Red eyes

Who the fuck was responsible for this design choice? It's irredeemably bad tbqh. Green eyes best eyes.

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Regardless, red eyes are a shitty design choice.

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Whatever. I agree that green eyes are the best though.

this is now a samurai jack meme thread

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Not sure why I expected any different tbqh.

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Feel free to commision new artwork dude, what are you doing? Wanting to get goodies and free stuff just like those far left liberals?!

Bruh moment

I think that implies I'd pay for it, which I have no intention of doing tbqh.

Yes please.

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Get some taste.

Fucking welfare commie. Pay for your own art.

I'd bet that you use an Apple obamaphone, smh… just like those far-left Democrat welfare queens.

Why pay for something when you can get it for free?

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Not such thing as a free lunch, get owned with farts and lolgic.

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2/10; apply yourself

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pol also wants to genocide you, you know?

Zig Forums aren't the ones trying to ban everyone they don't like from the internet


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That's cute.

When's the last time anyone got banned from any lamestream site for being too far left? It's leftists I see bitching about needing to ban doubleplusungood thought from the internet to combat muh online hate.

Leftists want to centralize society. It's why you're so shit. It's also why there's no such thing as a leftist anarchist.

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Sometimes I wonder if there's any sentient thought on this board whatsoever tbqh.

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You just can't stop, can you?

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That's cute

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Literally all the time, especially in other countries. Not everywhere is the US, and that's not even talking about the flagging raids to remove leftists by the right.

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Fine then

I believe in freedom m80. It's you who has to come up with arcane reasons for why you have a right to decide what other people get to say.


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Ok commie.

When said platforms account for the large majority of human communication, I'd say that's true. Any company with more than, say, 5% market share should not be allowed to ban anyone who isn't making a credible threat of physical violence.

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Stop right there, you anti-capitalist pinko commie scum!

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It's amusing. You can't seem to comprehend that someone who doesn't like your shit ideology could be anything but a nazi or an ancap.

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I don't need a right, because they don't actually exist. And my priority isn't really what some literal who says, it's what they say they are going to do.
Get out of your bubble some time

Can you stop saying things which openly contradict points you've mentioned before? At least be consistent already.

Try disagreeing with cripplemoot in the past, try disagreeing with /po/ board owner, let's see how you end up. Nigger.


Neoliberalism is dead

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You argue like a child tbqh.

And if what they say doesn't imply violence, what gives you the right to tell them they can't say it?

Show me the contradiction.

I said mainstream site, not some imageboard all the mainstream sites hate because they can't infect it with their censorship.

Show me the exact statement where I said that.

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You're actually worse then an ancap, your a "1776, but not that 1776" Qboomer. Nearly every other ideology in existence is more consequential then you. Your ideology is pretty much doomed to never hold power ever.

That's because everyone who doesn't agree with us is either a nazi or an ancap. You are evidence of this.
Before you say otherwise, we must all remember that you have literally never told anyone your ideology, despite spamming "commiecat" everywhere you go.

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He isn't a neolib either!
He is a propertarian mutualistic anarcho-monarchist post-Landian accelerationist with fascist characteristics.

Hello Kafka. How is my mere existence and opposition to you evidence that I'm muh gnatzee?


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So, you believe in cultural marxism being a real tangible thing despite how our politics are further into the right than ever?

Alas, if only it was just Zig Forums. Sadly, it's every lamestream corporate media outlet and normalfaggot website.


It's the left I see bitching about how we must ban every badthinker from the internet because of muh online hate. Not the ebil gnatzees you claim are coming.

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Do you even go on YouTube or Reddit? Its nothing but retarded liberals and neocon shitheads shit-slinging about being oppressed