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Hello Zig Forums, I make aesthetic vids like war aesthetics, but mostly it is laborwave. Most of my stuff is Yugoslavia related but it overlaps, I made some aesthetic vids with the USSR, America and Japan too. My quality is very good, I even think it is the best out of all of the retrowave youtubers, but I get very little views. Where can I shill my vids and so on? I want to get at least 1k views on my vids.

pic related is a still from one of my videos, if enough people are interested I will post my channel.

Also general laborwave & aesthetics thread, post pics and vids and discuss the importance of aesthetics.

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fuck off back to 2015, "le AESTHETICWAVE" was never funny.

Aesthetics isn't about being funny, it is simply good looking, it is also a music genre & subculture.

Sorry, aesthetics isn't a music genre lmao, I meant retrowave.

this is a political board, fun things don't belong here

Other than some FB groups focused on such music or time period, I don't think there's much interest in it, sadly. Send some video so we can see how good you are

Sure, here you go. Doesn't seem like anyone is interested though.

these are nice

Molchat Doma

Non-OC laborwave from here and there.

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Make something to do with the IRA and Irish Socialists.
That is all I ask, maybe sample this video, I dunno if it'd work well tho
Also I subscribed to your channel, you've got actually good content for aesthetic videos

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Fuck Mao and fuck China.

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Even the CIA funded students praised Mao.

thanks for the suggestion user, I am actually running out of content for yugo videos.

unrelated but does anyone have that metal as fuck laborwave of chinese soldiers charging into nuclear blasts? I think it was taken down.

Mao did nothing wrong. Capitalist roaders go to hell.

I really don't see the appeal of this neon/3d/vhs shit. Feels like shoving glass in my eyes every time i see it.

wtf is wrong with you?

That's ok. No one has to like anything they see.

What do you believe is wrong with me?