Why the Area 51 raid is important for us

Depending on how this raid goes it can have a big impact on US society, the idea of "they can't stop us all" it's the first step of revolution and it looks like a shit tone of people responded well to this statement. The next big crisis can lead to the people toppling the state if we keep working in class consciousness

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What's inside?

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Mehhh. No one seems to take this seriously anyway. Plus there isn’t much to glean from it from a leftist perspective.

nobody’s actually going to do it. it’s actually supposed to be a joke.
I know — not that funny right? people are really fucking bored these days.

It’s gonna be America’s version of Tieniman Square.

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The air force is gushing precum at the thought of hordes of burgers throwing themselves at their bullets. They are praying to mars that it happens.

The difference is that in Tieniman Square the protesters were outright killing police officers. I love how people literally think it was a large peaceful protest and then Deng went "Fuck students LMAO" because "authoritarianism".

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Someone tweeted out “All those people going to Area 51 can free a concentration camp” and it got tons of retweets and likes. This could be the start of something bigger

Ebip reddit meme

same thread on /b2/…you're not so diffrent after all

Mutated mutts from all the thousands of nuclear tests in Nevada.


The US empire will not hesitate to mow down its own citizens by the millions if it means maintaining hegemony. They'll do it because they know they'll get away with it. The zeitgeist has apathetically accepted dystopia to this point. Everyone raiding the air force base will die, it'll be accepted as necessary business as usual by the masses, and nothing will change. Though I can't help but wonder about the long-term international ramifications which won't be so easy to mitigate.

I disagree, conspiracy is created from a sense of lost power among the working class, but a need to put the contradictions of capital out of focus, which capitalist media does well. Area 51 is a totem of all of the power that people don't have over their government, the power to know what they're up to. This is an act of trying to reclaim a small amount of that power. A rebellion of people who don't have class consciousness, but a class subconsciousness

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This is the worse case scenario, but I feel like there could be plenty of thing that could happen, but I feel like the most likely thing that is going to happen is that this meme peters out, but more stuff like this is going to happen when more and more people relize they have the numbers, amd this could lead to good and bad shit

its literally a meme no one is showing up

Yeah, I can believe that

Mabey in your head

No, the Pentagon will just move whatever next generation F-meme number prototype plane that they have in Area 51 to some other military base before 9/20. Unless Area 51 isn’t a testing site, but a sight used to store nuclear waste in which case they will just let people in and when the get cansor the fedd will be like “I told you so.”

The proof is in the pictures, although I asserted that it was a violent CIA agents that initiated the crackdown

I basically agree in the sense that applying this elsewhere would be a good idea. It's just a bit disconcerting that it's applied to Area 51… like there are a lot of more urgent places where this would make a lot more sense. FFS there surely wouldn't even be aliens left at Area 51 by now anyway.

This is a good thing, though.

I think a lot of Americans don't even accept the possibility of dying fighting their government - they don't get enough demonstrations of it.

Is anyone here showing up?

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We need to keep this meme alive for the empire dies if the 20th!

Good post