Dicky Spencer

Yeah, I guess that's why they're breeding with blacks over you losers lmao.
It's amazing how hard these guys end up owning themselves when they try to do a "redpill."
BTW, Spencer didn't start tweeting about women like this until he started screwing a 30 year old Education Phd. Before that he managed to impregnate a 30 something Cher version of Dugin who then sued and divorced his ass for domestic violence. Spencer legitimately thinks he is a chad now.

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He is right though. Their criteria are just not what most men think they are.

Spencer certainly proves the point LOL

You sound pretty butthurt, bro

Yeah, he was publically proven to be a wife beater and (not despite, perhaps partially because) he immediately had another woman jumping on his dick.

Didn't his wife divorce him cause he was an abusive piece of shit who tried to have a threesome with her and a trans woman?

yes but this is his new girlfriend

Okay well I hope she comes to her senses and dumps his abusive ass

Unlikely, and even if she does there are plenty willing to take her place.

he is an autistic weirdo that thinks he is some kind of 21st century aristocrat because he comes from old money.
He managed to impregnate Cher and now bangs a 30 year old woman who takes Zoloft. I think he tried to fuck the wife of his coworker. VERY chad lol.

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Zig Forums detected.

these trad-thots mang

someone just needs to beat his ass again. 2020 is coming up and I guarantee he will try some shit again

Chaponigger detected. What do you think it says about women if they volunatarily fuck neo nazis?


*wife-beating of course!

yeah, definitely a Zig Forums lurker
lol neo-nazis like you are unequivocal incel losers. The most "chad" of all of you, Dicky, is only capable of getting a single 30 year old roastie and a 4th-rate Cher.

I mean what do you expect from some rich kid from Dallas who has all his material needs satisfied forever? If you had his money, would you be a Marxist? Why willingly subject yourself to criticism or subject yourself to a self-applied philosophical schema? I would absolutely drop out and just travel or get obsessed with some really niche shit, although I hope I wouldn't become a Nazi.

Materially, though, it will always be that upper classes will never intentionally work against their own self-interest. It has always been like this. Individuals who are part of the ruling class and break out of ruling class ideology only stand out because of how rare they are. And there are a lot of other rich wannabe aristocrats like Spencer out there. What's rare are rich kids who become Marxists. The Engels of the world are the rare ones.

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I agree with this guy. But we don't call it 'eugenics', we call it sexual-selection.


I'm telling you that he is a wife beater and you think I regard him highly? You are just a stupid nigger who believes: morally good = sexually successful

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Zig Forums self owns again.

who are you quoting?

Zizek is so full of shit, once again. He said he is “not one of those conservatives who thinks human rights should be limited” except of course he is when it comes to sexuality as it is immanently unjust, in contrast to all else, which surelyhas nothing to do with his high social status. This coming from the guy calling anything anybody says ideology.

Indeed but class traitors (of the rich) have a serious ability to aid and abet the revolution

Wrong, not that inter-marriage rates matter (cause it doesn't) but inter-racial marriage is still pretty rare. Only 11% of white people are married to someone non-white: pewsocialtrends.org/2017/05/18/1-trends-and-patterns-in-intermarriage/

Spencer is based

seethe more you disgusting trannies

Zig Forums just likes to project their insecurities onto the world.
"something something alienation."
- Karl Marx

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Man I remember Zig Forums back in the day hated this shill. You've been lied to m8, stop denying it. All your idols are bought and they don't give a fuck about you or the ideology they represent. You are just a useful idiot to them

all these Zig Forums cucks coming up to bat for Dicky's self own

stay mad Zig Forums

Even if there was only one interracial marriage in the entire world, Zig Forums would still fixate on it because Zig Forums is cux. Racism creates tunnel vision when exposed to the "other". "Other" races live inside racists' heads rent-free.

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your Autism Level is microscopical

Hmmm, yes. A truly trustworthy source comrade.
The fact is that racism creates a longing for the "exotic", especially in the case of "uncle toms".
Combine racism with guilt and insecurity (because you will never be as strong as the greek statue and you will never be the traditionalist girlfriend), and all of a sudden you have cucks and "sorry boys, i only date 'other' men" because females feel shame for their race and some mixture of disgust and curiosity when it comes to "other" skin tone.
Interracial marriage is a spook, and it only works on racists. Same with "racial purity" and "muh Autism Level" and "racial dick size" - all spooks and quite frankly it should remain on Zig Forums where it belongs.

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I'm not Zig Forums retard. I hate those fuckers


that's one of the cringiest copes I've ever seen.

sage negated

fuck off, Derrida.

Holy shit, not you again. It's basic psychology.

pretty disappointed by the level of implicit racism in here tbh. I for one think it's hilarious when nazis cuck themselves while thinking they're dropping a "redpill."

Listen, user. Nazis "cucking" themselves isn't even a real thing. Many nazis are super insecure, yet they will never even have the "opportunity" to be cucked. The idea that "i'm being cucked because 'my women' would rather sleep with 'other' men" is pure spookery - because those women never belonged to anyone in the first place. The racism only exacerbates the insecurity and jealousy of the ever-alienated celibate Zig Forumstard. It has nothing to do with what's "real", because the problems are created in their head.
On the other hand, many (not most, but a large amount) nazis who have gfs may feel like they "deserve" to be cucked. Being exposed to a woman on a regular basis can make you feel guilty for being a misogynist, as many Zig Forumslacks are. It is this guilt for past wrong-doings that leads to actual cuckoldry.

