Is it wrong I just hate drug addicts and users...

Is it wrong I just hate drug addicts and users? I have to admit my personal experience of dealing with a smackhead father leaves me biased but in general I can't stand these people and think less of them. Unsurprisingly it produces a pretty bad reaction amongst other leftists when I'm asked about it.

So should I re-think my stance?

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We can't dictate how you FEEL about drug users. However you must at least admit the fact that it's more efficient and safe to treat them as people who need help, and not to jail or abuse them. A good Marxist should be able to separate their emotions from their political stances.

we must be careful to distinguish addicts from users. Everything in modesty.

And in your imagination, if he was straight edge, all other things being equal, things would have b3en magically better? A lot of people who hate their parents have straight edge parents

No, they wouldn't have - but they'd have been superior to him as a drug addict. He didn't use for years but was still a prick, the problem is when he began using our lives were pretty much thrown upside down.

Me too. Why would you change your opinion just because other leftists think it's wrong though? If you have evidence right in front of you then hold true to that.

This is a good point.

Right in the balls.

Also it's much safer for everybody to provide drug addicts with places they can do the drugs safely. It makes them less likely to die or overdose and it keeps them from doing drugs somewhere they might interact with random people.

I take Anti-depressants you hate me too now?

youre not alone. drug addicts are lumpens and the enemy of the proletariat. They will all be sent to mandatory rehab after the revolution where they will be denied all drugs and alcohol until such time as they are relatively sober (6 months/1 year). and given job training/skills, a job, and a therapist that they have to check in with weekly. if that fails shoot them.

A fun interpretation of this essay is: we should start taking drugs that make us MORE 'noided, MORE anxious, MORE alert. I submit: Marxism-Leninism-Stimulantism.

You shouldn't take that poison, unless maybe you need to for gibs.

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I also have a heroin addicted father who did very wrong by me and my family and I only feel sympathy for and anger on behalf of addicts. Dealers are a different story tho even most street level ones don't deserve too much ire and are high risk laborers in what is usually one of the only industries available. Just because it's more personal doesn't mean I blame them more than I blame the people who assemble APCs or gun parts on the factory floor etc. Don't act like your personal anecdotes give you liscense to sidestep real analysis and appraisal, it's a very disingenuous tactic that leads to mutually bad faith discussions whenever it worms its way in.

Everyone who produces or distributes drugs gets shot, users go to gulag.

Max "doper than weed" Stirner

you ever taken a advil, op?

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t. Deleuze

I was fucking crazy before I found my drug of choice. Growing up was pure hell before I discovered the cure because I could never think straight enough to make effective use of my mind. I'll take my shit any day over being an autistic moron useless for the revolution. Sobriety to me means succumbing to nutty religious/spiritual ways of thinking to avoid being at the mercy of otherwise unassailable mental processes. My brain just doesn't work properly without chemical assistance and it just so happens that the only thing that works is illicit. Force me off my shit and you have someone who essentially sees ghosts everywhere and has the mental maturity and fortitude of an infant. Let me have my shit and you have an unstoppable, self-assured soldier to make use of. Your choice.

What is it? Don't you get resistant?

People who continue changing their minds are the “shapeshifting reptillians” of lore. They are the people who actually rule society, though stiffheads try their earnest best to recruit their friends solely from the unshifting populous. The leadership is mostly stiff, and a little dumb, though in fairness many mercurials are absolutely dumb.

what would be a modest genocide ?
what nonsense is this ?

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weaksauce. I want meff-socialism

I was arguing with my """leftist""" sister about if heroin should be legalized. I know many other "leftists" like to say that hard drugs should be legalized, but I just gave examples of it producing the same amount of harm as when it was criminalized like with china under British rule and how there's mass cultivation of opium in Afghanistan, funded by western states. I don't have a problem with weed but I think people should stay WELL clear of opium/meth.

All drug production, distribution and hoarding has to be criminalized. Maybe smaller punishments for use with an option of being cleared for providing useful information on sources.

Have fun undergoing surgery after banning the production of opioid analgesics, you fucking retard.
The War on Drugs was a massive failure, you have to be as drunk as Nixon to believe it is in any way an effective policy in this day and age.

The US doesn't want to fight drugs, they liteally introduced the to poorer people. They want a slave population for which they need prisoners, so create a pretense for that.

Doesn't change the fact that in every country of the world, people still consume drugs whenever they are illegal or not, and have done so since the dawn of humanity.
If you nevertheless believe the US is still behind this, I think you should try the drugs they have at your local psych ward, they might not be so bad after all.

No, I don’t want my brain permanently damaged.

Well, it seems like there isn't much more left to damage, won't be a big loss.

t. druggie

If I take lsd, do some shrooms, smoke some dmt, do I get the wall anons?
Btw, I believe even psychs can be abused! All im saying is these are VASTLY different classification of drugs and adults shouldnt see the "wall" for occasional use!

Do your actions harm others?

That's the question you should be asking.

Of course, drug use produce "externalities", but I hope you are aware there is a difference between starting to collect King Crimson records because they once left a strong impression on you after smoking weed or taking acid, and being a piece of shit that robs people and steals money from friends to buy heroin or crack cocaine. Different drugs have different effects, and some make you more of an asshole than others.
People also tend to abuse drugs more if they are in a poor economic situation, hence the rise of alcoholism and drug use in Russia after the fall of the USSR.
Education and risk reduction is the way to go, not banning drugs since it only creates a huge black market with powerful cartels and laced products causing ODs and deaths. The prohibition of alcohol in the US turned out to be a terrible failure, why would you want to repeat that? Moreover, the drug policies of Portugal and Switzerland regarding opioids are also way saner than the more restrictive American one in face of the opioid crisis.

People who don't know a thing about drugs generally have worthless opinions when it comes to drug policy.

Some of those addicts get angry and join drug dealers just like the petty bourg joining the ruling classes against liberating the slaves.

No im responsable well mannered… kind hearted do best by people spoilerI can never truly now how my actions are without my bias but i do hold these things to be truespoiler

Ok im such a new fag I get my retarded ass is a autist so hate on

The modest genocide would be against those who wish to perform genocide?

Damn, I didn't know Fisher was so straight edge. I wonder if that's a byproduct of having spent so much time around the CCRU…

His points seem pretty valid though - it's definitely harder to fight capital when you're baked af. I have to wonder though, if maybe getting a bit lit might have helped him take the edge off of the feelings and thoughts that were hurting him so greatly.

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No you shouldn't rethink it. Drug dealers are the worst and they destroy entire communities for a quick buck and they don't care whom they destroy either.
The left defends them because they too are willing to ruin anyone's life if it means any better material gain, or short term pleasure. They don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. This is why they can be found supporting the Democratic party, and the bankers social agenda. They are willing to ruin anyone's life or reputation, erase history, assault the working class if it means a democrat is in office and they at least get the rhetoric of maybe getting gibs. They also defend gays to the last man despite the fact the LGBTQPedo movement has never done a damn thing for them, they get used like toilet paper and tossed aside by sodomizers, after they themselves figuratively sodomize the working class anytime they want to oppose the bankers social agenda.