Ableism (serious)

So, it has always struck me how you guys in the Douchebag Left claim to hate identity politics so much while selectively engaging on it.
Apparently, there are barriers in your comedy, while you think that there is no problem in fighting racism, you are not so keen on about fighting other forms of systemic oppresion, because it is not so socially accepted to do so, hell! Even boomer neocons think that being a transphobe or a racist now is a bad thing, reason why they love bootlicking people like Blaire White so much, as a matter of fact, despite her being a neocon, Blaire has, funnily enough, spoken against ableism.
As a real activist and not a slacktivist I have debated this extensively, both in real life and online, fighting the good fight, here are some points I want to debunk.

Ok. let's suppose we are talking about any other form of systemic oppresion. Do you use homophobic/racist remarks in a daily basis? Do you enjoy rape jokes? Do you sing out loud Moonman rap songs out loud?

Let's suppose for the shake of argument you are right. Doesn't life have inherent worth to you? Should we kill the elderly? Should we kill petty criminals? Should we kill NEETs? Should we kill endangered species?

So are we to this day.
As I speak there are still people mental illnesses or Down Syndrome forced to work 12 hours a day in SOUTH Korea private almshouses.

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So were the n-word ( and homosexuality.

That's an absolute, some of us do. I work a 9-5 because it helps me pay the bills and feel bussy so I don't fall deep into depression.

This is why Drumpft won, because the smug elitism among the Left.

No, mine is worse.
At least you have people to fight for you, at least you are not completely isolated, like us.

Why do you think so many trans people and autistic people say "fuck it" and turn themselves into far-righters. I am not concern trolling, this is a real thingy, look it up!
You may realise it or not. You are dividing us with your passive-aggresions, even heard of Alienation (Marx) or Deterritorialization (Deleuze)?

Is asking for people to stop hitting us, enslaving us, insulting us, spitting on us, raping us, bullying us, stalking us, isolating us or using us in crimes such as organ harvesting or prostitution REALLY THAT MUCH?! Is it really THAT controversial and unpopular?
Well, guess I am a SJW, sign me up then!
Check your privilege!

A huge amount of you do, not just unconsciously but openly. I have seen thousands of comrades liking eugenics programs, indirectly praising the US and Nazi Germany for you, the biggest powerhouses of eugenics in the world.

False claim and easily to check so.
If you are disabled and you work you don't get shit for free.

People should be free to seek treatment just like they should be free to refuse treatment.
Problem is: you are pussing people towards seeking treatment even if they don't want to.

Aren't we all? Get on my level, I am 2 deep 4 u.

I am not a big fan of the concept of übermensch to be honest fam.

Romans thought that forcing slaves to fight in a pit was hilarious.
Sade thought that introducing massive objects through an unwilling whore's asshole was hilarious.
Does it make it lawful or well-intentioned?

Never claimed they were less intelligent, I despise racism and discrimination against LGBT as much as you do (maybe even more than you do)

Language can make suffer a ton of peple, socialism is concerned about suffering, and language can be a good tool for fighting the good fight, reason why, for example, dialectics are thing.

I am not even to answer this one, you are disgusting if you think this.

What about people who deserve to be laugh at? What about letting ill, disabled and neurodiverse people alone?
What about not harassing unwilling people?
What about growing up? This isn't High School you manchildren.

Being that thing would imply that I don't take part into real offline activism, which I do often.

Fuck off.

Sire I think you are projecting bit too hard.

Another case of confusing language with material reality. You can go out and yell "nigger" all day. It won't change the actual oppression of black people even one iota.

"Oppression" tends to be a weasel-word for brain dead anarchists to insert some minor irritation of the day into an overarching framework of power relations, transforming the minor irritation into an issue of near cosmic significance.

No. Talk of "inherent worth" is more liberal than left-wing regardless.

What site do you think you're on?

I'm pretty sure you're just a troll from Zig Forums anyway, because hardly anyone else gives enough of a shit about Blaire White to even remember the name.

