Zoomer sociopathy

Is it just me or are zoomers more hopeless than other generations. I just keep seeing a majority of them to be sharing crypto fash, incel tier memes and watching them interact with each other I can't help but feel they're completely disassociated from reality. Seeing them celebrate the death of this e-girl and engage in other typical shitty misogyny and or racism just feels weird for me. I remember my teenage years being shitty but I never felt any form of hatred towards one particular group or was I remotely interested in politics as a whole. I don't know if this is a result of them being possibly the most alienated generation having known nothing but economic depravation and being hooked since childhood on 4chan but I kinda worried that future generations are just doomed

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There's also a push by the far right to create pipelines to fascism. Incels for example are basically just there to radicalize lonely young men to nazism.

kind reminder that this sort of thread regarding dumb american monkeys and their latest primitive actions occurring domestically belongs in the incel thread

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Plus this isn't strictly about the e girl death

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guy wasnt an incel orbiter but someone who became close friends with the girl and her family, was apparently jealous, and had some kind of bad blood over something that happened in the past

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That's because you were a L O S E R

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woah man who put a bee in your bonnet

Had cystic acne. Shit ain't easy fren

Hi. Non-zoomer here. Who is pic related exactly?

Why wouldn't we be? We have no purpose, no Great War to fight, no Great Depression to fix, etc. When our parents bought their houses they bought them stupidly cheap, when they finished university they had a 99% chance of having a job guaranteed almost immediately. I would still say our world is better now than before, but in a way it got way worse for us. Stupidly expensive houses (very few of us will manage to have a place of their own before 30, if even we get one), finding a job will become increasingly more difficult, and almost certainly none of us will be able to retire. And this issue is something that, opposed to what some people here believe, isn't only a problem in the US, but globally and also it affects us almost regardless our socioeconomic statuses are. Low, middle, and to some extent high class zoomers will suffer from this or are already suffering this. The only ones that will avoid this shit are the super rich kids, of which certainly there are none here.

Her name is Bianca devin. Just some average teen girl who got involved in 4chan subculture and became friends with an incel then got killed by him after he saw her getting cozy with another friend.

Zoomers are literally under 18s you fucking idiots. I mean yeah, there probably is some mental effect on them to living in our current hellworld but it's stupid to write off kids. I mean it's like one of those fucking 'everyone born after 2003 is stupid' gatekeeping memes, like yeah no shit, those people are only 16 or less.

probably the opposit
t zoomer

Come on, let people make a few jokes.

We don’t know what the world will be like in 2070. We’ll probably have fully automated luxury space communism by then.

Fair enough, it’ll suck having to be fifty before having a kid.

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As a 16 yr old I can say that most of the people in my school are leftists, and I'd bet 95% of the people in my school don't know what Zig Forums or 4chan is, and 99% of them don't know what Zig Forums is.

good to hear. I have to keep reminding myself that morons on the internet aren't necessarily representative of their generations. At your age kids at my school were either apolitical or unironic neocons who supported Bush.

i dont remember 19 year olds profiting off of sex work like this when i was 19. pornstars maybe but i dont recall seeing this many independent porn peddlers.

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I don't really see how that's worse than sex work, seems better to me. Only reason is cause previous teens didn't have the internet to communicate with people.

they had the net 10 years ago

I know this will be surprising to here, being an internet dwelling loser and all, but most people don't, young or old, don't live the online loser lifestyle like those of us involved with digital politics or memes. Quit assuming that what's the norm on the internet is the norm in the real world.

I remember millennials, including myself, sharing all kinds of idiotic shit on myspace. I think teens in general are fucking retarded.

There were cam girls since forever.

You have to ad mit it's kind of funny. Pretty much Darwin's Award tier. See pic related of one of her online profiles.
The fuck is an e-girl? This is the silliest ass euphemism.

Also funny you title this zoomer sociopathy and you have no mention of how the girl was obviously a sociopath, probably more than the people laughing at her death on a random forum

No she wasn't stop slandering all the decent normal women out there.

From what I was reading she only used 4chan to advertise her e-whoring whixh was primarily done on sites like instagram and FBI.

Dude was a local friend not someone she met online. Dude was fucking her, so how could he be an incel?