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What are you even talking about?

I'd hatefuck Dicky Spencer tbh

you're reading too much into it.
cuckoldry comes from a sense of possession, one way or the other.
As for race, I hate how you either go full Zig Forumstard racism or desperately go out of your way to deny it outright. Just see it for what it is and learn to laugh at it. It's no surprise that black men are perceived as more manly than white men, so when Zig Forumstard nazis want to talk about how great female hypergamy is because it is "eugenic," we should allow ourselves to laugh at their oblivious self-cuckoldry.
there is no "first place." Yes, in the abstract women belong to no one, but there is no abstract, because there is no god. No god, no other world, no philosophical abstract. History is just a series of power struggles. Women belonged to men once, they were liberated by a variety of reasons, and now nazis want to try and rationalize feminism as a kind of implicit redpill, so dispossessed and cucked they've become. I enjoy laughing it, that's all. We should allow ourselves to laugh at it.

u fucking wot m8

It's a response to the video posted? at 59:25

you guys need therapy

I think it's bullshit, bro, take the nice personality-pill.


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It's just a Zig Forumsyp he'll grow out of it soon enough

Whoa, no way. Next you'll tell me rapists feel good when they rape, or pedophiles feel good when they molest children.
Anything humans do ever is "natural"

It makes them more attractive and more women choose to spread their leg for them, so it makes them feel good even after bullying.
It's also natural for humans to be idots who believe that success is evidence of "good personality".

most of those retards live on mountain stupid. they make the most outrageous claims, insert them as common sense facts while having absolutely zero knowledge of any sociology or psychology or the subject they are talking about

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Well I'm gay but from observing the guys I know with girlfriends, the common set of "tricks" to get women to like you seems to be to exercise regularly (but you don't have to go overboard with this) while also caring about women and being there for them. Women have this weird thing where they desire men who want to "spend time with them," take them out on dates, and also men who will drop everything in a second to help them out. Also women like to watch a lot of T.V. shows so you're going to be spending a lot of time watching shows. If you watch these shows, there are a lot of handsome hunks who will make sacrifices to back their girl up and be there for them, and women find that very romantic.

The only situation I've seen like this was when my brother was dating this girl who turned out to be a fucking crazy psycho with serious mental illness. Like she'd go "hey, see those guys over there… they were making fun of you guys…" Then we'd go "uhh, okay?" And she'd go "you're not going to do something about it?"

Like, what? Fucking crazy. She was a psycho bitch which started to become really apparent with that and other things so the bro dumped her.

fell backwards off Mt.Stupid what am I like

The IdPol crowd will never criticise straight women for their sexuality. Ever.

Straight men will get criticised (ie: male gaze, toxic masculinity). Gay men will be accused of being "the straight people of the LGBT community". Bisexuals will either be ignored or accused of being insincere. Lesbians will be accused of "vagina fetishism" because they don't want to have sex with pre-op trans women.

The only group that is free of criticism among the IdPol crowd are straight women, no matter how many love letters they write to Dylan Roof. If you try and analyse straight women through the same prism of male gaze/ toxic masculinity, all you will receive in kind are insults regarding some sort of perceived personal shortcoming. Even the smallest criticism will never be considered legitimate.

t. bisexual exclusively dating another man

what a gay thread this is

Take the redpill on evolution OP, or you and your ancestors might get left behind!
We were taught that evolution happens slowly over the course of millions of years.
This is NOT true.
Significant human evolution can happen as quickly as 30/40 years depending on the absolution of the mating cycle. If women deem a category of man undesirable, he will have genetic tree axed down. It has happened before and WILL happen again.

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Oh, Mensa’s here!!1! Here’s one piece of sauce out of the many, many sauces:


Maybe you should also read Darwin before you pull out that hilariously unfunny meme. The entire theory of evolution was pseudoscience and Darwin himself said he was “channeling”

You don’t recognize any generational differences in smaller ecosystems like families or communities? You’re just not paying attention.

Pic related, another pile of sauce
to;dr for the book: Whichever gender is sexually selective, if it exists in a species, is the collective gatekeeper of the future species. Many animals have adapted to become beautiful, sing well, and have physiological quirks that do not aid in their survival at all. Instead, more truly advantageous traits are weened out in favor of attractive phenotypes.

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My ancestors are long dead, and I'm not even sure if I want children considering human civilization's progressively bleaker outlook.
I recognize that I don't know much of anything about biology (so you could probably successfully bullshit me about just about anything on the subject), but the 'redpills' you guys try to force-feed me still relies on me caring about my race, genetic legacy or whatever other spooks you guys put so much stock in. But I just don't care about any of that shit, nigger.

Also, ancestor worship is primitive.

Very nice bait

Most white women don't prefer black guys though

I don't even think they're so much class traitors as they are people who prioritize the benefit of humanity as a whole, and in this way "identify" with the masses.


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You are nothing but the trials and tribulations of your ancestors; it’s not ancestor worship…it’s you worship.

And my ancestors were nothing but the trials and tribulations of their ancestors, and their ancestors were nothing but the trials and tribulations of their ancestors, so if you go far back enough we're all secretly God, right? That's epic, dude!

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This is only true to the clan level.
And even then, only justified by necessity from our frailness.
If we didn't grow old and die it could be further reduced to egoism.
It is the worship of chaos in principle. Order requires altruism and sacrifice.