Why wasn't the USSR more democratic

Why wasn't the USSR more democratic


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Democracy gives Porky the freedom to organize. It should have had even less

And one day, for no reason, people didn't vote for communism.

Lenin was an opportunist who outright lied about his intentions, change my mind.

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Socialism/Communism should INCREASE democracy not reduce it.
Fuck antidemocratic "communists"

I wonder why a semi-feudal country, surrounded by enemy empires who did all in their power to sabotage the revolution, didn't have a more "democratic" and "plural" system…


Isn't democracy egalitarian? I remember a text where marx or engels argued against that, talking about how some are just naturally better so would it not be wrong for the bettersto have more say as well?

*not be right

Hello liberal

Who the fuck cares about "democracy"? Bitch I need health care and public transportation I don't give a fuck about going out to vote and neither do most people

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All of this is hard to understand
Peoples tyranny is democracy; the party is composed of the soviets

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What the fuck does "increase democracy" even mean? Socialism should increase autonomy/freedom.

No liberal, it should abolish classes and replace the amarchy of the market with central planning.

Huh? Socialism would do away with individual autonomy in favor of planned economy and assigned profession. You get to dig ditches, but you must always remember, you're doing your part. LOL you lefties don't even understand what you advocate

Yes, that's how it would do that. Workers control production instead of a parasite class.

no. Even moderate forms of division of labor are controversial for some Marxists because of the fear that they'd lead to class divisions.

This (similar to 'competition') is a false dichotomy, there are always aspects of an economy that are planned at various degrees of centralization and parts that are not in every modern economy (including soviet ones). Even individual autonomous actions are still 'planned', just not centralized.

Here's a general question to anyone who adheres to "[insert adjective here-] democracy" (direct, proletarian, revolutionary, etc.)!

Name one (that is, 1) historical example of an actually existing democratic system that was not a class society.

Cockshott fags are welcome to answer.

I'm waiting.

tbh this is when I'm seriously tempted to post under a leftcom flag, famalams

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wouldn't the paris commune literally count? If not then democracy was a fairly common form in primitive communism.
Almost no one who advocates for democracy thinks this, so that's the argument you should be having.

"Increase democracy" means increasing the amount of control the proletariat has over society.
It means things like the proles owning the means of production and them bein able to better hold their representatives accountable.
It means we extend democracy into the economy more and we improve what democracy means.
Etc etc.



All power to the Soviets and a one party organization is not mutually exclusive.