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as stupid and normalfag as it sounds, really go out the real world and see it. Right wing people are just the same old boomer conservatives, young people is either apathetic or just a soft left wing liberal, and that's it
t. zoomer

The main thing is that at that age, you don't know who you are. It's a trite thing to say but it's true. You get into fads and so on. Now, these fads can end up influencing you in big ways which is why most goth shows are the 40+ crowd. Still, you bounce around a lot.

Basically what I'm saying is that you're more likely than not to be a bundle of insecurities, you don't know what you want, and you probably care too much about what other people think of you. Teens come across as trying to ingratiate themselves to others all the time. When you get older you stop caring so much, you know what you like and it's easier to ignore or skip things you know you won't like.

Yeah same here.

When I was a teenager I got infected by the Californian ideology. Which is weird because I'm European.

Also video games which I thought were value neutral were actually neoliberalism simulators.

She seems terrible, but she's partly a reflection of the times. What is hook-up culture but a culture of human disposability encouraging a form of objectivity in sexual interaction, in which you really can just replace any sexual object in your life with another in the market? I suppose my point is that I'm not sure if she's really a sociopath; she's just representing the undisguised inhumanity of markets.

Junk sex. McSexualization

Yeah I don't even like that term, it's just how OP decided to title this thread. My point is laughing at people behind their back on a forum(barring the people who stalk and harass people) is less anti-social than manipulating personal acquaintances a bvb d fucking with them to their face.

Am I a zoomer if I was born in 1997?

Young people are pretty left it seems. It's just that the edgy internet kids are far far right, really into that Deus vult cult. Hopelessness like theirs can be a good thing, you know. Like Walter Benjamin sez, "it is only for those without hope that hope is given."

It's true. Once it's on a forum it's just another aspect of the spectacle.

Yes. And you are expected to conform to your allotted consumer demographic.


The imagery of the Deus Vult cult seems more radical than the actual politics which are pretty bog standard neoconservatism.

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I grew up in Texas though and remember Dubya pretty well. Like being into Jesus, liking war and not liking Muslims isn't shocking or new to me. That's most of the kids I grew up around. Most of those kids were various types of Protestant though and not Catholic and I imagine most of the Deus Vult stuff is just a kind of vague cultural, reheated neoconservatism since I'm skeptical most of the people who tout that have gone through the rigmarole of what it takes to officially be Catholic or whatever.

Fuck this vapid cunt. Hook-up culture and feminism really are poison. Neoliberalism has commodified everything right down to human relationships, and i don't want to live in a culture this fucked up anymore. Shit like this is why anxiety and depression is skyrocketing in zoomers

zoomers are a lost cause

I still prefer them over booners

Zoomers were born in captivity.
I was watching a group of older zoomers stream on youtube, and they almost but not quite had a discussion about communism/capitalism.

"Well I don't know, I heard it works in theory; but not in practice!?"
"Nah I'm too deep into capitalism myself to think about that". *Points to all the commodities on his desk*. (Vape, gamer mouse, game figurines). *Holds up empty energy drinks*.

This whole environment is the definition of cyberpunk, it's just they don't asses their material conditions as "low life", at least yet.

You can't blame women for your male problems. You need to rethink what it means to be a man in the 21st century. It's the only way.

zoomers are for brainwashing into becoming sissy sluts and forcing them to take HRT so they can serve actual men

I mean what the hell do I know, I'm gay. But it feels like women have liberated themselves to a considerable extent from a very strict feminine role to allow for a wider array of expression, while men (and straight men in particular) are trying to replicate their fathers in a very narrow way, and a lot of that is due to peer pressure from other men. But it's really tragic and you're setting yourself up to be miserable. But I think a lot of them will grow out of it when they get a bit older and they're not going through puberty which makes them horny all the time. Messes with the brain.

I mean think about it for a second. Look at your own father. Is that someone you want to emulate?

millenials were already in large parts useless, neoliberal, consumerist trash, but zoomers are consumerist trash and completely politically brainwashed, because they have been exposed to massive reactionary and liberal propaganda their whole life. since the cia ran successfully operation chanology the whole internet and chans in particular is nothing more than a giant advertisment for commercial products as well as a capitalist brainwashing machine. zoomers hardly know pre facebook internet, let alone a time and life without being permanently connected to propaganda and group pressure via smartphone and "social" networks.
they are probably the first generation that basically lives inside the matrix via their smartphones.
t. boomer

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puberty is a fucking bitch. glad that's over with.

