Are most anarchists this retarded/autocratic, or is it just Reddit idpol types?

Honestly, I can’t tell, I’ll be honest I use Reddit about as much as I’m on here, and pretty much all the anarchists on Reddit are total fucking psychopaths and nutjobs, the vast majority think that Leninists are their greatest enemies bar fascists and they all hyperfocus on idpol and individualist bullshit than communism or anarchism. And I notice a lot of outspoken anarchists are like this to a large degree.

As far as theory goes, idk what’s really behind anarchism at this point; the first workers’ movements were more similar to anarchist formations than state socialist ones, and they were all slaughtered by the state very quickly, as was just about every attempt at anarchism committed to, I’m pretty sure Marx even came up with his theories about state control because of anarchists’ utter inability to deal with counterrevolutions.

So, yea, is it just Reddit, or anarchists in general?

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Holy shit what sub is this? Do anarchists unironically think this?

They’re a genuine autocratic retard

They pinned their explanation for banning every single person that ever defended the USSR and called them all “Nazbols” and reactionaries


I think a top mod got triggered over Leninists having better arguments than she did and lost her shit and went on a banning spree and pinned up a shit ton of rants against Leninists

She stated originally that all Leninists are Nazbols and the person she’s replying to is calling that idea retarded

Everything on Reddit is shit.
It is a trash can.
That is it.

Fuck off, who cares, this isn't your blog for airing your reddit grievances faggot.

I've heard far more reasonable and intelligent anarchists than this, and it's easy to pin this on Reddit, but the foundation for this kind of thinking is the idealist anarchist ideology. Reddit is just a great place for shitty theory to coalesce, that's all.

Eat a dick nigga, obviously you cared enough to reply to some bullshit that’s easily ignored

Nah, FULLCOMMUNISM is fun and there are non-political subs that are useful to peruse.

All you people are retarded. Social Democracy is the only way to bring emancipation to the working individual. Are you tankies and leninists are low Autism Level leftists, nigga


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Anarchists range from highly intelligent with robust theory to total retards. Most people who call themselves "anarchists" have put close to zero thought into it, regardless of intelligence level. It's a popular word and poorly understood political movement, so it's a lot harder to gatekeep the fuckwits, unlike with Marxism of various types because there is a degree of orthodoxy there. That doesn't say anything about the quality of actual anarchist theory, though. It's a result of people picking up the label to seem cool, without understanding any of the history or political thought behind it. Socialism in general is going through the same process right now, and there are plenty of MLs who are as retarded as the most retarded anarchists.

Depends on if your talking about Anarchy historically or currently. The FAI/CNT had pretty good praxis.

It’s reddit, so your going to get the worse of the worse.

You have to go back.

Anarchism is when you don't like being told what to do, and the less you like it, the more anarchist you are.

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As a Social Democrat you Leninists and tankies make me sick. Your kind should not be tolerated at all. I see you people post and Im just tired of it. You guys are on the same level ancaps really. Unlike yours socdems ideas are actually practical.
No wonder you people get demolished in debates against socdems.

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Are…are you trolling?

Socdem is literally wHy dOnT wE pArTIcIpAte iN bOuRGeOiS pOliTiCs

It’s fucking retarded

You won’t get socialism by begging the bourgeoisie to let you have it

And I’m pretty sure we settled that social democrats are counterrevolutionary traitors over a century ago

They’re LGBT I think so they’re trying to shove in idpol as the center of anticapitalism lmao

Not an anarchist, but the United Front policy was pretty dismal in my personal opinion. The dichotomy shouldn't be between full communism and uniting with the "progressive" bourgeoisie.

more like local man is a fed

Yeah, but it's not like anybody in Europe would allow Soviet Union to invade Spain. You have to work with what you have, and no, Spain wasn't full of communists.

What’s wrong with this. Their is practically no diffrence between fascism and liberal democracy because at the end of the day your laboring for a parasite most of the day.

kill it with fire

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The worker’s struggle is against all forms of capitalism, not just fascism.

Nothing. Except most of the military (and equipment) went to the Nationalists. Do the math.

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This is because Franco was a general. Not because of bourgeois “support.”

Okay, and most of the military going to the Nazis? And the Blackshirts?

Western militaries are inherently fascistic in nature, so soldiers are drawn to fascist movements most readily.

The Soviets should've aided the Republican government with the anarchists (even if anarchists are retarded) against the bourgeoisie, instead of potentially alienating very radical swaths of the population in favor of most likely little material support from the bourgeoisie who supported Franco anyway. Lenin never once said power to the workers and bourgeois government (which was the Menshivik position).



Anarchy isn't going to work in America because pigs are militarized.

Sad truth 🤷🏿‍♂️


Anarchism won’t work in America because it never worked anywhere, ever

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Lmao anarchists are some easily triggered fucking faggots

Getting banned left and right because these fucks can’t handle a simple line of question and freak out when peeps won’t shit on the USSR to fellate the USA

This sums up anarchism very well. Anarchism is in its core hyper-individualist and is actually more related to liberalism, than to marxism.

Yep, same shit happened with Allende and Pinochet.

Get off your high-horse.
Yeah, because they're tankie AF and are fucking anti-revisionist. You should actually check their posts before shit-talking just to jump on a meme bandwagon.

Name one of these debates. Succdem debates are literally just 'capitalism ain't that bad, lets just patch up the holes' and when that fails they accuse people of not working with them when that's the natural progression of things under capitalism.

To be honest Lenin did say that communists should participate in parliamentary politics, if only to get their voice into the mainstream sphere


nice bait

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>Oh my god are all like this?

Shoot yourself nigger.

Is that r/anarchism?

The memes are real

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