With regards to the raid

Well done guys. You responded with the proper amount of shit-posting in reaction to the spam. They will cry on /b2/ or some other board about it, because they were banned, but we all know it's because we BTFO'd them.

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Is the cat spammer from /b/?

He posts there a lot. I don't know where else he posts though. Here's a thread he made about 3 days ago. He bumps his own threads to "trigger the libs" who browse /b2/.

6 days ago*

he seems hysterical

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How long until he runs out of vpns?

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what the hell is /b2/ and why is it separate from /b/?

/b2/ allows free speech so it's just another Zig Forums basicly

Looking at that threads latest replies it's obvious that there's a whole lot of samefagging going on, you telling me that's all one guy?

and /b/ doesn't?

probably a FBI server

*d1scord server

Too many rules on /b/ that's why /b2/ was started. But /b2/ is really just /pol2/

I always thought /b/ had no rules.

The BO changed I think.

Any board that allows free speech becomes Zig Forums

Free speech is a meme

not if you force a topic and ban off-topic posts. Zig Forumsyps are mental troglodytes incapable of following that one simple rule. it's their kryptonite.

True, their goal is to derail.
It’s what they like to call “debate”


There are people that really believe this. Now I'm depressed.

Pretty much. Leftists need censorship to protect their feelings. Every place that allows free speech becomes right wing

Its easier to bullshit someone than it is to dispell bullshit. This is why information becomes "true" the more people agree with it. Its easier to blame muh gommies and muh brown people if it means people don't have to pick up a book.

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Some facts are uncomfortable and lefties need to censor them to protect their feelings. It's sad

What facts besides "muh brown people bad"?

Go back to LARPing as a tranny on the Tarrant post

1/3 of americans are overweight, this number is higher among people online.
Id say there is a 50% chance you are obese.
What up lardass.

imo the response here has been awful, way too many people taking the bait

im guilty for not saging but my god that was genuinely baffling, im entirely convinced that was one, maybe two people max.

Zig Forums would just pretend to be a lefty and respond to themselves with some bullshit either way

Eh, it;s mostly been just people laughing with saged posts

I think each wave has been around three or four.

They made a thread on b2, with a conenvient archive that omits most of the rest of the thread, LOL


reported for homophobic slurs

Reported for being a fag

Its like I'm on funnyjunk. These people can't be older than 16

commie tears are so good

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There are 4 threads on /b2/, the random board, complaining about how "lefties banned me and hate free speech". Who's crying?

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Breakfag spotted. /b2 is new /b

They were very upset over the whole incident

They aren't, at least mentally.

I’ve been on this board for 3 or 4 years now. I just don’t browse regularly.

Why browse 8ch besides Zig Forums? 4chan unironically is better for niche subjects.

If someone is a /po/ack that should be an insta-ban. Leftists get insta-banned from Zig Forums so why should we not reciprocate this?

Commies are so fucking dumb; I can go onto their shitty little meme board and string together two completely unrelated sentences and, I can guarantee it will be 99% better than any of their long ass essays on why they're such losers.

It's so sad it's not even funny, these people literally believe 'Capitalism is the reason I'm not getting laid'. At least Zig Forums admits they're losers. You're not going to see some far right shooter crying because their girlfriend wants an open relationship.

finna blaze kush nd play super mario galaxy, you bois with me?

Only mindless shitposters should be banned. I'd say we should let fascists debate here, some of them will convert as they have before or at least they'll rethink their world view

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That image is Zig Forums is a nutshell

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What fucking raid, what the actual fuck are any of ye talking about?

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why are you not out rounding up immigrants for ICE and gassing them?

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seconding this

/b/ and/or Zig Forums linked here on their boards and a ton of retards or a few extremely dedicated retards started flooding the board with their verbal diarrhea.

Zig Forums - A ton of extremely dedicated retards