It's because social media and videogames are about 1000 times more sophisticated and addictive than TV ever was. Plus more households are single mothers, or both parents are working more than one job. So there's absolutely no time to raise them.
I've only seen consumerism
toastie roastie detected. Actually incels are more left than probably any other group now. Their instance that their plight is systemic undermines the liberal mythology that society is meritorious and it's absolutely driving liberals crazy now that incels are becoming normalized.
I've seen someone say Zoomers shouldn't be called tech savvy, they should be called tech dependent. They really don't know how any of the things they use work, only how to consumer them. I couldn't agree more.
Nah it's just catharsis for the ridiculous amount of predatory behavior women have been getting away with online against men for the last decade. One thot finally got her comeuppance. It reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial. When he was acquitted many black people celebrated. They weren't celebrating the death of Nicole Simpson, just the fact that a black person finally beat the system, after seeing countless while people and cops get away with crimes.
Sounds like you were sheltered white person. The fact that you had no interest politics and had no animosity toward any other group was because you didn't have to deal with any other white people that weren't in your same middle class income bracket.
Lol, okay grandpa. 4chan is a shadow of it's former 2000's self. It's practically Disneyland now.
By every measure every past generation of the 20th century committed more murders, rapes, theft, started more and bigger wars etc. You're just some old boomer trying to justify your entrenched economic position over boomers by making them seem more immoral.

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zoomers don't seem to see the pre-facebook internet as materially different.

Common pre-zoomer perspective: Tech optimism, giving way to tech pessimism. Optimism that the internet may somehow be immune to capitalism, becoming the realization that it isn't (obviously). The internet was progressively colonized by corporations, starting in the 90s, and saturating in late 2000s. IETF open protocols were forced out by corporate SaaS.

Zoomer perspective: Social media realism. Everything is social media. All that ever was, and all that ever will be, is social media. BBS, usenet, IRC, web forums are just obsolete boomer "social media". Facebook is on the way out, but will be replaced by more modern corporate offerings of the same.

Incel fucking detected

I like this, and moreover it doesn't really matter if they did understand how the tech operates, because it's all closed-source, proprietary, SaaS.

The phones themselves are disposable with no replaceable parts.

Pace yourself, this incel thing is just getting started. Next up is the actual iceburg of men that can get women, but only the most dysfunctional ones. That group of men is way bigger.

I don't see it like that at all gay user. I think it is too case by case to generalize but I am going to say the "pendulum" analogy and "lack of male role models" is more true.

For the pendulum going the other way, I am going to use as an example the female meme of "what happened to chivalry?" Most would not acknowledge that old soicial norms were considered a two way street. If you were to call them out on the hypocrisy some would even dorectly say it is a "balancing of the scales" for the days of MAD MEN when woman were expected to be perfect houswives while the men flagrantly broke their marriage vows behind thwir back while they were single handedly raising the children. Really much of this is just "market trends" and the nature of the game of capitalism: profit is earned by getting more out of the other in an exchange then they are getting out of you. I can't speak to other countries but in America most women would never drean of paying for or even "going dutch" on a date with most guys. Many women even admit they often oby go out on dates with certain guys for the free food.

As far as lack of male role models, much has been said about single mpthers raising broken sons, but my parents have staid married so I can't speak to that. But my father never once, "gave me the inside scoop" when it comes to women. He was somewhat of a player in the "swinging 70s" but I never really heard any of it. Once I confronted him aboit not ever telling me anything when we were having a drink, and he told me he didn't see anything he did as anything he was particularly proud of and wanted me to form my own experiences and become a better man or something like that. My mother on the other hand I was kind of closer to, and maybe she is an over-sharer in that I know every detail of her life story forwards and backwards. I've heard about other mothers giving their sons "the talk" "take it from me, don't trust bitches." But that wasn't my mother maybe because she was naive or because she was indoctrinated with that feminism bullshit, probably same for my father.

Instead I had to learn first hand botches are batshit crazy. Luckily I was never played to hard personally because I am not the trusting type, but maybe I was too much "benefit of the doubt" with women I should have known better. Not to say I haven't known shitty dudes, but I can name far more women I've known who were screw loose psychos. All of this is nothing in particular to make me feel mad at women as a whole and I love my female family dearly, but with that disclaimer, this banal, grade school, battle of the sexes, feminism, I can't stand. I can't relate at all with cheap "girl power." I feel no special kinship with males as a whole over women. I can't say it is not a smart strategy to blindly support some group you happen to be born into like Zionism, or White Supremacy, but it's not my bag and I don't support it, and tend to avoid people who subscribe to such cults.

