I hate all of you socialist, communist, anarchist, leftist subhumans. "Waah I want free stuff without working...

I hate all of you socialist, communist, anarchist, leftist subhumans. "Waah I want free stuff without working, waah those evil capitalists are taking away my stuff" (Property which you have no right to and is never yours to begin with). "Waah we are being exploited" BULLSHIT. Nobody has to pay for you. Those who have made it (unlike you losers lmfao) aren't responsible for you. Kill yourself already, it will do humanity a favor. Or how about you just admit that you are:
1) Lazy and pathetic
2) Ignorant of how the world works
3) Delusional children
Fuck you.

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Have you "made it" user?

The cuckoldry is strong with this one

I am the successful CEO of a wealthy multinational corporation. You are nothing but another wage slave working to keep my company running.

LMAO how does it feel like being a wage slave, loser? Cope

And you still find the time to raid leftypol. What is your secret user?

And I'm Kim Jong-Un the Supreme Leader of the DPRK

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You mean occasionally checking this page which is open in another tab? LOL. Unlike most of the wagecuck bottom feeders like you who work 9-5, I have way more free time than you could imagine.

It doesn't matter if you dismiss who I am. You are nothing. I make 110k. You make peanuts. I am a landlord too. I can do anything. I own you. Whenever my tenants get a raise, I raise their rent. It's fucking hilarious.

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We need sharia laws…

Ouch user. Why can't underageds larp properly?

why would you look at Donald Trump in any kind of sexual context, like at all? are you so spellbound by ideology that you honestly want to envision the sexuality of him?

Because they want to suck his grandpa balls while he does it.

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Well, to be honest…

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FAKE ASS! Those are his depends inflating the volume.

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communism isn't about free shit. read a book fucking bootlicker. you might make money now, but I can assure you, you aren't really happy. you don't have many friends, close friends you at most have one, but you probably mistrust them anyways. there isn't a future for your kids, but war and unsafe cities. you constantly swallow propaganda and that shit has taken a toll on your psyche, whether you notice it or not. most of the people that sorround you are on a cocktail of pills. your life is a paper castle and deep down, you suspect it. despite "all your wealth" (110k is not even actually rich btw), you can't partake in philosophy or art, you're essentially a retard that life shat on the top of the pyramid (allegedly). a commoner (uneducated even) who found a mound to stand on and feels he's on top of the world.

Typical leftards arguing from baseless assumptions. I am not a bootlicker. I wear the boots that wagecuckolds like you lick. I have everything, and I have no reason to be happy, except seeming because you say so. Your word doesn't mean shit, leftard. I own several mansions, yachts and private jets. I own 100s of millions in shares. You retarded terrorists really think salary is the only thing that makes me money? understandable, as you have no other real way to make money. My family are self-made millionaires and my extended family has several billionaires. We worked hard to aquire our wealth. You don't work hard, you probably never worked in your life. No one has to pay you, no wealth will be redistributed. It's all a fantasy that you cry yourself to sleep to every night. Kill yourself lmao.

and I have no reason not to be happy*

You have millions in assets, yet you bragged about making 110k earlier? This larp is going downhill fast…


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Post your bank balance with timestamp

I'm thinking OP is a minor from some 3rd world shithole since he doesn't understand 110k is peanuts.

How does it feel to be the one angry??? Pissed as fuck, Mad as Hell, About ready to punch your house wall, So proud we "Socialists" have President Obama, A *CLEAN* MAN!!!!! No indictments, No bankruptcies, No bullying, Just pure grace and class that you'll NEVER understand. God Bless President Obama! America's ACTUAL Commander-In-Chief!!!

For reference op I was at Pep Boys the other day and this old dude came in who goes business to business selling homemade food items like jams and pickles to the employees. He also sold insurance and he was conversing with the employees about how much he was makung with the homemade pickles he sells person to person and he said:

And you're here bragging about 110k. Lol at your life shithole country poorfag. I bet you make five dollars a day if that.

Oh hi COINTELPRO, how are you doing on this fine day?

Mr. user sir? I'm terribly sorry, I know you don't like to be disturbed while you're shitposting on the "chan" bords but you have an Urgent call on line 3. I think it's the president again, looks like he needs to borrow another 500mil should I connect you?

psssssst…now's your chance user! Quick! Get out of here while they're distracted! 😉

Thats it lads, pack it in, they got us, history is over, 110k has spoken, what is even dialectical materialism anyways?

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im actually a neet incel living with my single mom please be understanding

Yeah, post proof or gtfo

all leftists are scam , kill yourself

it's almost like CEOs don't actually contribute as much labor to their firms as we are led to believe


Damn, you must be a real shame for the rest of your family

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