Literally most of them? Do you know what the Scumbag left is? Do you know what post-autistic economics are?

Fuck off.

Is being unable to get a gf a disability?

Do you think anti-essentialism is restricted to Stirner? My guess is your knowledge of the left is restricted to memes.

Didn't bother reading anything past the OP earlier, but, yeah, definitely from Zig Forums.

Bud, you are one who gets his info from memes.

Oh boy. What makes it eugenics and not sexual selection?

What are you even talking about? Why would socialists kill retards or the disabled? This is eugenics, which is completely diametric to socialism. Socialists want to kill capitalists that exploit the existence of human beings to further their own perverse desires. Usually this is done through usury or exotic taxation. I am not sure where you got the idea that socialists, which want equality for EVERYONE, would go out and murder a bunch of tards playing with Lego.

I know you're only pretending to be a certain kind of moron, but you're simultaneously revealing yourself to be a different kind of moron.


If you want to be a neurotypical and selectively use only a fraction of your neurons you can fuck right off and vote for Copmala.

Can you like lurk more before assuming what this board think and does?

If it socially expectable to fight “oppression” then that “oppression” doesn’t exist.

This is a good argument against trans people, their neocons.

Disabled people aren’t oppressed by society, they just have a shity biology.

You aren’t either, you are a collage student.

As a joke

If their funny

No, but I wouldn’t care if you did, I’d care if you were an actual racist though.

Labor is produced by people, and labor is the source of value, but beti-bourgieous collage students like you who do no labor, do not have inherit value.

If they voted for Regan, sure.

No, they get sent to gulag.

see above

THat’s because they are prols, not because they are disabled.

Because they are retarted/porkys/both.

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If you don't work, you don't eat.

Ok wow I was going to reply in a serious way but jesus this is some serious projection, Zig Forums.

Fuck off.

Galaxy brain
Nice naturalist falacy.

Go back to kinderganter edgelord.

Feel free to read the replies to this thread.
Eugenics, just like postmodernism, may be bourgie bullshit, but some "socialists" really love bourgie bullshit
There are tons of idealist antimaterialist "socialist" that love postmodernism, just like there are tons of "race realist" and consequentialist socialists that love eugenics.
Get real kid.

Disabled can work, any decent socialist state would provide its disabled with things to do.


Yo mean the anti-marxist retard who was supported by the US and was overthrown by actual communists?

Oh dear.
I seriously can't comprehend equating using harsh words to wanting people dead for having those words apply to them. Ableism exists for sure, as with those proposing eugenics programs, but for a vast majority of people who grow up using the word "faggot" and "retarded", most of them can't really be said to be calling for eugenics. Most of the time, it's either habitual, or it's based on prejudice that they'd never act upon, or it's because of the environment they're in. Sure it doesn't feel good hearing people say these things, but that's not the same as oppression. When people are getting lynched or stomped on, it's oppression. When someone gets emotionally torn up, that's insensitivity. We could actually say a lack of empathy and a lack of solidarity among people is to blame for this.

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No, it isn't. The exploitation of people is wrong, and taking advantage of people who are helpless is reprehensible. But the fact remains that Capitalism has victimized many people, including the sane and the healthy. I'd even argue that, for most sane people, depression is one of the only healthy responses to the systematic exploitation. Capitalism turns people ill, and we are the ill. It's okay to admit that you need some kind of help, but it's not going to come from another pharmaceutical company or another therapist.
I would like to meet these people. Eugenics is not only morally wrong, but from a purely utilitarian standpoint, it is also pointless and counter-intuitive. For example, killing people because "they are no different to animals" doesn't make any sense because animals have a purpose too. However, nowadays eugenic practices aren't even practiced at all, except in the form of capitalist exploitation which puts the infirm at the bottom of society, and in abortion which prevents the poor from reproducing, as well as various other practices which prevent those from affording to, from being able to reproduce.
Honestly, i don't see this as a problem at all. Some people cannot even realize just how bad their health is until a doctor tells them. I'd argue that refusing to help people, despite obviously needing treatment, is a sign of atomization and is, in fact, the real problem in this case.
Yes, it can. However, you shouldn't expect everyone to be understanding. You're setting yourself up for disappointment. The only way we can make people understand is through the advancement of the education system to the point where logic is applied to ableism as well as other forms of prejudices. We're not going to make society become better equipped to handle mental illness more easily.
That all being said, everyone is worthy of a basic standard of living. Under Socialism, everyone will have their physiological needs met. The "if you don't work, you don't eat" slogan does not apply to those who are unable to work. The fact is that someone cannot work without their basic needs being met, for example, housing and a food supply. Disabled people have more problems with meeting their basic needs than anyone else.

