How can having a child be a responsible decision knowing the horrors of climate change that await this civilisation?

How can having a child be a responsible decision knowing the horrors of climate change that await this civilisation?

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I wouldn’t, but I don’t really operate by any moral framework, unless you count not wanting to see people needlessly suffer a moral position.

Sounds like a lot of doomsday predictions.

Even if there were to be bad times as a result of climate change it is better to invest in children to take care of you when you're old

even if your child suffers and dies, he'll serve as extra meat for the survivors.

There is a lot worse than climate change, and almost all the bad shit that comes from climate change would be because of deliberate policy, because the people in charge will take any crisis as an excuse to inflict harsh punishments on the masses (who they will inevitably blame for the crisis, for having the audacity to continue existing or something).

Not having children is meant to spare them from our masters more than anything else. Until the masters are gone, there is no point in discussing anything else.

Can't I just invest in slaves? Slavery just seems like a more efficient way to selfishly exploit my fellow humans.

I wanna raise a kid so he or she can fight the revolution alongside me, obviously

not really when its illegal

Just reposting from the LSC thread.

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You constantly have to sty alerty and the finger on your trigger when dealing when slaves because if they percieve weakness on your part they'll lynch you for obvious reason. Whereas if you are clever enough in the way you raise kids, you can be an abusive peace of shit and still be supported in your old days.

I don't want kids because my kids won't be cute.

It's not. Even without the climate change, having voluntarily a child is an egocentric wish anyway.

It's called climate science, you should google it sometimes.

I found that the climate record has been adjusted to conform to the theory. Are you afraid of adjustments?

I'm going to chime in as a married 35-year-old who had a vasectomy 5 years ago. No regrets. Even if the planet is just fine ecologically, which at the rate that we're going it's not going to be, there are still millions and millions of unwanted children in the world. What the fuck makes anyone's DNA so god damn special that gives them precedence over living kids that are alive right now?

We are slaves to our own biology and we don't even fight it. We dive right in. We like to think we're so advanced but we aren't. Monkeys with tools that pat themselves on the back. Fuck this world and fuck your DNA. Until this world is fixed evolutionary suicide is the only humane thing to do.

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The only real problem it causes is destability that raises the risk of war.

No one is saying their own DNA is more important than another. It's a woman's body and she can do with it as she pleases. If that means using it to create a child that's cool.
Adopting a child is noble. However, it's just as noble as having your own and caring for it. If those wanting children all started adopting it would just result in parents no longer raising their own children because those that don't want their own kids won't stop producing them.

No it's not you fucking liberal, because you know it involves someone else who will be damned to suffer and die.

yes, humanity needs to be exterminated with a decisive strike or else it will grow back like a cancer

When's your yoga class?

This kind of behavior is just giving those that produce children in a reckless fashion a pass and then demand that others that want children pick up the mess. I would fear that if we made this the case for women they would hunt down and exterminate those that have children and then don't want them in order to create fear. This fear may make many women refrain from having kids they don't want.
It is the fault of those having children in a reckless manner that causes the suffering and not those that choose to have children and care for them.
Society would rectify the issue if the burden gets placed on those not creating it.

Don't have a child, its irresponsible. If you desire children adopt and indoctrinate them, we need to produce more comrades somehow.

Once they pull the inevitable "you're not my parents" it becomes hard to indoctrinate them.

Because people have suffered way worse in the past, then even what will happen in a worse case climate scenario.

Because it is successful. Natural selections allows those who are successful breeders to pass on their traits and those who are not, do not.

Only if you’ll make a bad parent.

We need soldiers to fight for communism. So, raise your kid to be a guerilla warrior like Hit Girl from Kickass,

cannibal gang

Kids are free labour, easy to start extracting surplus value from and easy to replace.

I'd never have children for multiple of reasons. For one the nuclear family is utterly repulsive and I have no interest in being part of a household with a women. I also have a terrible genetic disorder that I would never inflect on another human being.