Why is the left so bad at everything?

Facist: Over 50 terrorists killed in mere minutes. Is beloved around the world and feared by shitskins everywhere. Avenged the death of innocent children. Hilarious and inspiring manifesto that's so dangerous they try to censor it. Left a legacy and will live forever in memes

Leftist: Started a fire and then immediately shot. Nobody even remembers. Leaves no legacy. Literally accomplished nothing. Cringey manifesto. Just gets laughed at.

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No wonder nobody takes leftists seriously. They don't even get censored. They aren't a threat to anybody but themselves

The left doesn't exist, especially not in America.
Even this dude's manifesto has some idpol shit about "my trans comrades". Pure liberal cringe.

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Read Trotsky.
Terrorism isn't marxist praxis.

So this is the "revolution" leftists talk about? Fucking lol
This is what happens when your movement is filled with tranny faggots and scrawny white liberals.

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Leftists in America are just upper class white kids larping as commies. Dude's manifesto was just typical NPC talking points from the media

Have you come here to talk real shit, or to just run your mouth?

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They don't even larp as communists.

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Easiest civil war ever. The left doesn't stand a chance. Sad

Bro this whole board is white American liberals and trannies. It's been a problem for awhile. We'll never have a real leftist movement in America with these people. It's frustrating

So mostly left.

So mostly left.

This is exactly what one poster here on Zig Forums said would happen in that "Type F to Pay Respects" thread.

So the score is
Rightwing: Over 50 kills
Leftwing: -1
Jesus Christ.

Its pathetic

So mostly left.

It would be between the center and the right. Again, the left doesn't exist in the USA. We wouldn't lose a single man.

But, despite loving the environment, despite believing in workers' rights, and despite wanting to abolish Capitalism, he wasn't a leftist. Fascism is neither left nor right, u guise!

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not really, many of us are from and live in latin american countries. Though if you live in latin america and visit imageboards it's more likely that you too are a wealthy white college boy

Right: actually kills their enemies. Kills over 50 in minutes
Left: Starts a small fire. Gets shot like a bìtch

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You know fascists are dickless cowards since they’d never actually challenge the powers that be, just attack defenceless people.

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Wait a sec r u trying to accelerate conflict by shitposting on our board?

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No. Cause you cowards won't actually do anything. You never do.

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When you actually go after a real threat instead of grandmothers at church and literal children at summer camp then you can talk shit.

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Fascist: got punched in a face by a based rabbi and called cops on himself, begging that they would't shoot him
Also fascist: attacks a courthouse because fug society, 0 kills, in the pic of him dead looks as if he pissed himself

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Anti facists: never even kill any facists or Nazis. Not taken seriously as a threat
Facists: Kills his enemies. Feared by the FBI. Has to be censored, still spreads influence

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The only power we have is the power to spook you faggots into thinking we're powerful. It's a good thing we live in your heads rent-free, honestly.

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Nobody is accelerating anything here. You guys aren't taken seriously as a threat. You're not capable of doing anything but getting laughed at.

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Says the faggots that literally need to hide behind cops to avoid having their guts stomped out.

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What a joke. Good luck with your little revolution lefties. You're gonna need it

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The left can't meme or fight

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Hahahaha that dude got permanent brain damage from one punch. He now drools all over himself all day and has become a literal potato

Yes, right-wingers kill innocent people better than left-wingers, congrats.

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Average leftists

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10 vs 1 with weapons
Leftists still get whooped.
Fucking pathetic

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well at least Zig Forums is once again showing that they are the zionist board.
But muh brown people, right?

Lol leftist trannies just get beat up by black people

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Here, fixed it for you. The anarchist attacking ICE was terrible strategically and basically just committed suicide, I have enormous critiques of his entire attempt. But he wasn't a bloodthirsty coward that slaughtered innocent people. He had more integrity in his dandruff flakes than you people will ever have. If there's a Valhalla only one of these men is going there. You people are disgusting.

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Who won the war cunt?

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Liberal trannies won WW2?


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It's a facist world nowadays.

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Based Marxism-Leninism slaughtered you cunts and crushed your pathetic little Reich into the dust, even after your cowardly sucker punch.

haha epic!

Why isn't the left capable of actually doing anything? When are they gonna start killing some facists? People just laugh at them. Sad

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American nationalists won WW2.