This is what most here think though, their idol zizek does too. All is political and we should strive for egalitarianism - except when it comes to sexuality. Would it be eugenics to abolish sexual selection?

The communist programme is amoral, you moralfag

You're ridiculous and wrong, shut the fuck up and go think about suicide.

I don't think there are any socialists that seriously want to kill retards/the disabled, and even if there are, they will not be a part of the bureaucracy. What, you think you're going to change their mind? Probably not, so get over the fact that there are evil people in this world. When socialism grips the world, I highly doubt one of the top policies of the governing bureaucrats will be: "Shoot children in wheelchairs to death!"



Based. Having theory of mind is literally idealism.

These people can still work, unlike your brain, retard.

It's time to listen

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Let me laugh at you.

There will be always crimes, injustice, hypocrisy and evilness, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't point it out when we see it

Yes. Pol Pot was a far-right traditionalist before turning into a "socialist" and I know he was supported by the US. Unfortunately some tankies really like him.

I disagree with some of your ideas. You actually raise some interesting points, thanks for not shitposting and yelling slurs at me, thanks for the useful seriousposting.

So exactly .0002% of communists or /fascist/.

To abolish Capitalism, of course. If Capitalism continues to exist, oppression will continue to exist, as well as ableism. Look at quote related; replace "racism" with "ableism".

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Marx and Engels were critical of Bentham, Mill, and Comte. Stop pulling your knowledge of Marxism out of your ass.


shit meme, go back to reddit


No it doesnt

Somewhere yes, mostly no. Defiantly not worth wasting time and resources to focus on this stuff over improving worker's conditions.

Oh shit working conditions under capitalism? what the fuck this is first I ever hear of that

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It actually and unironically is:

Lenin said some pretty fucking dumb stuff.
You may not want to accept it, but you are the virtue signaler here.
Even if a disabled individual is industrious and hard-working you want to remove him or her because you consider them subhuman according to your twisted view of Virtue Ethics.
You are a horrible piece of shit.

Not True Scotman, am I right?


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I started using "brainlet" instead of retarded but turns out now it's also ableist somehow.

Empirically speaking identity politics is about exclusion. This can be seen for what most of the political effort is spend, which is excluding people that are then dehumanised with identity-group-phobe whichunt-labels.

Lets begin with the following: rights are, undeniably a universal concept, they either apply to everybody or nobody.
The people that promote id-pol often speak of identity-group-rights but in reality they mean identity-group-privileges, in the sense of being prioritized. They create semi-formal hierarchies to be enacted via cultural power, meaning that these identities resemble the ranks in traditionalist societies. You can see this in terms of their political demands that require over-representation of said identity-group members.

If this was a socially progressive movement it would argue against discrimination, and it would speak in general equalities, not particularities.

philosophically speaking id-pol is postmodern, which means subjective statements are treated as truth, making this incompatible with science and socialism, which both are projects of modernity. If this was too much jargon postmodernism = treating reality as if it was a RPG(role playing game) and people are like the fictional characters you can select.