I agree with you there but not for the reasons you probably stated it. As time passes between ne and my adolescence I find myself more coming to a place of acceptance with revelations I have had about women and relationships with women. Also with less burning desire comes the acceptance that I in no way need a "romantic partner" and I would never compromise myself or way of being for one. Also with realizing women in reality are not the way I pictured, I am not mad, or want to change them, I just don't really want them romantically. Only in limited scenarios. Definitely not long intense relationships.

This should be posted at regular intervals in the /g&s/ thread and whenever some feminist starts crowing about muhsoggyknees.

Anyone have any firsthand experience with gen z and what they believe and what they feel and what they experience in terms of the politics and Internet and stuff?

People say they're right wing but that's hard to say at this point I think, plus of course they're trying to indoctrinate them and exaggerate what they think. Someone tell me if it's true, I hope I don't meet an 18 year old girl and then she's a fascist

are you unironically quoting fight club dude?
so did millenials but they mostly didnt turn fash
pretty sure the high and super rich zoomers will end up fine when they inherit the house/trust fund from daddy.

Are you sure this is what you mean OP? The pathological "hatred of women"? As in they're each an Elliot Rogers waiting to explode? Or perhaps you mean to say "male chauvenism"?

What is Californian ideology? I am curious.

You're right but now how you seem to mean from your subsequent post.

To put it bluntly:
Don't listen to shit women say they are big time liars and hypocrits. This especially applies when they are broadcasting their image to the world or you as a potential mate. Especially NEVER listen to shit when it is coming from a "feminist" angle about social or romantc relations between an and women. That's as wide a gulf as between what Christians say and what Christians do. It is nothing more than a (goddamn what is that meme the right uses, it is escaping me) virtue advertisement. Same as with corporations, it is just branding not tied to reality.

Being a man in the 21st(and frankly being a person in the 21st) means unplugging from the Matrix. Never pay a second thought to any message the Matrix puts out. Don't trust any conception you didn't get from personal exerience with you They Live glasses on. Also never associate anymore than you have to with any person who is still pugged into the Matrix. Certainly never take it as anything other than The Matrix momentarily turning that slave into an agent to deliver programming to you.

Bitches are not free thinkers or "liberated" as you say. Women are perhaps by percentage the ones most jacked into The Matrix than any other group of people.

Well I had this weird experience in a public speaking class I took where the prof made us do this experiment where she divided the class into two groups – male and female – and had both sides come up with accusations to direct at the other. And I just sat there being the lone gay guy with the other men and could not relate to what they were saying about women at all. I think the experiment was about conflict or something. But when it came time to present it actually got pretty heated, although it was over the most mundane nonsense it seemed to me.

Anyways, women seem to vary so wildly. I see my friends and family members in relationships and it runs the gamut. Like, my brother met this girl, and she was the first girl who'd fuck him so of course he fell in love with her – problem was she was totally batshit crazy and the whole thing imploded in an explosive and spectacular fashion. I saw it coming and managed to very diplomatically warn him ahead of time, which he appreciated. But now he's in a three-year relationship with a cool chick with piercings who is a kind of jack-of-all-trades. And they don't want to get married or have kids but they're about to move in together and I can see them being together forever at this point.

Like I said, I dunno. It just seems so individualized.

Really, I'd encourage guys to watch Game of Thrones. It's cheesy romance but holy shit all the girls I know like it big time. Well, I have only seen a few episodes but the chicks are powerful and can manage their own shit and they ride dragons. But they also like these husky men who have their shit together too and will back them up, and will go to the end of the world to be there for them. Now, this might seem unfair but that's what the chivalrous knight does. If you're a paladin and you make a vow then you need to live by it even if it kills you. But like other anons said, a lot of young men today have video games and energy drinks.

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I have some Gen Z cousins and they do things like draw bisexual furry cartoons or listen to a lot of rap music. I honestly really cannot tell you though. I think the thing here is that we're nerds because we're posting here and we get into nerdy shit like communism – and fascism is for nerds too so they get into that. But most people if you just walk around are not Nazis or whatever. They're just doing all the same stuff.

