985 exiled leftist politicians, dissidents, artists and academics. Decades later, prominent Brazilian leftists and activists are again leaving the country, but this time they are fleeing death threats from rightwing extremists and supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro.

17,000 Walmart workers strike in Chile
The walkout is in response to mass firings and the expansion of a “multifunctional” work regime for the remaining workers. A total of 124 of the company’s stores will be closed indefinitely, while intermittent strike action will take place in the other 276.

Salvini’s far-right party investigated in Italy for ‘soliciting illegal oil money from Russia’
Italian prosecutors have opened an investigation into allegations that the country’s far-right ruling party solicited millions in covert donations from Russia.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards deny trying to stop UK tanker in Persian Gulf
There were “no encounters” between the Iranian warships and foreign vessels at the time when the incident is alleged to have taken place, the IRGC’s naval unit said in a statement on Thursday.

North Korea develops app to teach its ideology
An encyclopedic application will teach the Juche idea to a new generation of North Koreans, reports the BBC, which cites the state's official media organ thus: "People must try harder to learn the teachings of the founder Kim."

Brazil Court to Rule on Eviction Case of Landless Workers Camp
450 landless families could be evicted from a camp built on the lands of a company that broke in 1994.

Labour Twitter account ‘hacked’ as tweet says party is ‘institutionally racist’
The post was swiftly deleted and emerged as a BBC Panorama documentary was broadcast that investigated anti-Semitism in the party.

North Korea calls South Korea's F-35 jet purchases 'extremely dangerous action'
South Korea’s acquisition of American F-35 stealth fighter jets will force North Korea to develop and test “special armaments” to destroy the new weapons, North Korea’s state media said on Thursday, citing a government researcher.

Brazil Judge Orders Mining Company To Pay For Damage From Dam Disaster
A Brazilian judge has ordered mining giant Vale S.A. to pay for all damage caused by a ruptured dam that unleashed a torrent of mine waste and killed at least 247 people in January.

Kerala High Court: “Person embracing Maoist ideology can’t be persecuted”
A division bench of Chief Justice Hrishikesh Roy and Justice A K Jayasankaran Nambiar made the observation Monday while upholding a single bench order granting Rs 1 lakh compensation to a man who was illegally detained by a special squad of the Kerala Police in 2014 on suspicion of being a Maoist.

Tommy Robinson jailed for contempt of court
Tommy Robinson has been jailed for nine months for contempt of court.The ex-English Defence League leader was found guilty last week of interfering with the trial of a sexual grooming gang at Leeds Crown Court in May 2018.

'Completely Terrifying': Study Warns Carbon-Saturated Oceans Headed Toward Tipping Point That Could Unleash Mass Extinction Event
The continuous accumulation of carbon dioxide in the planet's oceans—which shows no sign of stopping due to humanity's relentless consumption of fossil fuels—is likely to trigger a chemical reaction in Earth's carbon cycle similar to those which happened just before mass extinction events, according to a new study.

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Defending anti-LGBTQ Legislation, U.S. Lawmaker Compared Himself to Oskar Schindler
A North Carolina Republican running for the House of Representatives compared his efforts to override laws against anti-LGBT discrimination to Oscar Schindler saving over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust.Bishop answered: "As Oscar Schindler said, as many as we can." Oskar Schindler was a German businessman who saved over a thousand Jews from the Nazis by hiring them in his factories in Poland.

Robber returns money to store clerk, says it’s not enough to help sick daughter
"That was unbelievable, what happened, because he actually had the money in his hand and refused to take it. He said it was not enough to pay for his daughter’s kidney transplant,” said the store owner, only identified as Kimo.

New York City emergency workers slam de Blasio's focus on soccer pay inequality
Unions for workers for New York City's emergency medical services released released a statement Wednesday criticizing Mayor Bill de Blasio's focus on pay inequity among soccer players, saying that their members face the same issues.

Broken Promises: Teachers Sue U.S. Over Student Loans That Weren't Forgiven
The American Federation of Teachers filed the lawsuit Thursday in federal court. In the complaint obtained by NPR, the union is asking the court to order the department to fix the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program so that it meets legal standards.

Two-thirds of veterans say the Iraq war wasn’t worth fighting
Majorities of veterans and the general public agree that the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t worth fighting, and hold similar views about the ongoing US military campaign in Syria.

Calling for Dignity for All Immigrants, Families Separated by Obama Administration Demand Apology From Biden
The former vice president, the Cosecha Movement said, must apologize for his part in the Obama administration's separation of thousands of families as it deported more people than ever before in U.S. history. Biden must also commit to ending the detention and deportation of immigrants, the group added.

US STOCKS-Dow tops 27,000, healthcare in spotlight after Trump's decision on rebate
U.S. stocks edged higher on Thursday on improved bets of an interest rate cut following Fed chief Jerome Powell’s dovish remarks, while healthcare stocks were mixed after the Trump administration withdrew a rule that would kill rebates.