Intersectionality drops the concept of class in favour for the concept of oppressions, as such it is a neo-liberal project. Socialism is about abolishing class society, i can't see how this could be compatible, and the reality proves this, as a fight for class liberation is systematically routed out by the id-pol people via the mechanism of labelling identity-group-phobe whichunt-labels.

Also the class composition of the people pushing identity politics, mostly are aspiring for petit bourgeois or labour aristocracy positions, and more often then not act on behalf of these interests.

Race is false consciousness, the fight against racism begins with correcting this error. Also if you (OP) are grouping certain skin tones and ethnic features with disabilities, you are part of the problem. Seriously, black is an identity while down-syndrome is a chromosomal disorder associated with serious health issues.

Now as far as ability goes, Marx makes this clear you work according to your ability and receive according to your need, in a class less society.

As far as language policing goes, it does not appear to be effective for progressive causes and is usually a sign of conservative politics, ie attempting to conserve the present economic conditions.

Tony Blair is a war criminal, he is complicity in the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of people.
The Blairites privatised British industry, that is a unforgivable crime.

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Every functioning ML state provided disabled with medical care, social security and a job where possible
I had to google that shit and it turned up to be nowhere near significant enough to trip up your persecution complex.

The person you are arguing against is trying to make "scumbag left" an othering category.
You should by screaming about political repression everything somebody brings that up.
The name of the game is preventing class-concious leftist politics.

Why? Answer that without moral preaching. You can't. Your shit is the biggest steaming pile of moral assertion since religion.


You are both ignorant as fuck.

Yes you can easily. All people can contribute to general welfare, and the only way to do this with a universal law is the above. IE if you wanted to say "unproductive" people don't get their needs met, you get locked into a huge struggle over who is productive enough etc. Instead, everyone gets subsistence and a minimum which is easily distributed. For example maybe in the future everyone will be immortal when we have the technology and it is cheap enough.

And then you get something out of everyone. That is literally just making society efficient by harnessing all the different ways that unique individuals and types of individuals can contribute. This is not a moral position, meaning altruistic, since this solution leads to the best outcome for me as an individual as well: I am guaranteed to be cared for even if I hit my head and can't function, and there is no scientific discovery I won't be able to enjoy just because it had to be discovered by someone from some marginal group that would be excluded by an economy run on a different basis.

So yeah, eat shit

It's actually about ethics in ableist discrimination.

lol ok

Fuck you I'm taking your shit.

I already told you to fuck off Stirnerite.

In a socialist state those who are able, but unwilling to work, will not receive the fruits of society’s labor. Besides their is nothing preventing autists like you from working in a steel mill, but no, you gotta get a degree in feminist dance therapy.


can't be a transphobe, only "ableist" since transgenderism is a mental "condition" so to say

Personally I think we should make no attempt to suppress 'racism' or other forms of tribalism within society. In any nation with a people and national character there should be no attempt to alienate the native population from a Socialist movement due to outcries of 'combatting racism'. I've lived in a working class community all my life and actual working people are typically Right-Winged socially and Left-Winged economically. If you want to throw a movement down the hole like the Labour Party in the UK, the DSA in America or other organisations dealing in identity politics then you're not a Socialist or in favour of the working class. You're in favour of Liberal bourgeois ideas of indeviduality.

Correct, and nobody in a working class community is going to give a shit about your pronouns because they have bigger issues to deal with like how to pay their bills and to better their lives, not listen to you preach about how oppressed you are from your upper-middle-class Liberal safespace

>You are less useful for the revolution

You are. You're either disabled physically or mentally which means typically you will be of less use, it doesn't mean that we should be mean towards you and I believe we should protect less capable people in a civilised society, but face it, you're less useful in a revolution and shouldn't complain when people say so. especially if you're full of estrogen.

I'm gay and I don't complain about it because typically society doesn't care unless you're an out and out faggot parading around in leather and carrying around a pride flag. Same with black people, there is little to no oppression against them in a modern Capitalist system, if anything they are paraded around to express the diversity of the system. Capitalism has no standards, its why they are so keen on funding LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter.

