How do you deal with shitty landlords? Even worst, landlords that have a personal relationship with you?

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Tenants unions, then if that doesn't work nail writings by Mao about landlords straight into the door.

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Any place to find or info to form a tenant union?

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Just google if there's a local association/union near you

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the publicly owned commie-block, have a roof over your head for 3-10% of your income.

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Google isn't showing anything. All it's showing is ways that landlords could fuck their tenants.

Closest I could find is Tenants and Workers United which is in another state.

Join/form a tenants union

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Yes, the division of the social into the private and the public sphere is a key element of bourgeois society and should be abolished with the wholesale abolition of bourgeois society.

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some feel-good stories


How can you praise murderers? Even if you disagree with the actions of those landlords, they were still people with families.


Yes, they are. You're acting like they're robots or something.

Landlords are from Feudalism, they need to be removed.

Bills need to be paid. Money isn't just some commodity, it's a representation of labor, goods, time, and more. It's society's way of scoring productivity. If you're not getting paid you're probably not producing very much. That doesn't mean that you should end up on the street, we have housing assistance programs to prevent that from happening, but it does mean that maybe someone more productive should get first dibs on the larger and more luxurious accommodations.

Also, there's nothing stopping you and your friends from going into the wilderness to build cabins and start a commune. I wish more communists would do that. If you could make it work then we could all learn from your experience and apply it to larger societies.

How do I know that screencap is accurate? While I'm not dismissing it enitrely, I've seen way too many fakes to trust this without more evidence to back it up.

We want to advance Capitalism which means getting rid of parts of Feudalism which means killing landlords same as killing kings,

You can overthrow a king without killing him.

You could, but why? Peasants dont much care for intellectual sentimentalism, and former kings tend to have powerful allies eager to get them back in power

Is it an apartment building landlord, or a landlord of two or three rooms inside a residential home? The first earns above minimum wage, the latter only rents because there's no point in wasting empty space and it defrays some expenses.

You should thank your landlord for not beating you with a stick on a daily basis for his amusement.

The private ownership and profiteering of a neccesary-for-life commodity such as housing is a crime to be answered for in and of itself, but yes, there is a big difference between absentee ownership and active ownership.

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