Sage, report, hide

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Yes. White people won the war.

When is the right going to actually challenge authority instead of just murdering children and old people?

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Also defending a mass murderer doesn't make you revolutionary, it's just edgy.

If the Soviets were white then that makes Hitler the largest mass murder of white people in history. Lmao some saviour of the white race you got there faggot.

*unarmed civilians
*by every government and think tank
*causes (regularly)
*normal people ignore it

Imagine bragging about the "k/d" of killing innocent people in terrorist attacks and thinking you're on the good side. Supposedly we support Islamists despite also condemning all of their terrorist attacks as reactionary violence? The doublethink is insane with you people, "I need to kill brown families at church to save my possible future daughter of some roastie slut from being miscegenated by my own folder of cuck porn"

The left is pathetic. While facists are slaughtering their enemies and leaving legacies, the left are just confused about their gender and getting stomped out. Lol

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Based Tarrant killed over 50 in minutes.
The left is so pathetic and harmless that they don't even get censored

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Lmao when was the last time you faggots killed a real terrorist? We’re actually out there ghosting ISIS cunts while you shoot unarmed innocent civilians.

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Based. It took a few minutes for Tarrant to kill over 50 terrorists.
The left just get beat up and laughed at. Fucking lol

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These are the people posting in this thread

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K, you win this one

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Kills 50 terrorists and avenged dead children. As a leftist I wish we were capable of this. Instead we're harmless trannies who just get laughed at all the time.

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The left are harmless little pussies

Same. I'm tired of being laughed at and not taken seriously. The right are killing mass people and sticking fear in us. We don't even get censored.

Holy shit imagine samefagging three posts in a row lmao.

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I'm a leftist. The reason we don't do anything is cause you facists scare the hell out of us. Why would we mess with people who can kill 50 terrorists in mere minutes? Fuck that. We'll stick to attacking buildings.

This. I'm not fucking with those guys

Are you saying that all fascists have mossad training?

He's retarded, but he's not wrong. Fear is the best metric of gauging your enemies. If they fear you keep doing what you're doing. If they don't fear you you have to change.

Seriously. The right is scary. We don't mess with them cause we don't wanna get beat up and killed. I'm currently transitioning to a women. I'm not gonna let some facist beat me up and ruin that for me

It’s probably 12 year olds on a FBI server.

True. Leftists don't do anything cause the right as stricken fear in them. Something the left has been incapable of doing

I wish the left was actually capable of making the right fear us. Instead they just laugh at us

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Seriously when are we gonna do something against these facists? They're literally killing people. Are we really so scared that were just gonna keep allowing this?

The left needs to kill more randos and shitpost on Chinese mahjong boards to make other people fear them

Ugh yea. You wanna mess with people who kill 50 niggas in minutes then be my guest. Fuck that shit. Let the FBI take care of them. Luckily the FBI doesn't see us as a threat and I'd like to keep it that way

Desperate I see

They're beating us up and killing us. I wish we weren't full of a bunch of liberal trannies. Then we might actually be capable of something

This. The right is scary as fuck.

Everyone who replies in this thread is utter fucking trash.

Samefagging is such a mindless tactic too.

Everybody here is a liberal snowflake who will always take the bait cause they're wittle feewings got hurt.

You wanna get killed? Cause I don't. I'm not messing with those guys. We've all seen what they're capable of and it's scary

Lol I'm screenshoting this. Watching Zig Forums cower and cry about how they never do anything cause they're scared of the right is golden. What a bunch of pussies.

OKay boomer.

Guys, don't d&c. There isn't much reason both sides can't find common ground to defeat the neoliberal enemy.

Me too. I'm spreading this everywhere
Classic /trannypol/

The way this gets pushed, and as often I see right wingers call Tarrant an idiot, I’m starting to wonder if this is some fed psyop tactic to make the left as violently ineffectual as the right.

Nice sockpuppeting, did you learn that on boomerchan?

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Tarrant must really value women highly and respect their autonomy to be so popular with them. See incels, this is how a good person acts.

We are all victims of neoliberals. That means there is a common enemy.

What did you expect? They're feelings get hurt by words. Did you expect a bunch of white trannies to actually do anything?

This whole board is neo liberals. The right is constantly laughing at us. It's pathetic