Those people have always been around though – a friend of mine from high school went on to become a neo-Nazi skinhead. But he was a stupid dumbass who was a bizarre anomaly by the standards of the kids I grew up with and he had horrible taste and would listen to bands like the Cruxshadows. If you want "bad taste" amplified to the max in like the mid-2000s version, then check out the Cruxshadows because that's what my friend-turned-Nazi-skinhead listened to. He'd even dress like them:


This isn't meant as an attack on the Cruxshadows (who are not Nazis, but do have poor taste).

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Sounds interesting but completely lacking in specifics so can't say if it supports your thesis.

That's cool, wish them well. I just feel how I feel from my experience. To put another way, if someone gave me free lotto tickets for life I would still still scratch them, however I woyld never invest any money in lotto tickets, you dig.

Funny you are trying to advertise the merits of white knighting as if no man has ever tried this unheard of concept to deleterious results. See:

Reminds me of this passage from John Dolan's Pleasant Hell, although it's about a different era:

Me again. Just. Lol, no, gay-bro. Lol, no.

Good quote. Now I want to read where he went to after his realization. I will check out the book.

Okay, mistake number one is getting into a long-distance online relationship. That's a recipe for a disaster right there. Apparently this girl was murdered after traveling several hours to meet this guy?

You see, online relationships are not real relationships but fantasy relationships, and that's why these men who get into them wrap themselves up in psychodramatic complexes with an ideal and they go crazy. They obsess over what the girl's latest Instagram post says about *them* even if it might not have anything to do with them (typically). Every little digital blip is perceived to have cosmic signifiance. But relationships require spending *a lot* of IRL time together – that's in person. Not online. But they're not spending time together so people invariably cheat – and they're not actually communicating. Anyways, it's a bad idea. Don't do it.

Also, it's okay to end a relationship. Like people think it's the end of the world if they get dumped or whatever, and it's really not so. A girl broke your heart? Well of course that is painful for sure, but it really doesn't matter a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. There are a lot of women out there.

Well what are your values? Like there's a weird kind of incel communism where everything has to equal out to zero on the social level. But that's not what makes me attracted to the hard left. Like this is about economic exploitation to me and I don't like the bosses, but I don't care if everybody likes each other or whatever. And what I also like is that it's about this discipline and subordination and willingness to sacrifice (incel Stalinism).

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Basically be like Comrade Alyosha who is so pissed the Nazis took his girl that he slays 1,000 Nazis to get her back and they reunite in the end – and Comrade Stalin approves:


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Thank you for replying. What I think I mean is though is if Gen Z is more conservative or right wing but maybe not fascist.

There was this girl I liked and was talking to a few months ago she was 17. We were texting about schools in our state (Virginia) and how some of them are changing names, like J.E.B Stuart, Lee, etc. One school was called Washington-Lee, and she actually said "It's wAshIntOn lIbERty" now as if to make fun of of and she said "I guess Virginia is too sensitive now." was just taken aback cause I didn't expect a teenage girl nowadays to have that opinion, but I don't know the rest of her politics. She's white and definitely rich so hopefully that explains it, but I don't know. Who knows what her and friends talk about.

We'll just have to see what happens in the next 5 years

Very likely!

A generation born after the fall of the USSR, living in an unstable economic climate, from day one indoctrinated by capitalist realism and being born just in time to witness the extinction of humanity by climate change. No shit zoomers have such a dark sense of humor.
That is the world my generation lives in, easy fash recruiting material I would say.

Like I don't mean to sound like a pill ITT (although I am a pill IRL) but the concept of "generations" is kind of humbug if you ask me. We also have this tendency to fall into these liberal notions that one's socialism is a matter of having the right opinions or something like that, when really we should be looking at one's class position. Rich white girls in America are reactionary shitheads? This is news to nobody. But of course some people don't like it when you say this because it's idpol or something

I don't think there's enough evidence to conclude she's reactionary from just making fun of a university changing its name due to liberal pressure. It's one of those pointless symbolic gestures I couldn't care less about either.

As an aside, it does feel like liberalism no longer has the ability to improve the lives of black people, so it's being forced to resort to symbolic and cost-minimal programs, along with broadcasting racialized ideology that views these symbolic measures as equivalent to real improvement.

Even though it's a bit incel-pilled, this post is based.

I don't really see that many actual fash sympathies in zoomers, they share cryptofash memes because they like edgy stuff that makes fun of liberals and there's not much lefty memes that do that to go around.
Once they join the workforce and fully realize the fresh hell around them they'll be ripe for declasscucking, you'll just have to actually talk to them instead of retreating at the first retarded meme response.

