Make your bet about the future

ITT we theorize about the future of the world, more exactly, we will predict how will the ideological map of the world be, we will paint the map.
I think that most of western Europe will be torn apart by ideologies, but ultimately, communists will gain the upper hand, or at least social-democrats. Britain will fall into fascism, as most of Eastern Europe and America, alongside Turkey, India, Pakistan, South Korea and Japan. We will see the rise, again, of a new pink tide in South America, and I think there might be some haitian cuban-inspired revolutionaires.
Meanwhile, at the Arabian Peninsula, it will be just chaos, as most of Africa and Central Asia.
Iran will still be Iran, but it will be more fundamentalist than before Meanwhile it's true that Iran it's a country which has been abused by America, that doesn't mean that they aren't right wing fanatics, even then, we must argue that an invasion of Iran will, just be, in the interest of imperialism. Even then, the best way to be an anti-imperialist is not to defend those relative countries, but to stop the imperialist war machine that is your country, this is, to be an anti-imperialist you must organize the working class on your own country, but I digress, please stay on topic, pls no ban.
What do you think?

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Just paint the whole map yellow and grey, which is an appropriate color set for ancap corporate-fascism.

I think it's unlikely that America will grow fascist. I'd guess that America'd stay a top dog for a while and probably stay a mix of Right and Left ideology, shifting every time a new president comes around.

Now will there be a Mad-Max like region of the world? Doubtable. Probably just poor communities with loose government with the cement of global politics holding them together.

One of the things that will change global politics drastically is global warming. You might see the focus in economy shifting to mass industry and construction projects, and to countries that can manage that, with the economy draining from coastal cities. I sincerely doubt green movements will take hold, but I believe much future conflict will be about who gets what part of the north & south poles, but less on the south poles because that was established mid 20th century.

There is no way neoliberalism can sustain itself with the majority of the world being fascist or in open rebellion, it relies too much on open borders for labour-power and capital and a global labour arbitrage.

What I meant for neoliberalism was that it pretty much conserved the old goverment, the old regime.
Also liberal democracy didn't quite fit in there
btw download the image and paint it yourselves, pls

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Finally someone labeled Australia correctly.

WWIII and then global Dark Ages

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Sadly impossible at the current age. Georgians associate communism with Russian aggression and still complain about "muh USSR" to this day.
t. Georgian

Let’s hope that the oncoming environmental disaster will do that. It’s currently socdem at best and neolib at worst.

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Isn't there a Stalin museum in Gori that's celebrating him? Also, the Georgian restaurant in my city as a Stalin menu.

Stalin was georgian so of course they loved him.
There were no widespread "muh Russian aggression" sentiment until Gorby allowed multiple parties, nationalists came out of the woodwork and made their retardation the norm.

This. Nationalism is a huge problem in Georgia right now, you'd be hard pressed to find a person identifying as communist outside of ancoms in vegan cafes or somewhere.

hahaha all these w*Sternoids thinking they will achieve communism before humans

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Eternal neoliberal capitalism. More of the same shit. Nothing is going to change.

Too lazy to paint the map, but a few general thoughts: China will be pushed back to Communism by a combination of mass uprising and remaining sympathetic forces within the government and military.

Western Europe will see a revolution resembling the OG French revolution that will span several years, if not decades and end with either Socialist or Fascist victory. Socialist have several big advantages. Russia will follow.

US will slowly unravel like the Roman empire, triggering some sort of civil war.

GLOBAL apocalyptic Nazi masturbation fantasy induced by climate change and ecological collapse in 2030

theater: world
belligerents: literally everyone

just come back from the future and this is what the world map looks like, god bless the UKSSER

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Did Madagascar close the port?

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Saw this and immediately thought

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got bored and did this instead
70 metres

based assessments on the amount of arable land and population of cities submerged, and whether the countries had relocatable areas for said cities and arable land.

I don't think all the ice on top of Antarctica and Greenland is going to melt soon, but even if it takes thousands of years the heating needed for it does seem to be in motion.