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No it isn't, because we cannot say ahead of time what value people might contribute. For example, say that someone is a non-functioning case of mental illness, but they happen to make a work of art somehow which is of great significance. We can justify supporting people who have no obvious function by remembering that we don't really know whether they will ever have a function or not: perhaps one day a new treatment will render them functional, etc.

There's also a non-functional function, i.e. the way that stigmatization of disabled people of whatever stripe would have on the rest of society. While people often spontaneously enjoy putting other down and all that, in the scheme of things this sort of stigma drags down morale across society, decreasing productivity due to the impression that "society is depressing."

Also going to point out that at this point just having the right stance on ableism is not enough for you, you demand the moralization of politics. This makes you a textbook concern troll, and you have a whole other thread to make about that topic.

Oh yes "respecting" people by changing words but nothing of substance. Calling people "differently abled" instead of "cripple" doesn't do anything. What these people want is a fix for their problem. There's two avenues you can go, techno-fixes, or medical fixes, or combinations of both. If you want to argue for funding something like mass-producing exoskeletons as replacements for wheel-chairs (pic), count me in. If you just want to help liberals feel more progressive while doing nothing. Meh.

Well if you do not respond to my arguments then this is just hate-speech, i reject id-pol because I'm against discrimination, because that is what you are doing with this, you are just attempting to brand me as a "which" (metaphorically speaking). You are not defending equality or fighting against discrimination.
Do you understand that excluding people for their "wrong opinions" does nothing to change their opinions, and the conclusion is that you are just using this as pretext to get rid of people.To me this seems like the pretext to hate on poor people. (vid)
Telling somebody to commit suicide is psychological violence, you are attempting to cyber bully me.

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"Those who do not work, neither shall they eat"
If you do not work then do not expect anyone else to help you

neither actually exist

being butthurt about drug laws is not an argument.

If I am healthier than you, yes


What is the point of castrating gays? they don't reproduce

what are you getting at?really? Is this a poor pol troll attempt?

The only way to ensure equality is to fairly distribute the slur word pass.

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the only fair distribution of slurs is onto people society mutually doesnt like

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i dont know why but i just want to protect that smile

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oh you are trolling me, well fuck off then

Rehabilitation or gulag if they won't rehabilitate.
You have to go back.
Because they are too fucking stupid to understand these people literally want to genocide them.
This happens by abolishing Capitalism. Exchanging one Euphemism for another will change nothing.
Doubt, I've been here for years and haven't seen that outside of poltards.
Both podcasts are full of welfare state liberals.

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If you're not baiting please go back to Twitter

OK, ethics distinct in what way from "from each/ to each"?


See you tomorrow.

jesus christ dude
its called a joke
i was being sarcastic
i enjoyed a lot of your posts but now im annoyed that you didnt see the irony of my stupid venn diagram wow dude just wow

All gulags are rehabilitation, not all rehabilitation is gulags.

huh ? are you saying i own a style, wth?

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I wasn't being ironic though
You're definitely acting like a retard.

Lmao I can't tell if this nigga is having a meltdown or is trolling. Kinda feels like an Aiden op

No response to what ethics you want aside from boilerplate communist manifesto ethics. Also your ideas on value are wack, there is no essential value to human life because nothing has essential value. Read Baudrillard.

OP you seem to have missed the memo as to why many of us on the left hate SJWs. It's quite simple really: Your self righteous holier-than thou attitude and constant self back patting is detrimental to any legitimate liberal cause. It instantly turns anyone right of center off as they immediately view you as being a judgemental twat, and thus anything you have to say, regardless of validity, is lost. It's like starting a debate off by saying "BTW everyone in the audience who disagrees with me is literally Hitler."

Did you mean something else here?

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Those people are no better than animals, their only remedy is death, the problem is it rightly offends everyone on the left who isn't in the right group or isn't completely self hating.

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