Obviously these dudes are fucked in the head. You don't seem to have a grasp at all of this whole e-thottery orbiters business so it would take to lobg to explain (and I have no personal experience) but basically these guys' problems is certainly not being to into "energy drinks and video games" and not willing to go to great lengths for women. Telling them to go "white knight" more is the absolute opposite advice they need.

From social media posts by the sister this guy was not an online boyfriend and was close enough to her he was considered a friend of the family.

It's like you keep being close to understanding and then the next sentence shows the opposite.

Of course they weren't real relationships she talks about her "orbiters" in one of the images in that post. Basically she was running a e-harem of lonely, malleable, messed up dudes for her own benefit the same way a pimp would.

Literally never been in a real romantic relationship in my life. I had prospective candidates in highschool but I am not one of those people who get to the "honeymoon" phase, dives in head first, then three months later it is time to face reality, no, I want the whole title history before I make any offers. And with women, once you transition from potential romantic partner to confessional priest you get to hear the WHOLE story. Not one of them bitches would I trust like that or invest in emotionally. I probably could be a player but I am not into the scandalous and deceitful lifestyle. My first date actually in high school I met this Catholic school girl at a music venue and asked her out. We went on one date, got hot and heavy, and then I asked for date two, and she said I am getting together with this guy I know(probably was already her boyfriend) but we can "hang out when he's not around or being a dick." Also last date I went on girl was with a girl i met at a party she was cool, into new agey shit like I am to extent. So after I met her at the party I got her number go back look her up on fb and I am like "damn bitch has a boyfriend, typical." My naive roommate (who was like a bit older than me no less) was like "nahh dude that dude in all the pictures with her can't be her boyfriend(actually dude was at the party and must have seen his bitch give me her number no less)because if she wasn't single, why would she give you her number!?" Uhh lol. Even tho I am not trying to be a scumbag I ask her out thinking "we are into the same shit why not try to be friends?" The on the date or whatever long walk on the beach first mention of bf pops out, turns out they are so serious they are living together. Then she tells me they've been fighting recently ahhh shit here we go again. Basically: I am not completely happy with my current carrier and am interested in learning more about what your plan has to offer Then she starts talking about motherhood with me. user I want your baby! Yeah so even that girl with the good girl vibes will start taking other offers if the ship isn't air tight and a ship she likes better comes sailing buy. As one of my highschool confidants told me candidly: "I always keep plan B guy around for when my currentvrelationship falls through because I can't stand being aline." I've seen a lot more scandalous things too. I was partying with some college kids back when that Chris Brown song "These Hoes Ain't Loyal" was out. His girl had been lusty eyeing me the whole day(I probably was too, and every other hot girl there, not to sound holier than thou) and then when that song was on me and her man and some other peeps were in the living room, she was in the kitchen and she's singing the hook while staring me directly in the eyes like she's singing the message of the song to me. What a time to be alive right guys?

So if I was able to accept the dichotomy of simp or pimp when it comes to relationships with women, I am sure I would "slay so much poon." But I guess I am too "moralistic" and too un-naive to really deal with women.

I guess in this golden rule, you know do unto others…

I don't know what you are on about here. Don't know what incel communism or stalinism are but I don't consider myself an incel.

If working is such a nightmare why isn't there a revolution happening right this second?

Incel communities are for the most part against fash-shit. They even have their own lingo term for the white nationalist shills in their communities, the 'race-cope', which is the idea that for white incels things will magically be better in their ethnostate. This compounded with the fact that currycels and ricecels are a large part of their community, white nationalist figures such as Richard Spencer and the like constantly berate incels, makes the group as a whole against fash-shit and for the most part even a little leftist.

Things get different on incel.me, those crazy cooks are just weird. I'm talking about the tamer communities like braincels.

Yeah is it any reason she ended up like that hanging around /r9k/ and incels all day? She's was a young teenager and these are men who think rape, pedophilia and killing women is hilarious and spend all abusing women. Its bound to mess you up a bit. Also, reminder those "orbiters" were pedophiles.


Fair enough point, but it's almost like excusing Tarrant because he hung around Zig Forums all day. Like LMAO nigga just close your eyes!

Grimey people breed grimey people in an endless chain of grimey people.

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According to that post, she just advertised on 4chan rather than participating much in the culture. I spent a while on /r9k/ ages ago, and I never sent women messages about how they were disposable sexual objects for my libido. Most people from /r9k/ I've talked to individually tend more toward restrained misanthropy rather than espousing the nihilistic logic of the sexual market as if it were a good thing.