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Based on those climate reports from that Paul Cockshott video everywhere except for Canada, Greenland, Russia, Scandinavia, Northern Germany/Poland, and maybe Aregentina are Mad Max

God wants Serbia to thrive clearly


The Shining Path aren't coming back dude, everyone hates them

I thought Canada gets bless from Climate change?

mass extinction. anything short of that is delusion

Perhaps I should have drawn more specific zones for Canada on the map, but I haven't made my criteria particularly consistent or scientific. Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver all get dunked beneath the depths, which is quite significant; the parts of Nunavut which weren't connected got painted red though.

Canada probably should have been red, but I don't feel they benefit as much as Russia does simply because more of their existing population centres go under under water. Granted, that gives a whole lot of climate refugees to populate newly inhabitable lands.

Assuming the status quo continues this will probably be our future within the next 15 to 20 years if we don't get out shit together.
Also I'm just being pessimistic so I'm sorry if this is too defeatist.
Climate change, droughts, and floods completely devastate the Southern US making it essentially ungovernable. There might be some anarchist communes but knowing the south it's going to be bands of rednecks killing each other for fuel and food in jacked-trucks or airboats (depending on the terrain). Capital moves future North but there is still massive civil Unrest in every major city. Thousands of climate migrants try to go north but barbed wire and guards await them. Canada agrees to take some climate refugees to ease tensions as the negotiation for the new NAFTA agreement fails due to revolution in Mexico. Canada generally benefits from warmer temperatures so they need more workers for industry and agriculture. We'll probably start seeing megacities being built in Northern Canada to house all of these newcomers.
Brazil gets another Boslarano like leader and descends into chaos. Some economic zones are still open but it's mostly destruction from deforestation and conflict between pro-government forces and rebels. Rest of South America either descends into chaos or comes to its senses and enacts social democracy to prevent revolution/riots.
Africa gets fucked by climate change and becomes uninhabitable outside of designated free trade zones. South Africa sees race riots and general government dysfunction.
The refugees caused by climate change try to migrate to Europe causing the EU to shut the border and the resurgence of fascism. The nativist sentiment in Italy, Eastern Europe, and the UK is where it hits strongest. Migrant deaths occur daily. Northern Europe retains social democracy while Germany and central Europe becomes the safe haven of capital. France experiences more riots/unrest but it is mostly contained by EU security forces as most national militaries are used for the migrant crisis.
Russia also benefits from warmer weather and expands into the arctic causing tensions between Canada and the US.
Autocracy grips central Asia while Turkey and Iran maintain there military might and power.
Warmer temperatures make most of the Middle East uninhabitable except for certain mega-rich cities like Dubai which invests in terraforming/ecological engineering. India goes full revolution and the effects are felt all over Asia
China still participates in the Global Market(TM) but still implements some form of social democracy to keep with the Communist label. East Asia either follows suit or gets inundated by global warming. Singapore maintains their one-party autocracy.
Australia maintains capitalism but has a Trump-style leader who hatemongers against climate refugees and Asian immigrants from Indonesia. New Zealand remains largely isolationist and socially democratic. Any revolution is prevented by mass seizures of weapons.
All the islands like the Caribbean gets inundated by sea level rise and due to the breakdown of global trade there is less food being imported which means food riots and famine.
Can't believe I just wasted my time on all that shit.

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From 5 to 10 years from now.
I see a possibility of Gaddafi's son getting reelected after the Lybian civil war and going back to the old path of his father. China expand its sphere of influence into Africa and South East Asia. Australia, New Zealand and Greece are eventually "bought off" by China (only a possibility).
Most people seem to think Brazil is going to follow its current path, I think it might but I can see a reemergence of the Left here also. If not, a conflict with Venezuela and Bolivia is not out of reach.
Current revolt in Ghana may prove to be successful and a Socialist regime may or may not be implemented.
The rest is pretty obious.

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