Amazon announced Thursday that it will spend up to $700 million over the next six years retraining 100,000 of its US employees, mostly in technical skills like software engineering and IT support. Amazon is already one of the largest employers in the country, with almost 300,000 workers (and many more contractors), and it’s particularly hungry for more new talent.

Chinese oligarch sues city of Vancouver over $200,000 "Empty Homes Tax"
In recent years, Chinese oligarchs have been buying up vast swaths of Vancouver real estate as a way to park their money.A Chinese woman named He Yiju, who is married to a "top politician in China's rubber-stamp parliament" according to CNN, owns a $200 $20 million waterfront mansion and is suing the city to avoid paying the $200,000 tax bill.

Slavoj Zizek: Anti-Semitism & Me Too complaints challenge freedom of debate
Some British Jews feel affronted by alleged anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party. But how many of the complainants empathize with complaints from West Bank Palestinians?Throughout history, thinking at variance with the mainstream was always unpopular and risky. However, at various times, it has been tolerated to different degrees. Today, it’s less and less acceptable than in the recent past.Liberals of all colors like to repeat German socialist Rosa Luxembourg’s critical stab at the Bolsheviks: “Freedom is freedom for those who think differently.” And, to spice it up, they often like to add Voltaire’s maxim: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” That said, does our recent (and not so recent) experience not show that freedom for those who think differently is now acceptable only within the constraints of the predominant social pact?We can see this clearly, right now, as the unwritten rule which determines the limits of what is acceptable is breaking apart, and different visions compete to impose themselves as hegemonic. Years ago, Noam Chomsky caused a scandal when he followed Voltaire’s maxim to its extreme: he defended the holocaust denier Robert Faurisson’s right to publish his book, and his argumentation even appeared in Faurisson’s book as an afterword. Today such a gesture would be immediately identified as anti-Semitic.

The Difference Between Liberals and Leftists
Let us now delineate the difference between liberals and leftists.Bernie Sanders votes and caucuses with the Democratic Party, campaigns as an independent and self-identifies as a “democratic socialist”—an ideology without a party in the U.S. but that draws comparisons to Scandinavia. His stances on the issues are left of center but American politics have drifted so far right that he’s really a paleo-Democrat—there’s no daylight between Sanders 2020 and McGovern 1972. No wonder voters are confused!Liberals and leftists want many of the same things: reduced income inequality, better working conditions, more affordable housing and healthcare. There are differences of degrees. A liberal wants the gap between rich and poor to shrink; a communist wants no class differences at all. They’re very different when it comes to foreign policy: liberals support some wars of choice whereas leftists would only turn to the military for self-defense.Reading the last paragraph it is tempting to conclude, as I used to and many people still do, that there is enough overlap between the two to justify, even require, cooperation. Liberals and leftists both want to save the planet and the human race from climate change—why not join forces to fight the polluters and their allies the denialists?The Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz is the ultimate liberal: a professor at Columbia, ex-chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and former chief economist for the World Bank. An op-ed he recently published in The New York Times provides a perfect illustration of why a lasting working relationship between liberals and leftists will always be a pipe dream.

Google as a landlord? A looming feudal nightmare
Much contemporary criticism of Google focuses on the invisibility of the company’s vast monopoly power and the consequent indifference of both everyday consumers and government regulators. In ways that we rarely stop to acknowledge, much less understand, the tech giant’s digital domination shapes everything from the profitability of individual corporate enterprise to our consumption and communication practices.Soon, however, as Google expands its geographic footprint beyond the digital world into physical urban spaces, the potential impacts of the company’s unchecked powers may become both obvious and intolerable. This year alone the tech giant will spend $13bn expanding in 24 US cities. In some places, the company will bring not just jobs but entire campuses with fully equipped offices, data centers, retail spaces and even residences.Like industrial monopolies before it – from US Steel to the Pullman Company – Google is leveraging its significant influence to create entire urban economies dedicated to its own productivity and profitability.

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this would be good if it were true though

Yeah, dangerous to the RoKAF since they're so shit.

Seriously, just look what happened when Japan bought one, it lasted what, a week?

Source, what?

thanks news user

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Damn, you beat me to it.
The best thing about the F-35 program is the military fuckheads and MIC parasites running it persist in the delusion that if they keep flushing money down that particular toilet, it'll somehow turn into a functional weapon platform.
Less money for something that might actually work.

Born just in time to see the world end, neat.

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Is their an English version?

fuck yeah

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Yeah, because hippies are the kind of people I should listen to about climate change. Obviously climate change is real and has shity consequences, however a website like common dreams is not someone to trust about this stuff.

Bezos should teach WaPo journalists to code while he’s at it.


Dengism ain't free. The tree of broductive forces gotta be littered with tax avoidance money and so on and so on

Is the MIT more trustworthy for you?

Porky really really wants to make code monkeys so available they can pay them wallmart wages.

Peterson did tell Zizek not to look at the ocean data post-debate

They already have that.

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its dengs fault that rich people can sue the canadian government when it harms their property

are monstergirls Zig Forums?

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We are all mamono

Considering that right-wingers are 'race-realists', yes, monstergirls are Zig Forums
Although more accurately >>>/leftyweebpol/