Moreover this narrative is just a replica of the old seduction narrative, in which the weak-willed woman had no choice but to abandon her sense of self and accede to the desires of the seducer. It infantilizes women in order to save them from anything bad they may do. senses the discrepancy as well when he mentions how absurd it would be to apply the narrative to Tarrant.

Its not like excusing Tarrent, he was a full grown man who killed 51 people, she was just acting like a bit of a brat. I'm not saying her homophobia or being nasty is excused really, its just incels and right winger on 4chan are like "OH YEAH, AN INCEL SLIT HER THROAT, EJACULATED ONTO HIS HANDS, TOOK PICTURES OF IT AND SENT THEM TO HER MOTHER SAYING "AT LEAST SHE WAS GOOD FOR SOMETHING BEFORE SHE DIED? WELL SHE WAS MEAN TO A PEDOPHILE AND A BIT OF A BRAT!" as if that means absolutely anything given the scale of difference between "being a bit of a brat" and "slitting a teenage girls throat and sending it to her mother".

Where did you read that part? I only saw 4channers making and posting cum tributes. Also I only saw that killer dude only posted spiteful messages on her FBI. Then he was posting remorseful messages.

Here I am just gonna dump the rest of the info since you are all too lazy to research and I won't have to keep correcting the record.

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One more of her shitty diskord shennanigans: see pic

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On pol.

Awwww right, well that excuses it then. Those little tykes.

Would that make any fucking difference? The fact is, incels are terrorists, misogynists, far-right and they're genuinely fucking dangerous. Nothing she ever did can ever justify them or their response.

Now to the unverified reports:


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The r9k thread up about saving her from a year ago:


New thread because old one got deleted. Good that it was archived: desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/43256367/

This thread is about finding informations about the mentally deranged and attention whoring fembot Bianca. Don't delete this thread mods, we aren't posting her CP. We are doing this thread to help her.

What we know so far:

She is known by the names:

Our goal is saving this girl from going down Ciara's path. We need her to stop whoring herself out and get professional help.

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Who's this and what happened?

I think you saw a cum tribute and misunderstood.

It's a big difference between the killrr doing what you said he did and a random unasociated person doing it after the fact.

This is pure slander on both incels and killer guy because killer guy wasn't an incel because he was fucking her.

You are just looking at everything through a preconceived emotional narrative instead of examining the facts.

Girl from OP, a ewhore, lolcow, whayever

One of her lovers snapped and partially decapitated her then posted it to her diskord

Feels like I'm hitting someone when she's down, but that's all rather incoherent. "I'm using people, I'm hurting people, and I don't mean to but I'm selfish, and I don't care what you think of me, yet I need your validation and love." I dated someone who was borderline for a while, and I wouldn't be surprised if she was as the first image in says.

There's probably a more interesting point to be made here about liberals' lack of self-criticism after spending such a long time promoting this sort of sex work as positive and self-affirming for women, and creating these dysfunctional dynamics. On the other hand, liberals are just the useful idiots for the capitalists that create these websites wherein these dysfunctional dynamics proliferate due to social desperation outside the internet (reflected in things like drug use, inability to form long-lasting relationships, etc.).

No it isn't. Incels aren't just virgins, they've gone way past that. They are far-right terrorists and deserve not an inch of sympathy. This absolutely has a political dimension, even Zig Forums understands that, they're already using this for propaganda purposes. I'd rather stand with women comrades than people who think its funny to slit teenage girls throats and try to excuse pedos and misogyny.

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No one is standing with incels but obviously incels weren't the guys who were fucking her and the guy who killed her was fucking her, therefore not an incel, what is so hard to grasp?

Also your image. Cookie cutter thread word for word posted every single day on pol madlibbed to relate it to the current edrama blowing up the catalogue is relevant how?

Like I said, an incel is no longer just someone who hasn't has sex (if it ever was, the term has always had misogynistic undertones), its morphed into a general reaction against women. They know that, which is why they support this piece of shit and are using the opportunity to celebrate and rile up more anti-feminist sentiment. They're intimately linked with the far-right. The attacker even used terms like "orbiter", which is linked with far-right mysticism about "alpha.betas" and "friendzones" and said "subscribe to pewdiepie", mimicking tarrent. They know what they're doing.